Mission & Objectives.


The mission of the Academy is to create highest quality personnel with cross- disciplinary knowledge, aiming to provide leaders in the field of science and technology.

  • Nurture a research-propelled, technology-enabled, industry-linked, socially conscious higher education platform
  • Achieve a seamless integration of intellectual strengths with current market needs with a people centric focus.
  • Develop niche capability required to bolster research efforts in futuristic science.
  • Provide the opportunity to work on the frontier and contemporaneously challenging areas for nurturing innovation


  • Disseminate advanced knowledge in science and technology, by providing teaching and research facilities in emerging and futuristic areas of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas—whether the focus is natural sciences, life sciences, mathematical and computational sciences, medical sciences, engineering, applied art, humanities, social sciences, law relating to these areas
  • Adopt measures for innovations in teaching and learning processes
  • Create an ambience for learning and scholarship in advanced science and technology instead of exclusively focusing on marks or grades
  • Educate and train manpower in scientific and technological fields; science 2.0 e-enabled cloud environment
  • Establish linkages with industries in India and outside India for the promotion of science and technology
  • Collaborate, in appropriate areas in the field of science and technology, with reputed universities and institutions in India and outside India
  • Promote research in science and technology having a bearing on social, economic, cultural, and intellectual, welfare of the people
  • Organize and undertake extramural studies, training and extension services



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