Request for Transcript from AcSIR.

1. The request for Transcript should be made as follows:

  • Click here to download the form
  • Fill the form completely.
  • Follow instructions therein for payment of fee (as per point no. 6 below) for issuance of Transcript.
  • Please follow SOP for Online Transcript Fee Payment through AcSIR SBI Collect Portal. Please select “Transcript Fee” payment category.
  • Send us a scanned copy of the signed form through e-mail at with subject line: Request for Transcript < Name > < Enrollment No >

2. The particulars of the student furnished in the form should correspond with those appearing in the mark sheet already issued to him/her. The application form must be signed by the student and in no case by someone else on his/ her behalf.

3. The required transcript will be issued within a period of ten working days from the date of submission of application along with the prescribed fee.

4. Normally the Transcript(s) would be sent directly to the University/ Institution where the student has applied

5. Any request for sending the Transcript(s) to the student’s address must be justified with appropriate reason.

6. Prescribed fee and timeline is as follows


*Including processing,handling and courier charges.

7. Please note that the charges for additional copies of the Transcript(s) should not come at a later date. It must be done in one go.


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