Academic Requirements.

Minimum Residence, Maximum Duration and Academic Requirements

ProgramNumber of CreditsMin. Program Residence (Semester) #Period of Completion
CourseworkProject ProposalReview ArticleResearch/ ProjectCSIR-800 Societal ProjectTotalNormal/ Minimum#Maximum
M.Tech32----32--6444 sem.6 sem.
Integrated Ph.D (Engg) *422Completion of thesis41236 sem.8 sem.
M.Tech (Industry Sponsorship)32----32--644 (2 sem. on campus) $4 sem.6 sem.
Ph.D (Sciences)** 1222Completion of thesis42048 sem.10 sem.
Ph.D (Engg)** 1222Completion of thesis42048 sem.10 sem.
Ph.D Sciences (Industry Sponsorship)**822Completion of thesis4168 (1 Sem. On campus) $8 sem.10 sem.
Ph.D Engg (Industry Sponsorship)** 822Completion of thesis4166 (1 Sem. On campus) $6 sem.8 sem.
Direct Ph.D Sciences2022Completion of thesis42888 sem.12 sem.
Direct Ph.D Sciences (Industry Sponsorship)2022Completion of thesis4288 (3 Sem. On campus) $8 sem.12 sem.
For students not qualified for Ph.D under Direct Ph.D Sciences for Regular Students
MS (Res)202240--6466 sem.8 sem.
Integrated (Direct) Ph.D in Engineering for candidates with:
BTech + Gate/NET OR BTech/MSc + National level fellowship/ 1 st Rank in University24 (M.Tech level) + 4 (Ph.D level)22Completion of thesis436--10 sem.12 sem.
BTech + 2 Year experience as PA/CSIR-SRF/ Industry Sponsorship 16 (M.Tech level) + 4 (Ph.D level)22Completion of thesis42810 (3 Sems on campus) $10 sem.12 sem.

Note: In the above table, a course of one credit is equivalent either to 1 lecture hour per week or 2 laboratory hours per week or combination thereof.

*   Over and above the credits and other requirements of the Masters (M.Tech) Program

** Exceptional candidates with Bachelor’s degree will be eligible for direct admission to the Ph.D program. They will have to appear and qualify through the admission process. They may also be eligible for exemption from additional credits as decided by the respective DAC of the student after admission.

#  Depending on the merit of the case this may be reduced/ waived as per Clause No. 7.5.3.

$  Semester on campus for completion of course-work

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