Faculty of Studies.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science comprises of four divisions:

  • Biological Science
  • Chemical Science
  • Physical Science
  • Mathematical & Information Science

Students are encouraged to do research on outliers which demands inter-meshing of more than one discipline.

Faculty of Engineering

Academic programmes leading to M.Tech. and Ph.D. are available in the areas which include but not limited to Mechatronics, Engineering of Structures, Composites, Fabrionics, Bio-inspired Devices and Systems, Plasmonics, Applied Mathematical/ Computational Modeling, Aerospace, Disaster Mitigation against Hazards, Environmental Risk Assessment, Footwear Science and Engineering, Marine Science, Glass and Ceramic Engineering, Smart Embedded Systems etc.

A unique feature of programmes at AcSIR is the credit system which allows a student to tailor the courses to suit his/ her interest.

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