AcSIR Best Ph.D. Thesis Awards 2022. No.NameFacultyThesis Title
110BB16A26035Dr. Parate Roopa DhanrajBiological SciencesBioconversion of biomass derived C3 and C6 molecules to value added
210BB18A02001Dr. JyotiBiological SciencesUnderstanding the role of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondrial
calcium signaling in pigmentation
310BB17A02004Dr. Brahmbhatt Hemang DineshbhaiBiological SciencesUnderstanding cellular and molecular perturbations in keratinocytes in
410CC17A26014Dr. Gargi KunduChemical SciencesAn excursion into the chemistry of more nucleophilic saturated N-
heterocyclic carbenes
510CC17J18008Dr. Jadhav Sandip BhagwanChemical SciencesEnantioselective and diastereoselective desymmetrization of prochiral-
cyclohexadienones to access bicyclic scaffolds with contiguous stereocenters
610CC18A16004Dr. Pulak SarkarChemical SciencesUltrathin polymer nanofilms for ionic and molecular separations
720EE19A16001Dr. Anshul YadavEngineering SciencesMembrane distillation process for high saline and waste water treatment
820EE17A26033Dr. Patil Pravin BhikajiEngineering SciencesStudies in degradation/removal of pollutants/organics using cavitation
910PP17A15002Dr. Vishal ShrivastavPhysical SciencesMetal Organic frameworks derived nanostructures and their composites
for hybrid energy storage devices
1010PP17J32013Dr. Garima KotnalaPhysical SciencesStudy on the interaction of trace gases & aerosols over Delhi
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