AcSIR Best Ph.D. Thesis Awards 2021. No.NameFacultyThesis Title
110BB16J18025Dr. Jampala Annie ModestraBiological SciencesMicrobial catalyzed reduction of CO2 to biobased products through bioelectrochemical synthesis and gas fermentation
210BB15A02030Dr. Shalu SharmaBiological SciencesTelomere repeat binding factor 2 (TRF2) mediated transcriptional regulation of human telomerase (hTERT-human telomerase reverse transcriptase)
310BB16A02006Dr. Anwar SadatBiological SciencesUnderstanding the molecular mechanism of GroEL/ES assisted folding of a substrate
410CC15J26022Dr. Rahul JagtapChemical SciencesBase metal- catalyzed C–H bond functionalization of (hetero)arenes: Scope and mechanistic perspective
510CC14J39016Dr. Chinnadurai MuthuChemical SciencesHybrid perovskite nanocrystals: Synthesis, optoelectronic properties and applications
610CC16A39008Dr. Ramya A.N.Chemical SciencesDevelopment of molecular probes and nano-carrier delivery system for intracellular sensing and theranostic applications
720EE18J27003Dr. Hemant BherwaniEngineering SciencesIntegrated assessment and modelling of urban microclimatic parameters for sustainable urban design
820EE15J41001Dr. Ganesh P.Engineering SciencesStrengthening of RC Beams with GGBS based ultra high performance concrete
910PP16A32021Dr. Lakhi SharmaPhysical SciencesIon production and optical set-up for single Ytterbium ion trap experiment
1010PP16A01002Dr. Falae Philips OmowumiPhysical SciencesIntegrated geo-investigation for landslide assessment
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