AcSIR Best Ph.D. Thesis Awards 2020.

Sl. No.Registration No.NameFaculty of StudyTitle of Ph.D. Thesis
110BB14A03003Dr. K. Santosh KumarBiological SciencesMechanism and physiological role of chiral proofreading modules involved in translation of the genetic code
210BB15A02015Dr. Kanika VermaBiological SciencesTo understand the contribution of cellular chemical milieu in regulation of protein folding
310BB17J17001Dr. Gaurav DasBiological SciencesChemical modulators targeted to mitochondria and microtubule for cancer therapy
410CC14A16013Dr. Parmar Bhavesh KumarChemical SciencesStructural and functional studies on multidimensional coordination polymeric networks
510CC15A04010Dr. Rekha SangwanChemical SciencesSynthetic studies on carbohydrate derived biodynamic molecules and their applications toward bioactive glycoconjugates synthesis
610CC15A16002Dr. Chiranjit SenChemical SciencesRegioselective C–C and C–Heteroatom bond formation via C–H bond functionalization
720EE16A32032Dr. Sushant SharmaEngineering SciencesStudies on multiwalled carbon nanotube based high impact resistance multiscale composites
820EE15J05010Dr. Archana RajendranEngineering SciencesTitanium and titanium alloy with multi-element substituted porous titania layer for biomedical application
932EE14A06004Dr. Satyam SrivastavaEngineering SciencesDesign and development of non-destructive sensing based portable system to predict quality parameters of on-tree fruits
1010PP17J05005Dr. Shruti SuriyakumarPhysical SciencesNanostructured electrodes and electrolytes for lithium sulfur batteries
1110PP13J28003Dr. Nilesh Kumar JaiswaraPhysical SciencesDrainage pattern characterization of Brahmaputra river system in Eastern Himalaya to understand the role of gradation and tectonics in drainage evolution
1210CC16J32008Dr. Srishti JainMathematical & Information SciencesChemical characterization and source apportionment of aerosols using receptor models at different urban sites of Indo Gangetic Plains (IGP) of India
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