AcSIR Best Ph.D. Thesis Awards 2019.

Sl. No.Registration No.NameFaculty of StudyTitle of Ph.D. Thesis
110BB15J37015Dr. Abubaker WaniBiological SciencesTargeting clearance of beta amyloid through induction of autophagy in Alzheimer’s disease
210BB14J02006Dr. Ayyappa RajaBiological SciencesRole of a histone variant in melanocyte transitions
310BB15A18045Dr. A. Naresh KumarBiological SciencesMicrobial Transformation of Solid Waste for Renewable Chemicals, Energy and Polymers in the Biorefinery Framework
410CC14J38001Dr. Gitashree DarabdharaChemical SciencesReduced Graphene Oxide Sheets decorated with bimetallic nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and their applications
510CC14A26018Dr. Arjun HalderChemical SciencesModular Construction of Ultra-stable, Porous, Crystalline Covalent Organic Frameworks: Membrane based Water Purification and Energy Storage
610CC14J26013Dr. Siba Prasad MidyaChemical SciencesTransition metal catalyzed (de)hydrogenative C-C and C-N bond formation
710PP15J32009Dr. Monu MishraPhysical SciencesSurface and interface studies of III-Nitride semiconductors for sensors applications
810PP14J05013Dr. Subramani KaipannanPhysical SciencesReduced Graphene Oxide-based Nanocomposites and Bio-derived Carbon for Supercapacitor Applications
920EE14A32024Dr. Nagendra Singh ChauhanEngineering SciencesSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Half- Heusler based Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation
1032EE14A18005Dr. Vineet AniyaEngineering SciencesExploration of enhanced distillation techniques for dehydration of tert-butyl alcohol
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