AcSIR Best Ph.D. Thesis Award 2018.

Sl. No.Registration No.NameFaculty of StudyTitle of Ph.D. Thesis
110BB13A17001Saswat MohapatraBiological SciencesMultiple target specific chemical combinations for development of potential anti-cancer therapy
210BB13J02002Mayuresh Ananth SarangdharBiological SciencesRegulation of gene expression in neurogenesis and neural cell specification
310BB14J16017Kaumeel S. ChokshiBiological SciencesResponse of microalgae to abiotic stress for their potential bioprospects
410CC12A26043Vineeta SoniChemical SciencesUnified strategies for nickel-catalyzed and metal-free C-H functionalizations of indoles, and mechanistic studies
510CC13A05012Saravanan KRChemical SciencesEco-benign electrodes and binders for energy storage applications
610CC12J39004Samrat GhoshChemical SciencesSelf-Assembly and Properties of Low Band gap Diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivatives
710PP13J32002Vijeta SinghPhysical SciencesEffect of spin-orbit coupling in iridium oxides
810CP12A05009Balakumar KPhysical SciencesCarbon scaffold based cathodes for Li-S and Li-Se batteries
932EE14A41002Prawin JEngineering SciencesNonlinear system identification techniques for structural health monitoring
1032EE14J32001Indu ElizabethEngineering SciencesStudies on the development of anode materials for high capacity rechargeable Li ion batteries
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