AcSIR Ph.D. Thesis Abstract Portal.

Sl. No.Registration NumberNameAdvisorThesis Title (Click the title to view Abstract)Date of Award of Degree
110CC11J26030Prajitha K.PDr. Asha S.K Pentadecyl Phenol Functionalized Perylenebisimide Building Blocks for Optoelectronic Applications24.08.2017
210CC11A26046Vasudevan NDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Oxidative Cleavage of Indole: Application to the Total Synthesis of Deoxy-solomonamide B, Ivacaftor and Quinolones24.08.2017
310BB11A18025Koteswara Rao GarikapatiDr. Manika Pal Bhadra Explicating the role of BORIS/CTCFL in cancer therapy25.08.2017
510CC12A19002Nikita SinghalDr. Umesh Kumar Development of metal oxide catalysts for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to fuel24.08.2017
610CC12A11001Samala Murali Mohan ReddyDr. S. GANESH Supramolecular Self-assembly of Dipeptides and Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl Protected-Amino Acid Derivatives25.08.2017
710CC11J18092Siddiq Pasha ShaikDr. AHMED KAMAL Synthesis of Imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole and Benzo[d]imidazo[2,1,-b]thiazole Conjugates as Potential Microtubule Targeting Agents24.08.2017
810BB13J04003Guru Raghvendra ValicherlaDr. Jiaur R. Gayen Novel Antidiabetic peptide in Rodern Models25.08.2017
910CC11J18051Sankara Rao NeigapulaDr. AHMED KAMAL Cinnamide/Naphthalimide/Chalcone/Pyrazoline Hybrids as Potential Anticancer Agents and Quinoline Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents29.08.2017
1010CC13J26014Bikash GaraiDr. Rahul Banerjee Stimuli Responsive Porous Framework Materials: Design, Synthesis and Applications23.02.2018
1110CC13J38002Mrinal SaikiaDr L Saikia Synthesis, Characterization and Activity Study of Metal, Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Polyoxometalate Supported on MIL-101(Cr)23.02.2018
1210BB13J36003Diptipriya SethiDr. Ramasamy Sakthivel (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sony Pandey (Co-Supervisor) Titania based materials for drinking water disinfection06.08.2018
1410BB12A04010Shrankhla MaheshwariDr. Dipak Datta Chemokine Receptor CXCR4 in Apoptosis Evasion: Signaling and Therapeutic Opportunities27.02.2018
1610CC11A26094Kundan Kumar Singh SagarDr. Sayam Sen Gupta Investigations on the oxygen atom transfer reaction mediated through a bio-inspired Fe(V)O complex28.02.2018
1710BB12A02001Ajit SinghDr. Rakesh Sharma Functional characterization of a novel arsenic resistance gene29.08.2018
1820EE13A32017Ashish GuptaDr. Sanjay R. Dhakate Electrospun carbon nanofibers based anode material for lithium ion batteries24.08.2018
1910CC15A26022Anish LazarDr. ANAND PAL SINGH (supervisor)/ Dr. VINOD CHATHAKUDATH PRABHAKARAN (Co-Supervisor) Metal-organofunctionalized SBA-15 catalysts for fine chemical syntheses08.08.2018
2010CC13A18032Nagi Reddy VangaDr. U. V. MALLAVADHANI Isolation and Chemical Transformations of Natural Triterpene and Dibenzofuran Scaffolds for Biologically Active Molecules23.02.2018
2110CC12A18020Srivani DDr. SIDHANATH V. BHOSALE Design and synthesis of functional Naphthalene Diimides and their application in organic photovoltaics20.08.2018
2210BB13J39012Ramya KrishnanN. Ramesh Kumar Molecular and functional characterization of native novel 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase containing phytobeneficial rhizobacteria from coastal saline tolerant pokkali rice varieties of southern India, Kerala28.12.2018
2310PB12J15003Manpreet KaurSunita Mishra Study of bacterial isolates from yak milk for antimicrobial compounds and screening of their probiotic potential17.07.2018
2510CC13J26022Ruchi JainDr. Chinnakonda Subramanian Gopinath Gas-solid interaction and its influence in electronic structure and catalysis : A near ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy study29.08.2018
2610CC13J33009Vinod BhattDr. Bikram Singh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Upendra Sharma (Co-Supervisor) Phytochemical and Synergy-Directed Biological Studies of Zanthoxylum Species23.02.2018
2710BB12J22010Anubha MudawalDr Devendra Parmar (Supervisor)/ Dr Vinay Kumar Khanna (Co-Supervisor) Age dependent alterations in protein expression profiling in rats exposed to lindane and their possible role in meurodegeneration07.09.2018
2810CC15J37028Siva Reddy AnnemDr. Parthasarathi Das Novel methods for C-N bond formation, total synthesis of Aaptamine and Liriodenine08.08.2018
2910BB13J10008Bhawana MishraDr.(Mrs.) Neelam S. Sangwan Biochemical, phytochemical and molecular responses of cadmium stress in Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.17.07.2018
3010BB13J18064Susheel Kumar NethiChittaranjan Patra Investigation of molecular mechanisms, toxicity and therapeutic angiogenesis of europium hydroxide nanorods13.07.2018
3110BB12J04005Chakrapani TripathiDr. Smrati Bhadauria Initiation and Progression of Angiogenesis: Deciphering the Role of Chemoattractant Networks between Tumor Cells and Macrophages21.09.2015
3210BB14J08030Greeshma MDr. Rajini P S Nutraceutical modulation of Manganese-induced neurodegeneration in animal models20.07.2018
3310CC13J26008Viswanadh NallaDr. M. Muthukrishnan Synthesis of optically pure pharmaceuticals employing Aziridines/Epoxides as chiral synthons and development of novel biologically active compounds based on Benzopyran-4-ones29.08.2018
3410CC11A26024Atul Balasaheb KulalDr. SHUBHANGI B. UMBARKAR Nitration of Aromatics Using WO3 Based Solid Acid Catalysts28.02.2018
3510BB14J10002Sana Tananda SaeedDr. Abdul Samad Molecular characterization, diversity of Begomovirus infecting Mentha spp. and development of diagnostics for the better management21.08.2018
3610BB13J02029Samantha KohliDr. Ritushree Kukreti (Supervisor)/ Dr. Qadar Pasha (Co-Supervisor) Genetic variants under hypobaric hypoxia: A genome wide approach07.09.2018
3710BB12A25002Sunil Kumar GuptaVivek Pandey Use of Ethylene diurea (EDU) to assess impact of
tropospheric ozone in Wheat and Maize
3810CC11J18056Shweta SinghDr. J. S. Yadav Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Pinguisenol, Isonaviculol, Acutifolone A, Bisacutifolone A and B28.02.2018
3910PP13A32012Pooja SinghDr. Anjana Dogra Conduction mechanism and memristive behaviour in ferroelectric and ferromagnetic hetero-junctions14.03.2018
4010CC12A18059Jitender Dev G.Dr. B. NARSAIAH Studies on Synthesis of Novel Quinoline Derivatives and their Biological Activity14.03.2018
4110CC12A26085Arunava MaityDr. Amitava Das Tailoring the optical properties and morphology of low-molecular weight based supramolecular gelators08.08.2018
4210CC12A26049Bharat ShrimantDr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar (supervisor)/ Dr. Ulhas K. Kharul (Co-Supervisor) Polymers of intrinsic microporosity and poly(ionic liquid)s: Synthesis, characterization and gas permeation studies20.08.2018
4310CB12J19008Sheetal BandhuDr. Dilip K Adhikari Genetic Modification of an Oleaginous14.03.2018
4410CC12A39014Aparna P. S.Dr. R. LUXMI VARMA (Supervisor)/ Dr. K. V. RADHAKRISHNAN (Co-Supervisor) Desymmetrization of Diazabicyclic Olefins via Transition Metal Catalyzed sp2 C-H Activation : Access to Functionalized Cyclopentenes23.07.2018
4510CC12A26053Kiran K. J.Dr. SURESH BHAT Investigation of phase behaviour of neutral and ionic microgels using scattering, rheology and microscopy techniques11.09.2018
4610CC13J26024Markad Shivaji BhimraoDr. N. P. Argade Studies on total synthesis of bioactive carbazole alkaloids20.08.2018
4720EE12A26077Gunuwant MuleDr. Amol A. Kulkarni Cancer Cell Signalling: A Translational Approach21.08.2018
4810CC11J18025Avuluri SrilathaDr. J. S. Yadav Total synthesis of Macrolides: Pinolide, Balticolid, 5'-hydroxy Zearalenone28.02.2018
4910CC12A26040Tharun Kumar KotammagariDr. A. K. Bhattacharya Biomimetic total synthesis of Angiopterlactone B; Synthesis of bioactive lactones and artemisinic acid glycoconjugates30.07.2018
5010BB14A26059Gayatri Subhashchandra GeraDr. Sanjay Kamble (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sanjay Nene (Co-Supervisor) Treatment of sewage water by using microalgae coupled with membrane bioreactor (MBR) system21.08.2018
5132EE12A15009Prashant KumarDr. Sanjit K. Debnath (Supervisor)/ Dr. Praveen K. Thakur & Dr. Baban KS Bansod (Co-Supervisor) Assessment of vulnerability of groundwater to contamination in Fatehgarh Sahib District, Punjab, India using an index-based model23.07.2018
5210BB12A26064Shakeel AbassiDr. Narendra Y. Kadoo Molecular and biochemical studies of mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase from Bacopa monniera15.03.2018
5410BB12A26067Ekta ShuklaDr. Dhanasekaran Shanmugam Structural and functional investigations of selected hydrolases at molecular15.03.2018
5510BB13J04009Sandeep Kumar MishraRakesh Shukla Effect of Saroglitazar (a dual PPAR agonist) on adult neurogenesis in rat model of dementia: Involvement of Wnt signaling pathway05.03.2018
5610BB14J37008Samsher SinghDr. Inshad Ali Khan Identification and characterization of novel multidrug resistant inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus07.12.2018
5710BB13J02002Mayuresh Anant SarangdharBeena Pillai Regulation of Gene Expression in Neurogenesis and Neural Cell Specification05.03.2018
5910CC12A26016Vijaykumar KoshtiDr. Samir Chikkali Catalytic synthesis of P-chiral supramolecular
phosphines, their self-assembled metal
complexes and implication in asymmetric
6020EE12A26075Subhadarshinee SahooDr. Ashish V. Orpe (supervisor)/ Dr. Pankaj Doshi (Co-Supervisor) Dynamics and Stability of Liquid-liquid Thin Films and Suspensions Spreading on a Spinning Disc20.03.2018
6110PP12A27002Madhuri GulhaneDr. Hemant J. Purohit Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways
during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea
(Camellia sinensis L.): Omics Approach
6210PP14A32034Harneet KaurDr. Ritu Srivastava Exfoliation and Assembly of Two-Dimensional Layered Materials for
Electronic Applications
6310CC12A26008Richa ChaudharyDr. Paresh Laxmikant Dhepe Employment of heterogeneous base
catalysts in the depolymerization of lignin
and Upgradation of lignin model
6410BB11A18026Swathi VangalaManika Pal Bhadra Design and synthesis of tetrahydropyran scaffolds and biological evaluation of saha analogs19.12.2018
6510BB15J18047Chiranjeevi PatarlaS. Venkata Mohan Acidogenic and Photosynthetic Processes for Bioenergy Production
through Waste Remediation: Scaling Up Studies
6610PB13A15001Deepika BhatnagarDr. Inderpreet Kaur Nanomaterials based detection of cardiac Troponin I for diagnosing myocardial infarction in human09.10.2018
6710CC14J33007Maheshwar Singh ThakurSushil K. Maurya Quinazolinone scaffold synthesis and their organocatalytic application in organic transformations09.10.2018
6810BB13J04006Rachumallu RamakrishnaRabi S Bhatta Evaluation of Preclinical Pharmacokinetics and Mechanism
of action of Antihyperlipidemic agent,
6910BB16J18029G Jagadeesh KumarDr. V. Jayathirtha Rao Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 2-pyridone and s-triazine heterocyclic derivatives as PDE3A and autophagy inhibitors16.11.2018
7010BB14A02027Samarpana ChakrabortyAnurag Agrawal Identification of genetic variants in familial asthma20.03.2018
7110BB11J33008Pritu PratibhaYelam Sreenivasulu Studies on the Role of Coproporphyrinogen III Oxidase in the Gametophyte Development of Arabidopsis thaliana13.07.2018
7210CC11A39002Gayathri T. H.Dr. S. Ananthakumar Rare earth based mixed metal oxides for energy applications23.03.2018
7310BB13J25008Garima DixitDr. Praveen C. Verma Responsive Genes from Horsegram08.08.2018
7510CC13A32013Parul ChawlaShailesh Narain Sharma Solution-processed multicomponent chalcopyrite-based semiconductors for low-cost photovoltaics25.12.2018
7610BB15A02033Subhasree RayDr. Anurag Agrawal Studies to regulate bacterial co-metabolism for producing plyhydroxyalkanoate from biological wastes18.12.2018
7710CC13J19006Aditya PrakashThallada Bhaskar Valorization of lignin to value added chemicals27.12.2018
7810CB13J22006Jyoti SinghDr. Ratan Singh Ray Assessment of phototoxicity mechanism of fluoroquinolones drugs under ultraviolet radiation05.11.2018
7910CC15A04011Sukanya PandetiDr. T. Narender Isolation, chemical transformation & synthesis of biological importance natural products and mass spectral analysis21.03.2018
8010CC14J26009Roby SoniDr. Sreekumar Kurungot Structural alignment of pseudocapacitive materials over carbon morphologies to achieve improved capacitive performance07.12.2018
8110BB14J36007Adnan Asad KarimManish Kumar Development of biochar fertilizers from nutrient rich waste materials for agricultural application13.07.2018
8220EE13A26053Gaurav BhattacharjeeDr. Rajnish Kumar Role of Additives in Enhancing the Kinetics of Gas Hydrate Formation and Dissociation: Application in Gas Separation and Storage26.03.2018
8410CC14J18014Desireddy rishna SwaroopDr. B. Narsaiah Studies on synthesis of novel 1,2-benzothiazine 1,1-dioxide and tertiary ?-fluoroamide derivatives of biological interest26.11.2018
8610CC14A26026Mukta TathavadekarDr. S.K. Bhat Synthesis and studies of carbonaceous and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials for energy applications07.12.2018
8710Cc13A05013R. KamarajDr. S. Vasudevan Removal of chlorophenoxyacid herbicides from water by electrochemical methods26.11.2018
8810CC12A11003A RamanDr. S Easwaramoorthi Tuning the excited state deactivation process of azobenzene derivatives towards multifunctional materials – Interplay between photophysical and photochemical properties07.12.2018
8910CC12A26024Mehare Rupali ShaligramDr. Manjusha V. Shelke Heteroatom doped porous carbons as efficient electrode materials for energy storage applications27.12.2018
9010BB12A37017Shoib Ahmad BabaDr. Nasheeman Ashraf Molecular cloning and functional characterization of some important genes of28.03.2018
9110CC15A38005Allou N'guadi BlaiseDr RL Goswamee Layered double hydroxides based hybrid nanocomposites for the extended release of important biologically active molecules08.08.2018
9210CC11A26006Divya NDr. Suresh K. Bhat (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satishchandra B. Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Nanomaterials for Gas separation, CO2
Reduction and Solar Hydrogen Generation
9310BB13A05017A. PriyadharshiniDr. S. Maruthamuthu Electro - bio remediation strategies for effective treatment of organic containing wastewaters08.08.2018
9510BB12A18069Gopoju RajaDr. Srigiridhar Kotamraju Studies on the role of AMPK activation in regulating lipid homeostasis during oxidative stress- and high fat diet-induced atherosclerosis08.08.2018
9610CC14A26033Nayana NivanguneDr. A.A Kelkar Catalytic synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and its application as a green reagent for the synthesis of aromatic carbamates27.12.2018
9710BB12A02020Vaibhav JainAnurag Agrawal The Role of Polyamine Homeostasis in Asthma and Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
9810PP14A32001Neha BatraDr. Subhadeep De Computations, design & instrumentation for precision Ion trap experiment07.12.2018
9910CC12A26003Sachin KuhireDr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar Thesis Submitted to AcSIR for the Award of Degree of26.03.2018
10010CC13J39004Minju ThomasU.S. Hareesh Zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8) derived porous materials for functional applications28.12.2018
10110CC13A16001Praveen Singh GehlotDr. Arvind kumar Studies on self-assemblies of surface active ionic liquids and their applications26.03.2018
10210CC13A12012Peuli NathDr. Nripen Chanda Functionalized gold nanoparticle for sensing heavy metal ions in water and biological samples10.12.2018
10310CC11A26010Umesh BansodeDr. C. V. Rode (Supervisor) /Dr. Satishchandra Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Hybrid perovskite thin films grown by solution and dry processing approaches for solar cell and optoelectronic applications28.03.2018
10410BB13J02019Ankit SabharwalSridhar Sivasubbu Nuclear and Mitochondrial Crosstalk: Implications in Mitochondrial function13.07.2018
10510BB12A51006Kandarp JoshiSamir K Brahmachari Study of pathogen genomics and transcriptomic changes in host during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection18.12.2018
10610BB12A22001Vikas SinghDR DEBABRATA GHOSH Arsenic-induced modulation of microglial function and its role in neuronal health21.08.2018
10710BB12A04018Naveen ParmarDr. Susanta Kar Dissecting the role of negative regulators of TLR signaling pathway in pathogenesis of experimental visceral leishmaniasis28.03.2018
10810CC13J26023Bhawana PandeyDr. Ashootosh V. Ambade Amphiphilic polypeptides and silk based hybrid biomaterials: Synthesis and stimuli-responsive self-assembly for biomedical applications25.12.2018
10910BB13J02003Aniket BhattacharyaMitali Mukerji Investigating the role of Alu RNA as an integrator of signals in stress response28.03.2018
11010CC13J26006Nivedita PatilDr. M.S.Shashidhar Chiral myo-inositol derivatives as versatile intermediates for the synthesis of cyclitol derivatives and analogs27.12.2018
11110BB13A39008Ayman Omer IdriRajiv Kumar Sukumaran Fungal cellulase production and application02.04.2018
11220EE13A31006Y. RajshekarDr. J. Pal Development of blast furnace grade hematite ore pellet with iron ore slime and mill scale additives07.12.2018
11310CC12A18035Sujatarani Ananatacharan PandaDr. Ch. Raji Reddy Development of enyne-assisted annulations towards the synthesis of pyridines, pyrroles and pyrmicarin09.04.2018
11410CC13A18009Hanumantha Rao GDr. SURYA PRAKASH SINGH Design and synthesis of near-infrared functional dyes for optoelectronic applications08.08.2018
11510BB13A02011Rakesh DeyBeena Pillai Role of miRNA in HIV-1 disease progression02.04.2018
11610BB11A16018Mudassar Anisoddin KaziDr. C.R.K. Reddy Molecular characterization of Caulerpa (Bryopsidales) from Indian waters18.03.2014
11710BB11J16008Harshvardhan KumarProf. Bhavanath Jha Isolation, Characterization and Diversity of Marine Bacteria from Sea Water and Sediment along the Gujarat Coast18.03.2014
11810BB14J02003Bapu Koundinya DesirajuDr. ANURAG AGRAWAL Systems approach for identification of drugs /drug targets for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)20.11.2018
11910BB12A26069Ejaj PathanM. V. Deshpande Molecular characterization of NAD- and
NADP- glutamate dehydrogenases to
understand their cause-effect relationship in
dimorphic zygomycete Benjaminiella poitrasii
and its evaluation as an antifungal target
12010CC11J18016Harish KumarDr. B. V. Subba Reddy Total synthesis of cyclodepsipeptides and development of novel synthetic methodologies employing Prins bicyclization strategy01.07.2014
12110CC13A26018Nagane Samadhan SureshDr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar Aromatic step growth polymers bearing pendant clickable groups: Synthesis, characterization and chemical modifications27.12.2018
12210CC14A38003Ashwini BorahDr P Gogoi Development of new carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and synthesis of Phenanthridine and 1,4-Napthoquinone derivatives08.08.2018
12310BB11J25006Vandana SinghDr. Nandita Singh Bioremediation of endosulfan contaminated soils by using selected plant species and rhizospheric microbial strains29.07.2014
12410CC11J26101Pratibha Uttam KarabalDr. A. Sudalai Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Formation of C-N, C-Br and C-I Bonds via Olefin Functionalization13.10.2014
12510BB12J08003Sonbarse Purshottam PriyankaDr. Giridhar Parvatam Studies on Endophyte-mediated signaling to understand regulations of micronutrient in Moringa oleifera16.08.2018
12610CC12A32012Mukta TyagiDr. A. M. Biradar (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ved Varun Agrawal (Co-Supervisor) Development of Lab-on-Chip based platforms for the detection of biomolecules: Cholesterol & Lipocalin-220.07.2018
12710CC15J39006Jagdeesh KDr. B. S. Sasidhar Exploration of novel carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions and related chemistry28.12.2018
12810BB11J04004Kanika KanchanDr. Saman Habib Analysis of genetic variation in selected human genes and their association with susceptibility/resistance to Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Indian populations02.01.2015
12910BB12A02044Shivani GuptaBeena Pillai growth enhancer in a comparative manner than gibberellic acid using02.04.2018
13032EE15A32001Atul ThakreDr. Ashok Kumar Resistive switching in organic and inorganic thin films for non-volatile memory application14.08.2018
13110CC13J39006Santhini P. VDr. R. Luxmi Varma (Supervisor) /
Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Co-Supervisor)
Synthesis of heterocycles and carbocycles via desymmetrization of bicyclic olefins and multicomponent reactions of indoles13.04.2018
13210CC11A26004Ahire Milind MukundDr. Santosh Mhaske Novel C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming synthetic strategies for the construction of potential scaffolds by NHC-catalysis and difunctionalization of arynes27.12.2018
13310CC15J18024Joshi Prabhakar RamchandraDr. RAJESH CHANDRA (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAJEEV S. MENON (Co-Supervisor) Novel oxidative benzannulation reactions for the construction of substituted biaryls and related
13410CC12J33010Lavekar Aditya GandhidasDr. Arun K Sinha Development of green synthetic methodologies for C-C and C-X (X = N, S) bonds formation and their application in the synthesis of bioactive small molecules08.08.2018
13510CC12A37026Priya MahajanDr. Amit Nargotra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Parvinder Pal Singh (Co-Supervisor) Combining ligand and structure based In silico methods for the selection of potential inhibitors against anticancer targets08.08.2018
13610BB13A22001Ruchi GeraDr. Debabrata Ghosh Studies on the role of regulatory T cells in arsenic-induced immune modulation in BALB/c mice21.08.2018
13710CC13J18014Sivaram IllaDr. Pratyay Basak Nanostructured metal oxides paired with polymeric electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells and electrochromic devices13.04.2018
13832EE15A32004AkanshaDr. Shailesh Narain Sharma Development of highly luminescent and stable Quantum dots and their hybrid nanostructures10.12.2018
13910CC11J16015Sandip Kumar PahariDr. Asit Baran Panda/ Dr. Subhash Chandra Ghosh Development of efficient and greener synthetic methods for colloidal monodispersed nanostructured materials15.12.2014
14010CC13A39003Angel Mary JosephK.P. Surendran Novel ultra low k materials for microelectronic applications20.12.2018
14110CC12J26021Kshirodra Kumar PatraDr. C.S.Gopinath Role of Surface Plasmon
Resonance in Solar Light
14210BB13A10002Sarfaraz AlamDr. Feroz Khan Development of drug designing method & screening tool for anitcancer activity of phytomolecules through QSAR & System pharmacology18.12.2018
14310CC13J26026DEEPTI MISHRADR. SOURAV PAL Structural, Conformational and Reactivity studies on DNA base pairs and Phospholipids using Density Functional Theory (DFT)30.09.2014
14410CC12A26019Shruti Anil AgarkarDr Satishchandra B Ogale Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Optimizing materials, methods and optoelectonic effects28.11.2014
14510CC11J18032BHAVANA RUSHI SANGEPUDr. J. Vatsala Rani Studies on Synthesis of Novel Pyrazole Derivatives and Evaluation of their Biological Activity18.12.2014
14610BB11A04004Yashpal Singh ChhonkerDr. Rabi S Bhatta Pharmacokinetic and Metabolism Studies of Guggulsterone and Rohitukine and Clinical Drug Interaction Studies of Arteether10.10.2014
14710PP11J32014Nadarajah MuhunthanDr. Vidya Nand Singh Deposition and Characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films for Solar Cell Application24.12.2014
14810CC12A26029Rahul ShingareDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Antibacterial natural product Hunanamycin A: Total synthesis, lead optimization, and related studies18.04.2018
14910CC11A26039Pragati Kishore PrasadDr. A. Sudalai Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactivc Molecules and Development of Synthetic Methodologies Involving C-C. C-0 land C-N Bond formation via Cu(I) and Iodine Catalysis18.01.2016
15010CC11A26050Ashok Kumar V.Dr. T. Raja Oxidative Dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons over mixed metal oxides15.06.2017
15110CC12A26043Vineeta SoniDr. Benudhar Punji Unified strategies for nickel-catalyzed and metal-free C?H functionalizations of indoles, and mechanistic studies18.04.2018
15210CC12J36012Aneeya Kumar SamantaraDr. Bikash Kumar Jena (Supervisor)/ Dr. Bamaprasad Bag (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Quantum Dot/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites for Electrochemical Energy Storage Application15.06.2017
15310CC11A26040D SrikantDr. C.V.V. Satyanarayana Novel perovskite type oxides as catalysts for generation of synthesis gas with variable H2 to CO ratio16.04.2018
15410BB11A26054Priyanka Govind BuddhiwantDr. Mahesh Dharne (Supervisor)/ Dr. Jayant Khire (Co-Supervisor) Phytase production under solid state fermentation and its application in feed and food07.06.2017
15510CC11J26079Kilingaru I. ShivakumarDr. G J SANJAYAN De Novo Designed Organic Donor-Acceptor Systems Featuring Inter- and Intramolecular Charge Transfer Interactions30.06.2017
15610CC13J11006Sathish Kumar MudedlaDr. V. Subramanian Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Electronic Structure Calculations on the Interaction of Nanomaterials with Biomolecules01.12.2017
15710CC12A32013ShahjadDr. Asit Patra Synthesis and characterization of benzodithiophene and diketopyrrolopyrrole based conjugated materials for solar cell applications18.04.2018
15810PP13A32011Deepika ChaudharyDr. Sushil Kumar A study of the plasma characteristics of 27.12 MHz assisted PECVD process for silicon thin film growth25.04.2018
15910CC12A26055Amrita PalDr. Kumar Vanka Computational investigations of small molecule activation08.03.2016
16010CC11J26036Jaya C JoseDr. Neelanjana Sengupta Conformational dynamics and solvent interactions of amyloidogenic peptides in biologically relevant environments: Insights with molecular dynamics simulations11.02.2016
16132EE12J41005Mohit VermaDr. J. Rajasankar Microbiome Components Derived from Distinct03.05.2018
16210PP11J26132Edakkal VenugopalAsst. Prof. Suresh K. Bhat Organization of Colloids and Polymers with Nonionic Surfactant Assemblies23.06.2016
16310CC11J26011Soumya B. NDr.R. Nandini Devi Tayered Solid State Compounds for Photocatalytic Water Splitting30.04.2016
16410CC11J26078Manzoor Ahmad DarDr. Sourav Pal Ab initio Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional based Studies on the Stability, Reactivity and Catalytic Properties of Silver and Gold Clusters08.02.2016
16510CC12A26009Atanu PatraDr. A. T. Biju N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Organocatalyzed
Umpolung of Aldehydes and Imines for New
Synthetic Transformations
16610CC11J26100Rajashree Yashwant MahaleDr. Kothandam Krishnamoorthy Conjugated Small Molecules and Polymers for Device Applications14.03.2016
16710CC11J26103Satish Shivaji BadadheDr. (Mrs) Manjusha V. Shelke (Guide)/Dr. Satishchandra Balkrishna Ogale (Co-guide) Engineered nanostructures of binary and ternary metal oxides for gas and humidity sensing application08.02.2016
16810PP13J26047Sayali JoshiDr. Nayana Vaval Study of Molecular Response Properties within Extended Coupled Cluster Framework14.03.2016
16910CC11J26043Prathit ChatterjeeDr. Neelanjana Sengupta Protein thermal stability, conformational dynamics and solvent properties: insights with atomistic molecular dynamics simulations.08.03.2016
17010CC11J26029Manoj Vasisht ManeDr. Kumar Vanka Computational Studies, using Density Functional Theory, of Proton Transfer through Polymer Electrolyte Membrane in Fuel Cells, as well as of Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Reactions using Frustrated Lewis Pairs30.04.2016
17110BB13J04004Mahendra Kumar HidauDr. Shio Kumar Singh Pharmacokinetics, Metabolite Profiling and Drug-Drug Interaction Studies of Novel Anti-Tubercular and Anti-Malarial molecules21.09.2015
17210CC12A26054Kamalika GhatakDr. Sourav Pal (Supervisor); Dr. Kumar Vanka (Co-supervisor) Activation of Small Molecules via Organometallic Pincer Catalysts and Small Rhodium Clusters (pure and doped): A Density Functional Theory Approach14.03.2016
17310PP12A26082Preeti GuptaDr. Pankaj Poddar Study of negative magnetization, exchange bias and magnetization switching in rare earth chromites23.02.2016
17410PP11J26131Dhanya PDr. Satishchandra B Ogale Synthetic and natural polymer precursor derived hierarchically porous conducting carbon and its Co304-based nanocomposite for electrochemical energy storage applications21.03.2016
17510CC12A26058Himadri PathakDr. Sourav Pal / Dr. Nayana Vaval (Co-Supervisor ) Calculation of Properties Using Relativistic Coupled Cluster Theory for Atoms and Molecules.11.04.2016
17610CC11J26004GovindrajDr. P. A. Joy Studies on Magnetic and Electrical properties of Disordered Carbon29.03.2016
17710CC11J26038Subhadip DasDr. Rajnish Kumar/ Dr. Sudip Roy (Co-Supervisor) Thermodynamic and Kinetic Stability of Pure and Mixed Gas Hydrate through Molecular Dynamics Simulation19.05.2016
17810CC11J26073Unnikrishnan PDr. D. Srinivas Solid, Oxide Catalysts for Making Dimethyl Carbonate14.03.2016
17910PP13J26046Shantanu KadamDr. Kumar Vanka Development of kinetic Monte Carlo Methods for the Stochastic Simulation of Chemical Systems07.03.2016
18010CC11J26034Satej DharmapurikarDr. Kothandam Krishnamoorthy Synthesis, characterization and device application of Isoindigo and Diketopyrrolopyrrole containing organic semiconductors14.03.2016
18110CC11J26051Vidhya GhantaniDr. Shubhangi B. Umbarkar Valorization of bio-derived lactic acid to acrylic acid and other value added products11.04.2016
18210CC11J26020Arul KashmirDr. Kothandam Krishnamoorthy Solution Processable Organic Semiconducting Materials as Active and Blocking Layer for Electronic Devices14.03.2016
18310CC11J26059Bhan Prakash JainDr. Kotlrandam Krishnarnoorthy Conjugated Molecules for Transduction and Energy Storage30.04.2016
18410CC11J26076Ravindra AherDr. A. Sudalai Asymmetric Synthesis of 5-Membered Aza-Heterocycles via Organocatalysis and Utilization of CO?, in Organic Synthesis27.06.2016
18510CC11J26067Komal LalwaniDr. A. Sudalai Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Synthetic Methodologies Involving Formation of C-N, C-0 Bonds via Organocatalysis23.06.2016
18610CC11J26063Vaishali ShindeDr. A. A. Kelkar/ Dr. Suresh Iyer (Co-Supervisor) Studies in Transition Metal Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation Reactions19.05.2016
18710CC12A26034Archana NalawadeDr. M. S. Qureshi Design and Development of Porous Materials by High Internal Phase Emulsion polymerization route and their applications15.02.2017
18810BB11J26124Anil Ranu MhashalDr. Sudip Roy ATP Induced Conformational Flexibility in PcrA Helicase and Properties of Lipid Membrane in Presence of Nanoparticles and Surfaces: Molecular Simulations27.07.2016
18910CC11J26081Sagar PatilDr. Kashinath R. Patil Use of interfaces for the formation of nanoparticulate thin films for various applications04.10.2016
19010CC12A26036Souvik ChakrabortyDr. Sudip Roy Structural, dynamical properties of polymers and polymer composites from multiscale simulation17.08.2016
19110CC11J26064Santosh ChavanDr. Shafeek A. R. Mulla Development of New Synthetic Methodologies via Cu- and SnCatalyzed C-C, C-Heteroatom Bond Formation and sp3 C-H Functionalization of Azaarenes17.08.2016
19210BB11J26115Sayali DalalDr. Narcndra Kadoo/ Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (Co-Supervisor) Investigations of conformational and functional relationship ofselected serine proteases at molecular level09.08.2016
19310BB12A20002Anurag PassiDr. Anshu Bhardwaj Drug Repurposing for Tuberculosis using Network Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics05.04.2019
19410CC11J26080Babasaheb MatsagarDr. Paresh L. Dhepe Utilization of Bronsted acidic ionic liquids in the hydrolysis and dehydration reactions of saccharides17.08.2016
19510CC11J26019Nagendra KalvaDr. Ashootosh V. Ambade Synthesis and Self-assembly Studies of Amphiphilic StimuliResponsive Linear-Dendritic Block Copolymers11.07.2016
19610BB12J08005Sathya T AMahejibin Khan Construction of soil metagenomics library and screening of pectinase for the synthesis of pectic oligosaccharides05.04.2019
19710CC11J26069Anita RewarDr. Ulhas K. Kharul Investigations towards applicability of polybenzimidazole (PBI) based polymeric ionic liquids (PILs) for gas permeation and fuel cells17.08.2016
19832EE15A09002Chandra KhatuaDr. Vamsi Krishna Balla Bismuth Ferrite reinforced composite biomaterials for bone implant applications30.3.2019
19910CC11J26057Sayali ShaligramDr. Ulhas K Kharul Polymeric Ionic Liquids based on Asymmetrically A/-Substituted Polybenzimidazoles for Gas Permeation Studies04.10.2016
20010CC11J26071Atul NagpureDr. Satyanarayana Chilukuri Novel Catalysts for Flydrogenolysis of Biomass-Derived Feedstocks and Hydrogenation of a,p-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds17.08.2016
20110CC13A26014MANOJ KUMAR GHOSALYAC.S Gopinath Gas-Solid Surface Interaction with Reactive and Less Reactive Gases: A Near Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study30.03.2019
20210CC11J26021Munmun GhoshDr. Sayam Sen Gupta The elusive Fe(V)0: Synthesis, Characterization and ability towards hydroxylation of sp3 C-H bonds17.08.2016
20310CC11A26029Anup BhuniaDr. A. T. Biju Transition-Metal-Free Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Forming Reactions using N-Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysis and Aryne Chemistry02.08.2016
20410CC11A26003Asis JanaDr. Neelanjana Sengupta Modulation of the intrinsic properties of Alzheimers Amyloid beta peptide with nanosurfaces and chemical modifications: a computational approach04.10.2016
20510BB12J25014Chitra BhatiaDr. Prabodh Kumar Trivedi Molecular basis of light-regulated flavonol biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana27.03.2019
20610CC11J26033Manik Eknath BhosleDr. Kothandam Krishnamoorthy Conjugatedsmall moleculesaind Microporous Polymers for Energy Storage06.09.2016
20710BB13J26033Gajanan Tukaram MehetreM.S Dharne Microbial ecology, diversity and biochemical potential within basaltic Indian hot spring05.04.2019
20810CC11J26016Sachin BhojgudeDr. AKKATTU T. BIJU Employing Arynes in Transition-Metal-Free Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions30.08.2016
20910BB13A08001Archana Gopalrao LamdandeKSMS Raghavarao Wet processing for value added products from coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)05.04.2019
21010CC11J26091Sagar VaidyaDr. Narshinha P. Argade Studies on Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural and Unnatural Quinazolinones17.08.2016
21110CC11J26026Pronnoy Govind BangarDr. Suresh Iyer Visible light photocatalysis - A greener approach towards Mizoroki-Heck reaction & variables in Mizoroki-Heck reaction of mono & disubstituted olefins.22.04.2019
21210CC16A18039Sura Madhu BabuMangala Gowri Phytochemical investigation & bioevaluation of secondary metabolites from Ipomoea, Ceriops, Artemisia genera and biotransformation of artemisinin22.04.2019
21310BB15J18043M. Anil KumarAnthony Addlagatta Understanding the structural differences among M1-Class aminopeptidases and development of novel inhibitors27.03.2019
21410BB11A18023Bhanu Chandra KDr. Sumana Chakravarty Sex difference in behavioral and molecular neural16.06.2017
21510PP13A36026Swatirupa PaniDr. Birendra Kumar Mohapatra (Supervisor)/Dr. Saroj Kumar Singh (Co-Supervisor) Manganese ores and associated rocks from Barbil-Joda-Bamebari region,Keonjhar District, Odisha: Mineralogical, geochemical studies and utilisation prospects of sub-grade ores20.06.2017
21610BB14A08010Anikishetty MaheswaraiahP. Vijayaraj Physiological significance of diacylglycerol oil and its metabolism27.03.2019
21710BB12A37021Vidushi KhajuriaDr. Zabeer Ahmed Investigation of the Anti- inflammatory potential of Colebrookea oppositifolia by using in-vitro and in-vivo model27.03.2019
21810CC11J26090Jugal K KumawatDr. Kumar Vanka The Influence of Lewis Bases in MgCL supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysis: A DFT study03.12.2016
21910BB13J18060Vamsi Krishna KamajaS. Venkata Mohan Electroactive bacteria development for enhancing electron flux in microbial electrochemical systems through metabolic engineering and metagenomic strategies27.03.2019
22010CC13J26021Avinash GhanateV. Panchagnula High-throughput analysis tools for mass spectrometry based data quantitation27.03.2019
22110CC11A26033Santhi Vandan Reddy YetraDr. Akkattu T Biju Enantioselective Construction of Six-Membered Heterocycles and Carbocycles Using N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)-Organocatalysis30.08.2016
22210CC13A05001R AswathyP. Ragupthy Studies on electrode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors22.04.2019
22310CC15A18001Anusha ValabojuK. Bhanuprakash Optoelectronic properties of organic and organometallic molecules for applications in organic light emitting diodes and photovoltaic cells: A computational study27.03.2019
22410BB14J33004Sourabh SoniYogendra S. Padwad Elucidating the role of MAPKAPK2 as a potential anticancer target in the pathogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma27.03.2019
22510CC11J26009R. LeninDr. P. A. Joy Magnetic and Thermal Conductivity Studies on Iron Oxide based Nanofluid26.12.2016
22610BB13A26041Saikat ChowdhuryRam Rup Sarkar Understanding complexities in biochemical pathways related to human diseases - A computational and mathematical approach29.04.2019
22710BB13A04017Ravindra Kumar YadavP K Shukla Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against cell surface proteins of Aspergillus fumigatus for diagnostic and therapeutic use29.04.2019
22810CC11J26010V. Ramireddy DevarapalliDr. Manjusha V.Shelke Nanoengineering of heterojunction and composite semiconductor materials for multifunctional properties11.11.2016
22910CC14A26019Saibal BeraRahul Banerjee Supramolecular porous organic and metal organic soft materials: Concept, construction and properties27.03.2019
23010BB11J26121Ketan Dinkar SarodeDr. V. Ravi Kumar Optimization Methodologies for Inverse Problems in Complex Dynamical Systems26.12.2016
23110CC15J18031Bolla Govind RaoB. Mahipal Reddy Design of novel nanostructured metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation reactions27.03.2019
23210CC14A26018Arjun HaldarRahul Banerjee Modular construction of ultra-stable, porous, crystalline covalent organic frameworks: Membrane based water purification and energy storage27.03.2019
23310PP12A29002Sherin C KV.V.S.S. Sarma Variability in efficiency of biological pump in the India ocean using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen29.04.2019
23410BB13A16007Jackson Melvinbhai KhediaP.K Agarwal Isolation and characterization of stress responsive AlNAC4 transcription factor from halophyte Aeluropus lagopoides29.04.2019
23510CC11J26032Mrinmoy ChiniDr. Kothandam Krishnamoorthy Solution Processed Conjugated Small Molecules and Oligomers for Organic Field Effect Transistors11.11.2016
23610BB11J18127R. Gajendra ReddyDr. Sumana Chakravarty Role of Novel and Potential small molecules on Central Nevers system functions16.06.2017
23710BB13J25003Shatrujeet PandeyPratibha Misra Molecular analysis of prickleless mutant to identify potential gene network regulating prickle development in Solanum viarum Dunal22.04.2019
23810CC13A26013Gorakhnath Rajaram JachakDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Total Synthesis of Revised Structure of Potent Anti-inflammatory Natural Product Solomonamides and Related Studies and Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Silicon Incorporated Morpholine Antifungals22.04.2019
23910CC11J26086Kashinath KDr. D Srinivasa Reddy Total Synthesis of Proposed Structures of Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agents Solomonamides and Analogs07.10.2016
24010BB14J16022Sweta Binod KumarSoumya Haldar Bacterial attachment on polymeric membranes: Strategies and applications22.04.2019
24110CC12J26004Debasish GhoshDr. Meitram Niraj Luwang Synthesis, characterization and optosensing applications of lanthanide doped nanomaterials26.12.2016
24210BB14J08005DhanashreeDr. K Rajagopal Understanding the pleomorphic nature of Bifidobacteri22.04.2019
24332EE12J15011Sudeshna BagchiSudeshna Bagchi Electrostatically deposited hierarchical nanostructures as resistive and optical platforms for ammonia detection27.03.2019
24410BB15J17005Arijit PandaSucheta Tripathy A new paradigm in analyzing large and small genomes by sophisticated computational methods and workflows30.04.2019
24510CC14J26013Siba Prasad MidyaE. Balaraman Transition metal catalyzed (de)hydrogenative C-C and C-N bond formation02.05.2019
24610CP13A05007S JayashreeDr. S. Ravichandran Defect-driven electrochemical and photo-electrochemical water splitting behavior of nanocrystalline TiO2-X27.03.2019
24710BB11J26112Ruby SinghDr. C G Suresh Structure-function studies and evaluating the medical applications potential of two newly identified plant lectins26.12.2016
24810CC11J26053Mohan Raj ManiDr. Ashish K. Lele (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Co-Supervisor) Development of Nanoparticle based Nucleating Agents for Polyolefins26.12.2016
24910PP12A15001Sukhbir SinghInderpreet Kaur Bandgap modelling of graphene nanoribbon for nano-FET design27.03.2019
25020EE14J15005Sanjeev Kumar BhardwajAmit L. Sharma Assembly of metal organic framework (MOF) based conducting platforms for sensing applications27.03.2019
25120EE13J26044Ajinkya PanditA.W Patwardhan Modeling of Crystallization processes: Batch to continuous27.03.2019
25210BB11A18021Dasari RamakrishnaSunil Misra Evaluation of in vitro & in vivo genotoxicity effects of Zoledronic acid - a bisphosphonate drug used for the treatment of bone cancer27.03.2019
25310BB13A04003Bhanu Priya AwasthiKalyan Mitra Evaluation of anti-leishmanial activity and understanding the mechanism of action of promising leishmanicidal agents25.03.2019
25410CC12A18016Bhumireddy Sudarshana ReddyDr. S. PRABHAKAR Development of Gas/Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry based methods for Separation, Identification & Characterization of N-methylated amino acids and other endogenous metabolites from biological samples29.08.2017
25510CC11J18089P.S. SrikanthDr. AHMED KAMAL Combretastatin/Quinoline Hybrids and Spiroquinazolinones as Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors29.08.2017
25610CC14A43001Deblina MaitiDr. Bably Prasad Studies on ecorestoration of fly ash filled area with grass-legume mixtures, bioaccumulation of heavy metals and nutrient cycling02.05.2019
25710CC13A05005Avanish ShuklaDr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai Development of nanocomposite membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells02.05.2019
25810CC11J26077Prabhu DDr. Bhagavatula Prasad Self-Assembled Structures of Bolaamphiphilic Lipid Molecules: Preparation, Characterization and their Stimuli Responsive Behaviour02.12.2016
26010CC11J26082Swapnil SonawaneDr. Asha S. K. Fluorescent Polymeric Microbeads for Application as Solid State Multicolor Emitting Materials11.01.2017
26110CC15J32016Neelima KumariRachana Kumar Synthesis and property evaluation of novel organic small molecule based electron acceptors for organic photovoltaic applications25.03.2019
26210CC13A26030Rounak Ashok NaphadeDr. Suresh Bhat (Supervisor) / Dr. S.B. Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Solution processed low dimensional nanostructures for optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications15.02.2017
26310CC12A26017Ashish ChinchansureDr. (Mrs.) Swati P. Joshi / Dr. S. P. Chavan (Co-Supervisor) Phytochemical investigation of Lamiaceae genera Leucas, Pogostemon, Colebrookea and Nepeta from Western Ghats07.02.2017
26410CC12A26046Narendraprasad Reddy BDr. C.V. Ramana Towards the Total Synthesis of Pseudoindoxyl Natural Products15.02.2017
26510CC11A26026Sreedhala SDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Studies in Antibacterial Natural Products and their Analogs26.12.2016
26610CC13J05006P. Subalakshmidr.Shivashanmugam Transition metal oxide based electrode materials for energy storage applications29.08.2017
26710CC11A26037Manoj KumarDr. Guruswamy Kumaraswamy Phase behaviour and applications of glycerol monooleate/water/polymer ternary systems05.09.2017
26810CC11J37041Sunil KumarDr. Asif Ali Chemical Diversity & Structure Modification of Bioactive Metabolites from Plants, Microbes and their Therapeutic Potential03.09.2017
26910CC11A26021Remya RameshDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel organosilanes and Synthesis of Enatiopure Pheromones towards Crop Protection11.01.2017
27010CC11J26040Saumya SinghDr. KOTHANDAM KRISHNAMOORTHY BODIPY based small molecules and polymers for organic field effect transistors01.02.2017
27110BB11A03001Manish K JohriKrishnan H. Harshan Role of mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway in Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection25.03.2019
27210BB11J26123Deepak ChandDr. C.G. Suresh Structure-function study of Ntn hydrolase enzymes penicillin acylase and bile salt hydrolase29.12.2016
27310CC11A26027Anju SusanDr. Kavita Joshi Role of ground state structural motif in the finite temperature behaviour of small atomic clusters: Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics Investigations03.09.2017
27410CC13J26016Nivedita BhattacharyaDr. Venkateswarlu Panchagnula Development of quantitative mass spectrometry methods for targeted metabolite analysis from complex biological matrices25.01.2017
27510BB16J10008Laxmi RathorRakesh Pandey Evaluation of antiaging and stress modulating activities of boeravinone B from Boerhaavia diffusa L. in Caenorhabditis elegans25.03.2019
27610CC11A26030Anjani DubeyDr. C. S. Gopinath Towards Bridging the Material Gap between Real-World Catalyst and Ideal Single Crystal Surface with Ceria-based Solid solutions24.01.2017
27710CC11A26032Satish Chandra PilkhanaDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Marine Natural Products Palmyrolide A, Nitrosporeusines and their Analogues15.02.2017
27810BB12J25001NeelamDr. Debasis Chakrabarty Genome-wide identification and characterization of rice Class I Metallothionein gene family25.03.2019
27910BB12A25012Yuvraj IndoliyaDebasis Chakrabarty Comparative analysis of molecular network regulating somatic embryogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.) subspecies japonica and indica25.03.2019
28010CC11J26035Saibal BhaumikDr. Asha S. K. Improving Charge Transport via Self Assembly in Semiconducting Donor/Acceptor Supramolecular Polymers01.02.2017
28110BB13J18062ChandrashekharRamesh Ummanni Molecular mechanisms underlying the role of tumor protein D52(TPD52) in prostate cancer progression25.03.2019
28220EE13A26047Amarvir ChilkaVivek V. Ranade Modeling of drying of almonds: A multi-scale approach14.03.2019
28310CC11J26094Gajanan N RautDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Studies in Antibacterial Natural Products and their Analogs29.12.2016
28410CC13J26025Sandip Govind AgalaveDr. (Mrs.) Vandana S. Pore Design and Synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole based antifungal agents, bile acid based dendrimers and their biological evaluation16.03.2017
28510CC12J26008Harshitha B.ADr. SREEKUMAR KURUNGOT (Superviosr)/ Dr. RAHUL BANERJEE (Co-Supervisor) Electrochemical Applications of Porous Polymeric Materials and their Derivatives15.02.2017
28610PP13J36006Avinna MishraDr. Sarama Bhattacharjee (Supervisor)/ Dr. Manju Unnikrishnan (Co-Supervisor) Transition Metal Oxide Based Thermoelectric materials05.09.2017
28710BB11J26117Aseem PalandeDr. Mukund V. Deshpande (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ashok P. Giri (Co-Supervisor) Dimorphism and alkane degradation in Yarrowia lipolytica07.03.2017
28810CC12J26001Kishore HandoreDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Hydrindane and Decalin based Natural Products: Peribysin E, Nardoaristolone B, Nootkatone, Botryosphaeridione and their Analogues08.03.2017
28910CC12A26035Sonali BhosaleDr. N. N. Chavan Synthesis, Evaluation and Applications of Hydrogen-Bond Acidic Polymers23.03.2017
29010BB12A37001Sunil KumarInshad Ali Khan To identify the new antibacterial agents targeting the M. tuberculosis ATP synthase enzyme13.03.2019
29110BB14A05008S ManikandanS. Maruthamuthu Electrochemical and biological processes for removal of pollutants from textile effluent11.03.2019
29210CC11J26061Ravi JangirDr. Narshinha P. Argade Homophthalic Anhydride Derivatives to Bioactive Natural Products05.09.2017
29310BB12J10005Mridula SinghDr. Ashutosh K. Shukla Gene prospecting in Papaver somniferum using contrasting genotypes07.03.2019
29410CC14A38009Manash Protim HazarikaArchana Moni Das Studies on synthesis of nanocomposites using biopolymers and some organic functionalization reactions11.03.2019
29510CC11J26062Anand BhaskarDr Ulhas K. Kharul Design and Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)-polymer composite membranes for gas separation11.04.2017
29610BB12A36005Madhabi Madhusmita BhanjadeoUmakanta Subudhi Lanthanide mediated B-to-Z transition in self-assembled branched DNA: A biophysical study06.03.2019
29710BB13A26040Uma KumariDr. U. J. Mehta/ Dr. B. M. Khan (Co-Supervisor) Molecular and Biochemical studies of mevalonate kinase from Bacopa monniera20.03.2017
29810BB14A08008Rashmi S ShenoyDr. Manonmani H K Evaluation of antidiabetic potential of Gymnema sylvestre06.03.2019
29932EE15A09001Biswajit BeraDr. Nandini Das Silica-Carbon Based Composite Membranes and Materials for CO2 Separation and Storage Applications06.03.2019
30010CC11J26075Jhumur SethDr. B.L.V. Prasad Preparation of ultra-small transition metal nanoparticles and their catalytic applications25.04.2017
30110CC11A26005Bishnu Prasad BiswalDr. Rahul Banerjee Porous Crystalline Frameworks: Synthetic Approaches and their Applicability as Membrane Materials for Gas Separation25.04.2017
30210CC11A26008Sharath kadambethDr. Rahul Banerjee Design and Synthesis of Porous Crystalline Covalent Organic Frameworks with Exceptional Chemical Stability25.04.2017
30310CC11J26012Deepika DhawareDr. Venkateswarlu Panchagnula (Supervisor)/ Dr. Dipankar Ghosh (Co-Supervisor) Methods using bicontinuous microemulsions for peptide delivery and mesoporous silica for the analysis of small molecules14.09.2017
30410BB11J26111Dimpal Amol NyayanitDr. Chetan Gadgil Biogenesis of microRNA and its effect on target gene expression20.03.2017
30510CC13A26017Balasaheb JavaleAnil K Kinage Synthesis of amino acid amide based ionic liquids: Their utilization in asymmetric transfer hydrogenation05.03.2019
30610CC13A26011Manojkumar KalshettiN.P Argade Studies on total synthesis of bioactive indole alkaloids subincanadine A-G05.03.2019
30710CC11A26044Seetharamsing BalamkunduDr. D. Srinivasa Reddy Synthesis of Polyol Natural Products Mycalols, Sch-725674, Gliomasolides and their Analogues and Design, Synthesis and Identification of Silicon Incorporated Oxazolidinone Antibiotics with Improved Brain Exposure16.03.2017
30810PP13A32009Prashant SinghSanjay Kumar Srivastava Fabrication and characterization of silicon nanostructures for solar cell applications05.03.2019
30910CC11J26096Chayanika DasDr. KOTHANDAM KRISHNAMOORTHY Surface Modified Substrates for Molecular Separation and Energy Storage20.03.2017
31010CC11A26038Nookaraju UmmidisettiDr. Pradeep Kumar Studies directed towards the synthesis of polyketides, lactones, mono acetogenins and development of new methodologies involving C-S and C-N bond formations20.03.2017
31110CC12A26048Dnyaneshwar Nilkanth GaradDr. Santosh. B. Mhaske Development of Nitrogen Directed C-H Activation Protocols for the Synthesis of Natural Products, Drugs and New Scaffolds11.03.2019
31210CC14A26027Aniruddha BasuDr. Chandrasekhar V Rode (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satishchandra B Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Development of materials and methods for the next generation electronic, electrochemical and opto-electronic device systems25.04.2017
31310PP13J29004Jishad MDr. Jaya Kumar Seelam Hydrodynamics of surfzone waves in meso-tidal regimes – Measurement and Modelling off central west coast of India.05.03.2019
31410PP11A29003Tresa RemyaMaria Judith Gonsalves Abundance, diversity and activity of chemoautotrophs associated with mangrove sediment and mollusc Polymesoda erosa05.03.2019
31510CC15J26026Nilesh TangaleP.L. Dhepe Zeolite based micro-mesoporous composites: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance as heterogeneous catalyst for valorization of sugar28.02.2019
31610CC11A26043Malik Abdul WahidDr. Manjusha Vilas Shelke/Dr. Satishchandra B Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Targeted synthesis of functional soft and hard carbons from bio-waste and natural products for supercapacitor and battery applications02.05.2017
31710BB12A38004Reshita BaruahDr. Hari Prasanna Deka Boruah Community profiling of indigenous13.09.2017
31810CC13A26029Pragati SharmaDr. RAJNISH KUMAR (Supervisor)/ Dr. SUMAN CHAKRABARTY (Co-Supervisor) Computational studies on the effect of composition and interactions on structure, dynamics and gas adsorption properties of polymeric materials20.08.2018
31910PP13J32003Rajni PorwalR.P Pant Proximity effect in superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures11.03.2019
32010CC12J26003Sunil Sekhar A.CDr. C.P.Vinod Metal Oxide Supported Noble Metal Catalyst: Powders, Thin Films and Nanostructures16.05.2017
32110CC11J26088Sandeep G. YenchawarDr Manjusha V. Shelke Surface plasmon induced enhancement in the optical and photocurrent properties of Metal-Semiconductor hybrids11.04.2017
32210CC14A38002Rashmi PrakashS Gogoi Exploration of C-H activation and decarbonylative functionalization reactions for the synthesis of N- and O- containing heterocycles21.02.2019
32310CC11A26045Xavier PrasannaDr. Pankaj Poddar/ Dr. Durba Sengupta (Co-Supervisor) A Molecular View of Membrane-related Phenomenon: Unravelling the secrets of G-Protein Coupled Receptors16.05.2017
32510BB13J02022Pooja KumariSagarika Biswas Role of synovial proteins in rheumatoid arthritis19.02.2019
32610CC11J26099Perumal DevarajiDr. C. S. Gopinath Visible light photocatalytic studies on porous TiO2 and ZnO based materials25.04.2017
32732EE15A09003Debrati MukherjeeSourja Ghosh Membrane based process for purification of wastewater contaminated with specific pesticide and drug molecules11.03.2019
32810CC11J26084Nagnath PatilDr. Ashootosh V. Ambade Synthesis and self-assembly of stimuli-responsive biocompatible two-tailed dendritic polymers16.03.2017
32910CC14A26031Atreyee BanerjeeDr. Sarika Maitra Bhattacharyya Structure and dynamics of supercooled liquids: Role of pair and higher order correlations25.04.2017
33010CC11J26066Rajeshwari GourDr. MANOHAR V. BADIGER Studies in Modified Epoxy Novolac Composites and Coatings16.05.2017
33110BB12J26032Mayooreshwar P. RajankarDr. ANU RAGHUNATHAN Rational Strain Design for Value Added Products: A Systems Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Approach07.03.2019
33210BB16J18028S M Rajesh KotcherlakotaChittaranjan Patra Design, synthesis, characterization of gold nanobioconjugates for targeted delivery of drugs & nucleic acids in ovarian cancer and noninvasive bioimaging31.01.2019
33332EE15A09004Ipsita ChinyaS. Sen Development of polymer-ceramic nanocomposite for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator application19.02.2019
33410CC15J18014Mali Prakash RambhauDr. Pravin R. Likhar Synthesis of Bioactive ?-Resorcylic Acid Esters and New Methodologies For Spiro Compounds Via Cycloaddition Reactions19.02.2019
33610CC12A26047C. P. JijilDr. R. Nandini Devi Cation and Anion Doping Effects in Brownmillerites Ba2In2O5 & A2Fe2O5 (A=Ca, Sr & Ba) through Structural and Electrochemical Characterizations25.05.2017
33710CC11J18043Manisha SwainDr. J. S. Yadav Novel-rosin indane amine thiourea catalyzed enantioselective Michael addition and gold triggered tandem cyclization reactions19.05.2016
33810PP15J32009Monu MishraGovind Surface and interface studies of III-Nitride semiconductors for sensors application24.01.2019
33910BB12A18064M.Prathima DeviDr S. Venkata Mohan Microalgae Catalysed Lipogenesis for Biodiesel Production from Waste Remediation25.01.2016
34010PP14A32007Ashima SharmaT.K. Mandal Study on the relationship of surface ozone with its precursors and meteorology over Delhi, India22.01.2019
34120EE14A32024Nagendra Singh ChauhanSivaiah Bathula Synthesis and characterization of novel half-heusler based thermoelectric materials for power generation
34210PP12A26083Mousumi SenDr. Pankaj Poddar Study of Magnetic, Electric and Thermal Properties in Fe3Se4 System: Interplay of Spin, Charge and Phonon25.01.2018
34310CC11J18046JANARDHAN GADDAMDr. J. S. Yadav Ring Closing Metathesis: Synthesis of Relgro, 10'-Oxorelgro, (3R,4S)-4-Hydroxylasiodiplodin, (3R,4R)-4-Hydroxy-de-O-methyllasiodiplodin, 8,9-Dihydro greensporone D, Dechlorogreensporone F and Greensporone F19.02.2019
34420EE14J35003Shyam BirlaDr. D.P Mondal Aluminium cenosphere hybrid foam through stir casting technique21.01.2019
34510CC13J26005Santosh Kumar SinghDr. Sreekumar Kurungot VAPOUR SENSING CHARACTERISTICS09.09.2017
34610BB12A18067G. RamasatyaveiDr. Amitava Das Cellular Mechanisms of Inflammatory Regulation on Stem Cell Regeneration03.10.2017
34710CC13A26002Pradip BagleNitin T. Patil Development of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond-forming reactions via gold and gold/silver co-operative catalysis19.02.2019
34820EE15J32022Kuldeep Singh GourDr. Vidya Nand Singh Study of Electron Transport Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Based Absorber Materials for Optoelectronic Device Applications11.02.2019
34910CC12A26022Preeti JainDr. Anil Kumar Ionic Liquids: Hydrophobicity, Enthalpic Effects Accompanying Ionic Interactions and their Transport Properties06.10.2017
35010PP15J32002Shefali JainShailesh Narain Sharma Tailoring the shape-controlled CZTS nanocrystals for various applications11.02.2019
35110CC11J18030Gonemadatala RevathiDr. J. S. Yadav Studies Directed towards the Total Synthesis of Stigmatellin A and Palladium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization of Benzamides11.04.2016
35210BB13J03001Parna ShahDr Rakesh K Mishra Genome organization and chromatin landscape in regulating gene expression11.02.2019
35310CC13A36019Ayonbala BaralM.K. Ghosh Synthesis and Characterization of nano MnO2 and its composites for multifunctional applications05.02.2019
35410CC12A39005Shaiju PDr. E. Bhoje Gowd Structural Changes Probed in Polymer-Solvent Systems at Molecular, Crystalline and Lamellar Length-Scales during Crystallization and Phase Transitions19.09.2017
35510CB12A05008P. DhandapaniDr. S. Maruthamuthu Bio-approach: Ureolytic bacteria mediated synthesis of multifunctional nanoparticles06.10.2017
35610PP14J05013Subramani K.M. Sathish Reduced graphene oxide-based nanocomposites and bio-derived carbon for supercapacitor applications31.01.2019
35732EE14A18005Vineet AniyaSatyavathi Exploration of enhanced distillation techniques for dehydration of tert-butyl alcohol04.02.2019
35810CC11A26020Jaisingh DivseDr. Santosh B. Mhaske Design and synthesis of novel bioactive steroids and beta-lactam based molecules by click chemistry and application of steroidal organocatalyst for aldol reaction30.05.2018
35910CC11A26014Sujit SakrarDr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sudip Roy (Co-Supervisor) Understanding of Self-assembly of Polypeptide-based Molecules and Bolaamphiphile from Atomistic and Mesoscale Simulations23.01.2018
36010BB13J16015Madhusree MitraSandhya Mishra Identification of microalgae as a potential source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids viz. EPA and DHA31.01.2019
36120EE14A15001Jyotsana MehtaAkash Deep Sensing and removal of organophosphate pesticides using biofunctionalized nanostructured materials21.01.2019
36210BB12A04025Hardik Jamnadas ChandasanaDr. Rabi S. Bhatta Evaluation of Preclinical ADME Properties and Prediction of Human Pharmacokinetics of S007-867, A Novel Potent Antiplatelet Agent21.09.2015
36310CC15J26021Yuvraj DangatDr. Kumar Vanka Mechanistic Insights, Employing Density Functional Theory (DFT), into Hydroformylation, C-H Activation Catalysis and Small Molecule Activation by Main Group Complexes08.06.2018
36410BB13J02024Manish Kumar RaiKausik Chakraborty Understanding the molecular mechanism of adaptive thermotolerance in E. coli18.01.2019
36610CC11J18021Saurabh MaityDr. J. S. YADAV Highly Diastereoselective Synthesis of trans-2,6-Disubstituted Pyran Ring: Synthesis of Cladosporin, Isocladosporin, Pochonin J and Diplopyrone12.01.2016
36710PP13J36007Smrutirekha SwainYatendra S. Chaudhary Synthesis of inexpensive hybrid nanomaterials for their application in photoelectrochemical water splitting17.01.2019
36810CC12J39005Suyana PDr. U. S. Hareesh Investigations on Graphitic Carbon Nitride based Semiconductor Heterojunctions for Photocatalytic Applications12.10.2017
36910CC11A26015Neha TiwariDr. Manohar V. Badiger Synthesis and characterization of new associating polymers and hydrogels for biological applications08.06.2018
37010CC14J26011Sarabjot Kaur MakkadAsha S.K Functionalized fluorescent polystyrene nanobeads for sensing and bioimaging applications31.01.2019
37110BB13J33007Munish KaundalDr. Rakesh Kumar “Effect of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Growth, Biomass and Selected Bioactive molecules of Valeriana jatamansi J. and Hypericum perforatum L. in the Western Himalayas”31.01.2019
37210BB12J18044Tanmoy MondalDr. Manika Pal Bhadra Role of Drosophila Argonaute-1 in apoptosis03.10.2017
37310BB15A10008Sana KhanLaiq ur Rahman Metabolic engineering of phenylpropanoid pathway in Ocimum Species (O. gratissium and O. sanctum) for vanillin production31.01.2019
37410CC11J18037Srinivas EedubilliDr. J. S. Yadav Studies Towards the Stereoselective Synthesis of Lactone Containing Natural Products: Vittatalactone, Cryptomoscatone F1 and Metacridamides A and B25.01.2016
37510CC11J18070N. Satish KumarDr. H. M. Meshram Stereoselective total synthesis of Trichoderic acid and development of catalyst-free green methodologies on or in aqueous medium30.08.2016
37610PP11J32011Neha YadavChhemendra Sharma Study of characterization of urban heat island in delhi17.01.2019
37710BB14J08026M Jaypraksh RaoMalathi Srinivasan Studies on regulation of cell morphology and lipid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae08.01.2019
37810CC11J18090R. KavithaDr. BHARATAM JAGADEESH Methodological Advances in High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy of Bio-Organic Molecules02.06.2016
37910CC12A05003C. P. LaisaK. Ramesha Novel lithium-rich layered cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries07.01.2019
38010BB12A51003Harpreet SinghProf. Samir K Brahmachari Building affordable high quality innovation in medical products & systems19.02.2018
38110BB11J18113Paradesinaidu GollavilliDr. Srigiridhar Kotamraju Understanding the molecular regulation of metadherin in breast cancer cells25.01.2016
38210CC12A36009Parth Sarathi MahapatraDr. Trupti Das (Supervisor)/ Prof. B.R. Gurjar (Co-Supervisor) Regional Air Quality Assessment: A case study of Bhubaneswar26.10.2017
38310CC12A18015Sheik Rehana AnjumDr. B. V. SUBBA REDDY Exploration of Domino Prins cyclization and Click chemistry to access tetrahydrofurans, tetrahydropyrans and triazoles10.06.2016
38410CC11J18061P Sivaramakrishna ReddyDr. J. S. Yadav Total synthesis of Phomolides G and H, Xyolide, Mangiferaelactone, (+)­8­ethylnorlobelol and Development of New Synthetic Methodologies02.06.2016
38510CC15J26029Suvendu KarakRahul Banerjee Ultraporous covalent organic frameworks as dehumidifiers and pollutant removers03.01.2019
38610PP13A32005Shibin Krishnan TCGovind Design and fabrication of optoelectronic devices based on III-Nitride semiconductors03.01.2019
38710CC12A26041Vikas KumarDr. K. Krishnamoorthy Porous polymers: Preparation, characterization and applications20.12.2018
38810CC13A12013Priyanka DasDr. Biswanath Mondal SYNTHESIS OF CHEMICALLY MODIFIED NANO-STRUCTURED26.10.2017
38910BB13A22006Shripriya SinghDr Aditya Bhushan Pant Detection of organ specific responses against xenobiotics in one go: A stem cell based study03.01.2019
39010BB14J02005Bhavneet KaurSoumya Sinha Roy To understand the molecular mechanism involved in homocysteine (Hcy) induced neurotoxicity03.01.2019
39110CC12J26005Trinadh KaicharlaDr. A. T. Biju Natural Molecules in Type 2 Diabetes Management27.10.2017
39210BB14J08006Gaurav Kumar PalDr. Suresh P.V Fish collagen and microbial collagenase: Production, and their potential food applications18.12.2018
39310CC11J18047K. Janaradhan ReddyDr. G. SUDHAKAR Nazarov cyclization of dienylaziridines, total synthesis of palmyrolide A and studies directed towards the synthesis of hunanamycin A and rossinone B30.04.2016
39410BB14J16016Arvind Kumar Singh ChandelSuresh Kumar Jewrajka Design and synthesis of polysaccharides and (Co)polymers based amphiphilic conetworks gels for biomedical applications19.12.2018
39510CC13J26028Ekta SangtaniR.G. Gonnade Pharmaceutical cocrystals and polymorphs: Preparation, characterization and structural analysis18.01.2019
39610CC13J16006Anupam BeraDr. Suresh K. Jewrajka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Pushpito K. Ghosh (Co-Supervisor) Study of in situ/surface modifications of thin film composite membranes from the viewpoint of performance and antifouling behaviour26.10.2017
39710CC11J18075Suresh BorraDr. J. S. Yadav Expedient method for intramolecular enamide formation & total synthesis of sanctolide A, homologated sanctolide A, palmyrolide A and desmethyl palmyrolide A07.10.2016
39810CC14A16010Mrinal Kanti SiDr. Bishwajit Ganguly Computational investigation to examine the role of non-bonded interaction towards the reactivity of chemical and biological systems07.12.2018
39920EE13J08014Padma IshwaryaDr. Anandharamakrishnan C SENSITIZED SOLAR CELL PERFORMANCE AND ORGANIC30.10.2017
40010CC12A26037Sandip Kumar SinghDr. Prakash L. Dhepe Depolymerization of lignin using acidic ionic liquids31.10.2017
40120EE15A32014G. SwatiDr. D. Haranath Studies on Primary Color Emitting Photon Energy Storage Phosphors for Dark Vision Display Applications23.12.2018
40220EE13A32022Indu SharmaDr. KIRAN M SUBHEDAR Control of CVD process and its flow dynamics for growth of improved quality
40310CC15A26021Richa Amod BobadeDr. R. Nandini Devi Promotion of mid-temperature water gas shift activity of Pt supported catalysts.27.12.2018
40410CC11J18044Jakka RaghaviahDr. G. SUDHAKAR Total Synthesis of Varitriol, Varioxirane Varioxiranol A and Andytriol and Nazarov Cyclization of Divinyl Ketones bearing Ester group at ?-position07.10.2016
40510CC14A32015Samya NaqviRachana Kumar Novel approach towards the synthesis of acceptor materials for organic photovoltaic applications.25.12.2018
40710BB12A26061Ameya BendreDr. Dhanasekaran Shanmugam Structural and functional characterization of kunitz inhibitor from Cicer arietinum L.18.01.2019
40810BB13A02014Soundhar RSouvik Maiti Understanding the role of novel transcripts in retinal neurome of adult zebrafish23.12.2018
40910BB13A22002HafizurrahmanVikas Srivastava Understanding the developmental toxicity of mercury and its role in progression of adult onset kidney disorders23.12.2018
41010BB12J18045Y. Pooranchandra RaoDr. C. GANESH KUMAR Studies on Microbial Derived Metal Nanoparticles and Their Applications16.09.2016
41110CC15J18013Jeshma KovvuriDr. C. Ganesh Kumar Synthesis of ?-carboline, pyrazole and indole derivatives and development of photocatalytic methods for benzimidazole and quinoxaline derivatives as potential anticancer agents07.12.2018
41210BB13A08009Siddharth PriyadarshiDr. M. Madhava Naidu Characterization, processing and value addition to coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) foliage18.12.2018
41310CC11J18106M. Durga PrasadDr. B. V. SUBBA REDDY Domino Prins Cyclizations For The Stereoselective Synthesis Of Fused And Spirocyclic Tetrahydropyran Scaffolds16.09.2016
41410CC15J18012Burri NagarajuDr. C. Ganesh Kumar Synthesis and biological evaluation of pyrazole, Coumarin conjugates and development of greener methodologies for some important heterocycles07.12.2018
41610CC11A18003M NareshDr. N. NARENDER Development of Zeolite Catalyzed C-C, C-N and C-O Bond Formation Reactions and Oxidative Halogenations Using Ammonium Bromide and Oxone27.07.2016
41710CC13J19003Subhasis DasAnkur Bordoloi Methane transformation to higher alcohols via syngas over nanostructured catalysts18.12.2018
41910CC15J18036Kanaparedu P C SekharDr. Rati Ranjan Nayak Evaluation of surface and self-assembly properties of glycolipid amphiphiles and their applications07.12.2018
42010CC12A18001Wasim AhmedDr. S. Chandrasekhar Synthesis of thromboxane receptor antagonist, (±)Terutroban and thiourea based organocatalysts for asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation02.11.2016
42110CC11J18077Soumen SahaDr. Arabinda Chaudhuri Combating glioblastoma and colon cancer by tumor targeted new liposomal drug carriers in combination with in vivo dendritic cell targeted DNA vaccination11.11.2016
42210BB12J16012Tonmoy GhoshDr. Sandhya Mishra Bioapplications of C-phycoerythrin from selected strain of cyanobacteria31.10.2017
42310CC11J18066N. SwapnilDr. J.S Yadav Studies directed towards the Stereoselective synthesis of Gomphostenin and Caylobolide A28.11.2016
42410CC11J18091Bolagam RaviDr. S. PALANIAPPAN Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline based materials for Supercapacitor and Catalyst Applications11.01.2017
42510BB14A18011M BhanuramyaDr. Paramjit Grover Genotoxicity assessment of magnesium oxide nano and microparticles: An in vitro, in vivo and eco toxicological study07.12.2018
42620EE11A08008Gopirajah RDr. Anandharamakrishnan C Engineered Model of Human Stomach for Understanding Physical Mechanism Underlying Food Digestion31.10.2017
42710BB14J16018Khanjan H. TrivediDr. Arup Ghosh Understanding the influence of Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed extract towards enhancing productivity of maize (Zea mays) and alleviation of drought stress07.12.2018
42810CC11J18022B ShivalalDr. J.S Yadav Synthetic Study Towards Pyran Containing Bioactive Natural Products: Brevisamide, Sorangicin A, Decarestrictine L and Curvulone B28.11.2016
42910BB11A36001Eespita PriyadarshiniDr. Nilotpala Pradhan Studies on synthesis of gold and silver31.10.2017
43010BB13J08009Richa SharmaDr.K S M S Raghava Rao Sensing of chloramphenicol in food using nanomaterials and optical reporter molecules07.12.2018
43110BB14J04001Abhishek AryaDr. Anil Kumar Dwivedi Nanocarriers for codelivery of bicalutamide and31.10.2017
43210CC11J18086M Venkateswara ReddyDr. K. I. SURESH Studies on the synthesis and optoelectronic properties of polythiophene and its copolymer dispersions via emulsion polymerization28.11.2016
43310PP11A29007Vipin PDr. S.G. Aparna Surface and sub-surface properties of mesoscale SST fronts and filaments and their proximity to the potential fishing zones in the northeastern Arabian Sea07.12.2018
43410BB13J08010Snehal Dasharath DokeDr. Manish Guha Effect of processing on nutritional, nutraceuticals and functional properties of garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) seed and its application in specialty food formulations26.11.2018
43510PP11J29001Remya RDr. D. Shankar On the link between physical processes and the marine ecosystem in the eastern Arabian Sea26.11.2018
43720EE15J12001Sanjit SahaDr. N. C. Murmu Investigation of the effect of heterostructure and doping of semiconducting materials for high energy density supercapacitor application26.11.2018
43810CC13A18045Ranjithkumar GadiDr. Maddi Sridhar Reddy Electrophile intiated reactivity of functional alkynes involving azide as amine surrogate for medicinally important scaffolds26.11.2018
43910BB11A26055Manu MSDr. Bhushan P. Chaudhari Structure-function characterization of tail-anchored protein translocation pathway in plants07.12.2018
44010CC12J05009Suman KunduDr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Supervisor)/ Dr. P. Ragupathy (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene based Nano-materials for Energy Applications03.11.2017
44110CC14J18007B. Anil KumarDr. Rati Ranjan Nayak Studies on gelation properties of the synthesized maleate amphiphiles and their applications20.11.2018
44210CC11J18071Sujan Kumar MondalDr. Rajkumar Banerjee Development of Progesterone-Based, Glucocorticoid Receptor & Neuropilin-1 Receptor-Targeted Chemotherapeutics and Liposomal Delivery Systems11.11.2016
44310BB13A08005M VijaykrishnarajDr. P Prabhasankar Dietary modulation of inflammatory markers in gluten sensitized animal models07.12.2018
44410BB12A25013PriyaDr. Aniruddha P. Sane of feruloyl esterase, ferulic acid and their24.10.2017
44510CC13A26007Manoj Kumar SahooDr. Ekambaram Balaraman Visible Light Mediated Photoredox Catalytic Dehydrogenation and C-H Arylation reactions20.11.2018
44610CC12A26013Govind BhosaleDr. Moneesha Fernandes Arginine-rich Tat- and (R-X-R)-motif Peptidomimetics for DNA/RNA Binding, Antimicrobial Action and Cell Penetration.20.11.2018
44710CC13A32015Neha GuptaDr. Rachana Kumar Development of fullerene based dyad materials for organic photovoltaic applications20.11.2018
44810CC14A18005P SangeethaRajiv Trivedi An approach towards the development of triazole and tetrazole derivatives
of organic and ferrocene conjugates
44910BB13J08002Anu BhushaniDr. C. AnandharamaKrishnan Nanoencapsulation of Green Tea Catechins by01.11.2017
45010CC11J18095Pritha AgarwallaDr. Rajkumar Banerjee Development of Glucocorticoid receptor and N-end rule pathway targeted nanoassemblies as drug sensitizers for cancer therapy19.12.2016
45110BB12A04021Akansha MishraDr. Arvind Srivastava Exploration of antihyperglycemic activity and molecular mechanism(s) of action of selected nature identicals20.11.2018
45220PE11A15001Shveta MahajanDr. S.K. Mittal Physical purity, viability and vigour testing of Soybean Seeds using visible and X-Ray Image Analysis20.11.2018
45310CC11J18085V. KrishnaDr. A. VENUGOPAL Crude Glycerol as a Source for the Synthesis of 2,6-Dimethylpyrazine Over Cu-Cr-O Catalyst Under Kinetic Regime: Rationalization of Surface Characteristics Using Adsorption and Spectroscopic Techniques28.11.2016
45420EE14J35004Subhash NimunpureDr. SAR Hashmi Development and characterisation of sisal fibril based polymer composite for electrical insulation applications26.11.2018
45610CC16A18028Paladugu SrinuDr. S. Chandrasekhar Synthetic studies towards total synthesis of antibiotic Baulamycin A and asthma drug Zafirlukast14.11.2018
45710CC12J18023P Rao DarapureddiDr. Rati Ranjan Nayak Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly properties evaluation of bio-based surfactants20.11.2018
45910CC11J18094Vittal SheravathDr. SUTAPA GHOSH Synthesis of Functionalized and Doped Graphene based Hybrid Materials for Green Catalysis and Energy Storage Applications04.10.2016
46010CC12A26033Leena GeorgeDr. R. NANDINI DEVI Surface Modified ZnO Nanostructures: Synthesis, Optical studies and Applications in Photocatalysis07.11.2017
46110BB16J10012Swati SrivasatavaDr. Ashok Sharma Computational analysis of miRNAs and their role in secondary metabolite biosynthesis of MAPs31.01.2019
46210BB16A04007Jyotsna PandeyDr. Akhilesh Tamrakar Identification and evaluation of phytoestrogens for the management of peripheral insulin resistance03.01.2019
46310CC13A18029Avnish KumarDr. Pravin R. Likhar Pd/Cu Assisted Regioselective Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazole Fused Heterocyclic Compounds via C-C and C-N Bond Formation20.11.2018
46410BB15J10003Rupali GuptaDr. Rakesh Pandey Studies of potential rhizospheric
chitinolytic bacterial communities for
in L. (Pennell)
Meloidogyne incognita
Bacopa monnieri
46520EE13A26046Karthika SK. Guruswamy Structure and properties of ice templated macroporous particle-polymer hybrid assemblies31.01.2019
46610CC12A18061Abdul Rahim Abdul RaufDr. Ahmed Kamal Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Indole, Isatin, Quinoline and Benzimidazole based Congeners as Anticancer and Antimicrobial Agents: Development of New synthetic methodologies19.02.2019
46710CC16J18015Dipak Kumar TiwariPravin R. Likhar Novel synthetic utility of isocyanide for the construction of various nitrogen-heterocycles02.05.2019
46810BB12A04006Dipti TripathiDr. Kumaravelu Jagavelu Functional analysis of MAPKAPK2 (MK2) in Endothelial Microparticles05.11.2018
46910CC12A05002S. SathyamoorthiDr. D. Velayutham Ionic liquids as electrolytes for supercapacitor10.11.2017
47010CC14J26005Popat ShindeNitin T. Patil Gold and bronsted acid catalyzed reactions for the synthesis of benzoquinolines, fused quinolizinones and arylalkynyl sulfones28.02.2019
47110BB15A18037Anirban GangulyRajkumar Banerjee Development of novel estrogen receptor targeted anticancer therapeutics and cancer cell detecting fluorescent hybrid molecules07.05.2019
47210CC12J26007Sachin Shesherao PatilDr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar Exploitation of Controlled/Living Polymerization Methods and Click Chemistry Approach for Synthesis of Designed Macromolecular Architectures07.11.2017
47310CC13A39006Greeshma GopalanDr. K. V. Radhakrishnan Phytochemical investigation of some selected medicinal plants and synthetic transformations of an abundant natural product zerumbone from Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Roscoe ex Sm.20.11.2018
47420EE14J08020Jincy M GeorgeDr. Navin K. Rastogi Effect of high pressure processing on infusion and extraction of bioactive compounds from solid food matrix16.11.2018
47510CC11J18033Hyder IrfanDr H M Sampath Kumar Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Podophyllotoxin Analogues and Oryza Sativa Derived Peptides as Anticancer Compounds15.02.2017
47610CC11J18045Birakishore PadhiDr. DEBENDRA K. MOHAPATRA ?-Allyl Nucleophile (AllylTMS) for the Synthesis of 2-Allyl-2HChromenes and 2,6-trans-Disubstituted Pyrans: Application to Pyran Containing Natural Products26.12.2016
47710CC15J16005Prem PrakashDr. Vaibhav Kulshreshtha Synthesis and Characterization of Stable and Highly Conducting Membranes and their Application in Electro-Membrane Processes16.11.2018
47810BB13A04015Priyanka ShuklaDr. Divya Singh To study the role of IL-12 family cytokine(s) on post menopausal osteoporosis05.11.2018
47910BB12A02029Majari RainDR. RITUSHREE KUKRETI Relevance of telomere in adaptation and maladaptation at high-altitude05.11.2018
48010BB13A04021Yabaji Shivraj MohanraoDr. K K Srivastava Elucidating the Macrophage Proteins Modulated Through Early Secretory Antigenic Target Protein of Mycobacteria in Intracellular Persistence16.11.2018
48132EE12J15008Ritesh KumarGPS Raghava Analysis of Structure odor relationship: A Computational approach11.03.2019
48210BB12J22019Brashket SethDr. Rajnish Kumar Chaturvedi Effect of Carbofuran on Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in the Rat Brain: Cellular and Molecular Mechanism(s)05.11.2018
48410CC14A26002Mohitosh BhadraRahul Banerjee Chemically stable nitrogenous porous crystalline covalent organic frameworks for heterogeneous catalysis30.03.2019
48510BB12J22005Ajay KumarDr. Ravi Ram Kristipati Development of Drosophila based model(s) for the assessment of female reproductive toxicity potential of xenobiotics05.11.2018
48610CC11A26035Mrityunjay Kumar TiwariDr. Kumar Vanka Computational Studies of Noncovalent Interactions in Understanding and Designing New Systems of Biological and Chemical Significance31.10.2018
48710CC11J18098Ch. GurumurthyDr. G. Sabitha Studies Towards the Synthesis of Pectinolide-F, Iejimalides A-D and Pyrido[2,3-c]coumarin Derivatives15.02.2017
48810BB12A33005Ajay KumarDr. RAVI SHANKAR Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea (Camellia sinensis L.): Omics Approach31.10.2018
48910CC11J18002D. Vasudeva ReddyDr. J.S. Yadav Total Synthesis of Bioactive Lactones: EBC-23, Desacetylumuravumbolide, Umuravumbolide, (+)-Phomopsolide B and Aspergillide A11.04.2017
49010BB14J39012Priya PDr KRISHNAKUMAR B. Nutrient removal and biomethanation potential of prominent invading macrophytes16.11.2018
49110BB12A02031Priyanka SaxenaDr. Chetan Gadgil Mathematical analysis of stimulus driven modifications in the post-synaptic neuron16.11.2018
49210CC14A38004Swagata BaruahS Gogoi CSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat30.03.2019
49310CC14A05002S AnantharajDr. Subrata Kundu Transition metals based nanostructured materials for electrocatalytic water splitting16.11.2018
49410BB13J02013Vipulkumar Navindchandra PanchalDr. Vivek Rao Understanding the molecular basis for loss of function of PapA2 in clinical strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis31.10.2018
49510CB13J11002Lawal Adetoun HelenP. Shanmugam Molecular microbial ecology of archaeal community in biogas productiion using different waste materials05.04.2019
49610CC12J26018Hanumanprasad PandiriDr. Benudhar Punji Syntheses and Catalytic Applications of Pincer-Ligated Nickel, Palladium and Copper Complexes31.10.2018
49710CC11J18097Marrapu BalakrushnaDr. R. B. N. Prasad Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Structured Phospholipids and their Biological Evaluation15.02.2017
49810PP15A38021Eluyemi Adekulne AyodejiDr. S Baruah Seismic hazard assessment through integrated approach on seismotectonics, geophysical and remote sensing studies to identify suitable site for a major construction in Nigeria14.11.2018
49910CC11A18001M Rajashekhar ReddyDr. J.S. YADAV Cooperative multicatalytic Prins cyclization for the synthesis of octahydrospiro-?-carboline, tetrahydropyranoquinoline and spirotetrahydropyranomorpholine derivatives23.01.2017
50010PP12A28011Ravi ShankarDr. D.S. Sharma (Supervisor)/ Dr. Anil Sharma (Co-Supervisor) Geochronology & Paleomagnetic Study of the Newer Dolerite Dyke
Swarms from the Singhbhum Craton: - Implications to Proterozoic
continental reconstruction
50110BB13A39011Shilpa GPriya S. In vitro anticancer activity studies of diindolylmethane (DIM) conjugate of biaryls in human cervical and breast cancer cells30.04.2019
50210CC13A26027Punitharasu VellimalaiDr. J. Nithyanandhan Unsymmetrical squaraine based NIR-active dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Controlling the aggregation and orientation of dyes on the TiO2 surface.31.10.2018
50310BB12A25009Parul AgarwalDr. Anil N. Gaikwad Papaverine Biosynthesis in Papaver somniferum L.: Anaylsis of regulatory and structural genes15.11.2017
50420EE13A12001Abhishek KunduDr. Sudipta De High resolution numerical simulation of compressible flow with shock waves07.11.2017
50510BC12J18043Sudip MukherjeeDr. Chitta Ranjan Patra Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoparticles/ Nanoconjugates (gold, silver, platinum, prussian blue analogue, graphene oxides) and their potential theranostics applications in biomedical science25.05.2017
50610CC12A26004Manik Chandra SilDr. Jayaraj Nithyanandhan Effect and position of molecularly engineered bipropylenedioxythiophene-bridged donor/acceptor dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC): Homo and hetero-dimeric di-anchoring organic dyes for panchromatic light absorption with controlled dye aggregation and reduced charge recombination31.10.2018
50710CC12J18032Srinivas GajulaDr. J. S. Yadav Studies towards the Synthesis of Tetrahydrofuran, Tetrahydropyran and Piperdine Containing Natural Products: Lobocrasol, Formosalide, Flavoxate and Terpene Alkaloids07.01.2019
50810BB11J18109Lakshmi Bahrgavi PDr. R.S. Prakasham Strategies for the improvement of serralysin production from Serratia marcescens RSPB11 and its application in thrombolytic therapy22.02.2017
50910CC15J05008R RajaramDr. J. Mathiyarasu Modified Electrodes as an Electrochemical Sensing platform for the detection of Biomolecules29.10.2018
51010CC13J26002Neeta KarjuleJ. Nithyanandhan Heterotriangulene based hemicyanine and squaraine dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells and field effect transistors29.10.2018
51110CC13J26017Taufeekaslam ShaikhS. A. R. Mulla Development of new synthetic methodologies towards Sn- and Cu-catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-0 bond formation and sp3 C-H functionalization29.10.2018
51210BB15A18040Bonam Srinivasa ReddyDr. H M Sampath Kumar Immunopharmacological Evaluation of Novel
Glycopeptides & Glycolipids As Vaccine Adjuvants & Immunomodulators
51310CC11J18029Nagesh GugulothDr. J.S. Yadav Total Synthesis of Unusual Fatty Acids: Mangiferaelactone, Xyolide, 3((1R,2R)- and 3((1S,2R)-2-(12-Methyltridecyl)cyclopropyl)propanoic Acid11.04.2017
51432EE12J15010Raj Kumar PalDr. Vinod Karar Study of material removal for glass during optical polishing process23.10.2018
51532EE12A06011PurushothamanS.K Ghosh Design of metamaterial-based interaction structures for microwave tubes07.05.2019
51610BB12A37018Richa SharmaDr. Asha Chaubey Isolation and Characterization of microorganisms for production22.11.2017
51710CC12J18005Rakesh CHDr. ROHIT KUMAR RANA Polyamine-Mediated Assembly of Polyoxometalates:
Fabricating Structured Materials for Catalytic and
Optical Applications
51810CC12A18021G. SoujanyaDr. Pratyay Basak Development of Polymer / Polymer-Nanocomposite
Electrolytes for Next Generation Electrochemical
Energy Devices
51910BB14J18079Vijaya MovvaDr Pathipati Usha Rani Spodoptera litura Feeding Induced Defense Responses of Capsicum annuum (Chilli) Plant26.10.2018
52032EE14A18004Siddhartha MoulikS. Sridhar Synthesis and characterization of novel membranes for separation of binary liquid mixtures by pervaporation and membrane distillation: hydrodynamics analysis and optimization studies07.05.2019
52110CC11A18006V SantoshDr. A. V. SESHA SAINATH Synthesis and characterization of functionalized MWCNTs based nanocomposites and their role in ultrafiltration membranes and photo-responsive applications29.10.2018
52210CC12A18014Tejaswi JellaDr. L. Giribabu Exploration of Heteroleptic and Cyclometalated Ruthenium complexes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Application16.03.2017
52320EE12A26078Akshay SinganVivek V Ranade Reactions and Transport Processes in Underground Coal Gasification07.05.2019
52410BB14A18012Sudheer Kumar BuddanaDr. Reddy Shetty Prakasham during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea22.11.2017
52510CC12J39006Sudheesh K. VDr. A. Ajayaghosh Luminescent Probes for Organelle Targeted Imaging, Photodynamic Therapy and Theranostic Applications23.10.2018
52610BB13J22002Abhishek Kumar MishraDr. M. P. Singh Cypermethrin-induced changes on the mitochondrial dynamics and autophagy: effect of melatonin23.10.2018
52710BB11A18020G. SriramyaDr. USN Murty Isolation, chemical characterization & biological evaluation of novel mosquito larvicidal compounds from Eupatorium odoratum22.11.2017
52810BB12A08007Raksha Rao KDr. G. Venkateswaran Studies on non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus mediated pre-harvest management of aflatoxin contamination in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)23.10.2018
53010CC11J18068Swetha AlladiDr. H. M. Meshram Development of Novel Methodologies for the Synthesis of Oxindole and Indole Scaffolds16.03.2017
53110CC1218007Chirke Sahdev SrihariDr. B. Venkateswara Rao Divergent and Stereoselective Approach for the Synthesis of Some Pyrrolidine, Piperidine and Pyrrolizidine Iminosugars02.05.2017
53210BB12J25005Sunil Kumar yadavDr. P K Singh Nanocarriers for codelivery of bicalutamide and22.11.2017
53310BB13J02010Neha GoyalDr. Malabika Datta To Study the Role of Hepatic Long non-coding RNAs in Diabetes23.10.2018
53410PP13J29007Thejasino SuokhrieDr. RAJEEV SARASWAT (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAJIV NIGAM (Co-Supervisor) Foraminiferal distribution along the continental margin off Krishna-Godavari and Pennar River complex and its paleoclimatic implications24.10.2018
53510CC12A26023Jyoti MahajanSantosh B. Mhaske Synthesis of marinoquinoline A, aplidiopsamine A, chlorizidine A and their congeners for structure-activity relationship studies07.05.2019
53610CC12A18009K. Ratnakar ReddyDr. B. Narsaiah Studies on synthesis of novel 2H/4H-chromene derivatives and their biological activity16.05.2017
53710CC12A18033Kamanatham NarayanaswamyDr. Surya Prakash Singh Molecular Design and Synthesis of Functional ?-Conjugated Small Molecules for Solution-Processed Organic Solar Cells25.04.2017
53810BB14A08009Akshath U SDr. Praveena Bhatt Mudliar Synthesis of Fluorescent Nanoparticles and their application in biosensing and bioimaging23.10.2018
53910CC12J18026Rajaka LingaiahDr. K. NAGAIAH Utilizing Quinazolinones for the Ru-, Rh-, Pd-catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-O Bond Formation Reactions: Synthesis and Anticancer Activities of N-Heterocycles16.05.2017
54010BB13J26118Rubina KaziDr. Mahesh J. Kulkarni Regulation of aging in yeast by glycation inhibitors23.10.2018
54210CC12J39011Mohamed Hifsudheen B. MDr. A. Ajayaghosh Design, synthesis, self-assembly and chiroptical properties of chiral oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) derivatives23.10.2018
54310CC12J18020Nagarjuna PuvvalaDr. Surya Prakash Singh Molecular Engineering of Soluble Fullerene Derivatives for Organic Solar Cell Applications02.05.2017
54410CC11J18096Nagaraj Goud IreniDr. RAMANUJ NARAYAN (Supervisor)/ Dr. PRATYAY BASAK (Co-Supervisor) Studies on the Development of Sulfur Rich Highly Branched Polyols for Functional Polyurethane-urea, Poly(thiourethane-urethane)-urea and Its Hybrid16.05.2017
54510PP12J29004Gobardhan SahooDr. Lidita Khandeparker Exogenous and endogenous signals in the settlement of Balanus amphitrite23.10.2018
54610BB12A25010Ashish PraveenDr. Nandita Singh Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soil and water for arsenic-safe crop yield04.10.2018
54710BB16J10009Swati SrivastavaDr. Rakesh Pandey Investigating neuromodulatory and antiaging potentials of thymol in Caenorhabditis elegans23.10.2018
54810BB15A10005Sucheta SinghDr. Sucheta Tripathy Endophytes modulate terpenoid indole alkaloids (TIAs) biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus23.10.2018
54910CC12J18011G.KARTHIKDr. B. V. Subba Reddy Cycloaddition and Cyclopropanation of ?-Diazocarbonyl Compounds for the Synthesis of Spirooxindole derivatives21.09.2015
55010BB12J10011Shilpi BansalDr. (Mrs.) Neelam S. Sangwan Functional genomics studies on the key genes of terpenoids28.11.2017
55110CC14A18004Khomane Navnath BapuraoDr. Haridas B. Rode Studies towards the synthesis of Angiopterlactone-B, S-Colletodiol, Trocheliophorolides and N-Methoxy N-(3-Oxocycloalkyl) aryl amides09.10.2018
55210BB12J25010Abhinandan Mani TripathiDr. Sribash Roy Deciphering the role of miRNAs in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana along the altitudinal gradient09.10.2018
55310BB12A04030Priyanka TripathiDr. Prabhat R. Mishra Treatment of Leishmaniasis28.11.2017
55410BB11J18115POMBALA SUJITHADr. C. Ganesh Kumar Studies on microbial biosurfactants and their application as novel functional biomaterials05.11.2015
55510BB12A04007Meera KumariDr. Ashish Arora Structural and functional characterization of the transcriptional regulator Rv3488 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv09.10.2018
55610BB11J26119Arati DeshmukhDr. Mahesh J. Kulkarni Regulation of glucose uptake in mammalian cells by methylglyoxal(MG)09.10.2018
55710CC11A18002T. Naveen ReddyDr. Rohit Kumar Rana Bio-inspired Strategy to Assemble Graphene Oxide Based Materials with Inorganic Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Applications15.06.2017
55810BB12A37009Aiyatullah ShahDr. Kazi Parvaiz Hussan Isolation and characterization of bioactive metabolites from endophytic fungi of Glycyrrhiza glabra09.10.2018
55910CC13A05012Saravanan K RDr. N. Kalaiselvi Ecobenign electrodes and binders for energy storage applications03.10.2018
56010CC11J18087Mahesh Kumar Rao YDr. S. RAGHAVAN Stereoselective synthesis of Brefeldin A and Fumagillol using ?-Chlorosulfide as an Intermediate for C-C bond formation02.06.2017
56110CC14A10005Amreen Ali SiddiqueDr. R. S. Bhakuni Phytochemical Investigation on Indian Medicinal and Aromatic Plants03.10.2018
56210CC11J18027Md. Ataur RahmanDr. J. S. Yadav The Appilcation Of Prins Cyclization for the Synthesis of Spiroketal Fragment of Ossamycin, Rhoiptelol-B, Galantinic Acid, DehydroxySphingosine and (-)-Ushikulide-A01.12.2015
56310EB11A26062Selva Rupa Christinal IDr. Anu Raghunathan Metabolic Reprogramming of the Cell: Investigating Systemic Signatures and Growth in Cancer03.10.2018
56410CC12A26015Rajesh BishtDr. J. Nithyanandhan NIR Active Squaraine Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Modulating Aggregation, Orientation and Electronic Properties of the Dyes30.09.2018
56510CC12A26021Dhokale Ranjeet AshokraoDr. Santosh B. Mhaske Development of novel methodologies in aryne chemistry and their application in the total synthesis of bioactive natural products28.09.2018
56610BB13J10007Sandhya TripathiDr.(Mrs.) Neelam S. Sangwan In- depth individual and comparative transcriptome analysis of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal: Insights into global and specialized metabolism09.10.2018
56710CC13J32009SwatiDr. S. Swarupa Tripathy Investigation on Stable Isotopic Composition of Heavy Metals in Paddy Crops of Punjab Region and Their Source Apportionment28.09.2018
56810BB11J18119A. Deepa RameshDr. Shasi Vardhan Kalivendi Elucidation of Mechanisms Involved in Embelin Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells: Role of oxidative stress and MAP Kinase Signaling07.01.2016
56910CC13A26009Suhas ShindeDr. Chandrashekhar V. Rode Catalytic conversion of renewable carbohydrates and furans into valuable chemicals08.10.2018
57010CC12A39007Baku NagendraDr. E. BHOJE GOWD Highly Dispersed Polypropylene/Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposites: Preparation, Structure and their Properties01.12.2017
57110CC13J18058Mohd Siddique Mohd ZabeehDr. Ch. Raji Reddy Studies towards the synthesis of substituted furans, furanocembranoid and fused cyclopentenones via alkyne-assisted cyclizations08.10.2018
57210CC11J18102Swamy PerakaDr. N. NARENDER Oxidative Halogenations and Catalytic Oxidative Transformations Using Ammonium Halides and Oxone01.12.2015
57310PP13A29010Champoungam PanmeiDr. Pothuri Divakar Naidu Forcing factors of Indian monsoon variability at multidecadal to centennial timescale08.10.2018
57410BB13J04010Kanuri Babu NageswararaoDr. Madhu Dikshit Hepatic and cardiac redox modulations in dietary models of dyslipidemia28.11.2017
57510CC11J18062K RajuDr. P. Shanthan Rao Synthesis of triazole/isoxazole functionalized trifluoromethyl substituted quinolones, pyridines, their bioevaluation and development of new synthetic methodologies01.12.2015
57610CC11J26055Suresh RayavarapuDr. G J SANJAYAN Novel Class of Self-Complementary Hydrogen Bonding Motifs: Synthesis and Their Applications29.11.2017
57710CC11J18052Ayinampudi Venkata Subba RaoDr. AHMED KAMAL Synthesis and Biological evaluation of Heterocyclic Conjugates as Microtubule targeting Potential Anticancer Agents01.12.2015
57810CC11A26001Rajendra Prasad MeenaDr. K. Selvaraj Multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials for cancer theranostics08.10.2018
57910CC11J16031Ajay RanaDr. Ashu Gulati; Dr. H.P. Singh Exploration of Major Phytochemicals and Development of Value Added Products from Underutilized Parts of Camellia sinensis (L.)O. Kuntze02.01.2015
58010BC12J18039Ayan Kumar BaruiDr. Chitta Ranjan Patra Investigation of bio-imaging and anti-cancer activities of different materials (luminescent nanoparticle, BODIPY probes and copper complexes) and pro-angiogenic properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles15.06.2017
58110CC12A26038Amit Kumar YadavDr. Moneesha Fernandes Design and Synthesis of Peptidomimetics, Cellular Delivery Systems and Bioconjugates04.10.2018
58210CC14A26001Janampelli SagarDr. DARBHA SRINIVAS Catalytic Deoxygenation of Fatty Acids to Diesel-range Hydrocarbons over Promoted Platinum Catalysts04.10.2018
58310BB12A26063Anurag ShuklaDr. Dhanasekaran Shanmugam Studies on Genetic and Pharmacological Perturbations on Carbon and Energy Metabolism in Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum26.09.2018
58410BB12A02013Ankur BothraDr. VIVEK RAO Decoding the molecular function of MmpLs in19.12.2017
58520EE13A08011S ParthasarthiDr. C Anandharamakrishnan Experimental and Computational Modeling Approach for Evaluating the Absorption of Nano-formulated Vitamin E in Small Intestine05.12.2017
58610CC13A26015Sandeep Kumar SharmaDr. Asha S. K. Alternate and Random Copolymers of Bay substituted Rylenebisimides for Energy Applications.28.09.2018
58710BB11J18108Dhananjaya PalDr. Manika Pal Bhadra Glioma Amplified Sequence 41(GAS41) Interconnects14.12.2017
58832EE12J15006Rishemjit KaurDr. GPS Raghava (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amol P Bhondekar (Co-Supervisor) Collective intelligence in multi-agent systems: an optimization perspective28.09.2018
58910BB15J17002Mathu Malar CDr. Sucheta Tripathy Perils of Genome Assembly: Data types and sequencing platform defines optimal genome assembly in prokaryotes and eukaryotes26.09.2018
59010BB14J18070Karthik Reddy KamireddyRamesh Ummanni Functional characterization of altered dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase (DDAH1) in prostate cancer (PCa) progression and identification of its specific inhibitors10.04.2019
59110CC12A26042Smita NandeB. Garnaik Synthesis of poly (aleuritic acid) for biomedical and styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer for environmental applications06.04.2019
59232EE14J32003Anuj KrishnaDr.N.Vijayan Crystallization and detailed investigations on characteristic features of organic single crystals for nonlinear optical applications28.09.2018
59310BB14J04007Naresh MittapellyDr. Prabhat Ranjan Mishra Delivery of Mimantine and Donepezil using novel Drug delivery system for the better management of Alzheimer’s Disease10.04.2019
59420EE13A32021Chandan SinghDr. G.Sumana Fabrication of Nanomaterial Integrated Microfluidic Biosensor for Salmonella typhimurium Detection28.09.2018
59510CC13A04027Ravi KumarDr. Maddi Sridhar Reddy Design of One-Pot Strategies with Alkyne14.08.2017
59620EE13A32023Anisha ChaudharyDr. Saroj Kumari applications18.12.2017
59710BB12A04012Ankita SrivastavaDr. Anil N. Gaikwad Progression of Adipocyte Insuin Resistance: Deciphering roles of miR-27b and PP2A subunit PPP2R5B14.09.2017
59810CC13J33012Saurabh SharmaDr. Pralay Das Methodology development for the synthesis of heterocycles and reduction reactions26.09.2018
59910BB11J25017Devesh Kumar MishraDR. SAMIR V. SAWANT Identification And Validation Of Wound-Inducible Promoter From Arabidopsis Thaliana26.09.2018
60010BB11J18117SSS Nageswara RaoDr. Sunil Misra In vitro Molecular and Cytogenetic Toxicity Evaluation of Costunolide and Dehydrocostus lactone Obtained from Saussurea lappa26.09.2018
60110CC12J05001M.J. JaisonDr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Supervisor)/ Dr. V. Saranyan (Co-Supervisor) Modified Graphene Nanoribbons
for Electrochemical Applications
60210BB14J04004Gitu PandeyPrabhat Ranjan Mishra Surface engineered smart nanocarriers bearing docetaxel for improved chemotherapy against cancer10.04.2019
60310BB14J25005Poonam PantDr. Samir V. Sawant Computational analysis of Calmodulin-Binding Transcription Activator (CAMTA) gene family in Gossypium species: identification, evolutionary analysis and transcriptional gene regulatory networks26.09.2018
60420EE12J15004Bala Chakravarthy NeelapuDr. H.K.Sardana (Supervisor)/ Prof. O P Kharbandha (Co-Supervisor) An approach for automatic segmentation and volumetric analysis of human upper airway26.09.2018
60510CC13A05004C AnithaSundar Mayavan Fluorine free superhydrophobic surfaces06.04.2019
60610CC13J26012Swechchha PandeyDr. Samir Chikkali Regioselective rhodium catalyzed isomerizing hydroformylation and Fe catalyzed hydroformylation of alkenes and plant oils26.09.2018
60720EE14A32020Naina NarangDr. S. K. Dubey Computational Modeling and Measurements of RF Specific Absorption Rate18.12.2017
60810BB14J04003Durgesh KumarDr. Anil N. Gaikwad Holy Grail of Adipose Tissue Insulin Resistance: Immunometabolic Alterations and Potential Therapeutic Interventions04.10.2018
60910CC13J05003Remith PDr. N. Kalaiselvi High capacity and high voltage electrodes for lithium batteries11.09.2018
61010CC14J16010Raj Kumar TakDr. R. I. Kureshy Development of Chiral Catalyst for various Organic Transformations23.10.2018
61110BB12A02003Vignesh Kumar CDr. Souvik Maiti, Deciphering the non-canonical function and19.12.2017
61210CB13J18026Salma Mukhtar MirDr. Sistla Ramakrishna Pharmacological and Mechanistic Evaluation of Phytochemicals against Acute Liver and Kidney Injury in Rodent Models26.09.2018
61310CC14A26032Ashvini Babasaheb DeshmukhDr. (Mrs.) Manjusha V. Shelke Synthesis and characterization of porous carbon materials for electrochemical energy storage11.09.2018
61420EE12J36001Sarita DasDr. Debi Prasad Das Developement of Monitoring Systems for Hydrogen Plasma Processes26.09.2018
61610BB12A02025Kritika KhannaAnurag Agrawal Extracellular Inositol Polyphosphate 4-Phosphatase
(INPP4A) mediates epithelial-fibroblast crosstalk
and regulates proliferation in the recipient cells
61710BB11J22012Nagendra Kumar RaiDr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay A study on As, Cd and Pb mixture-mediated demyelination and axonal damage of the developing rat brain white matter, optic nerve and retina16.06.2017
61810BB13J02015Swati SinghProf. Ashok Kumar DNA BIOSENSOR FOR EARLY DETECTION19.12.2017
61910CC13A26001Gade Amol BabasahebDr. Nitin T. Patil Gold(I) and Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Reactions for the Synthesis of Carbocycles and Heterocycles11.09.2018
62020EE12A08012ShashidharDr. Manohar B CORDYCEPS SINENSIS: Cultivation, Extraction and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds29.06.2017
62210BB16A04016Soobiya FatimaDr. Aamir Nazir Studies on Molecules of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase family and their association with Neurodegenerative diseases employing Caenorhabditis elegans10.04.2019
62320EE13A06006Pankaj B AgarwalAjay Agarwal Development of single-walled carbon nanotubes based sensing platform10.04.2019
62410CC14J26001Anila H.ADr. Amitava Das Synthesis of fluorescent probes for specific recognition and imaging applications11.09.2018
62510CC13A16002Mohd NazishDr. N. H. Khan Development of chiral/achiral Catalysts for Hydrophosphonylation Reaction26.09.2018
62610CC13A04022Ashish Kumar GuptaKishor Mohanan Novel strategies for the synthesis of spiro heterocycles employing ?-diazo-?-ketophosphonate06.04.2019
62710PP14A32011Alka SharmaDr. Sudhir Husale Broad-spectral photodetection studies in CdS heterostructures and topological insulator based nanostructures10.09.2018
62810BB13J02021Pallavi VarshneyNeeru Saini Social and Economic Impact Analysis19.12.2017
62910CC15A18017Thokala SwethaDr. SURYA PRAKASH SINGH Molecular Engineering of Metal-Complexes and Organic
Molecules for Optoelectronic Devices
63010BB13J04001Manisha BhateriaDr. Rabi S. Bhatta S002-333 and its isomers19.12.2017
63110BB14A18014Karnewar SantoshDr. Srigiridhar Kotamraju Studies on the role of AMPK-mediated pathways16.06.2017
63210BB13A18038Manupati KanakarajuDr. Amitava Das Modulation of molecular signaling mechanisms in metastatic breast cancer stem cells07.09.2018
63310BB13J02032Sourav GhoshDr. Shantanu Sengupta Understanding the epigenetic architecture of mitochondrial genome using in-silico approach07.09.2018
63410CC14J05002Sivasankara RaoDr. Subrata Kundu Self-assembled metal oxide nanomaterials for catalysis and supercapacitor applications20.11.2018
63510CC13A18003Ravi RanjanDr. Ch. Raji Reddy Development of alkyne assisted annulation approach toward Azaspirocyclohexadienone and Nicotinate derivatives14.11.2018
63610CC12J18034Suresh Kumar GullaDr. Arabinda Chauduri Design of ligand decorated gold nanoparticles and liposomes for use in targeted chemotherapy and dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy18.12.2018
63710BB12J25015SaritaDr. Praveen C Verma Development and characterization of transgenic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) expressing Tma12 to provide resistance against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.)07.09.2018
63810CC13A04028Shakir AhamadDr. Kishor Mohanan Domino reactions employing diazo compounds: Efficient access to novel N-heterocycles20.12.2018
63910CC12A37035Ramesh DeshidiDr. Bhahwal Ali Shah Development of New Cross Coupling Reactions for the Construction of Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds01.06.2017
64010PP12J28006Radheyshyam YadavProf. V. M. Tiwari 3D DENSITY STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS
64210BB13J02031Shruti ChowdhariDr. NEERU SAINI To investigate microRNA-mRNA regulatory mechanisms in human keratinocytes19.12.2017
64310BB12A04001Deepti ArhaDr. Akhilesh K. Tamrakar Deciphering the Role of Nods in Inflammation-19.12.2017
64410BC13J37001Shahnawaz KhanDr. Qazi Naveed ahmed 2-Oxo promoted novel reactions of 2- oxoaldehydes and development of amino acid based imidazoles as stem cell modulators31.10.2018
64510CC13J18056Narra Vamsi KrishnaDr. L. GIRIBABU Receptor Gamma in Steroid Resistant Asthma23.01.2018
64610BB13A33003Rubbel SinglaDr. Amitabha Acharya (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sudesh Kumar (Co-Supervisor) Characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from plants and their use in nanocomposites for biomedical applications07.09.2018
64710CC11A26025Yogesh GawliDr. Manjusha Shelke (Supervisor) / Dr. Satish Ogale (Co-Supervisor) Conducting Polymer, Functional Carbon and Silicon based Nanoscale Mesoporous Materials for Superior Electrochemical Energy Storage22.12.2017
64820EE12A26073Nilesh ChoudharyDr. Rajnish Kumar(Supervisor)/ Dr. Suman Chakrabarty (Co-Supervisor) GENES INVOLVED IN TETRANORTRITERPENOID07.09.2018
65010CP12A05009Balakumar KDr. N. Kalaiselvi Carbon scaffold based cathodes for Li-S and Li-Se batteries16.11.2018
65110PP13J28008Aruban Khelen ChanuProf. C. Manikyamba Geological, Geochemical, and Isotopic studies on the Precambrian stromatolitic carbonates of Dharwar Craton and Cudappah basin: Implications on biogeochemical processes and paleo-environmental25.01.2017
65210CC12A37034Shekaraiah DevariDr. Bhahwal Ali Shah Novel Approaches to Carbon- Carbon Bond Formation and Chemo- selective Oxidation Reactions.01.06.2017
65310CC13A32014Mohammed FarukhDr. S. K. Dhawan Synthesis of Poly (3, 4-ethylene dioxythiophene) Conducting Polymer Composites for EMI Shielding Applications15.06.2017
65410CC11J26023Ramsundar R.MDr. P. A. Joy Nanostructured Spinel Type Cobalt Oxides for Electrochemical Water Splitting26.12.2017
65510BB14A02009Bharati MehaniDr. Mohammed Faruq (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay (Co-Supervisor) Spectrum of de-novo transcriptomic changes in human brain mediated by fusion transcripts & RNA editing07.09.2018
65610BB14A02030Shraddha ChakrabortyProf. Dwaipayan Bharadwaj (Supervisor)/ Dr. Shantanu Sengupta (Co-Supervisor) Establishing the biological role of TMEM163: Gene identified from Type 2 Diabetes GWAS in Indian population07.09.2018
65710BB14J04002Agarwal Satishkumar GopikishanDr. Anil K Dwivedi Nano-engineered formulations for effective management of breast cancer07.09.2018
65810BB12A22008Yogesh Kumar DhuriyaDr. Vinay Kumar Khanna Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotoxicity of Lambda-cyhalothrin in Develoing Rats14.06.2017
65910CC12A18026Kesavarao SykamDr. D. SHAILAJA [Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc]26.12.2017
66010PP12A32003Aniket RanaDr. Rajiv K Singh Transient Photophysics and Charge Carrier Transfer Dynamics in Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells05.09.2018
66110CC15A18012Owk RaviDr. B. Surendar Reddy Synthesis of pharmacologically important heterocycles via oxidative carbon – carbon bond cleavage23.10.2018
66210BB13J17013Lubhna SheikhDr. Sucheta Tripathy (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suprabha Nayar (Co-Supervisor) Biomimetic hydroxyapatite composites for bone repair29.08.2018
66310CC12J05004Bongu ChandrasekharDr. N. KALAISELVI Alternative Electrodes and Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries14.06.2017
66410CC13A05010S. HosiminDr. S. Maruthamuthu Recovery of Valuable Products from Industrial Waste
by Electrochemical Processes
66610CC12J26011Kavita GargDr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar Step growth polymers containing pendent clickable groups: Synthesis, characterization and chemical modifications29.08.2018
66710BB12J16016Raj Kumar SardarProf. B. Jha Studies on lipopolysachharides of a marine bacterium, Marinobacter litoralis08.06.2017
66810CC12A05001A. MuthurasuDr. V. Ganesh Sensing and Catalytic Applications of Fluorescent Based Materials16.05.2017
66910BB12A04011Shweta KaushikDr. Anil K Balapure Molecular Basis of Isoflavones Genistein and Daidzein regulation of Centchroman action in Human Breast Cancer06.06.2017
67010CC11A33009Sandeep KumarDr. Pralay Das Synthesis of Transition Metals Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Hydration, Oxidation and C1 Insertion Reactions25.05.2017
67110PP13A32010Ranoo BhargavDr. Asit Patra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor) Studies of Anode Interface Layers for Organic Photovoltaic Applications18.05.2017
67210CC11J26072Manjunath BDr. P A Joy Structural and magnetic properties of Bi and Fe sites co-substituted bismuth ferrite29.08.2018
67310BB12J04008Monika MittalDr. Naibedya Chattopadhyay Characterization of aldehyde dehydrogenase as a bone anabolic target and its pharmacological manipulation31.05.2017
67410CC13A36025Deepak Kumar padhiDr. KULAMANI PARIDA (Supervisor)/ Dr. Saroj Kumar Singh (Co-Supervisor) An investigation on visible light active graphene based nanocomposite for energy and environmental applications15.06.2017
67510BB11A36002Srabani MishraDr. Nilotpala Pradhan Biodegradation of Dibenzothiophene and its of coal03.01.2018
67610BB12J22016Deepali SinghDr. Chetna Singh A study on the role of inflammatory mediators in maneb and paraquat-induced toxicity in rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes14.06.2017
67710BB12A02040Ajay BhatDr. Shantanu Sengupta (Supervisor)/ Dr. Kausik Chakraborty (Co-Supervisor) Understanding the mechanism behind alleviation of cysteine induced toxicity21.08.2018
67810BB12A25008Tapsi ShuklaDr. Prabodh Kumar Trivedi Understanding arsenic stress responses using natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana16.05.2017
67910PP11J29002Devika JoshiDr. C. Mohandass UV absorbing compounds from marine cyanobacteria21.08.2018
68010CC11A39005Maya R. J.Dr. R. Luxmi Verma Bentonite Based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials: Application Towards Green Catalysis and as Mercury Sensor26.12.2017
68110BB13J10003Shilpa MohantyDr. D. U. Bawankule Therapeutic Mechanism of Selected Plant Derived Leads against Inflammatory Mediators Involved in Malaria Pathogenesis25.05.2017
68210CP11A29011Praveen PJDr. P. S. Pararneswaran Isolation, Synthesis and Bio-evaluation of Selected Marine Natural Products18.05.2017
68410CC13A12014Sourav Kumar SahaDr. Priyabrata Banerjee Designed synthesis of N, O, S donor organic molecules towards corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic medium: A combined experimental and theoretical approach14.08.2018
68510CC11J33021Yogesh Abaso ThopateDr. Arun K Sinha Development of Green Synthetic Methodologies for Biologically Important Small Molecules Employing Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Breakage/Construction Strategy25.05.2017
68610BB12A04005Ankur OmerDr. Poonam Singh Exploring Multi-scale Role of Some Selected Molecules Against Cancer23.01.2017
68710CC12A04037Kapil DevDr. Rakesh Maurya Phytochemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants and Development of New Methodologies for the Synthesis of Bioactive Indole Analogues15.02.2017
68810PP11J29004Suchandan BemalDr. A. C. Anil Diversity and trophodynamics of Synechococcus in the Eastern Arabian Sea08.08.2018
68910BB12A02038Zainab AsadDr. Chetana Sachidanandan Functional elucidation and modulation of chd7,
the CHARGE syndrome gene, in zebrafish
69010CC12J26015Nikam Arun VilasDr. Amol A. Kulkarni (Supervisor)/ Dr. B. L. V. Prasad (Co-Supervisor) Batch and flow synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and organic particles29.08.2018
69110BB13A04012Pankaj Kumar SinghDr. Manish Kumar Chourasia Ligand anchored polymeric nanoparticle system for effective treatment of visceral leishmaniasis25.01.2017
69210BB13A04001Abhilasha SaxenaDr. R.K. Singh An In-vitro Evaluation of Anti-leukemic Activity of Two Plant Extracts against Acute Myeloid Leukemia27.12.2016
69320EE15J32018Neeraj MarwahDr. Avanish Kumar Srivastava Nanostructured magnesium oxide for optical performances24.08.2018
69410CC13J11008E VarathanDr. V. Subramanian Quantum Chemical Design of Efficient Ambipolar Host Materials for Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes16.05.2017
69510CC14J04013Vikas BajpaiDr. Brijesh Kumar Development and Validation of DART MS and LC-ESI-MS/MS Methods for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Phytochemicals from Selected Indian Medicinal Plants01.02.2017
69610BB13J33003Vanita PatialDr. Amita Bhattacharya Micropropagation and over-expression of PkSWRKY transcription03.01.2018
69710CC13A36023Geetanjali MishraDr. Barsha Dash SYNTHESIS OF LAYERED DOUBLE HYDROXIDE19.02.2018
69810BB13A04011Neetu SinghDr. Kashif Hanif A study on the role of fatty acid synthase in pulmonary hypertension and its associated dysfunctions07.03.2017
70010BB13A04018Seema SinghDr. Shubha Shukla Understanding the NMDAR antagonist induced behavioral and neurochemical changes in mice mimicking psychosis07.03.2017
70110BB12J04013Sharat ChandraDr. M I Siddiqi Molecular Modeling and Cheminformatics studies on selected protein drug targets involved in Type 2 Diabetes16.03.2017
70210CC11J18004Palash DuttaDr. J. S. Yadav Synthetic Studies Towards The Total Synthesis of Thuggacin-A, Synthesis of A g-Lactone Containing Polyketide Natural Product and Solvent Free Synthesis of Tetrazoles01.07.2015
70310BB13A02006Deepanjan PaulDr. Soumya Sinha Roy (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay (Co-Supervisor) MicroRNA editing and its functional consequence in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)06.08.2018
70410CC11J18054Malla Reddy GannarapuDr. B. NARSAIAH Studies on Synthesis of Novel 1,2-Benzothiazine 1,1-dioxide Derivatives of Biological Interest15.07.2015
70510CC12A33009Ashish KumarDr. Vijai K. Agnihotri Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea (Camellia sinensis L.): Omics Approach04.01.2018
70610BB12A26071Abhishek SubramanianRam Rup Sarkar A Computational Investigation of Stage-specific and Species-specific Factors of the Leishmania Parasite to
understand the Survival Strategies
70720EE12A09001Mayur ShuklaDr. Sumana Ghosh Joining of ceramic materials by microwave-assisted brazing31.07.2018
70810CC12J05002Munaiah YeddalaDr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai ( Supervisor)/ Dr. P. Ragupathy (Co-Supervisor) Development of carbon based electrode materials and electrolyte additives for zinc bromine redox flow battery30.07.2018
70910BB12A02042VishvabandhuDr. VIVEK T. NATARAJAN Endeavor to understand melanocyte maturation and cutaneous08.01.2017
71010PP12A09005Surajit BoseDr. Shyamal Kumar Bhadra (supervisor)/ Dr. Mrinmay Pal (Co-Supervisor) Theoritical and experimental study of ultrafast pulse propagation and multifarious soliton dynamics in nonlinear specialty photonic crystal fibers20.07.2018
71110BB12J33004ShikhaDr. Sudesh Kumar Functional Characterisation of Drought10.01.2018
71210BB12A33008Anita KumariDr. Ravi Shankar Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways10.01.2018
71310CC11J18060Varre KanakaiahDr. J. Vatsala Rani Fluorination of Natural Graphite and its Application as Cathode in Magnesium Metal Battery19.05.2016
71410CC11J26068Soumen DasDr. Sayam Sen Gupta Synthesis of Carbohydrate and Phosphate Containing Polypeptides; Their Self-Assembly and Cellular Internalization15.01.2018
71510CC11A26002Anantharamaiah P.N.Dr. P. A. Joy Studies on the magnetostrictive properties of metal substituted sintered cobalt ferrite Co(Fe, M)2O4 (M = Al, Ga, In, Mg, Mn, Zn)15.01.2018
71610BB12J10008Sanjeet Kumar VermaDr. Rajesh Kumar Verma Study of the allelopathic potential of Ocimum species on weeds, agricultural crops and soil properties17.01.2018
71710CC13J26001Sharad ParweDr. Baijayantimala Garnaik Mesenchymal & Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells15.01.2018
71832EE12A06012Rahul PrajeshDr. Ajay Agarwal Design and Development of Micro Gas Sensor Platform
for Ammonia and Carbon Monoxide Sensing
71910BB13J08004Vipin A.V.G Venkateswaran Ginger (Zingiber officinale): Protective agent against
Aflatoxin B1 induced hepatotoxicity
72010BB15A17002Deepak KumarSharmila Chattopadhyay To unravel the dynamic complexity of defense signaling network in respect to glutathione to combat environmental stress in plant13.07.2018
72110BB11J26127Philem Pushparani DeviDr. Dhanasekaran Shanmugam Structural and Biochemical Investigations of17.01.2018
72210BB14J17004Anu RajuDr. P Jaisankar Understanding parkinsonism using cellular and animal model: Effect of hyper cholestreolemia and natural antioxidant13.07.2018
72310BB12A37005Abid Manzoor ShahQazi Parvaiz Hassan MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE PROTEIN 213.07.2018
72410CC15J16003Murali ManoharDr. Vinod K Shahi Studies on interfacial layer of bipolar membrane for water dissociation29.06.2018
72510BB13A26039Parin ShahDR. SYED G. DASTAGER Studies on phytase from
Aspergillus niger NCIM 563:
Production, downstream processing and
72610BB12A10004Vijaya DubeyDr. Suaib Luqman during Tissue Regeneration26.06.2018
72710CC12J26020Brijesh KumarDr. Pradeep Kumar Design and tactics towards synthesis of 10 & 14-membered macrocyclic lactones and lewis acid mediated regioselective C-C bond formation18.06.2018
72810BB12A37010Aehtesham HussainDr. Qazi Parvaiz Hassan Isolation , Characterization and evaluation of selected actinomycetes for bioactive molecules04.05.2018
72910CC12A37036Anilkumar KarampooriDr. Parthasarathi Das Transition-metal catalyzed carbon-nitrogen and carbon-carbon bond cross-coupling with boronic acids in the synthesis of nitrogenetaed hetrocycles18.06.2018
73010CC12A05005Soorya V.C.Dr. SheelaBerchmans Biosensing of cholesterol and glucose using bismuth containing metal composites and inorganic-organic hybrids13.06.2018
73110BB15A18044B. Murali SatyanarayanaDr. Janapala Venkateswara Rao Studies on Plant Mediated Silver Nanoparticles:17.01.2018
73210BB14A17005Paidi Ramesh KumarS.C. Biswas Novel neuroprotective strategies in Alzheimer’s disease08.06.2018
73310BB12A37016Mytre KoulShashank K. singh Pharmacological investigation of secondary metabolites isolated from endophytic fungi for their anticancer potential08.06.2018
73410BB13J02023Kiran NartaMohammed Faruq Genome-wide approach for discovering novel genetic loci in Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration08.05.2018
73510CC11A26013Chaitnya Krsihna KamajaDr. (Mrs.) Manjusha V. Shelke Synthesis of Nanostructured Metal Sulfides and their Composites for Solar Energy Conversion Applications23.01.2018
73620EE13A32018Aishik AcharyaDr. Poonam Arora (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta (Co-Supervisor) Design, development and evaluation of cesium primary frequency standard, frequency metrology and time dissemination system08.05.2018
73710BB11J26116Rahul TanpureVidya S. Gupta Functional characterization of proteinase inhibitors from Capsicum annuum using transgenic approach08.05.2018
73810BB12A02047Satyam TiwariDr. Kausik Chakraborty Exploring Chemical Chaperone Assisted Protein Folding23.01.2018
73910CC12J18002Anugu Raghunath ReddyDr. S. Chandrasekhar SYNTHETIC STUDIES TOWARDS BIOACTIVES: (+)-ASENAPINE AND (-)-ENGLERIN A23.01.2018
74032EE14A09003Nilanjana ShasmalDR. BASUDEB KARMAKAR Synthesis, Property Evaluation and Application of Rare Earth Doped Plasmonic Glass Nanocomposites03.05.2018
74110CC11A26048Kolluru SrinivasDr. C. V. Ramana Catalytic functionalization of Benzofurans and total synthesis of Propolisbenzofuran B18.04.2018
74210CC12J26019Shrikant KhakeDr. Benudhar Punji Syntheses of Novel Nickel and Palladium Complexes: Catalytic C?H Functionalizations and Mechanistic Studies23.01.2018
74310CC11J26070Suresh MDr. G J SANJAYAN Novel multivalent hexaarylbenzene derivatives and cyclomers for potential molecular recognition applications02.06.2018
74410BB13J02016Anusha AdityaMunia Ganguli Zinc oxide nanoparticles and their bio-functionalized derivatives: Biomedical applications in skin30.05.2018
74510BB12J39016Nishant GopalanDr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri Biorefining of wheat bran for the production23.01.2018
74610CC12A18037Rajnish KumarDr. Ramanuj Narayan Towards the development of high fluorescent materials for functional applications24.05.2018
74710BB15A18038Bomma YashwanthDr. Janapala Venkateswara Rao Effects of Quinalphos (OPI) on Developmental23.01.2018
74810BB12A04019Diva MaheshwariAshish Arora Structural and Biophysical Characterization 25.04.2018
74910BB12J22017Rajesh KushwahaSanghamitra Bandyopadhyay apocarotenoid and flavonoid biosynthetic pathways: An endeavor towards24.05.2018
75010CC13A05003S. PremlathaDr. G. N. K. Ramesh Bapu (Supervisor)/ Dr. S. Mohan (Co-Supervisor) Electrodeposition of cobalt nanocomposites for electrochemical sensor applications21.05.2018
75110BB12J08001AngelinaS V N Vijayendra High cell density fermentation process for polyhydroxyalkanoates
production by halophilic bacteria
75210CC13A26028Aslam ShaikhDr. Nitin T. Patil Design and Development of Organic
Fluorophores via Catalytic Alkyne
75310CC13A16004M RajuDR. PARIMAL PAUL (Supervisor)/ DR. PABITRA B. CHATTERJEE (Co-supervisor) Identification and Biotechnological Applications of Siderophores10.04.2018
75410BB12A04002Anagha Ashok GurjarDr. Sabyasachi Sanyal Repurposing of FDA-approved drug
in Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
75510BB12A37015Ashok KumarD. M. Mondhe Anticancer potential of semi-synthetic analogs of Colchicine25.04.2018
75610BB12A02043Khushdeep BandeshDwaipayan Bharadwaj Long non-coding RNA and Regulation of C-peptide levels20.04.2018
75710BB12A04004Salman ShahidAshish Arora Structural characterization of the stereochemical configuration of active site residues of bacterial peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase10.04.2018
75810BB11J33009Anish KaachraSanjay Kumar Studies on the effect of co-overexpression of selected genes of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana (ecotype Col-0)10.04.2018
75910CC12A37028Ankit SanejaDr. P. N. Gupta Investigation of drug targeting and
combination approaches for improved efficacy
of anticancer chemotherapeutics
76010CC13J18004Venepally VijayenderDr. Ramchandra Reddy Jala Synthesis and biological evaluation of some hetero cyclic-based lipid derivatives28.03.2018
76110CC13J18038A. Ganga MaheshDr. Sunkara V. Manorama (Supervisor )/ Dr. N. Madhusudhana Rao (Co-Supervisor) Designing nanostructured materials for drug delivery and photodynamic therapy in cancer treatment28.03.2018
76210CC11J26092Anil M ShelkeDr. GURUNATH SURYAVANSHI Enantioselective synthesis of bioactive molecules via organocatalysis and methodologies on C-C, C-N bond formations30.01.2018
76310PP13A05016Karthikeyan JDr. P. Murugan First principles calculations on structural stability and physicochemical properties of Mo-S nanostructures18.04.2018
76420EE14J15003NehaDr. Akash Deep (supervisor)/ Dr. Manoj K. Nayak (Co-Supervisor) Biofunctionalized metal organic frameworks for bacterial detection15.04.2018
76520EE13A15004Manil KukkarDr. Akash Deep Synthesis of molybdenum disulphide based nanotemplates and their application for sensitive immunosensing of prostate specific antigen15.04.2018
76610CC12A26002Swapna GadeDr.A.A.Kelkar Catalytic transformation of organic carbonate to fine chemicals via benign route30.01.2018
76710CC12A18030N. V. S. M. Rao ManginaDr. GALLA V. KARUNAKAR Gold-catalyzed synthesis of Benzo[b]Oxepin-3-Ones, Benzo[b]Oxepin-5-Ones,Benzo[f]Pyrazolo[1,5-d][1,4]Oxazepines and reactivity of Benzynes with substituted Allyl Amines26.03.2018
76810CC12A05010K HemlathaDr. A. S. Prakash Sodium insertion compounds as electrode materials for sodium ion batteries13.04.2018
76910CC12J18030Sravanth Kumar AmurtapuDr. J. S. YADAV Studies towards the total synthesis of palmyrolide A, stagonolide D, stigmolone, and acremolide B10.01.2019
77010BB12A04003Tushar JainDr. Dibyendu Banerjee Molecular characterization of Tac1p, a Zn-finger transcription factor regulating MDR genes in Candida albicans and screening for novel and-Candida agents31.01.2018
77110BB15A26045Jagdeeshaprasad M GMahesh J. Kulkarni Investigation of advanced glycated hemoglobin as an alternative
marker for better diagnosis of diabetes
77220EE12A09003Sankhyabrata BandyopadhyayDr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay Development of optical fiber grating based sensors with multiple overlay layers for highly sensitive and selective detection of chemical and biological species26.03.2018
77310BB12A51004Nisha ChandranProf. SAMIR K. BRAHMACHARI Affordable Healthcare in India:31.01.2018
77420EE12A15006Shriniwas YadavDr. Inderpreet Kaur (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ananth Venkatesan (Co-Supervisor) FABRICATION OF GRAPHENE THIN FILM TRANSPARENT ELECTRODES FOR NANODEVICES23.03.2018
77520EE12A15012Pooja DeviDr. Manoj Nayak Selective detection of toxic heavy metalloids using carbonaceous nanostructured materials23.03.2018
77610CC14A16018Sobhan ChatterjeeDr. Alok Ranjan Paital Transition metal ion detection/removal with functionalized materials & ionic liquids in aqueous media11.04.2018
77710PP14A32005Reena GoyalDr. V. P. S. Awana Superconductivity in layered (Nb/Ta)2Pdx(S/Se/Te)y compounds13.04.2018
77810CC13A16005Arka SahaDr. Subhash Chandra Ghosh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Asit Baran Panda (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis of molybdenum based nonostructured materials, their characterization and possible application10.04.2018
77910CC15A38023Chandrasekhar DangetiR.A Maurya Visible light driven photochemical construction of fused indole frameworks10.01.2019
78010CC12A04041Mukund Murari Das PramanikDr. Namrata Rastogi Novel Reactions of Diazo Compounds and Diazonium Salts under Basic and Visible Light Photoredox Catalyzed Conditions30.01.2018
78110BB12A37003Zahoor Ahmed VaniDr. Nasheeman Ashraf Exploring the endophytic fungal community associated with Crocus sativus L. and its role in restructuring the apocarotenoid metabolism and stress adaptation20.03.2018
78210CC13J19004Vineeta PanwarDr. Siddharth S. Ray (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suman L. Jain(Co-Supervisor) Organic-inorganic hybrig materials as heterogeneous catalysts for organic transformations15.03.2018
78310CC11J18079Vijay Sagar MadamsettyDr. Arabinda Chaudhuri Combating pancreatic and lung cancer by liposomally targeted chemotherapy in combination with in vivo dendritic cell targeted DNA vaccination13.02.2018
78432EE14J32007Achu ChandranDr. A. M. Biradar (Supervisor)/ Dr. D. Haranath (Co-Supervisor) Studies on the Dynamics of Liquid Crystals at Interface with Immiscible Structures for Device Applications02.02.2018
78510CC11A16006G. SampathDr. Kannan Srinivasan Development of catalytic reaction systems for the synthesis and separation of furan derivatives from
biomass sugars
78610BB13J02005Lipsa PandaDr. Anurag Agrawal Understanding the Role of Retinoid X02.02.2018
78710CC11J37044Vunnam VenkateswarluDr. S. D. Sawant Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Quinoline and Pyrazole Analogs as Anticancer Agents and Development of New Synthetic Methods13.02.2018
78810BB13J10006Subir Kumar boseProf. (Mrs) Neelam S Sangwan, Establishment of novel diterpenoid calliterpenone phytomolecule as a15.02.2018
78910CC13J18009Gangababu MarriDr. Saibal Das Development of new applications of acylsilanes and synthetic strategy towards 5(E)-7-Oxozeaenol26.09.2018
79010PP12J05010G KruthikaDr. P. Murugan Computational investigations on enhancing
magnetic and catalytic properties of ?-MnO2
79110PP11A29006Sweta BaidyaDr. Pratima M. Kessarkar (Supervisor)/ Dr. V. K. Banakar (Co-Supervisor) Changes in the relative intensity of Indian monsoon system during the LGM-Holocene climate transition: Reconstruction of the upper water column climatology in the Eastern Arabian Sea utilizing paired measurement of ?18 OMg/Ca in planktonic foraminifera14.03.2018
79232EE14A09001Animesh JanaDr. Sourja Ghosh Studies on ceramic membrane based photobioreactor for CO2 sequestration using algal biomass14.03.2018
79310PP12J32008Akash YadavDr. H. K. Singh HUMAN RHEUMATIC HEART14.03.2018
79410BB11J22008Payal SinghDr. Yogeshwer Shukla Cancer Chemopreventive Potential of Dietary15.02.2018
79510CC11A18007E. Chandra KumarDr . Rajkumar Banerjee Folate Receptor Targeted Liposomal and Carbon Nanosphere Based Drug Delivery Systems for Combating Melanoma and Glioblastoma13.02.2018
79610CC13J16002Yadagiri RachuriDr. E. Suresh Synthesis, crystal structure and applications of multidimensional coordination polyme14.03.2018
79710BB13J02007Komal AgarwalDr. NAVEEN ARORA Studies on role of allergen protease activity on15.02.2018
79810BB13J37002Reyaz Ur RasoolDr. Anindya Goswami Elucidating the Role of 3-Azido-withaferin A in Modulating14.03.2018
79910CC11A26009Preeti PadhyeDr. Pankaj Poddar Study of tunable optical properties of lanthanide-ion-doped rare earth phosphors and their applications31.07.2017
80010CC11J26074Sachin TharwarkarDr. Anil Kumar Ionicity, diffusion and kinetic investigations of simple organic reactions in ionic liquid systems26.07.2017
80110BB12A04014Aditi SharmaDr. Mrigank Srivastava Elucidating the role of dentritic cells24.07.2017
80210CC11A18004S Pani Babu VemulapalliDr. B. JAGADEESH Development of Solid- and Solution State NMR Spectral Simplification Methods for Complex Organic Molecules21.07.2017
80310CC12A19001Ravindra PrajapatiDr. Samir Kumar Maity Development of supply Phase Catalysts for residue upgradation22.12.2017
80410BB14A10003Smita SinghDr. R. K. Lal Genetics of quantitative and qualitative economic traits related to essential oil yeild in Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)14.08.2018
80510CC11J37043Varma SaikamDr. Ram A. Vishwakarma Design and Synthesis of Fluorescently Labeled Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchors and Phospholipids21.07.2017
80610CC12A37029Rohit SharmaDr. Sandip B. Bharate Recruitment / Engraftment – mediated Tissue26.12.2017
80710CC11J37038Srinivas AmbalaDr. Palvender Pal Singh Heteroatom Bond Formation26.12.2017
80810BB11J36002Arun Kumar PradhanDr. Nilotpala Pradhan Isolation and Characterization of Microbial Biosurfactants &Their Biotechnological Applications24.07.2017
80910CC13A05011R KarthickDr. M. Selvaraj Free-standing Graphene-hybrid Cathodes for Quasi-Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cells22.12.2017
81020EE12A39018Sree Manu K.MDr. T.P.D. Rajan Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum Composites by Squeeze Infiltration and Compocasting Techniques14.07.2017
81110CC13A05014R VenkatkarthickK. Gurunathan Design of titania electrodes for photoelectrochemical and electrochemical water splitting reaction05.01.2018
81210CC12J05006K AneeshDr. Sheela Berchmans structural features of HSP11022.12.2017
81310BB13A04004BhaskarDr. Neena Goyal Leishmania donovani13.07.2017
81410CC12J05003Demudu Babu GorleDr. M. Anbukulandainathan Electrochemically or Chemically modified surfaces
as catalytic electrodes for Electrochemical
81510BB12J04004Bhavana Singh ChauhanRenu tripathi Study of malaria parasite/toxin induced pathogenesis & its reversal13.03.2018
81610CC13A12010Milan JanaDr. Naresh Chandra Murmu (Supervisor)/ Dr. Tapas Kuila (Co-Supervisor) DEVELOPMENT OF GRAPHENE-BASED ELECTRODE MATERIALS FOR ELECTROCHEMICAL SUPERCAPACITOR02.02.2018
81710BB13J10001Himanshu TripathiDr. Feroz Khan Genomic identification of potential targets unique to Candida albicans and QSAR studies on active phytomolecules/derivatives for antifungal activity07.07.2017
81810BB13A26038Priya YadavDr. Narendra Kadoo (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (Co-Supervisor) Conformational and functional studies of selected N-acetyl-D-galactosamine binding plant lectins at molecular level13.07.2017
81910CC12A22012Manoj Kumar GuptaDr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-Supervisor) IMPROVED ANALYTICAL APPROACHES FOR THE
82010CC14J16008Madhuri Jayeshbhai BhattProf. Dr. Parimal Paul Functional Materials for Sensing of
Environmentally and Biologically Important Ions & Molecules
82132EE14A09044Pawan KumarDr. ARUP GHOSH (Supervisor)/ Dr. H. S. TRIPATHI (Co-Supervisor) Effect of Additive on The Densification and Properties of Indian Magnesite18.12.2017
82210CC14A35004Rainy GuptaDr. S.S. Amritphale (Supervisor)/ Dr. Murari Prasad (Co-Supervisor) Development of advanced hybrid inorganic-organic geopolymeric materials for coating application23.02.2018
82310CC13J16003Shailesh VermaDr. (Mrs.) Rukhsana Ilyas Kureshy Efficient Catalysts for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates Derived from Epoxides15.02.2018
82410PP12A32005Pawan KumarDr. Bipin Kumar Gupta Investigations on the Synthesis, Characterizations and Photoluminescence Properties of Selective 0D-3D Luminescent Materials and their Strategic Applications14.03.2018
82520EE14A32028Kalpana AgrawalProf. S.S. Rajput (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ritu Srivastava (Co-Dr. Ritu Srivastava) Vertical Organic Field Effect Transistors with Permeable Electrodes22.12.2017
82610BB13J26031Krithika RamakrishananDr. H. V. Thulasiram Isolation and Characterization of the Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Secologanin, an Intermediate in the Formation of Vincristine, a Potent AntiCancer Agent07.07.2017
82710CC12A16003Krishna Kanta GharaDr. Pushpito Kumar Ghosh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arvind Kumar (Co-Supervisor) Recovery of potassium salts from sea bittern and other potassium rich sources13.03.2018
82810BB14J08023Pradeep Kumar YadavProf. Ram Rajasekharan Role of yeast DDHD domain-containing lipase in remoduling and its regulation07.07.2017
82910CC13A05002P. ThangasamyDr. M. Sathish Supercritical fluids assisted synthesis of 2D
inorganic layered materials and their applications
83010BB11A26053Puneet KhandelwalDr. Pankaj Poddar Understanding the Nucleation and Growth Mechanism of Metal Nanoparticles and Fluorescent Metal Quantum Clusters and their Applications07.07.2017
83110CC12A18072SatyanarayanapoochampallyDr. B. Surendar Reddy Development of new synthetic methodologies based on oxidative C-C bond cleavage and annulation: Application towards the synthesis of bioactive molecules23.02.2018
83210CC12J18004B Maheshwar RaoJ.S. Yadav Design and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocycles employing transition metal catalysts10.01.2019
83310BB12J08002Mahesh Mansingh PatilDr. Anu Appaiah Anti-obesic factors and their improvement19.12.2017
83410CC12A26056Shekhar ShindeDr. Asha S. K. Hydrogen Bond Assisted Self Assembly of Perylenebisimide with Main Chain Donor Polymers for Optoelectronic Application.07.07.2017
83510CC12J01001Usha SharmaDr. Lok Pratap Singh Early Stage Hydration Studies of Cementations Materials Using Silica Nanoparticles06.07.2017
83610CC13J05005V SelvamaniDr. V. Suryanarayanan Ionic liquid electrolytes and founctional carbon anodes for Li ion battery29.11.2017
83710BB13A25009Shashank MishraDr. P.S. Chauhan Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Stress04.07.2017
83810BB13A25006Ridhi GoelDr. Mehar Hasan Asif Bioinformatics of WRKY gene family: Evolution, Expression and Neofunctionalization in higher plants03.07.2017
83910CC13J26048Firoj AliDr. Amitava Das Design & Synthesis of photo-reactive Receptors for the recognition of analytes having biological Significance29.11.2017
84010CC11J18072Sukanya BhuniaDr. Arabinda Chaudhuri Combating Neuroblastoma and Glioblastoma with Tumor Targeting New Liposomal Drug Carriers30.06.2017
84110CC12A05013Raju ThotaDr. V. Ganesh Chemically Modified Polyester Film:
A Novel Functional Platform for Electrochemical
84210CC12A26027Suman ChandraDr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee BINARY METAL OXIDES AND STUDY ON THEIR DYE01.12.2017
84310CC11J26015Amol KotmaleDr. P. R. Rajamohanan Design, Synthesis & Biophysical29.11.2017
84410CC12J18012G DayakarDr. Sutapa Ghosh Synthesis of Electroactive Nanocomposites for High-Performance Energy Storage and Beyond29.11.2017
84510BB11A37008Harvinder Kour KheraDr. Subhash Singh (Scientist) Chorismate synthase as target for antimalarial drug discovery28.11.2017
84620EE12A12002Ravi Kumar ArunDr.Nripen Chanda (Supervisor)/ Prof.Suman Chakraborty, Prof.Gautam Biswas (Co-Supervisors) Microorganism to Enhance Biofuel Production28.11.2017
84810CC13J12010Dipanjan SenguptaDr. Biswanath Mondal (Supervisor) and Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee (Co-Spuervisor) Synthesis of chemically modified zinc oxide and investigation on their performances as photo-anodes for dye sensitized solar cell application15.11.2017
84910PP12J29001Kamana YadavDr. M.D.Kumar (Supervisor)/ Dr. V.V.S.S.Sarma (Co-Supervisor) RNAi and Cancer via miRNA15.11.2017
85020EE12A15014Shashi PoddarDr. Amod Kumar Statistical Process Control and Evolutionary Optimization Technique Usage for Inertial Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles10.11.2017
85110CC12A26086Monalisa GangopadhyayDr. Amitava Das Design and Synthesis of Supramolecular Assemblies and their Photophysical studies01.12.2017
85210CC12A26007Turbasu SenguptaDr. Nayana Vaval (Su[ervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor) Investigation of Stability and Catalytic Properties of Atomic Clusters within DFT Framework30.06.2017
85410CC12A26012Sudip SasmalDr. Nayana Vaval (Su[ervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor) Molecular Spectroscopic Properties in the Relativistic Coupled Cluster Framework30.06.2017
85510CC15J26013Tony RoyA.T Biju Employing arynes in multicomponent reactions and rearrangements triggered by nitrogen nucleophiles06.04.2019
85610CC11A37011Umed SinghDr. Parvinder Pal Singh Medicinal Chemistry of 3-Pyrimidinylazaindole to Develop New Anti-cancer /Anti-malarial Leads30.06.2017
85710CC13J26007Durgaprasad ShindePrakash P. Wadgaonkar Design, synthesis and evaluation of solution processable small organic molecules for applications in organic electronics06.04.2019
85810CC11A26041Mr. Pravin Narayan ShindeB.L.V Prasad Synthesis of metal oxide, core-shell nanoparticles, Their surface modifications and applications06.04.2019
85910BB14A26047Patil Amrita MarutiDhanasekaran Shanmugam Strategies for impeding quorum sensing in bacteria: Basic and applied aspects10.04.2019
86010CC11J18094Javed Sardar PatelDr. S. RAGHAVAN Total synthesis of (-) Cephalosporolide E, (+) Cephalosporolide F and Total Synthesis of Phoslactomycin-B utilising ?-Chloro sulfide as key intermediate29.06.2017
86110BB15A10004Pooja SinghLaiq ur Rahman Genetic transformatin of Pelargonium graveolens with bacterial acc deaminase gene for biotic and abiotic resistance10.04.2019
86220EE12A08010Pravin Vasantrao GadkariDr. Manohar B Extraction of Catechins from fresh tea leaves and development of emulsion29.06.2017
86310BB11A26047Parul DubeyDr. Narendra Kadoo/ Dr. Asmita Prabhune (Co-Supervisor) Biosynthesis of novel glycolipids (Sophorolipids): Exploring the mechanism of assembling and biological properties30.06.2017
86410BB12A33002Madhu KumariMahesh Gupta Identification and role of probiotics for potential health benefits10.04.2019
86520EE13A32020Rohtash Singh GarhwalS.K Sharma Distribution and trend of upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric (UTLS) Ozone10.04.2019
86610BB12J25013BabitaDr. Samir V. Sawant Exploring the role of allelic epigenetic modifications and physical interactions responsible for heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana10.04.2019
86710BB12A04008Preeti MauryaManoj K Barthwal Role of interleukin-1 receptor associated Kinase in vascular smooth muscle cell function and vascular remodeling06.04.2019
86810PP13A32003Mansi SharmaDr. Sushil Kumar Study of Sub-nano Crystalline Silicon Thin Film for Solar Cells28.06.2017
86920EE14A31001Rajesh Kumar RaiJ.K Sahu Micro-mechanisms of high temperature deformation of a directionally solidified nickel base superalloy10.04.2019
87010CC14J18044Pedada Srinivasa RaoSidhanath V. Bhosale Design, synthesis, chemistry and photovoltaic applications of ?-conjugated systems22.04.2019
87110CC15J18022Shinde Dilip NivruttiRajiv Trivedi Ferrocenyl conjugates of five membered imidazolinones and thiazolidinedione rings: Synthesis, characterisation and biological activity22.04.2019
87210CC12A26032Rohini OpleDr. D. S. Reddy Design, synthesis and biochemical studies of FadD and type III PKS inhibitors towards developing anti-tuberculosis agents03.05.2018
87310CC13J39005Ajesh VijayanDr. K. V. Radhakrishnan Construction of Carbocycles and Heterocycles Utilizing the Steric Strain in Heterobicyclic Olefins03.05.2018
87410CC13J18044T GayathriDr. Surya Prakash Singh Design and synthesis of functional bodipy dyes and their emerging applications03.05.2018
87520EE15J32026Swati BishnoiDr. D. Haranath (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vinay Gupta (Co-Supervisor) Development of luminescent materials as spectral convertors for photovoltaic applications03.05.2018
87610CC12J18013Gopinath JonnalagaddaDr. A.V. Sesha Sainath Macromolecular architectures from 1, 10-phenanthroline based ruthenium complex, carbazole and poly(3-dodecylthiophene) for enhanced charge transportation in organic electronics03.05.2018
87710BB12A25007Ashutosh Kumar SinghPuneet S. Chauhan Study of Climatic Influence on Soil carbon Pools and fluxes
in a Tropical Dry Forest
87810CC13J18048Apparao ThotaDr. CH. RAMAKISHAN RAO Conducting oligoanilines, polymers and metal composites for electrochemical applications03.05.2018
87910CC13J32006Shobhita SinghalDr. Rajesh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Dr. A.M. Biradar (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis and characterization of electroactive nanostructured materials for biosensing applications03.05.2018
88010CC12A18046Varaprasad SomisettiDr. K.V.S.N RAJU (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAMANUJ NARAYAN (Co-Supervisor) Development of renewable resource based polyols for functional polyurethane coatings03.05.2018
88110BB12A02007Priyanka ShrivastavaS. Ramachandran Molecular and functional characterization of selected target proteins involved in cell wall processes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis08.05.2018
88210BB12A22005Radha Dutt SinghDr. Vikas Srivastava Prenatal Arsenic Exposure and Chronic Kidney Disease: Understanding the Cellular and Epigenetic Mechanisms04.05.2018
88310CC13A11002Berhanu Telay mekonnenDr. P. Thanikaivelan STUDIES ON THE CONVERSION OF COLLAGENOUS SOLID
88410CC12J26013Yachita SharmaDr. Amol Kulkarni Continuous Flow Synthesis of Organic
88510BB11A26052Shraddha PuntambekarDr. Chetan Gadgil Understanding skin pigmentation through mathematical modeling and data analysis24.05.2018
88610CC12A26059Manikandan TDr. A. T. Biju Extending Aryne Chemistry: Coupling Benzynes with
Tropones, Alcohols, Azirines, Allylthioethers and More
88710BB12A02035Shruti KapoorDr. Chetana Sachidanandan (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vinod Scaria (Co-Supervisor) Paradigms of regulation in zebrafish development24.05.2018
88810CC15A18006G Niranjan ReddyDr. B. V. Subba Reddy Tandem Prins Cyclization for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Indenopyrans and Development of Acid Catalyzed Tranformations24.05.2018
88910PP14A32004Komal JainDr. R. P. Pant Magneto-optical & microwave resonance investigations of magnetic fluid and ferrofibers30.05.2018
89010CC13J18040Shilpa NDr. Rohit Kumar Rana Assembling inorganic-organic hybrids to stabilize catalytic components: Application in chemical conversion and water splitting reactions30.05.2018
89110CC13J11004P NagarajuDr. DEBASIS SAMANTA (Supervisor)/ Dr. Asit. Baran. MANDAL (Co-Supervisor) Synthesis of various poly(NIPAM)-based stimuli responsive materials for applications in catalyst recovery and microencapsulation21.05.2018
89210BB12J33008Aditya KulshreshthaVipin Hallan Functional Characterization of AC4 protein of Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus30.05.2018
89310BB14J02009Rohan Ashok DandageDr. Kausik Chakraborty Exploring chemical chaperone assisted protein folding07.12.2018
89410CC12A18053Lade Dhanaji MadhavraoDr. S. Chandrasekhar (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amit B. Pawar (Co-Supervisor) Total synthesis of lamellarins and Cp*Co(III)-catalyzed C-H functionalization towards heterocycles30.05.2018
89510CC12J26016Avinash BansodeDr. Nitin T. Patil Gold Catalyzed and Selectfluor Mediated Organic Transformations24.05.2018
89610CC13A26010Santigopal MondalDr. A. T. Biju Organocatalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Functionalized Cyclopentenes, beta-Lactones and Spirocyclohexenols24.05.2018
89710BB12J22020Divya VimalD. Kar Chowdhuri Studies on the role of mlh1 in reproduction and its modulation
by xenobiotics in Drosophila Melanogaster
89810BB13J02001Akshara PandeProf. SAMIR K BRAHMACHARI Regulation of biological networks: Role of regulatory RNA and transcription factor interplay30.05.2018
89910CC13J39007Dhanya B.PDr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Supervisor)/ Dr. Mangalam S. Nair (Co-Supervisor) Synthetic modifications of zerumbone and their biological evaluation02.06.2018
90010CC12A26026Santanu PattanayakDr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta (Co-Supervisor) Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies
Towards Understanding the Activation of C-H
and O-H Bonds by High-valent Metal Oxo
90110BB11J25013Aradhana Lucky HansP K Singh Development of stable transgenic lines of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) cv. coker 312 for resistance against sap - sucking pests08.06.2018
90210CC15J32017Rajni VermaDr. AVANISH KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Oxide nanomaterials: Synthesis, characterization, optical and biological responses14.05.2018
90310CC11J18048Gopal Reddy RDr. J. S. Yadav Approaches towards the stereoselective synthesis of 14-membered macrolides: Gliomasolide A, C, E and callyspongiolide24.05.2018
90410BB12A02039Neetika JaisinghaniDr. Sheetal Gandotra Modulation of macrophage triglyceride levels and its role in altering the innate immune response during M. tuberculosis infection08.06.2018
90510BB14J04010Richa SrivastavaSmrati Bahauria M2 Polarized Tumor Associated Macrophages: Deciphering the Role of mTORC2 during Phenotype Switching02.06.2018
90620EE12A08011Ram Saran ChaurasiyaDr. H Umesh Hebbar Separation and purification of Bromelain from Pineapple
wastes using nano-particulate reverse micelles
90710BB13J08008Kamireddy KiranGiridhar P Studies on biosynthetic pathway of a flavour metabolite 2-Hydroxy-4- Methoxy Benzaldehyde production in tubers of Decalepis hamiltonii08.06.2018
90810CC13J26013Deepak KumarDr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor) DFT investigations of stability and catalytic properties of supported aluminium clusters08.06.2018
90910CC14A32017Dinesh BhardwajDr. Asit Patra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor) Semiconducting thiophene based donor & hole transport layers materials for organic solar cells applications08.06.2018
91010CC11A26028Lakshmiprasad GurralaDr. C.V.V. Satyanarayana Green processes for selcetive oxidation of petroleum and biomass derived components using novel catalysts26.10.2017
91110CC15A18013Koti Sivanagi ReddyDr. G. Sabitha Stereoselective synthesis of Pestalotioprolide C and its C-7 epimer, Sapinofuranones and their 1,2,3-triazole hybrids, ?-Lactone polyketide and its C-8 epimer08.06.2018
91220EE12A26079Amruta KulkarniDr. Ashish Lele Structure and Properties of Star Telechelic Poly(Lactide) Ionomers12.06.2018
91310CC12A22013Tejaswi BhatiaDr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-Supervisor) Development of the sol-gel based MIP for the selective determination of ChEBI29.06.2018
91410CC11J26093Manisha DohadeDr. Paresh L. Dhepe Chemistry of conversion of furans
into value added chemicals using
supported metal catalysts
91510CC12A18047Vyshnavi YelchuriDr. M.S.L. KARUNA Synthesis of Speciality Oleochemicals via Olefin Metathesis13.06.2018
91610CC11A26022Soumyajit ChatterjeeDr. Guruswamy Kumaraswamy Applications of macroporous sponges prepared using ice templating20.06.2018
91710CC12J26006Krishna Prasad MDr. G J SANJAYAN Design, Synthesis and Structural Investigations of Template-Assisted Peptides and Synthesis of Novel Peptide Derivatives as Potential Central Nervous System Active Agents03.07.2018
91810BB11J33007Rimpy DhimanYelam Sreenivasulu Studies on the Role of Golgi membrane localized
Nucleotide Sugar Transporter (AtNST) in
Gametophyte Development of Arabidopsis thaliana
91910BB14J36012Swati Suchitra PandaNabin Kumar Dhal Remediation of Cr+6 through Plant, Microbe and their Interaction to Mitigate Environmental Pollution22.06.2018
92020EE13A08010Garud Shyam RamkrishanaDr. Navin Kumar Rastogi Ozonisation in the selected multiphase contactor for the preservation of sugarcane juice11.07.2018
92110EB11A26061Deepanwita BanerjeeDr. Anu Raghunathan Dynamics of Cell Metabolism and Enzymopathies in Chromobacterium violaceum: A Systems Approach29.06.2018
92210CC14A18003Srinivasulu ADr. K. RAJENDER REDDY Iron/Copper catalyzed organic transformations: Access to heterocyclic derivatives via C-C, C-N and C-O bond formations11.07.2018
92310BB13J02006Smita NaharDr.Souvik Maity Modulation of miRNAs by Antisense24.10.2017
92410PP13J29003Soumya S MohanDr. P. Vethamony Climate modes on interannual sea level variability in the
Eastern Indian Ocean and South China Sea
92510BB13A18037M SowmyaDr. Amitava Das Molecular Mechanisms of Hepatic Fibrosis: Identification of Signalling Target for Anti-Fibrotic Therapeutics29.06.2018
92610CC14J18081Rama Rao BondaDr. Arabinda Chaudhuri (Supervisor)/ Dr. Chitta Ranjan Patra (Co-supervisor) Synthesis and characterization of metal complex nanoparticles (Silver nitroprusside, copper prussian blue) and their biomedical applications29.06.2018
92710BB13A04005Divya TandonS K Rath Association of Genetic variants of miR-149 and miR-499 with
Susceptibility of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
92810PP11J32023Deepa JoshiDr. Sanjay Yadav Development of Ultrasonic Techniques for Industrial Metrology and Material Characterization16.01.2014
92910BB11J16002Shaikh Gore MastanDr. Arup Ghosh Studies on Genetic, Epigenetic Polymorphism in Jatropha curcas L. and Isolation of Novel Molecular Markers20-02-2014
93010CC11J16024Dinesh Vinayak PatilDr. R. S. Somani Porous Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Materials For Gas Adsorption And Wastewater Treatment Application13-03-2014
93110BB11A16016Basit YousufDr. Avinash Mishra Abundance and community structure of autotrophic soil bacteria from different soil types using gene(s) targeted metagenomics25.04.2014
93210BB12A18068D DivyaDr. Ramesh Ummanni Identification of Prostate Cancer17.10.2017
93310CC11J16011Anjan DasProf. RI Kureshy Asymmetric Henry and aza-Henry reaction by chiral catalysis for the synthesis of bioactive compounds03.06.2014
93410CC11J16029Arpan Kiritbhai ShahProf. S.H.R. Abdi Synthesis and characterization of different solid acid materials as heterogenous catalysts for valuable C-C and C-N bond forming reactions24.06.2014
93510BB12J18041Neha R. DhokeDr. AMITAVA DAS Molecular Mechanisms of Epigenetic, Oxidative Stress14.09.2017
93610BB11J16007Deepti JainDr. Sandhya Mishra Production and characterization of industrially important extracellular enzymes from the bacteria of marine origin03.07.2014
93710BB11J26126Ashish DeshpandeDr. Vidya S. Gupta Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Flavor Biogenesis: Metabolic Profiling and Molecular Analysis13.09.2017
93810BB11J16001Kumari KavitaDr. Bhavnath Jha Extracellular Polymeric Substances from Biofilm forming Marine Bacteria04.07.2014
93910CC11J16031Manoj C RajProf. Dr. H.C. Bajaj Microporus and Mesoporous Materials for Gas Adsorption Application10.02.2015
94010CC11A26007Vysakh A bDr. C. P. Vinod Reactivity of strained bimetallic systems: A case study of Au-Ni nanoparticles11.04.2017
94110PP13J32001Jeevan JyotiDr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Studies on Graphene Oxide- Carbon Nanotube Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Hybrid Composites06.10.2017
94210CC11J16026Tina ChakrabartyDr. Vinod K Sahi Hydrophilic modified charged membrane for pH responsive separation of biomolecules15.07.2014
94310CC11J16017Narottam SutradharDr. Asit Baran Panda Synthesis of Nanostructured Metal Oxides and their application for Adsorption and Catalysis11.07.2014
94410CC11J16019Koilraj PProf. Dr. S. Kannan Synthesis and modification of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) for the removal of toxic anions and valorization of sorbed materials for diverse applications05.08.2014
94510CC12J16006Rajeev GuptaDr. Divesh Srivastava Preparation, Characterization and applications of electrodes and devices of conductive materials25.04.2017
94610PP12J15001Maninder MeenuDr. Sunita Mishra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Paramita Guha (Co-Supervisor) A Study on Effect of Infrared Treatment on Fungal Decontamination and Biochemical Parameters of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.)03.09.2017
94710CC11J18009CH KishoreDr. B. V. Subba Reddy Chiron Approach for the Total Syntheses of Penaresidin A, (+)-Deoxocassine, (-) Deoxoprosophylline and L-783,290 Employing Carbohydrates as a Chiral Source21.05.2015
94810BB13J17011Vinod Kumar GuptaDr. Chitra Dutta Divergences in Gene Repertoires of03.10.2017
94910CC11J16028Apurba SinhamahapatraDr. Asit Baran Panda Zirconia Based Mesoporous Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Heterogeneous Catalysis13-03-2014
95010CC13J33011Richa BhartiDr. Pralay Das Methodology development for the synthesis of bioactive benzocycloheptene analogues from himachalenes19.09.2017
95110CC11J16033Saravanan S.Dr. N.H. Khan Asymmetric synthesis of pharmaceutically important ?-amino nitriles and ?-amino acids through chiral catalytic route25.09.2014
95210CC11J16023Radheshyam Rama PawarDr. H. C Bajaj Modification, synthesis and characterizations of smectite based layered porous materials and their applications for adsorbent and catalyst30.09.2014
95310CC14J18050Rangaswamy AgoluDr. B. Mahipal Reddy Synthesis and characterization of nano-scale ceria-based mixed oxides for catalytic applications03.09.2017
95410BB11J18120Raju PadiyaDr. Sanjay K Banerjee Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of garlic in diabetes and diabetic cardiomyopathy02.01.2015
95510PP12A32007Kanika ThakuralDr. N. Vijayan Study of L-Proline based Single Crystals for Non-Linear Optical Applications05.09.2017
95610CC11J16014Ravi GunupuruDr. Parimal Paul Molecular Sensors for Biologically and Environmentally Important Analytes: Design, Synthesis and Ion Sensing Study21.05.2015
95710CC13J12008Additi Roy ChowdhuryDr. Priyabrata Banerjee during atherosclerosis and preventive strategies24.08.2017
95810CC11J18020SANTU DHARADr. J. S. Yadav Desymmetrization: Studies towards the syntheses of Tirandamycins08.04.2015
95910CC11J18049NIMAI BARDr. Pratyay Basak Development of Quasi-Solid Semi-nterpenetrating Polymer Networks as Electrolytes for Next Generation Electrochemical Devices05.09.2014
96010CC11J26106Rupesh Sudhakar BhavsarDr. U. K. Kharul Polymeric Ionic Liquids (PILs): Synthetic Approaches and Gas Permeation Studies with an Emphasis on CO2Separation24.12.2014
96210BB13J26042Pooja SinghDr. Absar Ahmed/ Dr. Asmita Prabhune (Co-Supervisor) Hybrid nanomaterial tailored for therapeutics, imaging and sensing applications01.08.2017
96410BB11J18124Kuppam ChandrasekharDr. S. Venkata Mohan Development of Novel Bio-electrocatalyzed Process to Enhance Waste Remediation with Simultaneous Energy Generation13.10.2014
96510CC11J26028Tanay KunduDr. Rahul Banerjee Structural Characteristics of Amino Acid Derived Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Water Adsorption and Proton Transport10.02.2015
96810BB14J04005Mahendra ShuklaDr. Jawahar Lal Population of PK-PD Modeling09.08.2017
96910BB12A26070Sana MoeezDr.Absar Ahmad Ecofabrication of aluminum oxide nanoparticles using biosynthesis,bioleaching and biomilling approaches and their applications01.08.2017
97010BB11A16017Payal SanadhyaDr. P. K. Agrawal/ Dr. Sandhya Mishra Study of biochemical and molecular parameters in a halophyte Aeluropus lagopoides in response to salt stress29.04.2015
97110CC11J26135(IICT:10CC11J18041)Valmik Shankar ShindeDr. Nitin Patil Gold Catalysis: Development of Relay Catalytic Branching Cascades and Chemosensors for Detection of Gold Ions04.03.2015
97310CC11J18035MARELLA RAVI KUMARDr. B. David Raju Synthesis, Characterizaton of magnesia supported copper catalysts for vapour phase hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and coupling of hydrogenation-dehydrogenation reactions03.08.2015
97410CC12J18006Chandra Shekhar MadasuDr. U. V. Mallavadhani BIOSYNTHESIS PATHWAY FROM01.08.2017
97610PB11J32020SonikaDr. Ranjana Mehrotra Spectroscopic andin silicostudies on interaction mechanism of anticancer drugs with nucleic acid17.02.2015
97720EE12J31003Ganesh ChalavadiProf. Avimanyu Das Study of particle stratification in vibration and air fluidization assisted beneficiation of coal30.03.2015
97810BB12J25009Smriti SrivastavaDr. Vidhu. A. Sane Spatial and Temporal Regulation of Ripening in Two Indian Varieties of Mango (Mangifera indica)09.08.2017
97910CC12A18011Sachin Bibhishan WadavraoDr. A Venkat Narsaiah TOTAL SYNTHESIS OF XYOLIDE, (6R,9R,10R,E)6,9,10-TRIHYDROXY OCTADEC-7-ENOIC ACID, (+)-18-(6S,9R,10R) BOVIDIC ACID, (R)-LACOSAMIDE AND ALTISSIMACOUMARINS22.04.2015
98010CC11J18034KOTA RAMANJANEYULUDr. Pratyay Basak development of nanocomposite mediated Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks: Feasibility studies on a new class of quasi-solid electrolyte matrix.22.04.2015
98110BB12J25007Asmita GuptaDr. Aniruddha P. Sane Functional analysis of SIERF6 during Tomato Plant Growth and Ripening09.08.2017
98210CC11J18018Kadam Vilas DigambarraoDr. G. Sudhakar Total Synthesis of Acortatarins A and B, Motualevic acids A-F, (E) and (Z)-Antazirines and Studies Towards the Synthesis of Alstomicine24.04.2015
98310CC11J26039Arijit MallickDr. Rahul Banerjee Chemical and Electrochemical Properties of Ca(II) and Mg(II) based Lightweight Metal Organic Framework (LWMOF) Materials14.05.2015
98410CC12A38006Edja Florentin AssanvoDr S.D Baruah/Dr D Konwar(Co-Supervisor) Modification of Ricinodendron heudelotii oil for bio-based coating10.08.2015
98510CC11J26024Subhadeep SahaDr. Rahul Banerjee Low-molecular Weight Amino acid Based Supramolecular Metallo-Gels for Photo and Electrochemical Application14.05.2015
98610CC15A18007Ibrahim Bin SayeedK. Srinivas Synthesis of imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles, imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and benzo[d]imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles as anticancer agents that target tubulin10.01.2019
98710CC11A36010Subrat Kumar PadhiDr. Bankim Chandra Tripathy Role of Additives on the Electrodeposition of Manganese from Aquaous Solutions14.08.2017
98810CC11J18059Punna NagenderDr. B. NARSAIAH Studies on synthesis of novel heteroring fused trifluoromethyl substituted pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives of potential biological activity18.08.2015
98910CC12A26044Vijay BeniwalDr. Anil Kumar Non-linear Polarity Scales, Interfacial Diels-Alder and ESIPT Reactions in Ionic Liquid Media14.08.2017
99110BB12A18066Pratyusha SambangiDr. PATHIPATI USHA RANI Study of Arachis hypogaeaL. stress responses against its major pests and role of phenolic acids in its direct and indirect defenses20.08.2015
99310CC11J26105Nagesh Balasaheb KolheDr. Asha S.K. Design and Synthesis of Novel ?-conjugated Molecules and Polymers based on Naphthalene and Perylene Diimides and their Application in Organic Electronics21.09.2015
99410BB12A02041Asher RajkumarDr.Kausik Chakraborty Functional Characterization of Genes Involved in Misfolding-Induced ER Stress Response14.08.2017
99510CC11J26008Jayaprabha K.NDr. P. A. Joy Synthesis and studies on surface functionalised magnetite nanoparticles for biomedical applications21.09.2015
99710CC11J26052Joby SebastianDr. D. Srinivas Catalytic Activity Study of Double- Metal Cyanide Complexes for Biodegradable Polymers Synthesis28.09.2015
99810BB11J22005Prachi GuptaDr. Yogeshwer Shukla Characterization of repertoire of humoral immune response and cancer stem cells associated microvesicles in breast cancer01.11.2017
99910CC13J18010Rama Krishna BodduDr. U.V. Mallavadhani Synthesis of Orcinol Based Lichen Secondary Metabolites and Evaluation of their Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-diabetic Potential03.10.2018
100010CC13A26023Garima JaiswalDr. E. Balaraman Transition-metal based nanocatalysts for (de)-hydrogenation reactions29.10.2018
100110CC11J16012Manish KumarProf. R.I.Kureshy Synthesis and Characterization of chiral catalysts for Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral beta Amino alcohols via asymmetric epoxide ring opening reactions with amines27.05.2014
100210CC11J19011Bhawan SinghDr. A K Sinha Development of mesoporous oxides as supports and catalysts for organic transformations28.05.2014
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