Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: FAQs are meant for any preliminary learning and are not a substitute to extant rules and regulations for any reference or quote . Only contents and stipulations in original document of rule or of amendment therein from time to time would apply or considered for any formal reference.

A. About AcSIR
1. What is AcSIR?
Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) is a research Academy created by an Act of Indian Parliament to be an Institute of National Importance. It functions across 37 National Laboratories and 6 centers of Council and Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) offering postgraduate and doctoral degree. AcSIR has been established with an aim of substantially increasing the number of researchers in integrative and Interdisciplinary areas of Science and Engineering
2. How AcSIR is associated with CSIR?
AcSIR has signed a MoU with CSIR. According to the Act, the Academy will have full/structured/monitored access to the use and engagement of the infrastructure, facilities, scientific manpower and other resources of CSIR Laboratories for teaching and research purposes. There are around >2400 Scientists of CSIR who are recognized as Faculty members of AcSIR.
3. Which CSIR labs are associated with AcSIR?

All 37 National Laboratories and six Centers of CSIR are associated with AcSIR. Please refer the link: CSIR Labs participating in AcSIR programs

4. Is AcSIR accredited by any accreditation body?

AcSIR does not necessarily need accreditation for offering degrees. It may please be noted that AcSIR has been established, by the Indian Parliament, as an Institution of National Importance by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) Act, 2011 and duly notified in the Gazette of India in February, 2012, thereby allowing AcSIR to award degrees on its own.

B. Eligibility Criteria & Enrolment
1. What are the academic programs offered by AcSIR?
The Academic Programs in AcSIR are quite vibrant and full of knowledge. A comprehensive list of all Programs are available at
2. When and how Selection for the programmes are done?
AcSIR and CSIR Labs announce and advertise in National Dailies and on the Web about its admission Plans twice in a year for January and August sessions. Eligible candidates possessing the minimum educational qualifications as prescribed are called for test and/ or interview by the selection committees of the respective laboratories of CSIR. The criteria and procedure of admission in different laboratories are announced well in advance for every session.
3. What are the minimum educational qualifications for applying to various academic Programs of AcSIR?

Details are available at

4. I have less than 60% at my Master degree, am I eligible to join PhD program of AcSIR?
While Academy intends to maintain high standard, it is also sensitive about such talented students who may not always do well in formal examination. Therefore, AcSIR do not usually mandate a cut-off mark and depend on its individual CSIR Labs to select the best and brightest from the available pool.
5. When can a Project Assistant working at any CSIR lab apply for PhD program at AcSIR?
Project Assistants (PA) working at any CSIR lab can be selected for the PhD program in AcSIR on the basis of a rigorous screening procedure and only a few are selected. Interested PAs can apply for PhD program at AcSIR during the regular call for admissions (1) September-October of previous year for January sessions; (2) April-May of same year for August session.

Such candidates can apply only after completing minimum one year at the respective CSIR-Lab and has letter of recommendation from the Advisor mentioning that ‘ The supervisor will take active interest in finding an alternate source of funding in case of discontinuation/termination of the project from which the Project Assistant is being funded at the time of enrollment for Ph.D’. (Refer: AcSIR Ordinances).

6. I have done my Masters from open school/distance mode/part-time basis, am I eligible for the PhD program at AcSIR?
AcSIR rules doesn’t prevent students earning degrees by such mode of education for applying to PhD Programs .
7. Can I join PhD after graduation?
Yes, there are a few opportunities. Kindly visit
10. Is there any online / Distance mode of education offered by AcSIR?
No such provision is there till date.
11. I am currently pursuing my Graduation/Post Graduation degree- Is there any provision for Summer Training/Internship program?
Yes, AcSIR offers Summer Training Program (AcSIR-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training Program) of 2 month duration to limited number of students currently pursuing their Graduation/Post Graduation Degree. The program is funded by AcSIR through its AcSIR-Kalam Fellowship. Click here for details.
12. Who can apply for AcSIR-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training program?

Candidates with following credentials are eligible to apply for participation in the program:

  • 1st year of 2-year M.Sc program: minimum first-class at B.Sc level or equivalent
  • 3rd or 4th year of a 5-year Integrated M.Sc program or equivalentGPA 6.0 or 60% (upto IV Sem)
  • 1st year of 2-year M.E/M.Tech program or equivalentGPA 8.0 or 80% OR GPA 7.0 or 70% for CFTIs at B.E/B.Tech level or GATE Score ≥600 or NET (Engineering) Rank from 1 to 100
  • 3rd year of B.E/ B.Tech program or equivalentGPA 8.0 or 80% OR GPA 7.0 or 70% for CFTIs (upto IV Sem)
  • 3rd or 4th year of Integrated M.E/M.Tech program or equivalentGPA 8.0 or 80% OR GPA 7.0 or 70% for CFTIs (upto IV Sem) or GATE Score ≥600 or NET (Engineering) Rank from 1 to 100 
13. Is there any timeline or calendar for AcSIR-Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training program? How many seats are usually offered?

General timeline for AcSIR-APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training Program

Sl. No.                   Activity                                                                            Timeline

  1.                        Release of Advertisement                                                   2nd Friday of November
  2.                        Application Start Date                                                         3rd Friday of November
  3.                        Application Closing Date                                                    31st December
  4.                        Segregation and communication                                      1st Friday of January
    to respective Committees
  5.                        Shortlisting to be completed by and                                4th Friday of January
    and communication to AcSIR office
  6.                        Communication to Shortlisted                                         1st Friday of February
    Candidates centrally by AcSIR
  7.                        Selection Interview at a                                                      1st Friday of March
    common location
  8.                        Result Declaration and Communication to                    15th March
    students individually by AcSIR office
  9.                        Program Duration (2 Months)                                          Anytime between May and August

Paid internship for 20 numbers are usually offered.

14. What is the inter-disciplinary research? Are there any specific condition / Eligibility for the same in AcSIR?
Interdisciplinary research is a mode of research by teams or individuals that integrates information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts, and/or theories from two or more disciplines or bodies of specialized knowledge to advance fundamental understanding or to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline or area of research practice. AcSIR encourages barrier free transition from one background discipline to acquire higher degree in another discipline. There are no such specific conditions for the same.
15. I am working; can I apply for a part time PhD program?
AcSIR allows only regular mode of enrollment in PhD program. However,  enrolled students may be allowed to continue as a part time candidate after completion of all academic course work credit requirements, lab work, conduct of all DAC meetings,  submission of synopsis and only thesis writing is pending.

Industry sponsored candidates are admitted for the programs, who have to fulfill minimum requirements for the program.

16. I am a working professional in an industry, are there any opportunities available to do Master’s/Ph.D program for interested candidate like me?
AcSIR offers Industries sponsored M.Tech and Ph.D (sciences/Engineering) programs. An interested candidate would need to obtain a priori consent from a CSIR scientist to be a prospective Guide. In addition, the employing organization would be required to endorse academic leave and financial support during the program. Click here for more details. 
17. Which programs are offered for Industry Sponsored Candidates and what are the eligibility criteria?

Industry Sponsored Candidates can be admitted to both Masters and Doctoral programs.

There is no bar on age for Industry/Project Sponsored Candidates.

18. Can International Students apply for the programs, if yes then what is the procedure?
Foreign Nationals can only register as regular full time scholars, however those with degree from Indian Universities will be treated at par with Indian nationals for admission processes. Others with foreign degrees must meet the minimum educational requirements equivalent to Indian nationals in the relevant discipline.
19. Will AcSIR issue any document in support of my selection as PhD student?
Yes, AcSIR will issue enrollment letter shortly upon your selection at AcSIR.
C. Tuition Fees
1. What is the program fees, and how long I have to pay the fees.
AcSIR follows Annual Cohort based tuition fee for all programs.

Tuition fee needs to be paid till semester during which the Thesis is submitted for Ph.D Program and till last semester for other programs.

2. What is the mode of payment of AcSIR fees?
AcSIR fees needs to be paid through AcSIR-SBI Collect Portal. Click here to visit the portal. Fee receipt is generated from the AcSIR-SBI Collect Portal itself.

D. For PhD students: DAC meetings and Comprehensive Exam
1. What is DAC?
DAC is the abbreviation of Doctoral Advisory Committee. DAC is constituted for each student enrolled for Ph.D Program. It is constituted to provide advice, support and mentorship to the student during the course of their research work. They are meant for monitoring progress and initiating dialogue and discussion that will aid the student in achieving his or her research goals quickly and meaningfully. The committee also recommends when the thesis is ready to be submitted.
2. When the DAC is to be constituted? What is the procedure of its constitution?
DAC can be constituted immediately after allotment of supervisor(s). The proposed committee will need approval from the Director, of the Laboratory and the Associate Dean/Dean of relevant faculty of study. Supervisor(s) are advised to take prior consent from the proposed members. The DAC consists of thesis supervisor, Co-supervisor (if any), two members from the same research area as recommended by the supervisor(s) and one member nominated by the Director of the institute from different field of research.
3. What is comprehensive examination?

Comprehensive examination is a procedure through which the student at AcSIR gets formally registered for the academic program. Usually it is conducted after 1st DAC meeting and before 2nd DAC meeting. The student has to acquire minimum credits from academic coursework for the program and ensure that their are no tuition fee dues are pending against his/her name before taking the examination.

Comprehensive examination is conducted in presence of supervisor, Co-supervisor (if any), all the three DAC members and the Director/Director’s nominee.

4. My first DAC meeting is over, where should I submit the work report.
You can submit it to the AcSIR Coordinator of your research institute with copy to your Advisor(s).
5. What should be the minimum gap between two DACs?
Preferably, the DAC should meet twice a year. However, in compelling circumstances, a minimum of two months’ gap between two consecutive DAC meetings has to be mandatorily maintained. 
6. How should I change the DAC members for betterment of my research work.
You would have to do it in consultation with your Advisor(s); any such modification needs to be approved by the Dean of respective faculty and informed to AcSIR Office.
7. Can I skip DAC 3 and appear for DAC 4 directly?
No, you cannot skip any DAC meeting.
8. How many DACs are necessary for completion of thesis?
A minimum of four DAC meetings have to be conducted; based on the need more such meeting may be arranged as per advice of DAC members.
9. I was a Project Assistant before enrolling at AcSIR, can I appear for DAC 1 and DAC 2 at quick succession as I have sufficient data for it?
No you can not. Please refer to point of E(2) of FAQ.
10. What are the timelines for conducting different DAC meeting i.e. DAC 1 through DAC4? Please specify the Purpose /objectives of each DAC?
The complete schedule with the objectives for conducting DAC meeting is as under:

DAC No. Objective of DAC Time frame
I Discussion on the topic of research to be pursued, questions to be addressed etc. Any time before the end of the Third Semester
II Finalization of Ph.D proposal During or within 6 months of the comprehensive exam
III Monitoring the progress of the student Before the end of 6th Semester
IV Ph.D colloquium (open seminar) Two weeks before submission of thesis

Please refer student handbook available at, under “AcSIR Student handbook, Page no. 5

11. What is the mode of conduct of Open Colloquium and Viva-Voce examination?
Both Open colloquium and Viva-Voce examination should be conducted in an open forum.
12. How should I change the DAC members for betterment of my research work.
You would have to do it in consultation with your Advisor(s); any such modification needs to be approved by Dean of respective faculty and informed to AcSIR Office.
13. I am an Industry sponsored candidate in PhD program of AcSIR. What are the requirements for appearing in the Comprehensive Examination?
A Sponsored candidate, like regular students, will be allowed to take Comprehensive Examination only after completing all academic coursework as a residential student. The project proposal, review article and Societal Program can be completed before Open Colloquium prior to submission of thesis.
14. Who will approve the Comprehensive Board of a student?
The Comprehensive Board of a student will be approved by the Director of the Laboratory and subsequently informed to the Dean of the concerned faculty and the AcSIR Offices for updating records.
E. Other Academic queries
1. Where can I get details on courses currently offered by AcSIR?
Detailed courses can be found at
2. Is there any provision of credit transfers?
Yes, students can avail credits from other National and International institutions. AcSIR facilitates transfer of credits through an Evaluation process. The guidelines are provided at
3. Do I need to inform AcSIR if any of my research work is published? How to do it?
Yes, you are encouraged to, please send an email to AcSIR at:, with details of references (Title, Author Name, Journal Name, Year of Publication, Page) along with PDF copy of your publication
4. Is it mandatory to have paper publication prior to thesis submission?
Yes it is mandatory to have at least one publication in a peer reviewed SCI journal with AcSIR affiliation before submission of thesis.
5. Is there any format prescribed by AcSIR for describing the AcSIR affiliation in paper?

Any student and faculty of AcSIR publishing paper from the AcSIR thesis
research work and thesis content must mandatorily stipulate their affiliation with Academy of Scientific
and Innovative Research (AcSIR) in the Title page of the paper under Author Lines (in addition to their
affiliation with the CSIR institute). This affiliation must be in proper form as per example illustrated
Jyoti Mukherjee(1,2), Anurag Sharma(1) and Balram Mishra(1,2)
(1)CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, Dr. KS Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110012, India
(2)Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), Ghaziabad- 201002, India
Note: In this case Jyoti Mukherjee is an AcSIR Student working at CSIR-NPL and Balram Mishra is her supervisor and a faculty of AcSIR working at CSIR-NPL. Anurag Sharma is a scientist/student but not a faculty/student of AcSIR.

6. Is there any provision for results (coursework) to appear on website?
AcSIR encourages such arrangements, but it varies from one CSIR Lab to other depending on the administrative policies of the concerned Research Institute.
7. I do not want to continue as an AcSIR student any more, what are the formalities to be taken up to cancel my studentship?
You have to do the following steps:

  1. Inform the AcSIR Coordinator of your lab.
  2. Provide a copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your lab to the AcSIR Coordinator.
  3. Coordinator has to inform about the discontinuation of the student to AcSIR HQ, Ghaziabad.
8. Is there any provision for placement cell for students?
Not at the moment.
9. Does AcSIR award any scholarship/prize to the meritorious students/topper of the university?
Not as of now.
10. Is there any provision for student's health care insurance under Students' Welfare scheme? Or does AcSIR have tie ups with any hospital for concessional treatment of its students?
It is under consideration.
11. How to get Transcripts from AcSIR.
Please click here to know how the request for transcript may be made.
12. Has AcSIR tied up with any international partners to carry out the research jointly.
Currently, AcSIR has MoU with The University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar), USA and Royal Melbourne Institute of  Technology (RMIT), Australia.
13. Are student exchange programs available at AcSIR? If yes, how it can be availed?
Currently, there are no student exchange programs. However, in future such programs may start.
14. What is the minimum time required for finishing PhD (I am CSIR-JRF/ Project Assistant converted to PhD student)?
Minimum time required for completion of PhD program is three years.
15. Is there any facility for putting up student grievances at AcSIR?
Normally grievances related to the problems in institution (CSIR Labs) where the student is located will be addressed by the host Labs. However, problems related to academic programs through which the student is linked to AcSIR will be addressed by the Academy. Any such query should be sent by email to: 
16. Can Advisor/Guide allotted once be changed during the program, if yes, what is the procedure for it.
Yes, Advisor once allotted can be changed. Lab Coordinator will initiate the process in consultation with Associate Dean which would require recommendation from respective Dean and the Chairman, Senate. Upon receipt of the of the necessary approval, information will be suitably updated in the central database.

In case of change in Advisor for M.Tech/ MS (Research) thesis shall not normally be submitted earlier than three months and PhD thesis shall not normally be submitted earlier than six months from the date of such change.However, the Dean of the particular discipline shall have the right to waive this requirement if he is satisfied that in spite of the change/addition of supervisor the candidate is ready for submission of the thesis. 

17. Is there any Handbook available for AcSIR student which will guide student from enrollment through PhD completion at AcSIR?
Yes, it is available at: under “Guidelines/ forms/format”
18. I have failed in one of the subjects of coursework during semester examination can I appear for retest and when can it be taken?
Yes you can appear for retest. Retest can be taken under following condition:
1. To improve upon SGPA/CGPA
2. To pass a course.

It should be noted that the latest grades will be reflected on the grade card.
Retest can be taken immediately after declaration of the coursework results.

19. I want to change my faculty (stream) of studies. What is the procedure for it?
Students once admitted to a course of study shall be allowed to change stream. The Supervisor can request for the change citing appropriate reasons and forwarded by the coordinator of the lab provided the Dean of both the disciplines provide their consent to the change. This change should be immediately informed to the AcSIR office. The student will have to fulfill the course and credit requirements of the changed faculty of study. Credits earned can be carried forward.”
After the approvals are received, it will be reported in the next Senate meeting.
F. Societal Program
1. What is the normal duration of project completion.
The normal duration for entire Societal Program is six to eight weeks.
2. Can this be taken up in a team?
Yes it can be taken up in a team, but this has to be in consultation with your DAC members.
3. What is the format of writing report after project work?
There is no fixed format by AcSIR, you can consult with your DAC members and Lab coordinator.
4. Will the report be evaluated? If yes, how?
Your DAC members will evaluate your report and grade as Satisfactory (S)/ Unsatisfactory (X).
6. Is field work compulsory?
Though it is not mandatory but it is highly desirable.
7. Will the duration of field work starts after the project proposal is approved? Or how do we calculate the time frame?
Time period shall be calculated from the date of commencement of Societal Program.
8. In which areas Societal Program can be done?
As a PhD student you are encouraged to take up project having two major focus areas: (i) Enhancing Income of the downtrodden, and (ii) To improve quality of life. Please refer to guidelines of Societal Program available at 
9. Is Societal Program completion mandatory to proceed for thesis submission.
Yes, Societal Program needs to be mandatorily submitted before Open Colloquium prior to submission of thesis.
G. Thesis Writing
1. When can I submit my PhD thesis? And what are the pre-requisites for thesis submission.
You can submit thesis after completing the minimum academic requirement and the minimum residency requirement. Please refer to handbook available at regarding credits requirement and residency requirement.
2. How long does it normally take thesis viva to be conducted once the thesis is submitted?
It is expected that the entire process after thesis submission leading to completion of the oral examination shall be completed within 8-12 weeks but it largely depends on response level of the external examiner. We make efforts to keep this period as short as possible.
3. Do we need to write a short summary of our research work in our regional language
It is advisable to write a short summary of your research work in your regional language.
4. Any specific font size and textual specifications to be followed for writing of thesis?
5. Will e-format of thesis is sufficient or hard copies are required?
Yes, hard copy is required to be submitted at the Lab. AcSIR requires a soft copy of the final thesis on a CD after completion of all the formalities.
6. What is the minimum time to get provisional degree after Viva Voce Examination?
The required Provisional Degree Certificate is usually issued within five days of approval by the Chairman, Senate.
7. My thesis title needs to be modified as per my research work, what is procedure for doing it?
This would be done in consultation with your Advisor(s) and other DAC members and must be recorded in subsequent DAC meeting. Please note, beyond DAC IV, any request for change in title of the PhD thesis will not be entertained. 
8. I have given my Final DAC (Open Colloquium) recently, when can I submit my PhD thesis?

The PhD thesis must be submitted within six months after clearing the Final DAC through Open Colloquium. Submission beyond months will require Dean’s approval for the requested extension period (maximum upto 6 additional months), on the basis of satisfactory reasons for the delay/extension. The permission, if granted, will be recorded at Dean/Associate Dean’s level under intimation to the Associate Director (Academic), AcSIR. If the thesis is not submitted within one year (i.e., six months of usual time plus six months of extension, if granted) of clearing the Open Colloquium, student will have to request the Chairman, Senate (through the respective Dean) for continuation of the registration before the expiry of the granted period of one year. If such a request of the candidate is admitted, he/she will have to reappear for Open Colloquium and clear the same within one month and must submit his/her thesis within the next eleven months after the re-clearance of the Open Colloquium. No further request for reappearing for the Open Colloquium will be considered. During this period of special extension of one year, fees payable will be double and four times of the usual semester fee in the follow-up first and second semester, respectively. Further, fee charged will be for full semester(s), even if the period covered is only part of the semester.

All these provisions/relaxations and compliances thereunder must be completed within the period which is permitted (i.e., usually six years from date of enrollment) for completion of degree as per UGC guidelines.

9. I have completed all the academic requirements to submit my thesis, How should I proceed for doing the same as a part-time PhD Candidate?
A formal request letter having due approval of all DAC members and the Director of the concern institute can  be sent to AcSIR office through AcSIR Coordinator for consideration and approval. It must be noted that you are required to pay the tuition fees till you submit your thesis.
H. Regarding issuance of PhD Certificates
1. When do I expect to get my formal certificate after completion of the degree ?
The formal certificate is given during convocation which is usually held in September. If, however, the convocation is not held in a specific year, the certificates would be given around that period.

As per UGC guidelines the degree shall be awarded within 180 days of the date by which the students are expected to qualify and become eligible for them following fulfilling completion of all the requirements for the degree. However, PhD certificate is given at different times of the year as described below in FAQ no.I2.

2. I have completed my viva voce exam successfully. When do I expect to get my PhD degree certificate?
The requirement for completion of PhD thesis examination is complete after the successful viva voce exam report is approved by the Chairman of the Senate. A provisional certificate will be issued only after completion of all the requirements for the PhD examination; usually within 5 days of approval by the Chairman, Senate
3. I have got an offer for a post-doc fellowship subject to my producing the formal certificate for my PhD degree. Can I get the certificate, as special case, based on my urgent need ?
AcSIR normally provides a letter explaining the process of issuing the formal certificate and authenticity of the provisional certificate issued as an interim measure when an institution insists on submitting copy of formal certificate. Such letters are issued based on specific request and works in most cases. While AcSIR will accommodate all reasonable requests to issue formal certificate as soon as possible, it cannot be done on out of turn basis under any circumstances.
4. Why my career plan would be affected due to late issuance of degree certificate?
This is a common question for those students who line up a job or post-doc opportunity while they are still working for the degree. It is an excellent idea to explore possibilities early on, and we always want our students to be successful. However, you must understand that the Universities have to follow certain procedures and the logistics do take some time to generate the certificates and its validation by the competent authorities. UGC has specific guidelines that AcSIR follows keeping in mind the best interest of its students.
5. Why the waiting period for getting formal degree certificate is up to 180 days? Can you explain the timeline?
  • On completion of the viva voce exam, the report duly signed by the Laboratory Director should be sent by the Lab Coordinator to the concerned Dean/Associate Dean for recommendation
  • The Dean/Associate Dean forwards his/her recommendation to the Chairman, Senate.
  • Chairman, Senate examines and may approve the result of the viva voce exam.
  • Only upon approval of the results of viva voce exam by the Chairman, Senate all the requirement for the successful completion of the examination is over. A provisional certificate is given to the student at this point.
  • The final results of all the examination including PhD is further ratified by the Senate during its subsequent meeting.
  • Senate meeting happens 3 times a year.
  • On approval of the results by Senate, the formal certificate can be prepared.
  • Once the certificates are printed, those need to be signed by the Director and Chancellor of AcSIR.
  • Now, the completed formal certificates are ready to be distributed to the students.
I. Faculties general queries
1. My student has just finished with his PhD work at my lab, what is procedure for thesis submission?
The Thesis Advisor(s) shall be required to initiate the process by submitting the panel of examiners, as per guidelines available at this link, along with all academic records of the student on specific format through AcSIR Coordinator of the concerned CSIR Lab immediately after the Ph.D colloquium/ Open seminar.
The AcSIR Coordinator of the concerned Lab then will do the needful.
2. External expert identified for my student's defense viva wants to conduct the exam via skype/VC. How should I go about it?
Yes, it can be done subject to approval from Dean of the respective faculty through Lab Coordinator.
3. I have just been promoted; my designation at AcSIR needs to be updated accordingly. What is the procedure for it?
You (or your Lab coordinator) may directly communicate with us by email: (with proper supporting document, e.g.: Copy of Office Memorandum) with the copy of email to the Coordinator.
4. I am a scientist in a CSIR Lab. I want to apply for AcSIR faculty position at CSIR-Lab, what needs to be done for it?
AcSIR accepts nomination as the case arises. Lab Coordinator needs to send the nomination, duly approved by the respective Lab Director, to the AcSIR Office for its further processing. Depending upon your present designation and fulfillment of other criteria, you may be recognized as faculty member of AcSIR. Please refer “Eligibility Criteria for AcSIR faculty” available under Downloads tab of AcSIR website.
5. Does AcSIR issue any document in support of my faculty position at AcSIR?
Yes, AcSIR issues individual letter depicting your present faculty position at the Academy.
6. I want to nominate someone for Adjunct Faculty at AcSIR, what is the procedure for it?
Each Institute willing to appoint Adjunct faculty should send the recommendation of a duly constituted committee in the Institute considering the qualifications, area of expertise etc. of the candidate to the concerned Dean for initiating the action. (For details, please refer guidelines at under “Guidelines for Appointment of Adjunct/ Visiting/ Chair Professors.
7. Is there any particular grading system which needs to be followed for coursework, particularly to grade Societal Program?
Societal Program shall be evaluated and will be given Satisfactory(S)/Unsatisfactory(X)whichever is applicable. However, the grading system for rest of the course work is illustrated below:

Letter Grade Performance Numerical Value
A+ Outstanding 10
A Excellent 9
B+ Very Good 8
B Good 7
C+ Fair 6
C Poor 4
F Very Poor 2
I Incomplete* 0
S Satisfactory (for Audit Courses and Level-4 PhD Courses) Not Applicable
X Unsatisfactory (for Audit Courses and Level-4 PhD courses) Not Applicable

* ”I” grade shall be given to students who have (i) Not attended Classes; and/or (ii) Not been evaluated. This implies repeating the full course.

8. I want to include someone as Co-Advisor for my student, what is the procedure and criteria for it?
You can do so by obtaining approval from the Dean of respective faculty through your Lab Coordinator. A Co-Advisor can be outside the Institute and he/she may not be a faculty of the Academy.
9. How many students can I supervise or co-supervise as per AcSIR guidelines?

Total number of students registered for PhD under an AcSIR faculty, including those registered with other Universities or Academic Institutions (if any), should be limited by his/ her position as follows:

  1. Assistant Professor: 4 students [A Junior Scientist (Sct. B), if recognized as a faculty of AcSIR, becomes only co-guide]
  2. Associate Professor & Professor: 6 students
  3. Outstanding & Distinguished Prof.: 8 students

Additionally, even if the student is jointly supervised by a Co-supervisor, the count of the student will be taken as 1 for the primary Supervisor which would apply until the completion of Viva Voce examination for award of PhD degree.

10. What will be status of faculty as a Guide after his/her superannuation from CSIR?

An AcSIR faculty member after superannuating from his/her current position in CSIR will be allowed to continue as a Primary Supervisor of his/her existing Ph.D student(s) as well as allowed to take up fresh Ph.D. student(s), if he/she is appointed to the position of “Emeritus Professor” by AcSIR in consideration of his/her having been awarded the position of Emeritus Scientist by CSIR for working at CSIR lab. However, in all such cases, there must be a regular AcSIR faculty as a Co-supervisor.

The helpful/advisory lines for the follow by such supervisors for the process are given in the subsequent FAQs.

(narration presented in more clarified manner on October 03, 2018)

11. What is the future scope of superannuating scientist who are willing to remain associated with AcSIR?
Guidelines for superannuating scientists:

(1) The scientist would have to plan early enough to be able to have an offer of Emeritus Scientist of CSIR or other organization prior to retirement, if possible.
(2) He/she would take necessary step to be recognized as an AcSIR faculty based on faculty guideline of the Academy based on acquired Emeritus Professorship; the steps initiated by the CSIR Lab Coordinator and endorsed by its Director for final approval by the Senate.
(3) If he/she did not have an Emeritus Professorship from other organizations including CSIR, he/she could attempt to take another route as written in AcSIR Ordinance (item no. 15, page 39) that:
“Upon the recommendation of the Senate, the BoG may appoint Honorary Professors and may confer the title of Emeritus Professor upon any professor who has retired/superannuated from CSIR service.”
(4) If none of the above works, the retiring scientist’s status for supervising an AcSIR registered PhD student would change from Guide to a Co-guide consistent with practice at CSIR Labs. This should be allowed by the Chairman Senate on the recommendation of the Lab Director and then ratified in subsequent Senate meeting.

12. What would be the status of the faculty as Guide after his/her superannuation from CSIR with respect to administrative purpose when the concerned student has already submitted his thesis and its evaluation is in process?
If a student has completed all the academic requirements including Open Colloquium for submission of Summary of Work/Thesis prior to the date of resignation of the Supervisor, then for academic consideration the scientist would still be recorded as the guide of the student. In such circumstances, however, a co-guide needs to be nominated from AcSIR faculty for taking care of future needs related to completion of the process of award of the degree.
14. Are there any guidelines for selection of thesis examiners?
15. Is there any concept of teachers' excellence award/ or felicitation for teachers' at AcSIR?
AcSIR would surely like to introduce such felicitation at appropriate time.
J. Miscellaneous queries
1. Does AcSIR have any provision for reserved category students (SC/ST/OBC) and physically challenged students (visual/speech impaired/auditory) to take up education program?
Yes, the Academy follows reservation guidelines as stipulated in Section 3 of the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006. Please refer clause (2) of section 9 of the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Act, 2011.
2. Is there any provision to apply for transfer of labs? If yes, what is the procedure?
Yes it is possible, talk to your Advisor(s) and then to AcSIR Lab Coordinator.  The Lab Coordinator will initiate the process in consultation with Associate Dean which would require recommendation from respective Dean and finally Senate’s ratification.
3. Is AcSIR recognized for providing student travel concession (Railways) / local transportation?
Not as of now.
4. Are there any provision for hiatus/break period for AcSIR student during there course of study?
Yes this is possible.This provision is only for those students whose positions are NOT directly linked with CSIR positions. For example a student having a Trainee Scientist position with CSIR will not be considered for this provision. However all such request will be decided on case to case basis for up to a period of three months only. Also any request falling in the first year of the enrollment will not be entertained.    
5. What is the procedure for applying break during PhD program?

The request for break during PhD program shall need to be forwarded by AcSIR Coordinator with endorsement from the Lab Director to the concerned Dean for recommendation to the Chairman, Senate for approval.

6. My fellowship/Stipend tenure is getting over shortly, can i still continue my academic program at AcSIR? If so, What are the guidelines for same.

You can still continue academic program on the basis of approval from your supervisor and endorsement by the laboratory Director. As expected you have to pay the tuition fee just like any other student.

7. I am asked to submit a Character and Conduct Certificate, Medium of Instruction Certificate and Thesis Submission Certificate by the organization/institute where I have applied for employment/ higher education opportunity. How do I get it?

The application needs to be made to AcSIR Coordinator of your CSIR Lab/ Institute with appropriate reasons.

8. I have been awarded with an international merit fellowship by a prestigious organization. What procedure to be followed for its acceptance as a AcSIR student as I would be required to travel out of my host Institute upon its acceptance and I would be remotely working for my M.Tech / PhD work?

You need to take written approval from the Supervisor(s) and the AcSIR Coordinator of the CSIR Laboratory/Institute before applying for such fellowship to avail leave on selection with due approval from the Dean of your faculty of study.

8. I have lost my degree certificate, Can i get a duplicate one and what is the process of getting a duplicate certificate?

You can get a duplicate certificate on request and upon payment of charges mention as below.

  • For Certificate issued within 10 years
    >  Rs. 5000/- per copy for applicants living in India
    >  USD 350/- or equivalent in foreign currency per copy for applicants living abroad
  • For Certificates issued more than 10 years ago
    >  Rs. 10000/- per copy for applicants living in India
    >  USD 500/- or equivalent in foreign currency per copy for applicants living abroad 
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