Frequently Asked Questions.

A. About AcSIR
1. What is AcSIR?
2. How AcSIR is associated with CSIR?
3. Which CSIR labs are associated with AcSIR?
4. Is AcSIR accredited by any accreditation body?


B. Eligibility Criteria & Enrolment
1. What are the academic programs offered by AcSIR?
2. When and how Selection for the programmes are done?
3. What are the minimum educational qualifications for applying to various academic Programs of AcSIR?
4. I have less than 60% at my Master degree, am I eligible to join PhD program of AcSIR?
5. When can a Project Assistant working at any CSIR lab apply for PhD program at AcSIR?
6. I have done my Masters from open school/distance mode/part-time basis, am I eligible for the PhD program at AcSIR?
7. Can I join PhD after graduation?
8. I am Integrated M.Tech-Ph.D student of AcSIR and completed M.Tech part of the program. I am interested to pursue PhD part of IMP program. Is it compulsory to again apply through Online Admission portal?
9. I have completed my M.Tech part of Integrated M.Tech-Ph.D (IMP) program of AcSIR. And, I could not clear the interview for continuing the Ph.D part of IMP program. What is the further procedure to be followed to do Ph.D at AcSIR?
10. Is there any online / Distance mode of education offered by AcSIR?
11. I am currently pursuing my Graduation/Post Graduation degree- Is there any provision for Summer Training/Internship program?
12. Who can apply for AcSIR-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training program?
13. Is there any timeline or calendar for AcSIR-Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Summer Training program? How many seats are usually offered?
14. What is the inter-disciplinary research? Are there any specific condition / Eligibility for the same in AcSIR?
15. I am working; can I apply for a part time PhD program?
16. I am a working professional in an industry, are there any opportunities available to do Master’s/Ph.D program for interested candidate like me?
17. Which programs are offered for Industry Sponsored Candidates and what are the eligibility criteria?
18. Can International Students apply for the programs, if yes then what is the procedure?
19. Will AcSIR issue any document in support of my selection as PhD student?
C. Identity Card
1. I have not got my Identity card as of yet, what should I do to get it?
2. Can I retain my ID card after completing my program at AcSIR?
3. Where do I use my ID card issued by AcSIR
D. Tuition Fees
1. What is the program fees, and how long I have to pay the fees.
2. What is the mode of payment of AcSIR tuition fees?
3. I had submitted the direct debit mandate form for e-collection of Tuition Fee long back but my tuition fees is not being deducted since then, what could be the possible reason.
4. My direct debit mandate was not activated on time. How can I pay the outstanding tuition fees? Also is it mandatory to pay the outstanding fees before conduct of Comprehensive examination?
5. I want to stop payment of tuition fees via ECS mode as I have discontinued my studies at AcSIR, how should I do it.
E. For PhD students: DAC meetings and Comprehensive Exam
1. What is DAC?
2. When the DAC is to be constituted? What is the procedure of its constitution?
3. What is comprehensive examination?
4. My first DAC meeting is over, where should I submit the work report.
5. What should be the minimum gap between two DACs?
6. How should I change the DAC members for betterment of my research work.
7. Can I skip DAC 3 and appear for DAC 4 directly?
8. How many DACs are necessary for completion of thesis?
9. I was a Project Assistant before enrolling at AcSIR, can I appear for DAC 1 and DAC 2 at quick succession as I have sufficient data for it?
10. What are the timelines for conducting different DAC meeting i.e. DAC 1 through DAC4? Please specify the Purpose /objectives of each DAC?
11. What is the mode of conduct of Open Colloquium and Viva-Voce examination?
12. How should I change the DAC members for betterment of my research work.
13. I am an Industry sponsored candidate in PhD program of AcSIR. What are the requirements for appearing in the Comprehensive Examination?
14. Who will approve the Comprehensive Board of a student?
F. Other Academic queries
1. Where can I get details on courses currently offered by AcSIR?
2. Is there any provision of credit transfers?
3. Do I need to inform AcSIR if any of my research work is published? How to do it?
4. Is it mandatory to have paper publication prior to thesis submission?
5. Is there any format prescribed by AcSIR for describing the AcSIR affiliation in paper?
6. Is there any provision for results (coursework) to appear on website?
7. I do not want to continue as an AcSIR student any more, what are the formalities to be taken up to cancel my studentship?
8. Is there any provision for placement cell for students?
9. Does AcSIR award any scholarship/prize to the meritorious students/topper of the university?
10. Is there any provision for student's health care insurance under Students' Welfare scheme? Or does AcSIR have tie ups with any hospital for concessional treatment of its students?
11. How to get Transcripts from AcSIR.
12. Has AcSIR tied up with any international partners to carry out the research jointly.
13. Are student exchange programs available at AcSIR? If yes, how it can be availed?
14. What is the minimum time required for finishing PhD (I am CSIR-JRF/ Project Assistant converted to PhD student)?
15. Is there any facility for putting up student grievances at AcSIR?
16. Can Advisor/Guide allotted once be changed during the program, if yes, what is the procedure for it.
17. Is there any Handbook available for AcSIR student which will guide student from enrollment through PhD completion at AcSIR?
18. I have failed in one of the subjects of coursework during semester examination can I appear for retest and when can it be taken?
19. I want to change my faculty (stream) of studies. What is the procedure for it?
G. Societal Program
1. What is the normal duration of project completion.
2. Can this be taken up in a team?
3. What is the format of writing report after project work?
4. Will the report be evaluated? If yes, how?
5. Do we need to include this in the final thesis?
6. Is field work compulsory?
7. Will the duration of field work starts after the project proposal is approved? Or how do we calculate the time frame?
8. In which areas Societal Program can be done?
9. Is Societal Program completion mandatory to proceed for thesis submission.
H. Thesis Writing
1. When can I submit my PhD thesis? And what are the pre-requisites for thesis submission.
2. How long does it normally take thesis viva to be conducted once the thesis is submitted?
3. Do we need to write a short summary of our research work in our regional language
4. Any specific font size and textual specifications to be followed for writing of thesis?
5. Will e-format of thesis is sufficient or hard copies are required?
6. What is the minimum time to get provisional degree after Viva Voce Examination?
7. My thesis title needs to be modified as per my research work, what is procedure for doing it?
8. I have given my Final DAC (Open Colloquium) recently, when can I submit my PhD thesis?
9. I have completed all the academic requirements to submit my thesis, How should I proceed for doing the same as a part-time PhD Candidate?
I. Regarding issuance of PhD Certificates
1. When do I expect to get my formal certificate after completion of the degree ?
2. I have completed my viva voce exam successfully. When do I expect to get my PhD degree certificate?
3. I have got an offer for a post-doc fellowship subject to my producing the formal certificate for my PhD degree. Can I get the certificate, as special case, based on my urgent need ?
4. Why my career plan would be affected due to late issuance of degree certificate?
5. Why the waiting period for getting formal degree certificate is up to 180 days? Can you explain the timeline?
J. Faculties general queries
1. My student has just finished with his PhD work at my lab, what is procedure for thesis submission?
2. External expert identified for my student's defense viva wants to conduct the exam via skype/VC. How should I go about it?
3. I have just been promoted; my designation at AcSIR needs to be updated accordingly. What is the procedure for it?
4. I am a scientist in a CSIR Lab. I want to apply for AcSIR faculty position at CSIR-Lab, what needs to be done for it?
5. Does AcSIR issue any document in support of my faculty position at AcSIR?
6. I want to nominate someone for Adjunct Faculty at AcSIR, what is the procedure for it?
7. Is there any particular grading system which needs to be followed for coursework, particularly to grade Societal Program?
8. I want to include someone as Co-Advisor for my student, what is the procedure and criteria for it?
9. How many students can I supervise or co-supervise as per AcSIR guidelines?
10. What will be status of faculty as a Guide after his/her superannuation from CSIR?
11. What is the future scope of superannuating scientist who are willing to remain associated with AcSIR?
12. What would be the status of the faculty as Guide after his/her superannuation from CSIR with respect to administrative purpose when the concerned student has already submitted his thesis and its evaluation is in process?
14. Are there any guidelines for selection of thesis examiners?
15. Is there any concept of teachers' excellence award/ or felicitation for teachers' at AcSIR?
K. Miscellaneous queries
1. Does AcSIR have any provision for reserved category students (SC/ST/OBC) and physically challenged students (visual/speech impaired/auditory) to take up education program?
2. Is there any provision to apply for transfer of labs? If yes, what is the procedure?
3. Is AcSIR recognized for providing student travel concession (Railways) / local transportation?
4. Are there any provision for hiatus/break period for AcSIR student during there course of study?
5. What is the procedure for applying break during PhD program?
6. My fellowship/Stipend tenure is getting over shortly, can i still continue my academic program at AcSIR? If so, What are the guidelines for same.
7. I am asked to submit a Character and Conduct Certificate, Medium of Instruction Certificate and Thesis Submission Certificate by the organization/institute where I have applied for employment/ higher education opportunity. How do I get it?
8. I have been awarded with an international merit fellowship by a prestigious organization. What procedure to be followed for its acceptance as a AcSIR student as I would be required to travel out of my host Institute upon its acceptance and I would be remotely working for my M.Tech / PhD work?
8. I have lost my degree certificate, Can i get a duplicate one and what is the process of getting a duplicate certificate?
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