Completed Ph.D Theses.

S. No.Registration NumberNameInstituteFacultySessionAdvisorThesis TitleYear of Completion
120EE14J35003Shyam BirlaCSIR-AMPRI, BhopalEngineering SciencesJan-19Dr. D.P MondalAluminium cenosphere hybrid foam through stir casting technique2019
210BB11A03001Manish K JohriCSIR-CCMB, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-11Krishnan H. HarshanRole of mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway in Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection2019
310BB13J03001Parna ShahCSIR-CCMB, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra / Dr. Shrish Tiwari (co-supervisor)Genome organization and chromatin landscape in regulating gene expression2019
410BB12A04008Preeti MauryaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Manoj K BarthwalRole of interleukin-1 receptor associated Kinase in vascular smooth muscle cell function and vascular remodeling2019
510BB12A04032Pandya Sanketkumar MahendrakumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-18Amit MisraNovel delivery systems containing glucogon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) fragment for management of type 2 diabetes mellitus2019
610BB13A04003Bhanu Priya AwasthiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Kalyan MitraEvaluation of anti-leishmanial activity and understanding the mechanism of action of promising leishmanicidal agents2019
710BB13A04007Jyoti Bala KaushalCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Anila DwivediInvestigation of the molecular and signailing mechanism implicated in pathogenesis of endometrial dysfunction(s)2019
810BB13A04017Ravindra Kumar YadavCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13P K ShuklaGeneration and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against cell surface proteins of Aspergillus fumigatus for diagnostic and therapeutic use2019
910BB14J04004Gitu PandeyCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Prabhat Ranjan MishraSurface engineered smart nanocarriers bearing docetaxel for improved chemotherapy against cancer2019
1010BB14J04007Naresh MittapellyCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Prabhat Ranjan MishraDelivery of Mimantine and Donepezil using novel Drug delivery system for the better management of Alzheimer’s Disease2019
1110BB14J04012Tulasankar Sachin LaxmanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Rabi S BhattaPreclinical ADME, Human pharmacokinetic prediction and PK-PD studies of 4655K-09: A novel HMGCOA reductase inhibitor2019
1210BB16A04007Jyotsna PandeyCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-16Dr. Akhilesh TamrakarIdentification and evaluation of phytoestrogens for the management of peripheral insulin resistance2019
1310BB16A04016Soobiya FatimaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-19Dr. Aamir NazirStudies on Molecules of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase family and their association with Neurodegenerative diseases employing Caenorhabditis elegans2019
1410BB16A04022Vinay ShuklaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-16Anila DwivediRole of microtubule polymerization and related protein TPPP3 in embryo implantation2019
1510CC13A04022Ashish Kumar GuptaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-19Kishor MohananNovel strategies for the synthesis of spiro heterocycles employing ?-diazo-?-ketophosphonate2019
1610CC13A04023Atul Kumar ChaturvediCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-13Namrata RastogiNovel annulation reaction for the synthesis of carbocyclic/heterocyclic scaffolds2019
1710CC13A05005Avanish ShuklaCSIR-CECRIChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Vijayamohanan K. PillaiDevelopment of nanocomposite membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells2019
1810CC13J05002PANDIA RAJATHI MCSIR-CECRIChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sheela BerchmansElectrocatalysis of Nanostructured Metal Catalysts on Carbon/Polymer Supports for Methanol/ DNA Bases Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction2019
1910CC14J05003K. GuruprakashCSIR-CECRIChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. A.S. PrakashDevelopment of Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalysts and Eletcrolytes for Li-O2 Batteries2019
2010BB14A05008S ManikandanCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiBiological SciencesAug-14S. MaruthamuthuElectrochemical and biological processes for removal of pollutants from textile effluent2019
2110CC12A05003C. P. LaisaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12K. RameshaNovel lithium-rich layered cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries2019
2210CC12A05012Mohammed AzeezullaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesAug-12Sailaja KrishnamurtyDiscerning structure-property correlation towards the activation of small molecules2019
2310CC13A05001R AswathyCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-19P. RagupthyStudies on electrode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors2019
2410CC13A05004C AnithaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-19Sundar MayavanFluorine free superhydrophobic surfaces2019
2510CC14J05011Tanmay SarkarCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-14A.S. PrakashElectrochemical properties of Li-rich phases: DFT and experimental2019
2610CP13A05007S JayashreeCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. S. RavichandranDefect-driven electrochemical and photo-electrochemical water splitting behavior of nanocrystalline TiO2-X2019
2710PP14J05013Subramani K.CSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesJan-14M. SathishReduced graphene oxide-based nanocomposites and bio-derived carbon for supercapacitor applications2019
2820EE13A06006Pankaj B AgarwalCSIR-CEERIEngineering SciencesAug-19Ajay AgarwalDevelopment of single-walled carbon nanotubes based sensing platform2019
2932EE12A06011PurushothamanCSIR-CEERIEngineering SciencesAug-12S.K GhoshDesign of metamaterial-based interaction structures for microwave tubes2019
3020EE12A06004Meenu KaushikCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEngineering SciencesAug-12L. M. JoshiDesign studies on inductive output tubes2019
3132EE12J06010VishantCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEngineering SciencesJan-12A.BeraElectromagnetic analysis of high-frequency, high-power gyrotron2019
3232EE14A06007Amit Kumar GoyalCSIR-CEERI, PilaniESAug-18Suchandan PalDesign analysis and development of photonic crystal based structures for sensing applications2019
3310BB11A08002Sakthi KumaranCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-11G. VijayalakshmiEnrichment of millet foods for dietary bioactive molecules through fermentation2019
3410BB12J08005Sathya T ACSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-19Mahejibin KhanConstruction of soil metagenomiChemical Sciences library and screening of pectinase for the synthesis of pectic oligosaccharides2019
3510BB13A08001Archana Gopalrao LamdandeCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-19KSMS RaghavaraoWet processing for value added products from coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)2019
3610BB14A08007Sunil LCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-14Balaji PrakashIn silico designing, expression, and characterization of protein enriched with branched chain amino acids and In-vitro studies on its utilization for dietary treatment of chronic liver diseases2019
3710BB14A08008Rashmi S ShenoyCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Manonmani H KEvaluation of antidiabetic potential of Gymnema sylvestre2019
3810BB14A08010Anikishetty MaheswaraiahCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-18P. VijayarajPhysiological significance of diacylglycerol oil and its metabolism2019
3910BB14J08005DhanashreeCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-19Dr. K RajagopalUnderstanding the pleomorphic nature of Bifidobacteri2019
4010BB14J08008Memthoi DeviCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14N Iboyaima SinghEnumeration of nutritional and bio-functional properties of Rhus chinensis mill. (Heimang) fruits and its products2019
4110BB14J08009Mohan Kumar B VCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14P. PrabhasankarImmunoreactivity of Indian wheat varieties and their impact in low-gluten food processing2019
4210BB14J08026M Jaypraksh RaoCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Malathi SrinivasanStudies on regulation of cell morphology and lipid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae2019
4320EE12A08009MurugeshCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEngineering SciencesAug-12R SubramanianAthermal extraction and membrane clarification of green tea extracts2019
4410BB15A09003Somoshree GuptaCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataBiological SciencesAug-01Vamsi Krishna BallaInfluence of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) and static magnetic field (SMF) on efficacy of cancer cell inhibition2019
4532EE15A09001Biswajit BeraCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEngineering SciencesAug-18Dr. Nandini DasSilica-Carbon Based Composite Membranes and Materials for CO2 Separation and Storage Applications2019
4632EE15A09002Chandra KhatuaCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEngineering SciencesAug-19Dr. Vamsi Krishna BallaBismuth Ferrite reinforced composite biomaterials for bone implant applications2019
4732EE15A09003Debrati MukherjeeCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEngineering SciencesAug-18Sourja GhoshMembrane based process for purification of wastewater contaminated with specific pesticide and drug molecules2019
4832EE15A09004Ipsita ChinyaCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEngineering SciencesAug-15S. SenDevelopment of polymer-ceramic nanocomposite for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator application2019
4910BB12J10005Mridula SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Ashutosh K. ShuklaGene prospecting in Papaver somniferum using contrasting genotypes2019
5010BB15A10002Khushboo KhanCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. Rajesh Kumar VermaCarbon sequestration and agro-economic potentials of aromatic crops based cropping systems2019
5110BB15A10008Sana KhanCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-15Laiq ur RahmanMetabolic engineering of phenylpropanoid pathway in Ocimum Species (O. gratissium and O. sanctum) for vanillin production2019
5210BB15J10001Atul Kumar SrivastavaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-15Abdul SamadInvestigation of Curvularia spp. Infecting economically important medicinal and aromatic plants: Secondary metabolite profiling and their management2019
5310BB16J10008Laxmi RathorCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-16Rakesh PandeyEvaluation of antiaging and stress modulating activities of boeravinone B from Boerhaavia diffusa L. in Caenorhabditis elegans2019
5410BB16J10012Swati SrivasatavaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Ashok SharmaComputational analysis of miRNAs and their role in secondary metabolite biosynthesis of MAPs2019
5510BB16J10013Garima SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-16A.K. ShasanyMolecular interaction study of heavy metals chelator metallothionein type 2 with cadmium in medicinal and aromatic plants2019
5610BB15A10004Pooja SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucnowBiological SciencesAug-19Laiq ur RahmanGenetic transformatin of Pelargonium graveolens with bacterial acc deaminase gene for biotic and abiotic resistance2019
5710CC14A43001Deblina MaitiCSIR-CIMFRChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Bably PrasadStudies on ecorestoration of fly ash filled area with grass-legume mixtures, bioaccumulation of heavy metals and nutrient cycling2019
5810CB13J11002Lawal Adetoun HelenCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiBiological SciencesJan-19P. ShanmugamMolecular microbial ecology of archaeal community in biogas productiion using different waste materials2019
5932EE12A15019Neha KhatriCSIR-CSIO, ChadigarhEngineering SciencesAug-12Vinod KararMicromachining process chain for optical finish of smooth silicon mirrors for X-rays applications2019
6010PP12A15001Sukhbir SinghCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhPhysical SciencesAug-12Inderpreet KaurBandgap modelling of graphene nanoribbon for nano-FET design2019
6120EE14A15001Jyotsana MehtaCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEngineering SciencesAug-14Akash DeepSensing and removal of organophosphate pesticides using biofunctionalized nanostructured materials2019
6220EE14J15005Sanjeev Kumar BhardwajCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEngineering SciencesJan-18Amit L. SharmaAssembly of metal organic framework (MOF) based conducting platforms for sensing applications2019
6332EE12J15007Divya AgrawalCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEngineering SciencesJan-12Vinod KararMultispectral image fusion for enhancing situation awareness2019
6432EE12J15008Ritesh KumarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEngineering SciencesJan-18GPS RaghavaAnalysis of Structure odor relationship: A Computational approach2019
6532EE12J15011Sudeshna BagchiCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEngineering SciencesJan-12Sudeshna BagchiElectrostatically deposited hierarchical nanostructures as resistive and optical platforms for ammonia detection2019
6610BB15J16021Raval Ishan HareshbhaiCSIR-CSMCRIBiological SciencesJan-15Dr. S. HaldarCharacterization of harmful bacteria from coastal resources of Gujarat2019
6710BB13A16006Raghawendra KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-13Avinash MishraMicrobial community structure and functional genes (Lac, alkB, xyl) analysis from seawater using metagenomic approach2019
6810BB13A16007Jackson Melvinbhai KhediaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-19P.K AgarwalIsolation and characterization of stress responsive AlNAC4 transcription factor from halophyte Aeluropus lagopoides2019
6910BB13J16015Madhusree MitraCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-13Sandhya MishraIdentification of microalgae as a potential source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids viz. EPA and DHA2019
7010BB14J16022Sweta Binod KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-19Soumya HaldarBacterial attachment on polymeric membranes: Strategies and applications2019
7110BB15J16018Manali Jagdishbhai RathodCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-15Shaik BashaSynthesis and characterization of nanocellulose-TiO2 composites and their application in removal of pharmaceutical compounds from aqueous streams2019
7210CC13A16003Ankitkumar KansaraCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Puyam S. SinghHydrophobic poly(alkyl)siloxane membranes for organic selective separation process2019
7310BB13A02017Swati VarshneyCSIR-IGIB, DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Shantanu SenguptaProteomiChemical Sciences studies to understand multigenerational effect of vitamin B12 deficiency in wistar rats2019
7410BB13A02013SANDEEP BASUCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Chetana SachidanandanMolecular Dissection and Chemical Modulation of Hepcidin Mediated Systemic Iron Homeostasis in Vertebrates2019
7510BB13J02020Shikha KoulCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Anurag AgrawalStudy of bacterial diversity for anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm activities2019
7610BB13J02022Pooja KumariCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Sagarika BiswasRole of synovial proteins in rheumatoid arthritis2019
7710BB13J02024Manish Kumar RaiCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Kausik ChakrabortyUnderstanding the molecular mechanism of adaptive thermotolerance in E. coli2019
7810BB13J02025Pradeep Kr. TiwariCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Mahesh DharneMicrobial ecology, diversity and biochemical potential within basaltic Indian hot spring2019
8010BB14J02002Ashwini BCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-18Chetana SachidanandanEpigenetic modulators in vertebrate embryonic development: EP300 in a disease model2019
8110BB14J02005Bhavneet KaurCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-14Soumya Sinha RoyTo understand the molecular mechanism involved in homocysteine (Hcy) induced neurotoxicity2019
8210BB12A33002Madhu KumariCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-19Mahesh GuptaIdentification and role of probiotiChemical Sciences for potential health benefits2019
8310BB13J33007Munish KaundalCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Rakesh Kumar“Effect of Elevated CO2 and Temperature on Growth, Biomass and Selected Bioactive molecules of Valeriana jatamansi J. and Hypericum perforatum L. in the Western Himalayas”2019
8410BB13J33008Vishal SharmaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Sanjay KumarIdentification of apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) DREB/CBF transcription factors and their characterization in Tobacco2019
8510BB14J33004Sourabh SoniCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-14Yogendra S. PadwadElucidating the role of MAPKAPK2 as a potential anticancer target in the pathogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma2019
8610CC15A33007Dhananjay BhattacharjeeCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-15Pralay DasHypervalent iodine(III) promoted ring-rearrangement and functionalization approaches in organic synthesis2019
8710BB14J17001Basavraj KhanppnavarCSIR-IICB, kolkataBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Saumen DattaStructural and Functional Analysis of Type III Secretion System(T3SS) Effectors and Key Metabolic Proteins from Pseudomonas aeruginosa2019
8810BB13J07006Subhadeep DasCSIR-IICB, kolkattaBiological SciencesJan-13Sucheta TripathyDevelopment of integrative computational and statistical methods for the analysis of omiChemical Sciences and clinical data2019
8910BB15J17005Arijit PandaCSIR-IICB, kolkattaBiological SciencesJan-19Sucheta TripathyA new paradigm in analyzing large and small genomes by sophisticated computational methods and workflows2019
9010CC13A17004Ayan MukherjeeCSIR-IICB, kolkattaChemical SciencesAug-13DR. ARINDAM TALUKDARDesign and synthesis of potential anticancer therapeutic agents and human toll-like receptor 9 antagonist for the treatment of autoimmune disorder2019
9110CC11J18046JANARDHAN GADDAMCSIR-IICTChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavRing Closing Metathesis: Synthesis of Relgro, 10'-Oxorelgro, (3R,4S)-4-Hydroxylasiodiplodin, (3R,4R)-4-Hydroxy-de-O-methyllasiodiplodin, 8,9-Dihydro greensporone D, Dechlorogreensporone F and Greensporone F2019
9210CC15J18014Mali Prakash RambhauCSIR-IICTChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Pravin R. LikharSynthesis of Bioactive ?-Resorcylic Acid Esters and New Methodologies For Spiro Compounds Via Cycloaddition Reactions2019
9310BB11A18021Dasari RamakrishnaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-11Sunil MisraEvaluation of in vitro & in vivo genotoxicity effects of Zoledronic acid - a bisphosphonate drug used for the treatment of bone cancer2019
9410BB12A18070Lakshmi Ravali.VCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Shasi Vardhan KalivendiMechanisms mediating alternative splicing of ?-synuclein and the role of smaller isoforms in the pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease2019
9510BB13J18060Vamsi Krishna KamajaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-13S. Venkata MohanElectroactive bacteria development for enhancing electron flux in microbial electrochemical systems through metabolic engineering and metagenomic strategies2019
9610BB13J18062ChandrashekharCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-13Ramesh UmmanniMolecular mechanisms underlying the role of tumor protein D52(TPD52) in prostate cancer progression2019
9710BB14J18070Karthik Reddy KamireddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-19Ramesh UmmanniFunctional characterization of altered dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase (DDAH1) in prostate cancer (PCa) progression and identification of its specific inhibitors2019
9810BB15A18037Anirban GangulyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-15Rajkumar BanerjeeDevelopment of novel estrogen receptor targeted anticancer therapeutiChemical Sciences and cancer cell detecting fluorescent hybrid molecules2019
9910BB15J18043M. Anil KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-15Anthony AddlagattaUnderstanding the structural differences among M1-Class aminopeptidases and development of novel inhibitors2019
10010BB16J18028S M Rajesh KotcherlakotaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-16Chittaranjan PatraDesign, synthesis, characterization of gold nanobioconjugates for targeted delivery of drugs & nucleic acids in ovarian cancer and noninvasive bioimaging2019
10110CC11J18003Mora Mallikarjuna RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11J.S. YadavStudies towards eutypelln A, Phomolide G, Reidispongiolide A and dolabriferol2019
10210CC11J18104N. Sivakumar ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Rajesh ChandraBifunctional organic molecules applications in asymmetric organic catalysis and alzheimer's disease therapy2019
10310CC12A18061Abdul Rahim Abdul RaufCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ahmed KamalSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Indole, Isatin, Quinoline and Benzimidazole based Congeners as Anticancer and Antimicrobial Agents: Development of New synthetic methodologies2019
10410CC12J18004B Maheshwar RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12J.S. YadavDesign and synthesis of nitrogen containing heterocycles employing transition metal catalysts2019
10510CC12J18030Sravanth Kumar AmurtapuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. J. S. YADAVStudies towards the total synthesis of palmyrolide A, stagonolide D, stigmolone, and acremolide B2019
10610CC12J18032Srinivas GajulaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-19Dr. J. S. YadavStudies towards the Synthesis of Tetrahydrofuran, Tetrahydropyran and Piperdine Containing Natural Products: Lobocrasol, Formosalide, Flavoxate and Terpene Alkaloids2019
10710CC13A18010Purnachandar DalovaiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Galla V. KarunakarGold and silver catalyzed organic transformations to access carbazoles, tetraarylmethane furans and biphenylaminoketones via C-C, C-N and C-O bond formation2019
10910CC14A18001Navya G.CSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-14S. ChandrasekharExpanding the tetrahydroquinoline pharmacophore and efforts towards the synthesis of pentacyclic core of (±) meloscine2019
11010CC14A18006Goskulwad S. PotannaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-14Dr.Sidhanath V. BhosaleDesign, Synthesis and Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Biomimetic Functional Naphthalenediimides2019
11110CC14J18009Bola Srinivasa RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14N. LingaiahStudies on modified heteropoly acid catalysts for biomass valorization2019
11210CC14J18023KARRI SANGAM NAIDUCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. S. PALANIAPPANPolyanilines and Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) as supercapacitor, electrostatic discharge and sensing materials2019
11310CC14J18039N. SambasivaraoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14H.M. MaheshwaranTransition metal/metal free promoted highly site-selective C-X (X = I, Br, Cl, N) bond formation on N-(quinolin-8-yl)benzamide derivatives via C-H activation technologies2019
11410CC14J18040Srikanthreddy NarraCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14B. NarsaiahSynthesis and mechanistic studies of ?-aroyl thioacetanilide based novel heterocycles of biocogical interest2019
11510CC14J18044Pedada Srinivasa RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-19Sidhanath V. BhosaleDesign, synthesis, chemistry and photovoltaic applications of ?-conjugated systems2019
11610CC14J18052R. Srilakshmi Tirupathamma
CSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14U.V. MallavadhaniIsolation, chemical modification and biological evaluation of major metabolites of some Indian lichens2019
11710CC14J18055Shaik Syed HussainCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14T. ShekharamTransparent organic inorganic hybrid photopolymers for optical applications2019
11810CC14J18056T. SomasekharCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14U.V. MallavadhaniIsolation, chemical modification, and biological evaluation of major metabolites of some lichen species2019
11910CC14J18082Kirti KumariCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. A. MANJULADesign, synthesis and analysis of organic molecules of forensic interest2019
12010CC15A18001Anusha ValabojuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15K. BhanuprakashOptoelectronic properties of organic and organometallic molecules for applications in organic light emitting diodes and photovoltaic cells: A computational study2019
12110CC15A18007Ibrahim Bin SayeedCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15K. SrinivasSynthesis of imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles, imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and benzo[d]imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles as anticancer agents that target tubulin2019
12410CC15A18019Yada BharathCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15D.K. MohapatraSynthesis of diospongin A & B, dibenzo[b,f]oxepins and regioselective reductive ring opening of p-methoxybenzylidene acetals2019
12510CC15J18001Yellaiah TangellaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15B. Nagendra BabuDevelopment of metal-free strategies to diverse heterocycles and synthesis of ?-carboline, dihydrofuran congeners as potential anticancer agents2019
12610CC15J18006Srivalli Susmitha GhattiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15U.V. MallavadhaniStudies on Some Potent Indian Traditional Plants for Selected Biological Applications2019
12710CC15J18015Satish SunkariCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15B. Nagendra BabuSynthesis of pyridyl derivatives as potential anticancer aents and development of newer methodoligies for imidazopyridine, quinazolinone scaffolds2019
12810CC15J18022Shinde Dilip NivruttiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-19Rajiv TrivediFerrocenyl conjugates of five membered imidazolinones and thiazolidinedione rings: Synthesis, characterisation and biological activity2019
12910CC15J18029Deboshree MukherjeeCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15B.Mahipal ReddyRational design of ceria-based nano-oxides for improved catalytic activity2019
13010CC15J18031Bolla Govind RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15B. Mahipal ReddyDesign of novel nanostructured metal oxide catalysts for selective oxidation reactions2019
13110CC16A18036Singuru RamanaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-16Dr. John MondalDesign of Novel Catalysts for Value-Added Chemicals from Biomass-Derived Platform Molecules2019
13210CC16A18039Sura Madhu BabuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-19Mangala GowriPhytochemical investigation & bioevaluation of secondary metabolites from Ipomoea, Ceriops, Artemisia genera and biotransformation of artemisinin2019
13310CC16J18015Dipak Kumar TiwariCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-16Pravin R. LikharNovel synthetic utility of isocyanide for the construction of various nitrogen-heterocycles2019
13432EE14A18004Siddhartha MoulikCSIR-IICT, HyderabadEngineering SciencesAug-14S. SridharSynthesis and characterization of novel membranes for separation of binary liquid mixtures by pervaporation and membrane distillation: hydrodynamiChemical Sciences analysis and optimization studies2019
13532EE14A18005Vineet AniyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadESAug-14SatyavathiExploration of enhanced distillation techniques for dehydration of tert-butyl alcohol2019
13610CC14J18084AMRITANJALICSIR-IICT. HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. UJJWAL PALStudy and Development of TiO2 based Nanostructured Materials for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production2019
13710BB12A37001Sunil KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-18Inshad Ali KhanTo identify the new antibacterial agents targeting the M. tuberculosis ATP synthase enzyme2019
13810BB12A37007Mohd. Saleem DarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12DR. Mohd Jamal DarElucidating the role of beta-catenin terminal regions in its nuclear translocation and regulation of transcription.2019
13910BB12A37011Paramjeeet SinghCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Mohd Jamal DarAnalyzing the distinct and overlapping roles of p 110- alpha and p110- beta isoforms of P13K signaling in normal and cancer cells2019
14010BB12A37021Vidushi KhajuriaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-18Dr. Zabeer AhmedInvestigation of the Anti- inflammatory potential of Colebrookea oppositifolia by using in-vitro and in-vivo model2019
14110BB13A37004Rohini BhatCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-13Dhiraj VyasBiochemical and molecular characterization of glucosinolate - myrosinase system from Lepidium latifolium L.2019
14210BB13J37004Tabasum Mohi Ud DinCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-13Nasheeman AshrafUnderstanding regulatory mechanism of apocarotenoid biosynthesis and transport in Crocus sativus2019
14310BB13J37007Mohd Ishaq DarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-18Sayed Sajad HussainDiscovery of small molecule inhibitors of phosphodiesterases2019
14410BB13J37009Love SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Sheikh Tasduq AbdullahMolecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Intervention in Metabolic Dyslipidemia-Induced Chronic Liver Damage.2019
14510CC11J37021Saidulu DaraCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Ram A. VishwakarmaDesign and synthesis of fluorescently labeled phosphatidylinositol phosphates and development of new synthetic methodologies2019
14610CC11J37024Veeranjaneyulu GannediCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-18Ram A. VishwakarmaTotal synthesis of phospholipomannan of Candida albicans2019
14732EE15A19005Aditya RaiCSIR-IIP, DehradunEngineering SciencesAug-19Anil Kumar SinhaProcess intensification for production of transportation fuels2019
14810BB13J22003Megha BansalCSIR-IITRBiological SciencesJan-18K.M. AnsariEvaluation of dermal toxic potential of Alternaria mycotoxin, Alternariol and its detection in commonly consumed edible oils.2019
14910BB13A22006Shripriya SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-19Dr Aditya Bhushan PantDetection of organ specific responses against xenobiotiChemical Sciences in one go: A stem cell based study2019
15010CC13J22005Mahaveer Prasad PurohitCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-13Satyakam PatnaikDevelopment of selenopolymeric nanocomposites for combinatorial cancer therapy2019
15120EE12A36002Jacintha EstherCSIR-IMMTEngineering SciencesAug-12Dr. N. PradhanApplication of Dissimilatory Iron Reducing Bacteria for Recovery of Nickel from Chromite overburden of Sukinda2019
15210BB12A36005Madhabi Madhusmita BhanjadeoCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesAug-12Umakanta SubudhiLanthanide mediated B-to-Z transition in self-assembled branched DNA: A biophysical study2019
15310CC13A36019Ayonbala BaralCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-13M.K. GhoshSynthesis and Characterization of nano MnO2 and its composites for multifunctional applications2019
15410PP13J36007Smrutirekha SwainCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarPhysical SciencesJan-13Yatendra S. ChaudharySynthesis of inexpensive hybrid nanomaterials for their application in photoelectrochemical water splitting2019
15532EE12J36007Priyanka RajputCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarEngineering SciencesJan-19B.K MishraProduction of iron, nickel and ferronickel by low temperature hydrogen plasma
15620PE15A36002Sandhya KumariCSIR-IMMT, BhuvneshwarEngineering SciencesAugs-15S.K PradhanDevelopment of nanostructured graphene based composite coating for anti-corrosion appications2019
15710BB12A20002Anurag PassiCSIR-IMTECH, ChandigarhBiological SciencesAug-19Dr. Anshu BhardwajDrug Repurposing for Tuberculosis using Network Pharmacology and PharmacogenomiChemical Sciences2019
15810BB12J25013BabitaCSIR-NBRIBiological SciencesJan-19Dr. Samir V. SawantExploring the role of allelic epigenetic modifications and physical interactions responsible for heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana2019
15910BB12A25006Ashmita TandonCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Poonam C. SinghProspecting organic amendments for sodic soil reclamation2019
16010BB12A25012Yuvraj IndoliyaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Debasis ChakrabartyComparative analysis of molecular network regulating somatic embryogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.) suBiological Sciencespecies japonica and indica2019
16110BB12J25001NeelamCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Debasis ChakrabartyGenome-wide identification and characterization of rice Class I Metallothionein gene family2019
16210BB12J25014Chitra BhatiaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Prabodh Kumar TrivediMolecular basis of light-regulated flavonol biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana2019
16310BB13J25003Shatrujeet PandeyCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Pratibha MisraMolecular analysis of prickleless mutant to identify potential gene network regulating prickle development in Solanum viarum Dunal2019
16410BB12A26061Ameya BendreCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-1225.04.2018Structural and functional characterization of kunitz inhibitor from Cicer arietinum L.2019
16510BB12J26028Meghana AthalyeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-18Dhiman SarkarBiochemical studies on reactive oxygen species in Mycobacteria and its physiological role during infection2019
16610BB12J26031Reema BanerjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-19Mahesh J KulkarniModulation of endothelial cell signalling by chemically modified proteins2019
16710BB12J26032Mayooreshwar P. RajankarCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. ANU RAGHUNATHANRational Strain Design for Value Added Products: A Systems Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Approach2019
16810BB13A26032Yashpal YadavCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-13Pundle A. VBiochemical and structural analysis of bile salt hydrolases from gut microbiome and their In vivo efficacy studies for biotherapeutic applications2019
16910BB13A26041Saikat ChowdhuryCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-13Ram Rup SarkarUnderstanding complexities in biochemical pathways related to human diseases - A computational and mathematical approach2019
17010BB13J26030Rahul SalunkeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dhanasekaran ShanmugamDissecting the subunit composition, Structure and evolution of the highly diverged mitochondrial F-type ATP Synthase complex from Toxoplasma gondii2019
17110BB13J26033Gajanan Tukaram MehetreCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-19M.S DharneMicrobial ecology, diversity and biochemical potential within basaltic Indian hot spring2019
17210BB13J26035Nidhi SaikhedekarCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Ashok P. GiriPeptides for inhibition of insect proteases2019
17310BB14A26047Patil Amrita MarutiCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-19Dhanasekaran ShanmugamStrategies for impeding quorum sensing in bacteria: Basic and applied aspects2019
17410BB15A26040Darne Priti AnandCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-15Narendra KadooSophorolipid assisted enhanced solubility of hydrophobic biomolecules and development of nano-carriers as advanced drug delivery systems2019
17510CC11A26023Suman Kumari JhajhariaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. K. SelvarajNanoscopic physicochemical modifications on graphene for enhanced energy applications2019
17610CC11A26041Mr. Pravin Narayan ShindeCSIR-NCL, pUNEChemical SciencesAug-19B.L.V PrasadSynthesis of metal oxide, core-shell nanoparticles, Their surface modifications and applications2019
17710CC11J26026Pronnoy Govind BangarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19Dr. Suresh IyerVisible light photocatalysis - A greener approach towards Mizoroki-Heck reaction & variables in Mizoroki-Heck reaction of mono & disuBiological Sciencestituted olefins.2019
17810CC12A26011Eswara Kumar AratikatlaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Asish K. BhattacharyaDesign and synthesis of artemisinin-dipeptidyl vinyl phosphonate hybrid molecules as novel antimalarial agents; Synthesis of biologically active molecules and studies directed towards bioactives from Vernonia arborea2019
17910CC12A26023Jyoti MahajanCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Santosh B. MhaskeSynthesis of marinoquinoline A, aplidiopsamine A, chlorizidine A and their congeners for structure-activity relationship studies2019
18010CC12A26031Dharmeshkumar ParmarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12V. PanchagnulaHigh resolution mass spectrometry based quantification in metabolomiChemical Sciences2019
18110CC12A26042Smita NandeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-19B. GarnaikSynthesis of poly (aleuritic acid) for biomedical and styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer for environmental applications2019
18210CC12A26048Dnyaneshwar Nilkanth GaradCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Santosh. B. MhaskeDevelopment of Nitrogen Directed C-H Activation Protocols for the Synthesis of Natural Products, Drugs and New Scaffolds2019
18310CC13A26002Pradip BagleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Nitin T. PatilDevelopment of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond-forming reactions via gold and gold/silver co-operative catalysis2019
18410CC13A26011Manojkumar KalshettiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13N.P ArgadeStudies on total synthesis of bioactive indole alkaloids subincanadine A-G2019
18510CC13A26013Gorakhnath Rajaram JachakCSIR-NCL, pUNEChemical SciencesAug-19Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyTotal Synthesis of Revised Structure of Potent Anti-inflammatory Natural Product Solomonamides and Related Studies and Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Silicon Incorporated Morpholine Antifungals2019
18610CC13A26014MANO KUMAR GHOSALYACSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-19C.S GopinathGas-Solid Surface Interaction with Reactive and Less Reactive Gases: A Near Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study2019
18710CC13A26017Balasaheb Javalecsir-ncl, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Anil K KinageSynthesis of amino acid amide based ionic liquids: Their utilization in asymmetric transfer hydrogenation2019
18810CC13A26025YogitaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. C. P. VinodNew Formulation for Noble Metal (Au, Pd) Supported Metal Oxides and Their Catalytic Applications.2019
18910CC13A26026Harshal ChaudhariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Ulhas K KharulInvestigations of polybenzimidazole (PBI) based membranes for PEMFC and niche separation applications2019
19010CC13J26007Durgaprasad ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19Prakash P. WadgaonkarDesign, synthesis and evaluation of solution processable small organic molecules for applications in organic electroniChemical Sciences2019
19110CC13J26010Ulhas Nitin PatelCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Benudhar PunjiCatalytic C-H Functionalization of Azoles using N-Ligated Nickel Complexes and their Mechanistic Studies2019
19210CC13J26021Avinash GhanateCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13V. PanchagnulaHigh-throughput analysis tools for mass spectrometry based data quantitation2019
19310CC13J26028Ekta SangtaniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13R.G. GonnadePharmaceutical cocrystals and polymorphs: Preparation, characterization and structural analysis2019
19410CC14A26002Mohitosh BhadraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-19Rahul BanerjeeChemically stable nitrogenous porous crystalline covalent organic frameworks for heterogeneous catalysis2019
19510CC14A26018Arjun HaldarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Rahul BanerjeeModular construction of ultra-stable, porous, crystalline covalent organic frameworks: Membrane based water purification and energy storage2019
19610CC14A26019Saibal BeraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Rahul BanerjeeSupramolecular porous organic and metal organic soft materials: Concept, construction and properties2019
19710CC14A26025SandeepCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Sakya Singha SenPreparation of well-defined alkaline earth metal complexes and their applications in molecular catalysis2019
19810CC14J26004K. Prabhakar ReddyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-14C.S. GopinathExploration of catalysts and catalysis under near working conditions2019
19910CC14J26005Popat ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Nitin T. PatilGold and bronsted acid catalyzed reactions for the synthesis of benzoquinolines, fused quinolizinones and arylalkynyl sulfones2019
20010CC14J26011Sarabjot Kaur MakkadCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19Asha S.KFunctionalized fluorescent polystyrene nanobeads for sensing and bioimaging applications2019
20110CC14J26013Siba Prasad MidyaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-14E. BalaramanTransition metal catalyzed (de)hydrogenative C-C and C-N bond formation2019
20210CC14J26015VARCHASWAL KASHYAPCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-14Dr.Sreekumar KurungotHigh-performance Pt-free Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts Derived from Carbon Supported Spinel Cobalt Ferrite and Co/Fe-Nitrogen Coordinated Active Centers for Advanced Energy Applications2019
20310CC15A26023Chetana PatilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-15C.V. RodeDevelopment of solid acids for catalytic transformation of lignocellulose derived molecules to value added products2019
20410CC15J26004Vinod LandgeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-15Ekambaram BalaramanTransition-metal catalysed C-H bond alkynylation2019
20510CC15J26013Tony RoyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19A.T BijuEmploying arynes in multicomponent reactions and rearrangements triggered by nitrogen nucleophiles2019
20610CC15J26026Nilesh TangaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-15P.L. DhepeZeolite based micro-mesoporous composites: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance as heterogeneous catalyst for valorization of sugar2019
20710CC15J26029Suvendu KarakCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-15Rahul BanerjeeUltraporous covalent organic frameworks as dehumidifiers and pollutant removers2019
20820EE12A26078Akshay SinganCSIR-NCL, PuneEngineering SciencesAug-18Vivek V RanadeReactions and Transport Processes in Underground Coal Gasification2019
20920EE13A26046Karthika SCSIR-NCL, PuneESAug-13K. GuruswamyStructure and properties of ice templated macroporous particle-polymer hybrid assemblies2019
21020EE13A26047Amarvir ChilkaCSIR-NCL, PuneEngineering SciencesAug-18Vivek V. RanadeModeling of drying of almonds: A multi-scale approach2019
21120EE13J26044Ajinkya PanditCSIR-NCL, PuneEngineering SciencesJan-13A.W PatwardhanModeling of Crystallization processes: Batch to continuous2019
21210BB13J26039Meenakshi Anil BelekarCSIR-NCL. PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dhanasekran ShanmugamPharmacological and genetic studies on delayed death inhibitors of apicomplexan parasites2019
21310PP13J27005Preeti ShrivastavaCSIR-NEERI, NagpurPhysical SciencesJan-18Tapan ChakrabartiDetermination of toxicity and endocrine disruptive properties of water contaminants using in vitro and in vivo models2019
21410CC15J38002Jyotilima SaikiaCSIR-NEISTChemical SciencesJan-19Dr BK SaikiaInvestigation of atmospheric aerosols around coal-based industries: source apportionment, distribution correlation and risk assessment2019
21510CC14A38002Rashmi PrakashCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-14S GogoiExploration of C-H activation and decarbonylative functionalization reactions for the synthesis of N- and O- containing heterocycles2019
21610CC14A38004Swagata BaruahCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-14S GogoiChemical SciencesIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat2019
21710CC14A38009Manash Protim HazarikaCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-18Archana Moni DasStudies on synthesis of nanocomposites using biopolymers and some organic functionalization reactions2019
21810CC15A38023Chandrasekhar DangetiCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-15R.A MauryaVisible light driven photochemical construction of fused indole frameworks2019
21910PP13J28001Soumya ShuklaCSIR-NGRIPhysical SciencesJan-13M. Ram MohanPetrogenetic characterisation of nalgonda granitoids, eastern dharwar craton2019
22010PP13J28006Ajay MalkotiCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-19Nimisha VedantiAn accurate and efficient viscoelastic seismic modelling scheme: An example from DVP, India2019
22110CC13A39005Tanwistha GhoshCSIR-NIISTChemical SciencesAug-13C. VijayakumarThiophene oligomers for photovoltaic applications: Synthesis, self-assembly and optoelectronic properties2019
22210CC14J39001Anjali B.CSIR-NIISTChemical SciencesJan-14C.H. SureshPredicting activation barrier, reduction potential and fluorescence using molecular electrostatic potential: Organic and organometallic systems2019
22310BB13A39009Anju Alphonsa JoseCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesAug-13Binod ParameswaranProcess development for the production of microbial poly gamma glutamic acid and its applications2019
22410BB14A39006Narisetty VivekCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesAug-14Binod ParameswaranDevelopment of a bioprocess for microbial production of 1,3-propanediol from biodiesel derived crude glycerol2019
22510CC12A390013Athira KrishnaCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAus-12Dr. R. Luxmi VarmaDesign, synthesis, photophysical and electroluminescence studies of triphenylamine and carbazole derivatives2019
22610CC12J39001Rakhi RCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-18C.H. SureshDFT studies on ground and excited state properties of linear polyacene analogues and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons2019
22710CC14J39002Fathimath Salfeena C TCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-14B.S. SasidharLewis acid catalysed transformations of chalcones: Synthesis of biologically and industrially relevant heteroyclic compounds2019
22810CC14J39005Molji C.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-14K.N. Narayanan UnniStudies on the preparation and device applications of self-assembled conjugated polymer nanocomposites2019
22910BB13A39011Shilpa GCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvanantpuramBiological SciencesAug-13Priya S.In vitro anticancer activity studies of diindolylmethane (DIM) conjugate of biaryls in human cervical and breast cancer cells2019
23010CC12A39004S. ManigandaCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvanantpuramChemical SciencesAug-12Kaustabh Kumar MaitiDesign, Synthesis and biological evaluation of synthetic and nanocarrier delivery system for targeted cancer therapy2019
23110PP11A29002Sangeeta NaikCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-18A.C. AnilResponse of Tetraselmis indica to various environmental conditions2019
23210PP11A29003Tresa RemyaCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Maria Judith GonsalvesAbundance, diversity and activity of chemoautotrophs associated with mangrove sediment and mollusc Polymesoda erosa2019
23310PP12A29001Deodatta GajbhiyeCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-12Lidita KhandeparkerImmune response in a bivalve Paphia malabarica (Chemnitz 1782) from a tropical estuary2019
23410PP12A29002Sherin C KCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-12V.V.S.S. SarmaVariability in efficiency of biological pump in the India ocean using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen2019
23510PP13J29004Jishad MCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Jaya Kumar SeelamHydrodynamiChemical Sciences of surfzone waves in meso-tidal regimes – Measurement and Modelling off central west coast of India.2019
23620EE14A31001Rajesh Kumar RaiCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEngineering SciencesAug-19J.K SahuMicro-mechanisms of high temperature deformation of a directionally solidified nickel base superalloy2019
23710CC13J32007Shipra SolankiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-18A.M BiradarSynthesis and characterization of ordered nanomaterials for immunosensing applications2019
23810CC15J32016Neelima KumariCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-15Rachana KumarSynthesis and property evaluation of novel organic small molecule based electron acceptors for organic photovoltaic applications2019
23910PP11J32011Neha YadavCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Chhemendra SharmaStudy of characterization of urban heat island in delhi2019
24010PP13A32001SweetyCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13Ajeet KumarResistive switching in niobium oxide thin film based devices and its applications2019
24110PP13A32005Shibin Krishnan TCCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13GovindDesign and fabrication of optoelectronic devices based on III-Nitride semiconductors2019
24210PP13A32009Prashant SinghCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAugs-13Sanjay Kumar SrivastavaFabrication and characterization of silicon nanostructures for solar cell applications2019
24310PP13J32003Rajni PorwalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-13R.P PantProximity effect in superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures2019
24410PP14A32007Ashima SharmaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14T.K. MandalStudy on the relationship of surface ozone with its precursors and meteorology over Delhi, India2019
24510PP14J32001Barsha BorgohainCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-14H.K. SinghComparative study of structural, magnetic and magnetotransport characteristiChemical Sciences of melt spun ribbons and thin films of Cr-suBiological Sciencestituted Mn-Ni-Sn based heusler compounds2019
24610PP15J32002Shefali JainCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-15Shailesh Narain SharmaTailoring the shape-controlled CZTS nanocrystals for various applications2019
24710PP15J32009Monu MishraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-15GovindSurface and interface studies of III-Nitride semiconductors for sensors application2019
24820EE13A32020Rohtash Singh GarhwalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-19S.K SharmaDistribution and trend of upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric (UTLS) Ozone2019
24920EE14A32024Nagendra Singh ChauhanCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-14Sivaiah BathulaSynthesis and characterization of novel half-heusler based thermoelectric materials for power generation
25020EE15J32019Biplab BhattacharyaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-15Sudhir HusaleQuantum transport through topological insulator based nanostructures2019
25120EE15J32022Kuldeep Singh GourCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-15Dr. Vidya Nand SinghStudy of Electron Transport Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Based ABiological Sciencesorber Materials for Optoelectronic Device Applications2019
25232EE14J32004Vattikonda BharathCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-14Poonam AroraDevelopment of laser cooled and optically pumped cesium atomic fountain2019
25310PP13J29006Azraj DahihandePhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Narsinh ThakurSponge pumping and facilitation capacity: Influence of morphology and environmental factors2019
25410PP13A15002Uma KambojPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Sunita Mishra (Supervisor)/Dr. Paramita Guha (Co-Supervisor)Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for prediction of physicochemical parameters of flours2018
25510CC14A35004Rainy GuptaCSIR-AMPRI, BhopalChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. S.S. Amritphale (Supervisor)/ Dr. Murari Prasad (Co-Supervisor)Development of advanced hybrid inorganic-organic geopolymeric materials for coating application2018
25610CC14A35005Pooja BhardwajCSIR-AMPRI, BhopalChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Dipti Mishra( Supervisor)/ Dr. Manish Mudgal (Co-Supervisor)Development of advanced phosphatic geopolymeric multi-functional materials2018
25720EE14J35004Subhash NimunpureCSIR-AMPRI, BhopalEngineering SciencesJan-14Dr. SAR HashmiDevelopment and characterisation of sisal fibril based polymer composite for electrical insulation applications2018
25810BB12A04002Anagha Ashok GurjarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sabyasachi sanyalRepurposing of FDA-approved drug in Skeletal Muscle Atrophy.2018
25910BB12A04003Tushar JainCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dibyendu BanerjeeMolecular characterization of Tac 1p, a Zn-finger transcription factor regulating MDR genes in Cadida ablicans and screening for novel anti-Candida agents2018
26010BB12A04004Salman ShahidCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Ashish AroraStructural characterization of the stereochemical configuration of active site residues of bacterial peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase2018
26110BB12A04006Dipti TripathiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Kumaravelu JagaveluFunctional analysis of MAPKAPK2 (MK2) in Endothelial Microparticles2018
26210BB12A04007Meera KumariCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Ashish AroraStructural and functional characterization of the transcriptional regulator Rv3488 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv2018
26310BB12A04009Chandan SonaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Prem N YadavElucidating the role of GPR40 in diabesity associated abnormalities on mood and cognition2018
26410BB12A04010Shrankhla MaheshwariCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dipak DattaChemokine Receptor CXCR4 in Apoptosis Evasion: Signaling and Therapeutic Opportunities2018
26510BB12A04018Naveen ParmarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Susanta KarDissecting the role of negative regulators of TLR signaling pathway in pathogenesis of experimental visceral leishmaniasis.2018
26610BB12A04019Diva MaheshwariCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Ashish AroraStructural and Biophysical characterization of Rab5a from Leishmania donovani, Glia maturation factor from Caenorhabditis elegans2018
26710BB12A04021Akansha MishraCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-18Dr. Arvind SrivastavaExploration of antihyperglycemic activity and molecular mechanism(s) of action of selected nature identicals2018
26810BB12J04004Bhavana Singh ChauhanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Renu tripathiStudy of malaria parasite/toxin induced pathogenesis & its reversal2018
26910BB13A04005Divya TandonCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13S K RathAssociation of Genetic variants of miR-149 and miR-499 with
Susceptibility of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
27010BB13A04015Priyanka ShuklaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Divya SinghTo study the role of IL-12 family cytokine(s) on post menopausal osteoporosis2018
27110BB13A04021Yabaji Shivraj MohanraoCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. K K SrivastavaElucidating the Macrophage Proteins Modulated Through Early Secretory Antigenic Target Protein of Mycobacteria in Intracellular Persistence2018
27210BB13J04006Rachumallu RamakrishnaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Rabi S BhattaEvaluation of preclinical pharmacokinetiChemical Sciences and mechanism of action of antihyperlipidemic agent, 16-Dehydropregnenolone2018
27310BB13J04009Sandeep Kumar MishraCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Rakesh ShuklaEffect of Saroglitazar (a dual PPAR agonist) on adult neurogenesis in rat model of dementia: Involvement of Wnt signaling pathway2018
27410BB14J04002Agarwal Satishkumar GopikishanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Anil K DwivediNano-engineered formulations for effective management of breast cancer2018
27510BB14J04003Durgesh KumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Anil N. GaikwadHoly Grail of Adipose Tissue Insulin Resistance: Immunometabolic Alterations and Potential Therapeutic Interventions2018
27610BB14J04008Rajeev RanjanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Amit MisraInhalation formulation of second-line drugs for the treatment of drugresistant tuberculosis2018
27710BB14J04010Richa SrivastavaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Smrati BahauriaM2 Polarized Tumor Associated Macrophages: Deciphering the Role of mTORC2 during Phenotype Switching2018
27810CC12A04038Shivam MauryaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Atul KumarGreen catalytic synthesis of novel aza/oxa heterocyclic based privileged structures as potential anti-tubercular agents2018
27910CC12A04041Mukund Murari Das PramanikCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Namrata RastogiNovel Reactions of Diazo Compounds and Diazonium Salts under Basic and Visible Light Photoredox Catalyzed Conditions2018
28010CC12A04042Vinay Shankar TiwariCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. W HaqSynthesis, structural and biological studies of novel amino acids and amino acid conjugates2018
28110CC12J33010Lavekar Aditya GandhidasCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Arun K SinhaDevelopment of green synthetic methodologies for C-C and C-X (X = N, S) bonds formation and their application in the synthesis of bioactive small molecules2018
28210CC13A04028Shakir AhamadCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-19Dr. Kishor MohananDomino reactions employing diazo compounds: Efficient access to novel N-heterocycles2018
28310CC15A04011Sukanya PandetiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. T. NarenderIsolation, chemical transformation & synthesis of biological importance natural products and mass spectral analysis2018
28410BB13A05017A. PriyadharshiniCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. S. MaruthamuthuElectro - bio remediation strategies for effective treatment of organic containing wastewaters2018
28510CC12A05005Soorya V.C.CSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. SheelaBerchmansBiosensing of cholesterol and glucose using bismuth containing metal composites and inorganic-organic hybrids2018
28610CC12A05010K HemlathaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. A. S. PrakashSodium insertion compounds as electrode materials for sodium ion batteries2018
28710CC12J05002Munaiah YeddalaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai ( Supervisor)/ Dr. P. Ragupathy (Co-Supervisor)Development of carbon based electrode materials and electrolyte additives for zinc bromine redox flow battery2018
28810CC13A05002P. ThangasamyCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. M. SathishSupercritical fluids assisted synthesis of 2D
inorganic layered materials and their applications
28910CC13A05003S. PremlathaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. G. N. K. Ramesh Bapu (Supervisor)/ Dr. S. Mohan (Co-Supervisor)Electrodeposition of cobalt nanocomposites for electrochemical sensor applications2018
29010CC13A05006Sheen MersCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. V. Ganesh“Studies on some novel platforms for sensing and catalytic applications”2018
29110CC13A05010S. HosiminCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. S. MaruthamuthuRecovery of Valuable Products from Industrial Waste
by Electrochemical Processes
29210CC13A05012Saravanan K RCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. N. KalaiselviEcobenign electrodes and binders for energy storage applications2018
29310Cc13A05013R. KamarajCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. S. VasudevanRemoval of chlorophenoxyacid herbicides from water by electrochemical methods2018
29410CC13A05014R VenkatkarthickCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13K. GurunathanDesign of titania electrodes for phtoelectrochemical and electrochemical water splitting reaction2018
29510CC13J05003Remith PCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. N. KalaiselviHigh capacity and high voltage electrodes for lithium batteries2018
29610CC14A05002S AnantharajCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Subrata KunduTransition metals based nanostructured materials for electrocatalytic water splitting2018
29710CC14J05002Sivasankara RaoCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Subrata KunduSelf-assembled metal oxide nanomaterials for catalysis and supercapacitor applications2018
29810CC15J05008R RajaramCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. J. MathiyarasuModified Electrodes as an Electrochemical Sensing platform for the detection of Biomolecules2018
29910CP12A05009Balakumar KCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. N. KalaiselviCarbon scaffold based cathodes for Li-S and Li-Se batteries2018
30010PP12J05010G KruthikaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. P. MuruganComputational Investigations on Enhancing
Magnetic and Catalytic Properties of ?-MnO2
30110PP13A05016Karthikeyan JCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. P. MuruganFirst principles calculations on structural stability and physicochemical properties of Mo-S nanostructures2018
30220EE13A06004Rajul BansalCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Abhijit KarmakarSystem-on-Chip Design and Efficient Coprocessor Integration for Performance Optimisation of Embedded Applications2018
30332EE12A06012Rahul PrajeshCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Ajay AgarwalDesign and Development of Micro-Gas Sensor Platform for Ammonia and Carbon monoxide Sensing2018
30410BB12A08007Raksha Rao KCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. G. VenkateswaranStudies on non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus mediated pre-harvest management of aflatoxin contamination in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)2018
30510BB12A08013Venkateshwari VCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Malathi SrinivasanLipidome and transcriptome profiling of omega-3 fatty acid rich plant leaves2018
30610BB12J08001AngelinaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-12S V N VijayendraHigh cell density fermentation process for polyhydroxyalkanoates
production by halophilic bacteria
30710BB12J08003Sonbarse Purshottam PriyankaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Giridhar ParvatamStudies on Endophyte-mediated signaling to understand regulations of micronutrient in Moringa oleifera2018
30810BB13A08005M VijaykrishnarajCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. P PrabhasankarDietary modulation of inflammatory markers in gluten sensitized animal models2018
30910BB13A08009Siddharth PriyadarshiCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. M. Madhava NaiduCharacterization, processing and value addition to coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) foliage2018
31010BB13J08001Sharmila G RCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13G VenkateswaranStudies on molecular characterization and therapeutic
aspects of novel anti-tryPhysical Sciencesin inhibitor
31110BB13J08004Vipin A.V.CSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13G VenkateswaranGinger (Zingiber officinale): Protective agent against
Aflatoxin B1 induced hepatotoxicity
31210BB13J08007Darshan NCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. H K MononmaniIsolation, Purification and Characterization of prodigiosin from Serratia nematodiphila darsh1 and its antibacterial, antiproliferative and apoptotic properties2018
31310BB13J08008Kamireddy KiranCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Giridhar PStudies on biosynthetic pathway of a flavour metabolite 2-Hydroxy-4- Methoxy Benzaldehyde production in tubers of Decalepis hamiltonii2018
31410BB13J08009Richa SharmaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr.K S M S Raghava RaoSensing of chloramphenicol in food using nanomaterials and optical reporter molecules2018
31510BB13J08010Snehal Dasharath DokeCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Manish GuhaEffect of processing on nutritional, nutraceuticals and functional properties of garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) seed and its application in specialty food formulations2018
31610BB14A08009Akshath U SCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Praveena Bhatt MudliarSynthesis of Fluorescent Nanoparticles and their application in biosensing and bioimaging2018
31710BB14J08006Gaurav Kumar PalCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Suresh P.VFish collagen and microbial collagenase: Production, and their potential food applications2018
31810BB14J08027Praveen K RajvanshiCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Prof. Ram RajasekharanRole of stress regulatory transcription factors, Msn2/Msn4 in fatty acid oxidation in budding yeast2018
31910BB14J08028Madhuri AryaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Prof. Ram RajasekharanRole of alpha beta hydrolase domain containing protein in lipid metabolism and its regulation2018
32010BB14J08030Greeshma MCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Rajini P SNutraceutical modulation of Manganese-induced neurodegeneration in animal models2018
32120EE12A08011Ram Saran ChaurasiyaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEngineering SciencesAug-12Dr. H Umesh HebbarSeparation and purification of bromelain from pineapple wastes using nano-particulate reverse micelles2018
32220EE13A08010Garud Shyam RamkrishanaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Navin Kumar RastogiOzonisation in the selected multiphase contactor for the preservation of sugarcane juice2018
32320EE14J08020Jincy M GeorgeCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEngineering SciencesJan-14Dr. Navin K. RastogiEffect of high pressure processing on infusion and extraction of bioactive compounds from solid food matrix2018
32410PP12A09005Surajit BoseCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Shyamal Kumar Bhadra (supervisor)/ Dr. Mrinmay Pal (Co-Supervisor)Theoritical and experimental study of ultrafast pulse propagation and multifarious soliton dynamics in nonlinear specialty photonic crystal fibers2018
32520EE12A09001Mayur ShuklaCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEngineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Sumana GhoshJoining of ceramic materials by microwave-assisted brazing2018
32620EE12A09003Sankhyabrata BandyopadhyayCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Somnath BandyopadhyayDevelopment of optical fiber grating based sensors with multiple overlay layers for highly sensitive and selective detection of chemical and biological species2018
32732EE14A09001Animesh JanaCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEgineering SciencesAug-14Dr. Sourja GhoshStudies on ceramic membrane based photobioreactor for CO2 sequestration using algal biomass2018
32832EE14A09003Nilanjana ShasmalCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEgineering SciencesAug-14DR. BASUDEB KARMAKARSynthesis, property evaluation and application of rare earth doped plasmonic glass nanocomposites2018
32910BB12A10004Vijaya DubeyCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-18Dr. Suaib LuqmanMolecular & cell target based assessment of cancer chemopreventive properties of selected flavonoids2018
33010BB12A10005Priyanka MishraCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. V. SunderasanGenome analysis of Senna species for development of sequence characterized amplified region(SCAR) marker to characterize and validate Senna alexandrina towards checking rampant substitution in herbal market2018
33110BB12J10008Sanjeet Kumar VermaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Rajesh Kumar VermaStudy of the allelopathic potential of Ocimum species on weeds, agricultural crops and soil properties 2018
33210BB13A10002Sarfaraz AlamCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Feroz KhanDevelopment of drug designing method & screening tool for anitcancer activity of phytomolecules through QSAR & System pharmacology2018
33310BB13J10006Subir Kumar boseCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam S. Sangwan, ProfessorEstablishment of novel diterpenoid calliterpenone phytomolecule as a growth enhancer in a comparative manner than gibberellic acid using commercially important Mentaha arvensis L.2018
33410BB13J10007Sandhya TripathiCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam S. SangwanIn- depth individual and comparative transcriptome analysis of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal: Insights into global and specialized metabolism2018
33510BB13J10008Bhawana MishraCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam S. SangwanBiochemical, phytochemical and molecular responses of cadmium stress in Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.2018
33610BB14A10003Smita SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. R. K. LalGenetics of quantitative and qualitative economic traits related to essential oil yeild in Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)2018
33710BB14J10002Sana Tananda SaeedCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Abdul SamadMolecular characterization, diversity of Begomovirus infecting Mentha spp. and development of diagnostics for the better management2018
33810BB15A10005Sucheta SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. Sucheta TripathyEndophytes modulate terpenoid indole alkaloids (TIAs) biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus2018
33910BB16J10009Swati SrivastavaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-16Dr. Rakesh PandeyInvestigating neuromodulatory and antiaging potentials of thymol in Caenorhabditis elegans2018
34010CC14A10005Amreen Ali SiddiqueCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. R. S. BhakuniPhytochemical Investigation on Indian Medicinal and Aromatic Plants2018
34210CB13J11007P. SathiamurthiCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. B. MadhanSustained release micro-particles loaded collagen based bio-material for treatment of chronic wounds2018
34310CC12A11003A RamanCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S EaswaramoorthiTuning the excited state deactivation process of azobenzene derivatives towards multifunctional materials – Interplay between photophysical and photochemical properties2018
34410CC12A11004J. JayamaniCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesAug-12S. GaneshProtein fibrillation and its inhibition by selected molecules2018
34510CC13A11002Berhanu Telay mekonnenCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. P. ThanikaivelanStudies on the conversion of collagenous solid wastes into functional materials for heterogeneous applications2018
34610CC13J11004P NagarajuCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. DEBASIS SAMANTA (Supervisor)/ Dr. Asit. Baran. MANDAL (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis of various poly(NIPAM)-based stimuli responsive materials for applications in catalyst recovery and microencapsulation2018
34710CCC13J11005Naga Venkateswara Rao NCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. V. SubramanianComputational studies on the design and development of carbon based novel two-dimensional dirac materials2018
34810CC13A12010Milan JanaCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Naresh Chandra Murmu (Supervisor)/ Dr. Tapas Kuila (Co-Supervisor)Development of Graphene-based Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Supercapacitor2018
34910CC13A12012Peuli NathCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Nripen ChandaFunctionalized gold nanoparticle for sensing heavy metal ions in water and biological samples2018
35010CC13A12014Sourav Kumar SahaCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Priyabrata BanerjeeDesigned synthesis of N, O, S donor organic molecules towards corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic medium: A combined experimental and theoretical approach2018
35120EE15J12001Sanjit SahaCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurEngineering SciencesJan-15Dr. N. C. MurmuInvestigation of the effect of heterostructure and doping of semiconducting materials for high energy density supercapacitor application2018
35220EE13A14001Siksha Swaroopa KarCSIR-CRRI, New DelhiEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr Devesh TiwariInvestigation of Foaming CharcteristiChemical Sciences of Bituminous Binders and Recycled Mixtures2018
35310PB12J15003Manpreet KaurCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhBiological SciencesJan-12Sunita MishraStudy of bacterial isolates from yak milk for antimicrobial compounds and screening of their probiotic potential2018
35410PB13A15001Deepika BhatnagarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhBiological SciencesAug-18Dr. Inderpreet KaurNanomaterials based detection of cardiac troponin I for diagnosing myocardial infarction2018
35520EE12A15006Shriniwas YadavCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Inderpreet Kaur (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ananth Venkatesan (Co-Supervisor)Fabrication of graphene thin film transparent electrodes for nanodevices2018
35620EE12A15012Pooja DeviCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Manoj NayakSelective detection of toxic heavy metalloids using carbonaceous nanostructured materials2018
35720EE12J15004Bala Chakravarthy NeelapuCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. H.K.Sardana (Supervisor)/ Prof. O P Kharbandha (Co-Supervisor)An approach for automatic segmentation and volumetric analysis of human upper airway2018
35820EE13A15004Manil KukkarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Akash DeepSynthesis of molybdenum disulphide based nanotemplates and their application for sensitive immunosensing of prostate specific antigen2018
35920EE14J15003NehaCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-14Dr. Akash Deep (supervisor)/ Dr. Manoj K. Nayak (Co-Supervisor)Biofunctionalized metal organic frameworks for bacterial detection2018
36032EE12A15009Prashant KumarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Sanjit K. Debnath (Supervisor)/ Dr. Praveen K. Thakur & Dr. Baban KS Bansod (Co-Supervisor)Assessment of vulnerability of groundwater to contamination in Fatehgarh Sahib District, Punjab, India using an index-based model2018
36132EE12J15006Rishemjit KaurCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. GPS Raghava (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amol P Bhondekar (Co-Supervisor)Collective intelligence in multi-agent systems: an optimization perspective2018
36232EE12J15010Raj Kumar PalCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Vinod KararStudy of material removal for glass during optical polishing process2018
36310BB13A16009Sourish BhattacharyaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-13Sandhay MishraProduction of ?-polylysine by halophilic bacteria:
characterization and application
36410BB14J16016Arvind Kumar Singh ChandelCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-18Suresh Kumar JewrajkaDesign and synthesis of polysaccharides and (Co)polymers based amphiphilic conetworks gels for biomedical applications2018
36510BB14J16017Kaumeel S. ChokshiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Arup Ghosh / Dr. Sandhya Mishra(co-supervisor)Response of microalgae to abiotic stress for their potential bioprospects2018
36610BB14J16018Khanjan H. TrivediCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Arup GhoshUnderstanding the influence of Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed extract towards enhancing productivity of maize (Zea mays) and alleviation of drought stress2018
36710BB14J16020Ranjeet KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Asish Kumar ParidaPhysiological, biochemical and transcriptome analysis in maize (Zea mays L.) for unraveling the alleviatory response of Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed sap towards drought tolerance2018
36810CC11A16003Sreedhar GundekariCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Kannan SrinivasanPreparation of value added fuel, polymer and chemical intermediates from biomass-based functional molecules using tools of green catalytic organic transformations2018
36910CC11A16006G. SampathCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Kannan SrinivasanDevelopment of catalytic reaction systems for the synthesis and separation of furan derivatives from
biomass sugars
37010CC12A16003Krishna Kanta GharaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pushpito Kumar Ghosh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arvind Kumar (Co-Supervisor)Recovery of Potassium Salts from Sea Bittern and other Potassium Rich Sources2018
37110CC12A16007Supravat SamantaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pushpito K. Ghosh (Supervisor)/ Dr. S. Adimurthy (Co-supervisor)Oxidative C-O Bond Formation Reactions and their Applications towards Heterocycle Synthesis2018
37210CC13A16001Praveen Singh GehlotCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Arvind kumarStudies on self-assemblies of surface active ionic liquids and their applications2018
37310CC13A16002Mohd NazishCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. N. H. KhanDevelopment of chiral/achiral Catalysts for Hydrophosphonylation Reaction2018
37410CC13A16004M RajuCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-13DR. PARIMAL PAUL (Supervisor)/ DR. PABITRA B. CHATTERJEE (Co-supervisor)Identification and biotechnological applications of siderophores2018
37510CC13A16005Arka SahaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Subhash Chandra Ghosh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Asit Baran Panda (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis of molybdenum based nonostructured materials, their characterization and possible application2018
37610CC13J16002Yadagiri RachuriCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. E. SureshSynthesis, crystal structure and applications of multidimensional coordination polyme2018
37710CC13J16003Shailesh VermaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. (Mrs.) Rukhsana Ilyas KureshyEfficient Catalysts for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates Derived from Epoxides2018
37810CC13J16012Ajay JakharCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. N. H. KhanDevelopment of Chiral/Achiral Catalysts for Hydrocyanation Reaction2018
37910CC13J16013Naveen GuptaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. N. H. Khan (Supervisor)/ Dr. S. H. R. Abdi (Co-Supervisor)Homogenous and heterogeneous catalysts for organic transformations2018
38010CC14A16002Anirban PaulCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-19Divesh N. SrivastavaDesign and fabrication of electrochemical sensors for molecular and bio sensing applications using different electroanalytical techniques2018
38110CC14A16010Mrinal Kanti SiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Bishwajit GangulyComputational investigation to examine the role of non-bonded interaction towards the reactivity of chemical and biological systems2018
38210CC14A16018Sobhan ChatterjeeCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Alok Ranjan PaitalTransition metal ion detection/removal with functionalized materials & ionic liquids in aqueous media2018
38310CC14J16001Anirudhha MondalCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Asit Baran Panda (Supervisor)/ Dr. Subhash C. Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Spray drying strategy for the synthesis of nanostructured materials and their possible applications2018
38410CC14J16004Chitrakar RaviCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. S. AdimurthySynthesis and functionalization of bioactive N -heterocyclic scaffolds derived from pyridines2018
38510CC14J16007Kalyanshis JanaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. B. GangulyIn Silico Studies towards Understanding the Structure and Reactivity of Organic and Biomolecular Systems2018
38610CC14J16008Madhuri Jayeshbhai BhattCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-14Prof. Dr. Parimal PaulFunctional Materials for Sensing of
Environmentally and Biologically Important Ions & Molecules
38710CC14J16010Raj Kumar TakCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. R. I. KureshyDevelopment of Chiral Catalyst for various Organic Transformations2018
38810CC15A16005N Naresh Kumar ReddyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. S. AdimurthyOxidative coupling of C-C and C-Hetero bond formations under metal-free conditions2018
38910CC15J16003Murali ManoharCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Vinod K ShahiStudies on interfacial layer of bipolar membrane for water dissociation2018
39010CC15J16005Prem PrakashCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Vaibhav KulshreshthaSynthesis and Characterization of Stable and Highly Conducting Membranes and their Application in Electro-Membrane Processes2018
39110CC15J16009Sekhar NandiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. N. H. Khan (Supervisor)/ Dr. R. I. Kureshy (Co-Supervisor)Development of heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation reactions2018
39210BB12A02001Ajit SinghCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Rakesh SharmaFunctional characterization of a novel arsenic resistance gene2018
39310BB12A02007Priyanka ShrivastavaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12S. RamachandranMolecular and functional characterization of selected target proteins involved in cell wall processes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis2018
39410BB12A02015Avinash PandrekaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12DR. H. V. THULASIRAMDe novo Sequencing and Analysis of Transcriptome from Azadirachta indica to Characterize the Genes Involved in Limonoid Biosynthesis2018
39510BB12A02020Vaibhav JainCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Anurag AgrawalThe Role of Polyamine Homeostasis in Asthma and Chronic
OBiological Sciencestructive Pulmonary Disease
39710BB12A02029Majari RainCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12DR. RITUSHREE KUKRETIRelevance of telomere in adaptation and maladaptation at high-altitude2018
39910BB12A02031Priyanka SaxenaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Chetan GadgilMathematical analysis of stimulus driven modifications in the post-synaptic neuron2018
40010BB12A02035Shruti KapoorCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Chetana Sachidanandan (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vinod Scaria (Co-Supervisor)Paradigms of regulation in zebrafish development2018
40210BB12A02039Neetika JaisinghaniCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sheetal GandotraModulation of macrophage triglyceride levels and its role in altering the innate immune response during M. tuberculosis infection2018
40310BB12A02040Ajay BhatCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Shantanu Sengupta (Supervisor)/ Dr. Kausik Chakraborty (Co-Supervisor)Understanding the mechanism behind alleviation of cysteine induced toxicity2018
40410BB12A02042VishvabandhuCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. T.N. VivekEndeavor to understand melanocyte maturation and cutaneous changes during pigmentation and vitiligo pathogenesis.2018
40510BB12A02043Khushdeep BandeshCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dwaipayan BharadwajLong non-coding RNA and Regulation of C-peptide levels2018
40610BB12A02044Shivani GuptaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Beena PillaiRole of Histones & Histone variants in neurogenesis2018
40710BB12A02047Satyam TiwariCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Souvik Maiti/Dr. Koyeli Mapa(co-supervisor)“SuBiological Sciencestrate–Chaperone Pairing in E.coli”2018
40810BB12A51003Harpreet SinghCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Prof. Samir K BrahmachariBuilding Innovative Affordable High Quality Healthcare System and Analytical Tools2018
41010BB12A51006Kandarp JoshiCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Samir K BrahmachariStudy of pathogen genomics and transcriptomic changes in host during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection2018
41110BB13A02006Deepanjan PaulCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Soumya Sinha Roy (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay (Co-Supervisor)MicroRNA editing and its functional consequence in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)2018
41210BB13A02011Rakesh DeyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Beena PillaiRole of miRNA in HIV-1 disease progression2018
41310BB13A02014Soundhar RCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Souvik MaitiUnderstanding the role of novel transcripts in retinal neurome of adult zebrafish2018
41410BB13J02001Akshara PandeCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13prof.Samir K. BrahmachariRegulation of biological networks: Role of regulatory RNA and transcription factor interplay2018
41510BB13J02002Mayuresh Anant SarangdharCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Beena PillaiRegulation of Gene Expression in Neurogenesis and Neural Cell Specification2018
41610BB13J02003Aniket BhattacharyaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Mitali MukerjiInvestigating the role of Alu RNA as an integrator of signals in stress response2018
41710BB13J02005Lipsa PandaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. ANURAG AGRAWAL / Dr. BALARAM GHOSH (co-supervisor)Understanding the role of Retinoid X Receptor gamma in steroid resistant asthma2018
41910BB13J02010Neha GoyalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Malabika DattaTo Study the Role of Hepatic Long non-coding RNAs in Diabetes2018
42010BB13J02013Vipulkumar Navindchandra PanchalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Vivek RaoUnderstanding the molecular basis for loss of function of PapA2 in clinical strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis2018
42110BB13J02016Anusha AdityaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Munia GanguliZinc oxide nanoparticles and their bio-functionalized derivatives: Biomedical applications in skin2018
42210BB13J02019Ankit SabharwalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Sridhar SivasubbuNuclear and Mitochondrial Crosstalk: Implications in Mitochondrial function2018
42310BB13J02023Kiran NartaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Mohammed FaruqGenome-wide approach for discovering novel genetic loci in Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration2018
42410BB13J02029Samantha KohliCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Ritushree Kukreti (Supervisor)/ Dr. Qadar Pasha (Co-Supervisor)Genetic variants under hypobaric hypoxia: A genome wide approach2018
42510BB13J02032Sourav GhoshCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Shantanu SenguptaUnderstanding the epigenetic architecture of mitochondrial genome using in-silico approach2018
42610BB14A02009Bharati MehaniCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Mohammed Faruq (Supervisor)/ Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay (Co-Supervisor)Spectrum of de-novo transcriptomic changes in human brain mediated by fusion transcripts & RNA editing2018
42710BB14A02027Samarpana ChakrabortyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-14Anurag AgrawalIdentification of genetic variants in familial asthma2018
42810BB14A02030Shraddha ChakrabortyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-14Prof. Dwaipayan Bharadwaj (Supervisor)/ Dr. Shantanu Sengupta (Co-Supervisor)Establishing the biological role of TMEM163: Gene identified from Type 2 Diabetes GWAS in Indian population2018
42910BB14A02047Arjun RayCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-14Shantanu SenguptaDynamic characterization of ApoA1 structure during cholesterol efflux2018
43010BB14J02003Bapu Koundinya DesirajuCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. ANURAG AGRAWALSystems approach for identification of drugs /drug targets for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)2018
43110BB15A02033Subhasree RayCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. Anurag AgrawalStudies to regulate bacterial co-metabolism for producing plyhydroxyalkanoate from biological wastes2018
43210BB11J33007Rimpy DhimanCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-18Yelam SreenivasuluStudies on the Role of Golgi membrane localized Nucleotide Sugar transporter (AtNST) in Gametophyte Development of Arabidopsis thaliana2018
43310BB11J33008Pritu PratibhaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-18Yelam SreenivasuluStudies on the Role of Coproporphyrinogen III Oxidase in the Gametophyte Development of Arabidopsis thaliana2018
43410BB11J33009Anish KancharlaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Sanjay KumarStudies on the effect of co-overexpression of selected genes of carbon and nitrogen metabolism in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana (ecotype Col-0)2018
43510BB12A33005Ajay KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. RAVI SHANKARUnderstanding the Molecular Regulation of Key Metabolic Pathways during Development and Seasonal Variations in Tea (Camellia sinensis L.): Omics Approach2018
43610BB12A33008Anita KumariCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sanjay KumarTranscriptome analysis and molecular response of Sinopodophyllum hexandrum (Royle) T.S. Ying to environmental cues2018
43710BB12J33003Indu GangwarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Ravi ShankarIn silico analysis of biomolecular interactions involved in system regulation using high-throughput approach2018
43810BB12J33004ShikhaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sudesh Kumar / Dr. Vipin Hallan (co-supervisor)Functional Characterisation of Drought Responsive Genes from Horsegram [Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc.] in Transgenic Arabidopsis2018
43910BB12J33007Poonam RoshanCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Vipin HallanFunctional Characterization of AV2 protein of Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus2018
44010BB12J33008Aditya KulshreshthaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Vipin HallanFunctional Characterization of AC4 protein of Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus2018
44110BB13A33003Rubbel SinglaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Amitabha Acharya (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sudesh Kumar (Co-Supervisor)Characterization of cellulose nanocrystals from plants and their use in nanocomposites for biomedical applications2018
44210BB13J33003Vanita PatialCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Amita BhattacharyaMicropropagation and over-expression of PkSWRKY transcription factor in Picrorhiza kurroa2018
44310CC12A33009Ashish KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Vijai K. AgnihotriPhytochemical Investigation of Saussurea lappa,
Costus speciosus and Jurinea macrocephala from
Western Himalaya
44410CC13A33007Vandna ThakurCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Pralay DasDevelopment of Methodologies for Amidation and Cross-Coupling Reactions2018
44510CC13J33009Vinod BhattCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Bikram Singh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Upendra Sharma (Co-Supervisor)Phytochemical and Synergy-Directed Biological Studies of Zanthoxylum Species2018
44610CC13J33012Saurabh SharmaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Pralay DasMethodology development for the synthesis of heterocycles and reduction reactions2018
44710CC14J33007Maheshwar Singh ThakurCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-14Sushil K. MauryaQuinazolinone scaffold synthesis and their organocatalytic application in organic transformations2018
44810CC15A33008Onkar Singh NayalCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. Sushil K. MauryaDevelopment of metal based Lewis acid catalysed approaches for C-N bond formation reactions and their mechanistic insights2018
44910BB13A17001Saswat MahapatraCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Surajit GhoshMultiple target specific chemical combinations for development of potential anti-cancer therapy2018
45010BB13J17013Lubhna SheikhCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Sucheta Tripathy (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suprabha Nayar (Co-Supervisor)Biomimetic hydroxyapatite composites for bone repair2018
45110BB14A17005Paidi Ramesh KumarCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesAug-14S.C. BiswasNovel neuroprotective strategies in Alzheimer’s disease2018
45210BB14J17004Anu RajuCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. P JaisankarUnderstanding parkinsonism using cellular and animal model: Effect of hyper cholestreolemia and natural antioxidant2018
45310BB15A17002Deepak KumarCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesAug-15Sharmila ChattopadhyayTo unravel the dynamic complexity of defense signaling network in respect to glutathione to combat environmental stress in plant2018
45410BB15J17002Mathu Malar CCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesJan-15Dr. Sucheta TripathyPerils of Genome Assembly: Data types and sequencing platform defines optimal genome assembly in prokaryotes and eukaryotes2018
45510CC13A17007Prasenjit MondalCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-13Surajit GhoshDesigning Platforms and Peptides for Monitoring Microtubule Function and Neuroprotection.2018
45610CC13A17008Asik HossianCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Ranjan JanaDevelopment of decarboxylative cross-coupling reactions2018
45710CC13A17011Jayanta SamantaCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Ramalingam NatarajanCovalent organic cages and molecular recognition2018
45810CC14A17009Barnali PaulCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Arindam TalukdarStudies on gelation properties of the synthesized maleate amphiphiles and their applications2018
45910CC14A17015Manash Kumar MannaCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Ranjan JanaDivergent synthesis of heterocycles through cascade C-H bond activation2018
46010CC14J17007Ajay KanungoCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Sanjay DuttaDesign & synthesis of novel quinoxaline small molecules and evaluation of their biophysical and nucleic acid binding properties2018
46110BB11A18026Swathi VangalaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-18Manika Pal BhadraDesign and synthesis of tetrahydropyran scaffolds and biological evaluation of saha analogs2018
46210BB11J18117SSS Nageswara RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sunil MisraIn vitro Molecular and Cytogenetic Toxicity Evaluation of Costunolide and Dehydrocostus lactone Obtained from Saussurea lappa2018
46310BB12A18069Gopoju RajaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Srigiridhar KotamrajuStudies on the role of AMPK activation in regulating lipid homeostasis during oxidative stress- and high fat diet-induced atherosclerosis2018
46410BB13A18037M SowmyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Amitava DasMolecular Mechanisms of Hepatic Fibrosis: Identification of Signalling Target for Anti-Fibrotic Therapeutics2018
46510BB13A18038Manupati KanakarajuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Amitava DasModulation of molecular signaling mechanisms in metastatic breast cancer stem cells2018
46610BB13J18064Susheel Kumar NethiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-13Chittaranjan PatraInvestigation of molecular mechanisms, toxicity and therapeutic angiogenesis of europium hydroxide nanorods2018
46710BB14A18011M BhanuramyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Paramjit GroverGenotoxicity assessment of magnesium oxide nano and microparticles: An in vitro, in vivo and eco toxicological study2018
46810BB14J18079Vijaya MovvaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-14Dr Pathipati Usha RaniSpodoptera litura Feeding Induced Defense Responses of Capsicum annuum (Chilli) Plant2018
46910BB15A18038Bomma YashwanthCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. J Venkateswara Rao“Effects of Quinalphos (OPI's) on Developmental Toxicity and Molecular Responses In Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Embryos.”2018
47010BB15A18040Bonam Srinivasa ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. H M Sampath KumarImmunopharmacological Evaluation of Novel
Glycopeptides & Glycolipids As Vaccine Adjuvants & Immunomodulators
47110BB15A18043Preethi Pallavi M.CCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. H.M. Sampath KumarImmunopharmacological Evaluation of Novel Vaccine Adjuvant Entities for Flaviviral Antigens2018
47210BB15A18044B. Murali SatyanarayanaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-15Dr. J Venkateswara RaoStudies on Plant Mediated Silver Nanoparticles: and their Applications as Anticancer Agents2018
47310BB15J18047Chiranjeevi PatarlaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-15S. Venkata MohanAcidogenic and Photosynthetic Processes for Bioenergy Production
through Waste Remediation: Scaling Up Studies
47410BB16J18029G Jagadeesh KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-16Dr. V. Jayathirtha RaoDesign, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 2-pyridone and s-triazine heterocyclic derivatives as PDE3A and autophagy inhibitors2018
47510CB13J18026Salma Mukhtar MirCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Sistla RamakrishnaPharmacological and Mechanistic Evaluation of Phytochemicals against Acute Liver and Kidney Injury in Rodent Models2018
47610CC11A18006V SantoshCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. A. V. SESHA SAINATHSynthesis and characterization of functionalized MWCNTs based nanocomposites and their role in ultrafiltration membranes and photo-responsive applications2018
47710CC11A18007E. Chandra KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr . Rajkumar BanerjeeFolate Receptor Targeted Liposomal and Carbon Nanosphere Based Drug Delivery Systems for Combating Melanoma and Glioblastoma2018
47810CC11J18025Avuluri SrilathaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavTotal synthesis of Macrolides: Pinolide, Balticolid, 5'-hydroxy Zearalenone2018
47910CC11J18048Gopal Reddy RCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavApproaches towards the stereoselective synthesis of 14-membered macrolides: Gliomasolide A, C, E and callyspongiolide2018
48010CC11J18056Shweta SinghCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavStereoselective Total Synthesis of Pinguisenol, Isonaviculol, Acutifolone A, Bisacutifolone A and B2018
48110CC11J18079Vijay Sagar MadamsettyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arabinda ChaudhuriCombating pancreatic and lung cancer by liposomally targeted chemotherapy in combination with in vivo dendritic cell targeted DNA vaccination2018
48210CC12A18020Srivani DCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. SIDHANATH V. BHOSALEDesign and synthesis of functional Naphthalene Diimides and their application in organic photovoltaics2018
48310CC12A18030N. V. S. M. Rao ManginaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. GALLA V. KARUNAKARGold-catalyzed synthesis of Benzo[b]Oxepin-3-Ones, Benzo[b]Oxepin-5-Ones,Benzo[f]Pyrazolo[1,5-d][1,4]Oxazepines and reactivity of Benzynes with suBiological Sciencestituted Allyl Amines2018
48410CC12A18035Sujatarani Ananatacharan PandaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ch. Raji ReddyDevelopment of enyne-assisted annulations towards the synthesis of pyridines, pyrroles and pyrmicarin2018
48510CC12A18037Rajnish KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ramanuj NarayanTowards the development of high fluorescent materials for functional applications2018
48610CC12A18046Varaprasad SomisettiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. K.V.S.N RAJU (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAMANUJ NARAYAN (Co-Supervisor)Development of renewable resource based polyols for functional polyurethane coatings2018
48710CC12A18047Vyshnavi YelchuriCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. M.S.L. KARUNASynthesis of Speciality Oleochemicals via Olefin Metathesis2018
48810CC12A18053Lade Dhanaji MadhavraoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S. Chandrasekhar (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amit B. Pawar (Co-Supervisor)Total synthesis of lamellarins and Cp*Co(III)-catalyzed C-H functionalization towards heterocycles2018
48910CC12A18059Jitender Dev G.CSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. B. NARSAIAHStudies on Synthesis of Novel Quinoline Derivatives and their Biological Activity2018
49010CC12A18072SatyanarayanapoochampallyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. B. Surendar ReddyDevelopment of new synthetic methodologies based on oxidative C-C bond cleavage and annulation: Application towards the synthesis of bioactive molecules2018
49110CC12J18002Anugu Raghunath ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. S. ChandrasekharSynthetic studies towards bioactives: (+)-Asenapine and (-)-Englerin A2018
49210CC12J18005Rakesh CHCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. ROHIT KUMAR RANAPolyamine-Mediated Assembly of Polyoxometalates:
Fabricating Structured Materials for Catalytic and
Optical Applications
49310CC12J18013Gopinath JonnalagaddaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. A.V. Sesha SainathMacromolecular architectures from 1, 10-phenanthroline based ruthenium complex, carbazole and poly(3-dodecylthiophene) for enhanced charge transportation in organic electronics2018
49410CC12J18022Obulesu OWKCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. S. SureshDevelopment of Copper Catalyzed and Base mediated Tandem Strategies for the Construction of pyrazole Fused Heterocycles2018
49510CC12J18023P Rao DarapureddiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Rati Ranjan NayakSynthesis, characterization and self-assembly properties evaluation of bio-based surfactants2018
49610CC12J18031Srikanth MalladiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Y. SOUJANYAComputational Study of Metal Complexes for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells2018
49710CC12J18034Suresh Kumar GullaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Arabinda ChauduriDesign of ligand decorated gold nanoparticles and liposomes for use in targeted chemotherapy and dendritic cell based cancer immunotherapy2018
49810CC13A18003Ravi RanjanCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Ch. Raji ReddyDevelopment of alkyne assisted annulation approach toward Azaspirocyclohexadienone and Nicotinate derivatives2018
49910CC13A18009Hanumantha Rao GCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. SURYA PRAKASH SINGHDesign and synthesis of near-infrared functional dyes for optoelectronic applications2018
50010CC13A18029Avnish KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Pravin R. LikharPd/Cu Assisted Regioselective Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazole Fused Heterocyclic Compounds via C-C and C-N Bond Formation2018
50110CC13A18032Nagi Reddy VangaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. U. V. MALLAVADHANIIsolation and Chemical Transformations of Natural Triterpene and Dibenzofuran Scaffolds for Biologically Active Molecules2018
50210CC13A18045Ranjithkumar GadiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Maddi Sridhar ReddyElectrophile intiated reactivity of functional alkynes involving azide as amine surrogate for medicinally important scaffolds2018
50310CC13J18004Venepally VijayenderCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Ramchandra Reddy JalaSynthesis and biological evaluation of some hetero cyclic-based lipid derivatives2018
50410CC13J18009Gangababu MarriCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Saibal DasDevelopment of new applications of acylsilanes and synthetic strategy towards 5(E)-7-Oxozeaenol2018
50510CC13J18010Rama Krishna BodduCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. U.V. MallavadhaniSynthesis of Orcinol Based Lichen Secondary Metabolites and Evaluation of their Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-diabetic Potential2018
50610CC13J18014Sivaram IllaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Pratyay BasakNanostructured metal oxides paired with polymeric electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells and electrochromic devices2018
50710CC13J18038A. Ganga MaheshCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sunkara V. Manorama (Supervisor )/ Dr. N. Madhusudhana Rao (Co-Supervisor)Designing nanostructured materials for drug delivery and photodynamic therapy in cancer treatment2018
50810CC13J18040Shilpa NCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Rohit Kumar RanaAssembling inorganic-organic hybrids to stabilize catalytic components: Application in chemical conversion and water splitting reactions2018
50910CC13J18044T GayathriCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Surya Prakash SinghDesign and synthesis of functional bodipy dyes and their emerging applications2018
51010CC13J18048Apparao ThotaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. CH. RAMAKISHAN RAOConducting oligoanilines, polymers and metal composites for electrochemical applications2018
51110CC13J18056Narra Vamsi KrishnaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. L. GIRIBABUMolecular Engineering of Donor-?-Acceptor (D-?-A) Based Porphyrin Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells2018
51210CC13J18058Mohd Siddique Mohd ZabeehCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Ch. Raji ReddyStudies towards the synthesis of substituted furans, furanocembranoid and fused cyclopentenones via alkyne-assisted cyclizations2018
51310CC14A18003Srinivasulu ACSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. K. RAJENDER REDDYIron/Copper catalyzed organic transformations: Access to heterocyclic derivatives via C-C, C-N and C-O bond formations2018
51410CC14A18004Khomane Navnath BapuraoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Haridas B. RodeStudies towards the synthesis of Angiopterlactone-B, S-Colletodiol, Trocheliophorolides and N-Methoxy N-(3-Oxocycloalkyl) aryl amides2018
51510CC14A18005P SangeethaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-14Rajiv TrivediAn approach towards the development of triazole and tetrazole derivatives
of organic and ferrocene conjugates
51610CC14J18007B. Anil KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Rati Ranjan NayakStudies on gelation properties of the synthesized maleate amphiphiles and their applications2018
51710CC14J18014Desireddy rishna SwaroopCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. B. NarsaiahStudies on synthesis of novel 1,2-benzothiazine 1,1-dioxide and tertiary ?-fluoroamide derivatives of biological interest2018
51910CC14J18081Rama Rao BondaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Arabinda Chaudhuri (Supervisor)/ Dr. Chitta Ranjan Patra (Co-supervisor)Synthesis and characterization of metal complex nanoparticles (Silver nitroprusside, copper prussian blue) and their biomedical applications2018
52010CC15A18006G Niranjan ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. B. V. Subba ReddyTandem Prins Cyclization for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Indenopyrans and Development of Acid Catalyzed Tranformations2018
52110CC15A18012Owk RaviCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. B. Surendar ReddySynthesis of pharmacologically important heterocycles via oxidative carbon – carbon bond cleavage2018
52210CC15A18013Koti Sivanagi ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. G. SabithaStereoselective synthesis of Pestalotioprolide C and its C-7 epimer, Sapinofuranones and their 1,2,3-triazole hybrids, ?-Lactone polyketide and its C-8 epimer2018
52310CC15A18018Gurram VenkatarameshbabuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. K. S. RAMA RAOCatalytic dehydrogenation reactions using CO2 as a soft oxidant2018
52410CC15J18012Burri NagarajuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. C. Ganesh KumarSynthesis and biological evaluation of pyrazole, Coumarin conjugates and development of greener methodologies for some important heterocycles2018
52510CC15J18013Jeshma KovvuriCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. C. Ganesh KumarSynthesis of ?-carboline, pyrazole and indole derivatives and development of photocatalytic methods for benzimidazole and quinoxaline derivatives as potential anticancer agents2018
52610CC15J18024Joshi Prabhakar RamchandraCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. RAJESH CHANDRA (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAJEEV S. MENON (Co-Supervisor)Novel oxidative benzannulation reactions for the construction of substituted biaryls and related
52910CC15J18036Kanaparedu P C SekharCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Rati Ranjan NayakEvaluation of surface and self-assembly properties of glycolipid amphiphiles and their applications2018
53010CC16A18028Paladugu SrinuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-16Dr. S. ChandrasekharSynthetic studies towards total synthesis of antibiotic Baulamycin A and asthma drug Zafirlukast2018
53110CC16A18035Sanchari ShomeCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-16Dr. Surya Prakash SinghDevelopment of functional conjugated molecules via ruthenium catalysed c-h bond activation2018
53220EE16J18024Vishnu Sravan BolluCSIR-IICT, HyderabadEngineering SciencesJan-16Dr. CHITTA RANJAN PATRAInvestigation of Biological Activity and Toxicological Evaluation of Metal Based (Silica, Copper Terbium) Materials2018
53310BB12A37003Zahoor Ahmed VaniCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Nasheeman Ashraf / Dr. Syed Ryaz Ul HassanExploring endophytic fungal community associated with Crocus Sativus L. and their role in restructuring the apocarotenoid metabolism and stress adaptation.2018
53410BB12A37004Nawab John DarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Muzamil Ahmad / Dr. Abid Ahmid Dar ( co-supervisor)Evaluation of Neuroprotective potential of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal against excitotoxicity, 2018
53510BB12A37005Abid Manzoor ShahCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Qazi Parvaiz HassanIsolation and characterization of selected actinomycetes and their secondary metabolites for antimicrobial and anticancer potential2018
53610BB12A37006Tarandeep KaurCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dhiraj VyasEvaluating the role of glutathione mediated redox homeostasis Vis-à-vis glucosinolate metabolism in adaptation of Lepidium latifolium L.2018
53710BB12A37009Aiyatullah ShahCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Kazi Parvaiz HussanIsolation and characterization of bioactive metabolites from endophytic fungi of Glycyrrhiza glabra2018
53810BB12A37010Aehtesham HussainCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Qazi Parvaiz HassanIsolation , Characterization and evaluation of selected actinomycetes for bioactive molecules2018
53910BB12A37012Debasis NayakCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anindya GoswamiInvestigation of molecular mechanisms and development of novel pharmacological modulcators for the abrogation of angiogenesis and metastasis in cancer2018
54010BB12A37013Zubair Shanib BhatCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Zahoor Ahmad ParryCinnamoyl pyrones as a new class of promising chemotherapeutic agents against tuberculosis: Insights from in vitro studies2018
54110BB12A37015Ashok KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12D. M. MondheAnticancer potential of semi-synthetic analogs of Colchicine2018
54210BB12A37016Mytre KoulCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-18Shashank K. singhPharmacological investigation of secondary metabolites isolated from endophytic fungi for their anticancer potential2018
54310BB12A37017Shoib Ahmad BabaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Nasheeman AshrafMolecular cloning and functional characterization of some important genes of apocarotenoid and flavonoid biosynthetic pathways: An endeavor towards understanding secondary metabolism in Crocus Sativus L2018
54410BB12A37022Ankita MangotraCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr.Asha ChaubeyIsolation and characterization of endophytes from Grewia asiatica L. For production of bioactive molecules2018
54510BB13A37001Divya AroraCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-13Sundeep JaglanCo-culture induced production, isolation and characterization of natural products from microorganisms, their anticancer activity and delivery using nano-carriers2018
54610BB13A37002Gurleen KaurCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Zabeer AhmedComprehensive physicochemical and pharmacokinetic profiling of nitroimidazole derivatives: Novel molecules with promising action against tuberculosis2018
54710BB13J37002Reyaz Ur RasoolCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Anindya GoswamiElucidating the role of 3- Azido –withaferin A in Modulating Cancer Cell Signalling: A Translational Approach,2018
54810BB13J37003Sajad Ahmed LoneCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Qazi Parvaiz HassanMolecular , Phytochemical and cytological characterization of Epimedium elatum (Morr & Decne) : a rare high altitude medicinal plant of Northwestern Himalayas in India2018
54910BB13J37005Aubid Hussain MalikCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Nasheeman AshrafCloning and characterization of zinc finger and PHD transcription factors involved in regulating apocarotenoid biosynthesis in Crocus sativus L2018
55010BB14J37008Samsher SinghCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Inshad Ali KhanIdentification and characterization of novel multidrug resistant inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus2018
55110BC13J37001Shahnawaz KhanCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Qazi Naveed ahmed2-Oxo promoted novel reactions of 2- oxoaldehydes and development of amino acid based imidazoles as stem cell modulators2018
55210CC11J37044Vunnam VenkateswarluCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. S. D. SawantSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Quinoline and Pyrazole Analogs as Anticancer Agents and Development of New Synthetic Methods2018
55310CC12A37026Priya MahajanCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Amit Nargotra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Parvinder Pal Singh (Co-Supervisor)Combining ligand and structure based In silico methods for the selection of potential inhibitors against anticancer targets2018
55410CC12A37028Ankit SanejaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. P. N. GuptaInvestigation of drug targeting and combination appraoches for improved efficacy of anticancer chemotherapeutiChemical Sciences2018
55510CC12A37033Prakash KannaboinaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Parthasarathi DasStudies directed toward the synthesis of functionalized 7-Azaindoles2018
55610CC12A37036Anilkumar KarampooriCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Parthasarathi DasTransition-metal catalyzed carbon-nitrogen and carbon-carbon bond cross-coupling with boronic acids in the synthesis of nitrogenetaed hetrocycles2018
55710CC12A37038Kusuma Ranjith KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Parthasarathi DasStudies Directed toward the Synthesis of Pyran- Fused Heterocycles and Imidazo [1,2-a]N-Heterocycles2018
55810CC12A37040Prashant JoshiCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Prashant JoshiComputational approaches for target based identification and optimization of new leads for cancer and infectious diseases2018
55910CC15J37028Siva Reddy AnnemCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Parthasarathi DasNovel methods for C-N bond formation, total synthesis of Aaptamine and Liriodenine2018
56010CB12J19008Sheetal BandhuCSIR-IIP, DehradunBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. D.K. Adhikari / Dr. Debashish Ghosh(co-supervisor)Genetic Modification of an oleaginous microorganism to enhance biofuel production2018
56110CC13J19001Archana KumariCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sanat KumarStudies on degradation of some thermoplastics to produce chemicals2018
56210CC13J19002Kirtika KohliCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Prof. C. ManikyambaDeactivation study of Residue Hydroprocessing Catalysts2018
56310CC13J19003Subhasis DasCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Ankur BordoloiMethane transformation to higher alcohols via syngas over nanostructured catalysts2018
56410CC13J19004Vineeta PanwarCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Siddharth S. Ray (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suman L. Jain(Co-Supervisor)Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials as
Heterogeneous Catalysts for Organic
56510CC13J19006Aditya PrakashCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Thallada BhaskarValorization of lignin to value added chemicals2018
56610BB11J22008Payal SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Yogeshwer Shukla / Dr. Satyakam Patnaik(co-supervisor)Cancer Chemopreventive Potential of Dietary Phytochemicals During Experimental Carcinogenesis2018
56710BB12A22001Vikas SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12DR DEBABRATA GHOSHArsenic-induced modulation of microglial function and its role in neuronal health2018
56810BB12A22005Radha Dutt SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Vikas SrivastavaPrenatal Arsenic Exposure and Chronic Kidney Disease: Understanding the Cellular and Epigenetic Mechanisms2018
56910BB12J22001Hitesh Singh ChaouhanCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12D. Kar ChowdhuriStudies on hsp70 modulation on Cr (VI) induced DNA
damage in Drosophila Melanogaster
57010BB12J22005Ajay KumarCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Ravi Ram KristipatiDevelopment of Drosophila based model(s) for the assessment of female reproductive toxicity potential of xenobiotics2018
57110BB12J22006Saurabh BhattiCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Aruna SatishBioaccumulation, trophic transfer, and toxicity of fipronil: studies using Escherichia coli and Caenorhabditis elegans2018
57210BB12J22008Divya SharmaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12D. Kar ChowdhuriStudies on benzene mediated resistance/tolerance in
Drosophila Melanogaster
57310BB12J22010Anubha MudawalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Devendra Parmar (Supervisor)/ Dr Vinay Kumar Khanna (Co-Supervisor)Age dependent alterations in protein expression profiling in rats exposed to lindane and their possible role in meurodegeneration2018
57410BB12J22017Rajesh KushwahaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Sanghamitra BandyopadhyayA study on the mechanism of arsenic-mediated astrocyte damage in the developing rat brain2018
57510BB12J22019Brashket SethCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Rajnish Kumar ChaturvediEffect of Carbofuran on Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in the Rat Brain: Cellular and Molecular Mechanism(s)2018
57610BB12J22020Divya VimalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12D. Kar ChowdhuriStudies on the role of mlh1 in reproduction and its modulation
by xenobiotics in Drosophila Melanogaster
57710BB13A22001Ruchi GeraCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Debabrata GhoshStudies on the role of regulatory T cells in arsenic-induced immune modulation in BALB/c mice2018
57810BB13A22002HafizurrahmanCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Vikas SrivastavaUnderstanding the developmental toxicity of mercury and its role in progression of adult onset kidney disorders2018
57910BB13J22001Dipak KumarCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr Aditya Bhushan PantHuman stem cell derived 3D neuronal niche: potential applicability to assess the developmental neurotoxicity2018
58010BB13J22002Abhishek Kumar MishraCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. M. P. SinghCypermethrin-induced changes on the mitochondrial dynamics and autophagy: effect of melatonin2018
58110CB13J22006Jyoti SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Ratan Singh RayAssessment of phototoxicity mechanism of fluoroquinolones drugs under ultraviolet radiation2018
58210CC12A22012Manoj Kumar GuptaCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-Supervisor)Improved analytical approaches for the quantitative determination of chemical analytes in complex food and biological samples2018
58310CC12A22013Tejaswi BhatiaCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-Supervisor)Development of the sol-gel based MIP for the selective determination of ChEBI2018
58410CC13J22004Ankita AsatiCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Devendra kumar Patel (Supervisor)/ Dr. Nasreen G Ansari (Co-Supervisor)Microextraction based sample preparation methods to monitor selected endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDChemical Sciences) in environmental and biological matrices using design of experiment2018
58510CC12A36008Seoul SangitaCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneshwarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. CHITTA RANJAN PANDAAluminium extraction and other value added products from fly ash2018
58610BB11A36002Srabani MishraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Nilotpala PradhanBiodegradation of dibenzothiophene and its application for desulphurization of coal2018
58710BB13J36003Diptipriya SethiCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Ramasamy Sakthivel (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sony Pandey (Co-Supervisor)Titania based materials for drinking water disinfection2018
58810BB14J36007Adnan Asad KarimCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-14Manish KumarDevelopment of biochar fertilizers from nutrient rich waste materials for agricultural application2018
58910BB14J36012Swati Suchitra PandaCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-14Nabin Kumar DhalRemediation of Cr+6 through Plant, Microbe and their Interaction to Mitigate Environmental Pollution2018
59010CC13A36023Geetanjali MishraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Barsha Dash / Dr. Sony Pandey (co-supervisor)Synthesis of layered double hydroxie inorganic and organic composites and their antimicrobial activity.2018
59120EE12J36001Sarita DasCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Debi Prasad DasDevelopement of Monitoring Systems for Hydrogen Plasma Processes2018
59210BB11J25013Aradhana Lucky HansCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJanaury 2011P K SinghDevelopment of stable transgenic lines of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) cv. coker 312 for resistance against sap - sucking pests2018
59310BB11J25017Devesh Kumar MishraCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11DR. SAMIR V. SAWANTIdentification And Validation Of Wound-Inducible Promoter From Arabidopsis Thaliana2018
59410BB11J25023Vrijesh Kumar YadavCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Samir V. Sawant / Dr. S.N. Jena (co-supervisor)Identification and characterization of fiber specific promoters in cotton2018
59510BB12A25002Sunil Kumar GuptaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Vivek PandeyUse of Ethylene diurea (EDU) to assess impact of
tropospheric ozone in Wheat and Maize
59610BB12A25007Ashutosh Kumar SinghCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Puneet S. ChauhanStudy of Climatic Influence on Soil carbon Pools and fluxes
in a Tropical Dry Forest
59710BB12A25010Ashish PraveenCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Nandita SinghPhytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soil and water for arsenic-safe crop yield2018
59810BB12J25010Abhinandan Mani TripathiCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sribash RoyDeciphering the role of miRNAs in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana along the altitudinal gradient2018
59910BB12J25015SaritaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Praveen C VermaDevelopment and characterization of transgenic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) expressing Tma12 to provide resistance against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.)2018
60010BB13J25008Garima DixitCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-18Dr. Praveen C. VermaExploring the role of phenolics for management of chewing pests in Gossypium hirsutum L.2018
60110BB14J25005Poonam PantCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Samir V. SawantComputational analysis of Calmodulin-Binding Transcription Activator (CAMTA) gene family in Gossypium species: identification, evolutionary analysis and transcriptional gene regulatory networks2018
60210BB11A26052Shraddha PuntambekarCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Chetan GadgilUnderstanding skin pigmentation through mathematical modeling and data analysis2018
60310BB11A26055Manu MSCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Bhushan P. ChaudhariStructure-function characterization of tail-anchored protein translocation pathway in plants2018
60410BB11A26056Suwarna GampleCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-18Dhiman SarkarBiochemical studies on some aspects of nitrite metabolism and its physiological role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis2018
60510BB11J26116Rahul TanpureCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Vidya S. GuptaFunctional characterization of proteinase inhibitors from Capsicum annuum using transgenic approach2018
60610BB11J26119Arati DeshmukhCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Mahesh J. KulkarniRegulation of glucose uptake in mammalian cells by methylglyoxal(MG)2018
60710BB11J26127Philem Pushparani DeviCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11DR. DHANASEKARAN SHANMUGAM / DR. ASMITA A. PRABHUNE ( co-supervisor)Structural and Biochemical Investigations of Novel Bacterial Choloylglycine Hydrolases2018
60810BB12A26063Anurag ShuklaCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dhanasekaran ShanmugamStudies on Genetic and Pharmacological Perturbations on Carbon and Energy Metabolism in Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum2018
60910BB12A26064Shakeel AbassiCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Narendra Kadoo / Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (co-supervisor)Molecular and biochemical studies of mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase from Bacopa monniera2018
61010BB12A26067Ekta ShuklaCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dhanasekaran Shanmugam / Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (co-supervisor)Structural and functional investigations of selected hydrolases at molecular level2018
61110BB12A26069Ejaj PathanCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12M. V. DeshpandeMolecular characterization of NAD- and NADP-dependent glutamate dehydrogenases to understand their cause-effect relationship in dimorphic, zygomycete Benjaminiella poitrasii and its evaluation as an antifungal target2018
61210BB12A26071Abhishek SubramanianCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12Ram Rup SarkarA Computational Investigation of Stage-specific and Species-specific Factors of the Leishmania Parasite to
understand the Survival Strategies
61310BB12J26027Kedar BatkulwarCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Mahesh J. KulkarniRole of advanced glycation end products in progression of Alzheimer’s disease2018
61510BB13J26118Rubina KaziCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Mahesh J. KulkarniRegulation of aging in yeast by glycation inhibitors2018
61610BB14A26059Gayatri Subhashchandra GeraCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Sanjay Kamble (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sanjay Nene (Co-Supervisor)Treatment of sewage water by using microalgae coupled with membrane bioreactor (MBR) system2018
61710BB15A26045Jagdeeshaprasad M GCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-15Mahesh J. KulkarniInvestigation of advanced glycated hemoglobin as an alternative
marker for better diagnosis of diabetes
61810CC11A26001Rajendra Prasad MeenaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. K. SelvarajMultifunctional hybrid nanomaterials for cancer theranostics2018
61910CC11A26002Anantharamaiah P.N.CSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. P. A. JoyStudies on the magnetostrictive properties of metal suBiological Sciencestituted sintered cobalt ferrite Co(Fe, M)2O4 (M = Al, Ga, In, Mg, Mn, Zn)2018
62010CC11A26004Ahire Milind MukundCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Santosh MhaskeNovel C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming synthetic strategies for the construction of potential scaffolds by NHC-catalysis and difunctionalization of arynes2018
62110CC11A26006Divya NCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Suresh K. Bhat (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satishchandra B. Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Nanomaterials for Gas separation, CO2
Reduction and Solar Hydrogen Generation
62210CC11A26010Umesh BansodeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. C. V. Rode (Supervisor) /Dr. Satishchandra Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Hybrid perovskite thin films grown by solution and dry processing approaches for solar cell and optoelectronic applications2018
62310CC11A26013Chaitnya Krsihna KamajaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. (Mrs.) Manjusha V. ShelkeSynthesis of Nanostructured Metal Sulfides and their Composites for Solar Energy Conversion Applications2018
62410CC11A26014Sujit SakrarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sudip Roy (Co-Supervisor)Understanding of Self-assembly of Polypeptide-based Molecules and Bolaamphiphile from Atomistic and Mesoscale Simulations2018
62510CC11A26015Neha TiwariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Manohar V. BadigerSynthesis and characterization of new associating polymers and hydrogels for biological applications2018
62610CC11A26020Jaisingh DivseCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. Santosh B. MhaskeDesign and synthesis of novel bioactive steroids and beta-lactam based molecules by click chemistry and application of steroidal organocatalyst for aldol reaction2018
62710CC11A26022Soumyajit ChatterjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Guruswamy KumaraswamyApplications of macroporous sponges prepared using ice templating2018
62810CC11A26024Atul Balasaheb KulalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. SHUBHANGI B. UMBARKARNitration of AromatiChemical Sciences Using WO3 Based Solid Acid Catalysts2018
62910CC11A26035Mrityunjay Kumar TiwariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Kumar VankaComputational Studies of Noncovalent Interactions in Understanding and Designing New Systems of Biological and Chemical Significance2018
63010CC11A26040D SrikantCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. C.V.V. SatyanarayanaNovel perovskite type oxides as catalysts for generation of synthesis gas with variable H2 to CO ratio2018
63110CC11A26042Sharda KondawarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. CHANDRASHEKHAR V. RODEEnvironmentally benign catalytic transformation of glycerol to glycerol carbonate2018
63210CC11A26048Kolluru SrinivasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. C. V. RamanaCatalytic functionalization of Benzofurans and total synthesis of Propolisbenzofuran B2018
63310CC11A26094Kundan Kumar Singh SagarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Sayam Sen GuptaInvestigations on the oxygen atom transfer reaction mediated through a bio-inspired Fe(V)O complex2018
63410CC11J26068Soumen DasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sayam Sen GuptaSynthesis of Carbohydrate and Phosphate Containing Polypeptides; Their Self-Assembly and Cellular Internalization2018
63510CC11J26070Suresh MCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G J SANJAYANNovel multivalent hexaarylbenzene derivatives and cyclomers for potential molecular recognition applications2018
63610CC11J26072Manjunath BCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. P A JoyStructural and magnetic properties of Bi and Fe sites co-substituted bismuth ferrite2018
63710CC11J26092Anil M ShelkeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. GURUNATH SURYAVANSHIEnantioselective synthesis of bioactive molecules via organocatalysis and methodologies on C-C, C-N bond formations2018
63810CC11J26093Manisha DohadeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. Paresh L. DhepeChemistry of conversion of furans into value added chemical using supported metal catayst2018
63910CC12A26002Swapna GadeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr.A.A.KelkarCatalytic transformation of organic carbonate to fine chemicals via benign route2018
64010CC12A26003Sachin KuhireCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Prakash P. WadgaonkarDesign and synthesis of step-growth monomers starting from bio-based chemicals and polymers therefrom2018
64110CC12A26004Manik Chandra SilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Jayaraj NithyanandhanEffect and position of molecularly engineered bipropylenedioxythiophene-bridged donor/acceptor dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC): Homo and hetero-dimeric di-anchoring organic dyes for panchromatic light absorption with controlled dye aggregation and reduced charge recombination2018
64210CC12A26008Richa ChaudharyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. Paresh Laxmikant DhepeEmployment of heterogeneous base catalysts in the depolymerisation of lignin and upgradation of lignin derived monomers2018
64310CC12A26009Atanu PatraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. A. T. BijuN-heterocyclic carbene-organocatalyzed umpolung of aldehydes and imines for new synthetic transformations2018
64410CC12A26013Govind BhosaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Moneesha FernandesArginine-rich Tat- and (R-X-R)-motif Peptidomimetics for DNA/RNA Binding, Antimicrobial Action and Cell Penetration.2018
64510CC12A26015Rajesh BishtCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. J. NithyanandhanNIR Active Squaraine Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Modulating Aggregation, Orientation and Electronic Properties of the Dyes2018
64610CC12A26016Vijaykumar KoshtiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Samir ChikkaliCatalytic synthesis of P-chiral supramolecular phosphines, their self-assembled metal complexes and implication in asymmetric catalysis2018
64710CC12A26020Pankaj MahajanCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Santosh B. MhaskeSynthesis of bioactive natural products cleistenolide, isocryptolepine and circumdatins using novel methodologies2018
64810CC12A26021Dhokale Ranjeet AshokraoCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Santosh B. MhaskeDevelopment of novel methodologies in aryne chemistry and their application in the total synthesis of bioactive natural products2018
64910CC12A26024Mehare Rupali ShaligramCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-19Dr. Manjusha V. ShelkeHeteroatom doped porous carbons as efficient electrode materials for energy storage applications2018
65010CC12A26026Santanu PattanayakCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta (Co-Supervisor)Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies Towards Understanding the Activation of C-H and O-H Bonds by High-valent Metal Oxo Intermediates2018
65110CC12A26029Rahul ShingareCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyAntibacterial natural product Hunanamycin A: Total synthesis, lead optimization, and related studies2018
65210CC12A26032Rohini OpleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. S. ReddyDesign, synthesis and biochemical studies of FadD and type III PKS inhibitors towards developing anti-tuberculosis agents2018
65310CC12A26038Amit Kumar YadavCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Moneesha FernandesDesign and Synthesis of Peptidomimetics, Cellular Delivery Systems and Bioconjugates2018
65410CC12A26040Tharun Kumar KotammagariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. A. K. BhattacharyaBiomimetic total synthesis of Angiopterlactone B; Synthesis of bioactive lactones and artemisinic acid glycoconjugates2018
65510CC12A26041Vikas KumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. K. KrishnamoorthyPorous polymers: Preparation, characterization and applications2018
65610CC12A26043Vineeta SoniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. Benudhar PunjiUnified strategies for nickel-catalyzed and metal-free C?H functionalizations of indoles, and mechanistic studies2018
65710CC12A26045Pradnya BharadCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. C. S. GopinathElectronically integrated composites for water splitting2018
65810CC12A26049Bharat ShrimantCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Prakash P. Wadgaonkar (supervisor)/ Dr. Ulhas K. Kharul (Co-Supervisor)Polymers of intrinsic microporosity and poly(ionic liquid)s: Synthesis, characterization and gas permeation studies2018
65910CC12A26053Kiran K. J.CSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. SURESH BHATInvestigation of phase behaviour of neutral and ionic microgels using scattering, rheology and microscopy techniques2018
66010CC12A26059Manikandan TCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. A. T. BijuExtending aryne chemistry: Coupling benzynes with tropones, alcohols, azirines, allylthioethers and more2018
66110CC12A26085Arunava MaityCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Amitava DasTailoring the optical properties and morphology of low-molecular weight based supramolecular gelators2018
66210CC12J26002Dinesh PaymodeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. C. V. RamanaStudies toward the total synthesis of allocolchicine, parvifolal A/B & Ru-catalyzed direct arylation of 2-aroylbenzofurans2018
66310CC12J26006Krishna Prasad MCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. G J SANJAYANDesign, Synthesis and Structural Investigations of Template-Assisted Peptides and Synthesis of Novel Peptide Derivatives as Potential Central Nervous System Active Agents2018
66410CC12J26011Kavita GargCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Prakash P. WadgaonkarStep growth polymers containing pendent clickable groups: Synthesis, characterization and chemical modifications2018
66510CC12J26013Yachita SharmaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. Amol KulkarniContinuous flow synthesis of organic compounds2018
66610CC12J26015Nikam Arun VilasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Amol A. Kulkarni (Supervisor)/ Dr. B. L. V. Prasad (Co-Supervisor)Batch and flow synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and organic particles2018
66710CC12J26016Avinash BansodeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. Nitin T. PatilGold Catalyzed and Selectfluor Mediated Organic Transformations2018
66810CC12J26018Hanumanprasad PandiriCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19Dr. Benudhar PunjiSyntheses and Catalytic Applications of Pincer-Ligated Nickel, Palladium and Copper Complexes2018
66910CC12J26019Shrikant KhakeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Benudhar PunjiSyntheses of Novel Nickel and Palladium Complexes: Catalytic C?H Functionalizations and Mechanistic Studies2018
67010CC12J26020Brijesh KumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Pradeep KumarDesign and tactics towards synthesis of 10 & 14-membered macrocyclic lactones and lewis acid mediated regioselective C-C bond formation2018
67110CC12J26021Kshirodra Kumar PatraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. C.S.GopinathRole of Surface Plasmon Resonance in Solar Light Harvesting2018
67210CC13A26001Gade Amol BabasahebCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Nitin T. PatilGold(I) and Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Reactions for the Synthesis of Carbocycles and Heterocycles2018
67310CC13A26007Manoj Kumar SahooCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ekambaram BalaramanVisible Light Mediated Photoredox Catalytic Dehydrogenation and C-H Arylation reactions2018
67410CC13A26009Suhas ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Chandrashekhar V. RodeCatalytic conversion of renewable carbohydrates and furans into valuable chemicals2018
67510CC13A26010Santigopal MondalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. A. T. BijuOrganocatalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Functionalized Cyclopentenes, beta-Lactones and Spirocyclohexenols2018
67610CC13A26015Sandeep Kumar SharmaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Asha S. K.Alternate and Random Copolymers of Bay substituted Rylenebisimides for Energy Applications.2018
67710CC13A26018Nagane Samadhan SureshCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Prakash P. WadgaonkarAromatic step growth polymers bearing pendant clickable groups: Synthesis, characterization and chemical modifications2018
67810CC13A26023Garima JaiswalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. E. BalaramanTransition-metal based nanocatalysts for (de)-hydrogenation reactions2018
67910CC13A26027Punitharasu VellimalaiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. J. NithyanandhanUnsymmetrical squaraine based NIR-active dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Controlling the aggregation and orientation of dyes on the TiO2 surface.2018
68010CC13A26028Aslam ShaikhCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. Nitin T. PatilDesign and Development of Organic Fluorophores via Catalytic Alkyne Fuctionalizations2018
68110CC13A26029Pragati SharmaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. RAJNISH KUMAR (Supervisor)/ Dr. SUMAN CHAKRABARTY (Co-Supervisor)Computational studies on the effect of composition and interactions on structure, dynamics and gas adsorption properties of polymeric materials2018
68210CC13J26001Sharad ParweCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Baijayantimala GarnaikRing opening polymerization of lactide using biocompatible initiator for drug delivery systems2018
68310CC13J26002Neeta KarjuleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13J. NithyanandhanHeterotriangulene based hemicyanine and squaraine dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells and field effect transistors2018
68410CC13J26006Nivedita PatilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-19Dr. M.S.ShashidharChiral myo-inositol derivatives as versatile intermediates for the synthesis of cyclitol derivatives and analogs2018
68510CC13J26008Viswanadh NallaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. M. MuthukrishnanSynthesis of optically pure pharmaceuticals employing Aziridines/Epoxides as chiral synthons and development of novel biologically active compounds based on Benzopyran-4-ones2018
68610CC13J26012Swechchha PandeyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Samir ChikkaliRegioselective rhodium catalyzed isomerizing hydroformylation and Fe catalyzed hydroformylation of alkenes and plant oils2018
68710CC13J26013Deepak KumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Kumar Vanka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor)DFT investigations of stability and catalytic properties of supported aluminium clusters2018
68810CC13J26014Bikash GaraiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Rahul BanerjeeStimuli Responsive Porous Framework Materials: Design, Synthesis and Applications2018
68910CC13J26017Taufeekaslam ShaikhCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13S. A. R. MullaDevelopment of new synthetic methodologies towards Sn- and Cu-catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-0 bond formation and sp3 C-H functionalization2018
69010CC13J26022Ruchi JainCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Chinnakonda Subramanian GopinathGas-solid interaction and its influence in electronic structure and catalysis : A near ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy study2018
69110CC13J26023Bhawana PandeyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-18Dr. Ashootosh V. AmbadeAmphiphilic polypeptides and silk based hybrid biomaterials: Synthesis and stimuli-responsive self-assembly for biomedical applications2018
69210CC13J26024Markad Shivaji BhimraoCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. N. P. ArgadeStudies on total synthesis of bioactive carbazole alkaloids2018
69310CC14A26001Janampelli SagarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. DARBHA SRINIVASCatalytic Deoxygenation of Fatty Acids to Diesel-range Hydrocarbons over Promoted Platinum Catalysts2018
69410CC14A26026Mukta TathavadekarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. S.K. BhatSynthesis and studies of carbonaceous and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials for energy applications2018
69510CC14A26032Ashvini Babasaheb DeshmukhCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. (Mrs.) Manjusha V. ShelkeSynthesis and characterization of porous carbon materials for electrochemical energy storage2018
69610CC14A26033Nayana NivanguneCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. A.A KelkarCatalytic synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and its application as a green reagent for the synthesis of aromatic carbamates2018
69710CC14J26001Anila H.ACSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Amitava DasSynthesis of fluorescent probes for specific recognition and imaging applications2018
69810CC14J26009Roby SoniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Sreekumar KurungotStructural alignment of pseudocapacitive materials over carbon morphologies to achieve improved capacitive performance2018
69910CC15A26021Richa Amod BobadeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-18Dr. R. Nandini DeviPromotion of mid-temperature water gas shift activity of Pt supported catalysts.2018
70010CC15A26022Anish LazarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. ANAND PAL SINGH (supervisor)/ Dr. VINOD CHATHAKUDATH PRABHAKARAN (Co-Supervisor)Metal-organofunctionalized SBA-15 catalysts for fine chemical syntheses2018
70110CC15J26021Yuvraj DangatCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. Kumar VankaMechanistic Insights, Employing Density Functional Theory (DFT), into Hydroformylation, C-H Activation Catalysis and Small Molecule Activation by Main Group Complexes2018
70210EB11A26061Deepanwita BanerjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-18Dr. Anu RaghunathanDynamics of Cell Metabolism and Enzymopathies in Chromobacterium violaceum: A Systems Approach2018
70310EB11A26062Selva Rupa Christinal ICSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Anu RaghunathanMetabolic Reprogramming of the Cell: Investigating Systemic Signatures and Growth in Cancer2018
70410PP12A26083Mousumi SenCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pankaj PoddarStudy of Magnetic, Electric and Thermal Properties in Fe3Se4 System: Interplay of Spin, Charge and Phonon2018
70510PP13J26045Manoj Kumar NandiCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sarika Maitra BhattacharyyaRole of structure in determining the dynamics using theoretical techniques like mode coupling theory and computer simulations2018
70620EB12A26074Kumar Raja PuppalaCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12M.S DharneStudies on phytase producing yeasts and its application in food and agriculture2018
70720EE12A26073Nilesh ChoudharyCSIR-NCL, PuneEngineering SciencesAug-18Dr. Rajnish Kumar(Supervisor)/ Dr. Suman Chakrabarty (Co-Supervisor)Role of Additives on the Formation and Decomposition Kinetics of Gas Hydrates: Molecular Dynamics Simulation2018
70820EE12A26075Subhadarshinee SahooCSIR-NCL, PuneEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Ashish V. Orpe (supervisor)/ Dr. Pankaj Doshi (Co-Supervisor)DynamiChemical Sciences and stability of liquid-liquid thin films and suspensions spreading on a spinning disc2018
70920EE12A26077Gunuwant MuleCSIR-NCL, PuneEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Amol A. KulkarniMixing Intensification in Stirred Tank Reactors and in Small Channels2018
71020EE12A26079Amruta KulkarniCSIR-NCL, PuneEgineering SciencesAug-18Dr. Ashish LeleStructure and Properties of Star Telechelic Poly(Lactide) Ionomers2018
71120EE13A26053Gaurav BhattacharjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Rajnish KumarRole of Additives in Enhancing the KinetiChemical Sciences of Gas Hydrate Formation and Dissociation: Application in Gas Separation and Storage2018
71210PP12A27002Madhuri GulhaneCSIR-NEERI, NagpurPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Hemant J. PurohitStructural and functional analysis of microbial community residing in lab scale bioreactor treating vegetable waste2018
71310BB12A38003Bitopan SarmaCSIR-NEIST, JorhatBiological SciencesAug-12Dr M BhuyanAdaptive interaction of representative butterfly and its host plant in some gas flaring areas of Sivasagar District of Assam2018
71410CC13J38002Mrinal SaikiaCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-13Dr L SaikiaSynthesis, Characterization and Activity Study of Metal, Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Polyoxometalate Supported on MIL-101(Cr)2018
71510CC14A38001Najrul HussainCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-14Dr MR DasDecoration of the metal nanoparticles on the reduced graphene oxide sheets by solution chemistry approach and its catalytic application towards organic coupling reaction2018
71610CC14A38003Ashwini BorahCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-14Dr P GogoiDevelopment of new carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and synthesis of Phenanthridine and 1,4-Napthoquinone derivatives2018
71710CC15A38005Allou N'guadi BlaiseCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-15Dr RL GoswameeLayered double hydroxides based hybrid nanocomposites for the extended release of important biologically active molecules2018
71810PP15A38021Eluyemi Adekulne AyodejiCSIR-NEIST, JorhatPhysical SciencesAug-15Dr. S BaruahSeismic hazard assessment through integrated approach on seismotectonics, geophysical and remote sensing studies to identify suitable site for a major construction in Nigeria2018
71910PP13A28003Bhoopendra SinghCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Prantik MandalStudy of earthquake source processes, attenuation and mantle
anisotropy in the Kachchh rift zone, Gujarat, India
72010PP13J28008Aruban Khelen ChanuCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-13Prof. C. ManikyambaGeological, Geochemical, and Isotopic studies on the Precambrian stromatolitic carbonates of Dharwar Craton and Cudappah basin: Implications on biogeochemical processes and paleo-environmental2018
72110PP14A28001Damodara NarraCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr Kalachand SainImaging West-Bengal onshore and Kerala Konkan offshore basins from active source seismic tomography2018
72210PP14J28001Barnita BanerjeeCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-14Dr. E.V.S.S.K Babu (Supervisor)/ Dr. Syed Masood Ahmad (Co-supervisor)Paleoceanographic changes in the southern Bay of Bengal from Middle to Late Miocene period using isotopic and trace elemental proxies from Ocean Drilling Program-7582018
72310BB12J39016Nishant GopalanCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. K. Madhavan NampoothiriBiorefining of  wheat bran for the production of feruloyl esterase, ferulic acid and their applications.2018
72410BB13A39008Ayman Omer IdriCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesAug-13Rajiv Kumar SukumaranFungal cellulase production and application2018
72510BB13J39012Ramya KrishnanCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesJan-13N. Ramesh KumarMolecular and functional characterization of native novel 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase containing phytobeneficial rhizobacteria from coastal saline tolerant pokkali rice varieties of southern India, Kerala2018
72610BB14J39012Priya PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesJan-14Dr KRISHNAKUMAR B.Nutrient removal and biomethanation potential of prominent invading macrophytes2018
72710CC11A39002Gayathri T. H.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. S. AnanthakumarRare earth based mixed metal oxides for energy applications2018
72810CC11J39010Rahul M. OngungalCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Suresh DasDesign, Synthesis, Study of the Self-Assembling and Luminescent Properties of Some 1,3,4-Oxadiazole and 2,1,3-Benzooxadiazole Derivatives2018
72910CC11J39013Lakshmykanth T.MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. R. GopidasDesign, Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Small Molecules and their Application in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell2018
73010CC12A39001CH ChandrasekharCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ravi Shankar LankalapalliDevelopment of Novel Metal-Free Multicomponent and Oxidative Reaction Methodologies for the Construction of Biologically Relevant Molecules2018
73110CC12A39002Sreejith MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Joshy JosephDesign, synthesis and photophysical properties of organic conjugates of two-dimensional layered nanomaterials for Sensing and PDT applications2018
73210CC12A39006Arun GopiCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. K. YoosafExploiting Noncovalent Interactions for the Preparation of Quantum Dot-Organic Chromophore Hybrid Nanostructures2018
73310CC12A39010Sandeepa K. V.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Joshy JosephDesign of functional fullerenes: Investigation of their photophysical and DNA self-assembly properties for optoelectronic applications2018
73410CC12A39011Remya P. R.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. C. H. SureshDensity functional theory studies on CC bond metathesis by grubbs and schrock catalysts: Metal-carbon bonding, mechanisms, and metallacycles2018
73510CC12A39014Aparna P. S.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. R. LUXMI VARMA (Supervisor)/ Dr. K. V. RADHAKRISHNAN (Co-Supervisor)Desymmetrization of Diazabicyclic Olefins via Transition Metal Catalyzed sp2 C-H Activation : Access to Functionalized Cyclopentenes2018
73610CC12A39015Shameel TCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. RAMAIAHOrganic donor-acceptor systems for metal ion recognition and OLED applications2018
73710CC12J39004Samrat GhoshCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. A. AjayaghoshSelf-Assembly and Properties of Low Bandgap Diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivatives2018
73810CC12J39006Sudheesh K. VCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. A. AjayaghoshLuminescent Probes for Organelle Targeted Imaging, Photodynamic Therapy and Theranostic Applications2018
73910CC12J39009Sumesh BabuCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. K. R. Gopidas?-Cyclodextrin Facilitated Donor-Acceptor Supramolecular Self-Assembled Systems For Charge Transfer And Electron Transfer Applications2018
74010CC12J39011Mohamed Hifsudheen B. MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. A. AjayaghoshDesign, synthesis, self-assembly and chiroptical properties of chiral oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) derivatives2018
74110CC12J39012Arindam MalCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12A. Ajayaghoshsynthesis, Characterization and applications of lonic covalent organic nanosheets2018
74210CC13A39003Angel Mary JosephCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-18K.P. SurendranNovel ultra low k materials for microelectronic applications2018
74310CC13A39004Della Theresa DavisCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. C. H. SureshDensity functional theory studies on hydrogen storage in molecular anions of different sizes and shapes2018
74410CC13A39006Greeshma GopalanCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. K. V. RadhakrishnanPhytochemical investigation of some selected medicinal plants and synthetic transformations of an abundant natural product zerumbone from Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Roscoe ex Sm.2018
74510CC13J39004Minju ThomasCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-19U.S. HareeshZeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8) derived porous materials for functional applications2018
74610CC13J39005Ajesh VijayanCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. K. V. RadhakrishnanConstruction of Carbocycles and Heterocycles Utilizing the Steric Strain in Heterobicyclic Olefins2018
74710CC13J39006Santhini P. VCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. R. Luxmi Varma (Supervisor) /
Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Co-Supervisor)
Synthesis of heterocycles and carbocycles via desymmetrization of bicyclic olefins and multicomponent reactions of indoles2018
74810CC13J39007Dhanya B.PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Supervisor)/ Dr. Mangalam S. Nair (Co-Supervisor)Synthetic modifications of zerumbone and their biological evaluation2018
74910CC13J39010Nisha NCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Kaustabh Kumar MaitiDesign and Fabrication of SERS Guided Targeted Nanoprobes Towards Cancer Management2018
75110CC15A39011Jyothi B. NairCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-15Dr. Kaustabh Kumar MaitiDesign, synthesis and biological assessment of molecular transporters for targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs2018
75210CC15J39006Jagdeesh KCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. B. S. SasidharExploration of novel carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions and related chemistry2018
75310PP12J39016Jasnamol P.PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Manoj Raama VarmaMagnetic, transport and magnetotransport properties of perovskites La2BMnO6(B=Fe, Cu, and Cr)2018
75420EE13A39016Athul K. R.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. A. SrinivasanStructure - Property Evaluation of Gd & Ca Added Mg-Al & Mg-Zn Alloys.2018
75510PP11A29006Sweta BaidyaCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Pratima M. Kessarkar (Supervisor)/ Dr. V. K. Banakar (Co-Supervisor)Changes in the relative intensity of Indian monsoon system during the LGM-Holocene climate transition: Reconstruction of the upper water column climatology in the Eastern Arabian Sea utilizing paired measurement of ?18 O-Mg/Ca in planktonic foraminifera2018
75610PP11A29007Vipin PCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. S.G. AparnaSurface and sub-surface properties of mesoscale SST fronts and filaments and their proximity to the potential fishing zones in the northeastern Arabian Sea2018
75710PP11J29001Remya RCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. D. ShankarOn the link between physical processes and the marine ecosystem in the eastern Arabian Sea2018
75810PP11J29002Devika JoshiCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. C. MohandassUV absorbing compounds from marine cyanobacteria2018
75910PP11J29004Suchandan BemalCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. C. AnilDiversity and trophodynamics of Synechococcus in the Eastern Arabian Sea2018
76010PP12J29004Gobardhan SahooCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Lidita KhandeparkerExogenous and endogenous signals in the settlement of Balanus amphitrite2018
76110PP13A29010Champoungam PanmeiCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Pothuri Divakar NaiduForcing factors of Indian monsoon variability at multidecadal to centennial timescale2018
76210PP13J29007Thejasino SuokhrieCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. RAJEEV SARASWAT (Supervisor)/ Dr. RAJIV NIGAM (Co-Supervisor)Foraminiferal distribution along the continental margin off Krishna-Godavari and Pennar River complex and its paleoclimatic implications2018
76320EE13A31006Y. RajshekarCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. J. PalDevelopment of blast furnace grade hematite ore pellet with iron ore slime and mill scale additives2018
76410CC12A32012Mukta TyagiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. A. M. Biradar (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ved Varun Agrawal (Co-Supervisor)Development of Lab-on-Chip based platforms for the detection of biomolecules: Cholesterol & Lipocalin-22018
76510CC12A32013ShahjadCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Asit PatraSynthesis and characterization of benzodithiophene and diketopyrrolopyrrole based conjugated materials for solar cell applications2018
76610CC13A32013Parul ChawlaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-18Shailesh Narain SharmaSolution-processed multicomponent chalcopyrite-based semiconductors for low-cost photovoltaics2018
76710CC13A32015Neha GuptaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Rachana KumarDevelopment of fullerene based dyad materials for organic photovoltaic applications2018
76810CC13J32006Shobhita SinghalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-19Dr. Rajesh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Dr. A.M. Biradar (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis and characterization of electroactive nanostructured materials for biosensing applications2018
76910CC13J32009SwatiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. S. Swarupa TripathyInvestigation on Stable Isotopic Composition of Heavy Metals in Paddy Crops of Punjab Region and Their Source Apportionment2018
77010CC14A32015Samya NaqviCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-19Rachana KumarNovel approach towards the synthesis of acceptor materials for organic photovoltaic applications.2018
77110CC14A32017Dinesh BhardwajCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Asit Patra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor)Semiconducting thiophene based donor & hole transport layers materials for organic solar cells applications2018
77210CC15J32017Rajni VermaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-15Dr. AVANISH KUMAR SRIVASTAVAOxide nanomaterials: Synthesis, characterization, optical and biological responses2018
77310PP12A32003Aniket RanaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Rajiv K SinghTransient Photophysics and Charge Carrier Transfer Dynamics in Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells2018
77410PP12A32005Pawan KumarCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Bipin Kumar GuptaInvestigations on the Synthesis, Characterizations and Photoluminescence Properties of Selective 0D-3D Luminescent Materials and their Strategic Applications2018
77510PP12J32008Akash YadavCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. H. K. SinghMagnetic Phase Coexistence in Manganite Thin Film: Consequences on Magnetotransport2018
77610PP13A32011Deepika ChaudharyCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Sushil KumarA study of the plasma characteristics of 27.12 MHz assisted PECVD process for silicon thin film growth2018
77710PP13A32012Pooja SinghCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Anjana DograConduction mechanism and memristive behaviour in ferroelectric and ferromagnetic hetero-junctions2018
77810PP13J32002Vijeta SinghCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. J. J. PulikkotilEffect of spin-orbit coupling in iridium oxides2018
77910PP14A32001Neha BatraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. Subhadeep DeComputations, design & instrumentation for precision Ion trap experiment2018
78010PP14A32004Komal JainCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. R. P. PantMagneto-optical & microwave resonance investigations of magnetic fluid and ferrofibers2018
78110PP14A32005Reena GoelCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. V. P. S. AwanaSuperconductivity in layered (Nb/Ta)2Pdx(S/Se/Te)y compounds2018
78210PP14A32011Alka SharmaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. Sudhir HusaleBroad-spectral photodetection studies in CdS heterostructures and topological insulator based nanostructures2018
78310PP14A32034Harneet KaurCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. Ritu SrivastavaExfoliation and Assembly of Two-Dimensional Layered Materials for
Electronic Applications
78520EE13A32017Ashish GuptaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Sanjay R. DhakateElectrospun carbon nanofibers based anode material for lithium ion batteries2018
78620EE13A32018Aishik AcharyaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-18Dr. Poonam Arora (Supervisor)/ Dr. Amitava Sen Gupta (Co-Supervisor)Design, development and evaluation of cesium primary frequency standard, frequency metrology and time dissemination system2018
78720EE13A32021Chandan SinghCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. G.SumanaFabrication of Nanomaterial Integrated Microfluidic Biosensor for Salmonella typhimurium Detection2018
78820EE13A32022Indu SharmaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-13Dr. KIRAN M SUBHEDARControl of CVD process and its flow dynamics for growth of improved quality
78920EE15A32014G. SwatiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-18Dr. D. HaranathStudies on Primary Color Emitting Photon Energy Storage Phosphors for Dark Vision Display Applications2018
79020EE15J32018Neeraj MarwahCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-15Dr. Avanish Kumar SrivastavaNanostructured magnesium oxide for optical performances2018
79120EE15J32026Swati BishnoiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-15Dr. D. Haranath (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vinay Gupta (Co-Supervisor)Development of luminescent materials as spectral convertors for photovoltaic applications2018
79332EE14J32003Anuj KrishnaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-14Dr.N.VijayanCrystallization and detailed investigations on characteristic features of organic single crystals for nonlinear optical applications2018
79432EE14J32007Achu ChandranCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesJan-14Dr. A. M. Biradar (Supervisor)/ Dr. D. Haranath (Co-Supervisor)Studies on the DynamiChemical Sciences of Liquid Crystals at Interface with Immiscible Structures for Device Applications2018
79532EE15A32001Atul ThakreCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-15Dr. Ashok KumarResistive switching in organic and inorganic thin films for non-volatile memory application2018
79632EE15A32004AkanshaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEngineering SciencesAug-15Dr. Shailesh Narain SharmaDevelopment of highly luminescent and stable Quantum dots and their hybrid nanostructures2018
79720EE14J41001Jyothirmayee DashCSIR-SERC, ChennaiEngineering SciencesJan-18Dr. Bala PesalaDesign and engineering of organic molecules for terahertz tags2018
79832EE12A41002Prabhat Ranjan PremCSIR-SERC, ChennaiEngineering SciencesAug-12Dr. A. Ramachandra MurthyPerformance of Ultra High Performance Concrete Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Members under Flexure2018
79932EE12J41005Mohit VermaCSIR-SERC, ChennaiEngineering SciencesJan-18Dr. J. RajasankarOptimal Controller Design for Dynamic Hybrid Simulation Based on Impedance Matching Approach2018
80032EE14A41002Prawin JCSIR-SERC, ChennaiEngineering SciencesAug-14Prof.A.Rama Mohan RaoNonlinear system identification techniques for structural health monitoring2018
80110CC12J01001Usha SharmaCSIR-CBRI, RoorkeeChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. L. P. Singh, Pr. ScientistEarly stage hydration studies of cementitious materials using silica nanoparticles2017
80232EE12A01003Anindya painCSIR-CBRI, RoorkeeEgineering SciencesAug-12Prof. Deepankar Choudhury (Supervisor)/Prof. S. K. Bhattacharyya; Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Co-Supervisor0Modified Physical Scienceseudo-dynamic Method for of Seismic Earth Pressures and Associated Problems2017
80310BB11A04001Jyotsana SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Rituraj KonwarIdentification and mechanism of action of molecules targeting epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in breast cancer cells2017
80410BB11A04003Shome Shankar BhuniaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. A K SaxenaDesign, Synthesis and Molecular Modeling Studies on SuBiological Sciencestituted indoles as Potential Antithrombotic Agents2017
80510BB12A04001Deepti ArhaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Akilesh Kumar TamrakarDeciphering the role of NODs in inflammation-induced Hepatic Insulin Resistance and implication of Natural molecules in Type 2 Diabetes management2017
80610BB12A04005Ankur OmerCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Poonam SinghExploring Multi-scale Role of Some Selected Molecules Against Cancer2017
80710BB12A04011Shweta KaushikCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil K BalapureMolecular Basis of Isoflavones Genistein and Daidzein regulation of Centchroman action in Human Breast Cancer2017
80810BB12A04012Ankita SrivastavaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil N. GaikwadProgression of Adipocyte Insulin Resistance : Deciphering roles of miR-27b and PP2A subunit PPP2R5B2017
80910BB12A04014Aditi SharmaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Mrigank SrivastavaElucidating the role of Dendritic cells and Macrophages during early phase of infection with filarial nematode Brugia malayi2017
81010BB12A04017Gajendra SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Dr. Ravi S AmpapathiStructural Studies of Gramicidin-S Analogs, SIX-3 HD mutants and Interaction of SMAC mimetiChemical Sciences with BIR domains of XIAP protein 2017
81110BB12A04020Sujith RajanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil N. GaikwadMechanistic studies of early phase differential miRNA(s) contributing to the development of insulin resistance in hMSC derived adipocytes2017
81210BB12A04030Priyanka TripathiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Prabhat Ranjan MishraEngineered Nanoconstructs for Improved Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents for the treatment of Leishmaniasis2017
81310BB12J04008Monika MittalCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Naibedya ChattopadhyayCharacterization of aldehyde dehydrogenase as a bone anabolic target and its pharmacological manipulation2017
81410BB12J04013Sharat ChandraCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. M I SiddiqiMolecular Modeling and CheminformatiChemical Sciences studies on selected protein drug targets involved in Type 2 Diabetes2017
81510BB12J04014Shyam Sundar Pal ChinaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Naibedya ChattopadhyayStudies on the role of globular adiponectin in postmenopausal osteo-sarcopenia and its mechanism of osteoprotection2017
81610BB13A04004BhaskarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Neena GoyalMolecular and Biochemical Characterization of Chaperonin (HSP60) of Leishmania donovani2017
81710BB13A04011Neetu SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Kashif HanifA study on the role of fatty acid synthase in pulmonary hypertension and its associated dysfunctions2017
81810BB13A04012Pankaj Kumar SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Manish Kumar ChourasiaLigand anchored polymeric nanoparticle system for effective treatment of visceral leishmaniasis2017
81910BB13A04018Seema SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Shubha ShuklaUnderstanding the NMDAR antagonist induced behavioral and neurochemical changes in mice mimicking Physical Sciencesychosis2017
82010BB13J04001Manisha BhateriaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Rabi Sankar BhattaEvaluation of Preclinical ADME Properties of Novel Antithrombotic Agent, S002-333 and its Isomers 2017
82110BB13J04002Yuvraj SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Manish K. ChourasiaNanocarriers for effective Delivery of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride in Breast Cancer2017
82210BB13J04003Guru Raghvendra ValicherlaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Jiaur R. GayenInvestigation of Mechanism of Action of a Novel Antidiabetic Peptide in Rodent Models of Peri-/Post-Menopausal Diabetes and its Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Evaluation2017
82310BB13J04008Shweta SharmaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. P R MishraDevelopment of smart and functional nanocarriers for the effective delivery of chemotherapeutic agents against cancer2017
82410BB13J04010Kanuri Babu NageswararaoCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Madhu DikshitHepatic and Cardiac Redox Modulations in dietary models of dyslipidemia2017
82510BB14J04001Abhishek AryaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Anil K. DwivediNanocarriers for codelivery of bicalutamide and antioxidants for effective management of prostate cancer2017
82610BB14J04005Mahendra ShuklaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Jawahar LalPopulation PK-PD modelling of furosemide for anti-hypertensive effect & Bioavailability enhancement studies of curcumin2017
82710CC11A33010Ntin Hauserao AndhareCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Arun K SinhaGreen Synthesis of Bioactive PhenoliChemical Sciences bearing Heterocylic Moieties and Evaluation of their Biological Activities2017
82810CC11A33012SaimaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Arun K SinhaGreen Approaches Towards Formation of S-S and C-X (X=S, N) Bonds and their Application in Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules2017
82910CC11J33021Yogesh Abaso ThopateCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arun K SinhaDevelopment of Green Synthetic Methodologies for Biologically Important Small Molecules Employing Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Breakage/Construction Strategy2017
83010CC12A04037Kapil DevCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Rakesh MauryaPhytochemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants and Development of New Methodologies for the Synthesis of Bioactive Indole Analogues2017
83110CC12A04043Preeti ChandraCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Brijesh KumarChemical Profiling and Quantitative Studies on Bioactive Phytocompounds in Selected Medicinal Plants using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometric Techniques2017
83210CC13A04027Ravi KumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. M S ReddyDesign of one-pot strategies with alkyne based suBiological Sciencestrate for the synthesis of small organic molecules of biological interest2017
83310CC14J04013Vikas BajpaiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. Brijesh KumarDevelopment and Validation of DART MS and LC-ESI-MS/MS Methods for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Phytochemicals from Selected Indian Medicinal Plants2017
83410CB12A05008P. DhandapaniCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. S. MaruthamuthuBio-approach: Ureolytic bacteria mediated synthesis of multifunctional nanoparticles2017
83510CC12A05001A. MuthurasuCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. V. GaneshSensing and Catalytic Applications of Fluorescent Based Materials2017
83610CC12A05002S. SathyamoorthiCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. VelayuthamIonic liquids as electrolytes for supercapacitor2017
83710CC12A05011P. SivasakhtiCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. G. N. K. Ramesh BapuPulse Electrodeposited Nickel Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Applications2017
83810CC12A05013Raju ThotaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. V. GaneshChemically Modified Polyester Film:
A Novel Functional Platform for Electrochemical
83910CC12J05001M.J. JaisonCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Supervisor)/ Dr. V. Saranyan (Co-Supervisor)Modified Graphene Nanoribbons
for Electrochemical Applications
84010CC12J05003Demudu Babu GorleCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. M. AnbukulandainathanElectrochemically or Chemically modified surfaces
as catalytic electrodes for Electrochemical
84110CC12J05004Bongu ChandrasekharCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. N. KALAISELVIAlternative Electrodes and Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries2017
84210CC12J05006K AneeshCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Sheela BerchmansHeterogeneous enzyme mimiChemical Sciences for spectrophotometric and electrochemical sensing applications2017
84310CC12J05008Vinesh T.VCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Subbiah AlwarappanDevelopment of noble metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and water splitting2017
84410CC12J05009Suman KunduCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Supervisor)/ Dr. P. Ragupathy (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene based Nano-materials for Energy Applications2017
84510CC13A05009A SivasankarCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr S MaruthamuthuRemoval of organic and inorganic contaminants from the reactive dye textile effluent contaminated agricultural soil using electrokinetiChemical Sciences2017
84610CC13A05011R KarthickCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. M. SelvarajFree-standing Graphene-hybrid Cathodes for Quasi-Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cells2017
84710CC13J05005V SelvamaniCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. V. SuryanarayananIonic liquid electrolytes and founctional carbon anodes for Li ion battery2017
84810CC13J05006P. SubalakshmiCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. A. SIVASHANMUGAMTransition metal oxide based electrode materials for energy storage applications2017
84910CC14J05006M RajaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. A. Manuel StephanCeramic-based separators for Li-ion and Li-S batteries2017
85010PP13A05015S. Selva ChandrasekharanCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. P. MuruganTheoretical Investigations on Surfaces and Interfaces of Rare Earth-based Exchange-spring Magnets2017
85110PP13A06001Sandeep Kumar VyasCSIR-CEERI, PilaniPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. S. Maurya/ Dr. V. V. P. Singh (Co-Supervisor)Study of efficiency enhancement in high power microwave magnetron2017
85220EE12J06011Deepak BansalCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Prof. Kamaljit RangraCompact Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS
85332EE12J06004S Santosh KumarCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. R. Mukhiya (Supervisor) / Dr. B. D. Pant (Co Supervisor)Design, Optimization and Development of MEMS-based Bulk Micromachined
Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor
85410BB11A08005Chandana Thimme GowdaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. K RajagopalProtein Engineering of Acidic Thaumatin - Like Protein From Sapodilla (ManilkaraZapota)2017
85510BB12A08002Bavisetty Sri Charan BinduCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Bhaskar NAntivirulent and cytoprotective effects of squalene and related
mechanistic studies
85610BB12J08002Mahesh Mansingh PatilCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. K A Anu AppaiahAnti-obesic factors and their improvement through fermentation from non-hydroxycitric acid Garcinia xanthochymus2017
85710BB12J08008Ramya VisvanathanCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-12Prof. Ram RajasekharanTranscriptional regulation of phospholipases by Yeast Activator Protein-1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae2017
85810BB13J08002Anu BhushaniCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Anandharamakrishnan CNanoencapsulation of Green Tea Catechins by Emulsification and Electrospraying Techniques for Oral and Transdermal Delivery2017
85910BB13J08006Chinnu SalimCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Rajini P SInsights into the role of high glucose diet in Monocrotophos induced neurodegeneration and associated effects in Caenorhabditis elegans2017
86010BB13J08011Divyashri GCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. S G PrapullaGamma-aminobutyric acid, a potent neurotransmitter from lactic acid bacteria: Fermentative and Bioactivity studies2017
86110BB13J08012Anindya BasuCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. S G PrapullaStudies on the production of Isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO) using ?-glucosidase from microbes2017
86210BB14J08023Pradeep Kumar YadavCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Prof. Ram RajasekharanRole of yeast DDHD domain-containing lipase in mitochondrial phospholipid remodeling and its regulation2017
86320EE11A08008Gopirajah RCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. Anandharamakrishnan CEngineered Model of Human Stomach for Understanding Physical Mechanism Underlying Food Digestion2017
86420EE11A08008P. KarthikCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. C AnandharamakrishnanMicro and NanoencaPhysical Sciencesulation of Omega-3 fatty acids by Emulsions and Spray-Freeze-Drying Techniques2017
86520EE12A08010Pravin Vasantrao GadkariCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Manohar BExtraction of Catechins from fresh tea leaves and development of emulsion2017
86620EE12A08012ShashidharCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Manohar BCORDYCEPhysical Sciences SINENSIS: Cultivation, Extraction and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds2017
86720EE13A08011S ParthasarthiCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr. C AnandharamakrishnanExperimental and Computational Modeling Approach for Evaluating the ABiological Sciencesorption of Nano-formulated Vitamin E in Small Intestine2017
86820EE13J08011Padma IshwaryaCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesJan-13Dr. Anandharamakrishnan CDevelopment of a Combined Experimental and Computational Modeling Approach to Investigate the Influence of Bran Addition on the Volume and Structural Development in Bread2017
86932EE14A09044Pawan KumarCSIR-CGCRI, KolkataEgineering SciencesAug-14Dr. ARUP GHOSH (Supervisor)/ Dr. H. S. TRIPATHI (Co-Supervisor)Effect of Additive on The Densification and Properties of Indian Magnesite2017
87010BB11J10005RubyCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr.(Mrs.) S BanerjeeIn vitro production of therapeutic molecules from normal and genetically engineered cultures of Boerhaavia diffusa and Mirabilis jalapa2017
87110BB12J10011Shilpi BansalCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr.(Mrs.) N S SangwanFunctional genomiChemical Sciences studies on the key genes of terpenoids biosynthesis from selected medicinal plants: Ocimum kilimandscharicum and Withania somnifera2017
87210BB13J10001Himanshu TripathiCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Feroz KhanGenomic identification of potential targets unique to Candida albicans and QSAR studies on active phytomolecules/derivatives for antifungal activity2017
87310BB13J10003Shilpa MohantyCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. D. U. BawankuleTherapeutic Mechanism of Selected Plant Derived Leads against Inflammatory Mediators Involved in Malaria Pathogenesis2017
87410BB13J10005Pallavi PandeyCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr.(Mrs.) S BanerjeeGenetic manipulations through “Hairy roots” in selected medicinal plants for biotransformation mediated value addition & bioactive metabolite production2017
87510BB15J10003Rupali GuptaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-15Dr. Rakesh Pandey“Studies of potential rhizopheric chitinolytic
bacterial communities for Meloidogyne incognita management in Bacopa monnieri L.(Pennell)”.
87610CC12J10012Furkan AhmedCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. RS Bhakuni/ Dr. L N Misra (Co-Supervisor)Phytochemical studies on Saraca asoca (Roxb.) de Wilde for bioactive compounds2017
87710CC12A11001Samala Murali Mohan ReddyCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S. GANESHSupramolecular Self-assembly of Dipeptides and Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl Protected-Amino Acid Derivatives2017
87810CC13J11006Sathish Kumar MudedlaCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. V. SubramanianMolecular DynamiChemical Sciences Simulations and Electronic Structure Calculations on the Interaction of Nanomaterials with Biomolecules2017
87910CC13J11008E VarathanCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. V. SUBRAMANIANQunatum Chemical Design of Efficient Ambipolar Host Materials for Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes2017
88010CC13A12013Priyanka DasCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Biswanath Mondal and Dr. Kalisadhan MukherjeeSynthesis of chemically modified nano-structured binary metal oxidex and study on their dye sensitized solar cell performance and organic vapour sensing characteristiChemical Sciences2017
88110CC13J12008Additi Roy ChowdhuryCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Priyabrata BanerjeeDesigned synthesis of chemoreceptors for selective sensing of biologically and environmentally important Ions: Recognition and selectivity studies2017
88210CC13J12010Dipanjan SenguptaCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Biswanath Mondal (Supervisor) and Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee (Co-Spuervisor)Synthesis of chemically modified zinc oxide and investigation on their performances as photo-anodes for dye sensitized solar cell application2017
88320EE12A12002Ravi Kumar ArunCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr.Nripen Chanda (Supervisor)/ Prof.Suman Chakraborty, Prof.Gautam Biswas (Co-Supervisors)Paper based microfluidiChemical Sciences for enhanced mixing and energy conversion2017
88420EE13A12001Abhishek KunduCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Sudipta DeHigh resolution numerical simulation of compressible flow with shock waves2017
88510CC11A14001Rajni DhyaniCSIR-CRRI, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. NIRAJ SHARMAPerformance Evaluation and Sensitivity
Analysis of Vehicular Pollution Dispersion
Model under Mixed Traffic Conditions
88610PP11A15002Rajnish KaurCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Akash DeepEvaluation of Quantum Dot-Metal Organic Framework Hybrid Nanostructures as Anode Material for Photovoltaic Applications2017
88710PP12J15001Maninder MeenuCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Sunita Mishra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Paramita Guha (Co-Supervisor)A Study on Effect of Infrared Treatment on Fungal Decontamination and Biochemical Parameters of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata L.)2017
88820EE11A15004Vanish KumarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. Inderpreet KaurFluorescent and Electrochemical Sensing with Nanodiamonds Extracted from Carbonaceous Deposits2017
88920EE12A15014Shashi PoddarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Amod KumarStatistical Process Control and Evolutionary Optimization Usage for Inertial Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles2017
89032EE12A15013Manoj Kumar PatelCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Manoj Kumar NayakAir-Assisted Electrostatic Nozzle: An Approach Towards Targeted Pesticide Delivery2017
89110BB12J16012Tonmoy GhoshCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sandhya MishraBioapplications of C-phycoerythrin from selected strain of cyanobacteria2017
89210BB12J16013Chetan PaliwalCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sandhya MishraOptimization of carotenoids in microalgae and their characterization for bioapplications2017
89310BB12J16015Rahulkumar Rambax MauryaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Arup GhoshEvaluation of Biofuel and biomaterial potential of deoiled residual algal biomass2017
89410BB12J16016Raj Kumar SardarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-12Prof. B. JhaStudies on lipopolysachharides of a marine bacterium, Marinobacter litoralis2017
89510CC11A16002Sadu Nageswara RaoCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. S. AdimurthyOrgano catalyzed transformations for the C-N/C-O bond forming reactions: Synthesis of amides2017
89610CC11A16009Venkatanarayana PappulaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. S. AdimurthyGreen methodologies for the synthesis of organobromo compounds and oxidative functionalization2017
89710CC12A16004Anshu KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. P. PaulNanoparticle based sensing of environmentally and biologically important ions and molecules2017
89810CC12A16008Abul Kalam BiswasCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. B. GangulyTheoretical Studies towards the Electronic and Structural Properties of Some Organic and Inorganic Systems and their Possible Applications in Chemistry and Materials2017
89910CC12J16005Jashobanta SahooCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. P. S. SubramanianLuminescent Lanthanide Complexes: Studies on Sensing of Nucleoside Phosphates, Nitro Compounds and Development of Luminescent Materials2017
90010CC12J16006Rajeev GuptaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Divesh SrivastavaPreparation, Characterization and applications of electrodes and devices of conductive materials2017
90110CC13J16004Chandrakant MukeshCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Kamalesh PrasadStudies on the performance of ionic liquids and their analogues towards dissolution and structural transformations of biopolymers2017
90210CC13J16006Anupam BeraCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Suresh K. Jewrajka (Supervisor)/ Dr. Pushpito K. Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Study of in situ/surface modifications of thin film composite membranes from the viewpoint of performance and antifouling behaviour2017
90310CC13J16008Chumki CharanCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Vinod K ShahiStudies on Polymer-Metal Oxide Nano-composite based Electrochemical Biosensors2017
90410CC13J16009Jai Prakash ChaudharyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Ramavatar MeenaSynthesis of Biopolymer Based Sustainable Materials For Advanced Applications2017
90510CC13J16010Manoj Kumar ChoudharyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. R. I. KureshyDesign and synthesis of chiral catalysts for asymmetric C-C bond formation reaction2017
90610CC13J16011Debashis SahuCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. B. GangulyComputational studies towards understanding the role of solvent, catalyst and constrained environment on some important chemical processes2017
90710BB12A02003Vignesh Kumar CCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr.Souvik Maiti / Dr.Koyeli Mapa (co-supervisor)Deciphering the Non canonical Function and structural features of HSP1102017
90810BB12A02010Aditya Kumar SharmaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr Yogendra SinghDeciphering the roles of lone Ser/Thr protein phosphatase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis2017
90910BB12A02012Anil KumarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Prof. Dwaipayan BharadwajDNA methylation and type 2 diabetes in Indians2017
91010BB12A02013Ankur BothraCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. VIVEK RAO / Dr. Yogendra Singh (co - supervisor)Decoding the molecular function of Mmpls in Mycobacterium tuberculosis patho-physiology2017
91110BB12A02014Anupam Kumar MondalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Debasis DashExploring the genomic differences in Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis2017
91210BB12A02019Shashank Shivaji KambleCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Yogendra Singh (Supervisor)/ Dr. Anurag Agrawal (Co-Supervisor)Crosstalk between calcium signaling and cellular autophagy during tuberculosis.2017
91310BB12A02022Gurpreet Kaur GrewalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. RITUSHREE KUKRETIUnderstanding the expression and function of multidrug resistance protein 2 (MRP2, ABCC2) modulated by xenobiotiChemical Sciences2017
91410BB12A02024Kriti KaushikCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sridhar SivasubbuStudies on dynamiChemical Sciences of zebrafish transcriptome2017
91510BB12A02025Kritika KhannaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Anurag AgrawalExtracellular Inositol Polyphosphate 4-Phosphatase (INPP4A) mediates epithelial-fibroblast crosstalk and regulates proliferation in the recipient cells2017
91610BB12A02033Ritika GroverCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Vivek T NatarajanCharacterisation of Myg1 : A Novel Exonuclease involved in RNA processing.2017
91710BB12A02034Rituparna ChaudhuriCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anurag Agrawal (Supervisor)/ Dr. Balaram Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Novel nuclear localization of inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase (INPP4A): Role in regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis2017
91810BB12A02041Asher RajkumarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr.Kausik ChakrabortyFunctional Characterization of Genes Involved in Misfolding-Induced ER stress Response2017
91910BB13J02006Smita NaharCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Souvik MaitiModulation of miRNAs by antisense oligonucleotides and small molecules2017
92010BB13J02015Demudu Babu GorleCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. M. Anbukulandainathan"Electrochemically or Chemically modified surfaces as catalytic electrodes for Electrochemical Applications"2017
92110BB13J02021Pallavi VarshneyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Neeru SainiElucidation of the role of cytokines in Physical Sciencesoriasis2017
92210BB13J02026Rakshinda RehmanCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Anurag Agrawal/ Dr. Balaram Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Role of Rad50 in maintaining epithelial integrity:implication in Asthma pathogenesis.2017
92310BB13J02031Shruti ChowdhariCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr Neeru SainiTo investigate microRNA-mRNA regulatory mechanisms in human keratinocytes2017
92410BB14J02010Shamsudheen K. VellarikkalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Sridhar Sivasubbu (Superisor)/ Dr. Vinod Scaria (Co-Supervisor)GenomiChemical Sciences Approaches For Understanding
Rare Genetic Disorders In India
92510BB11A33001Parul GoelCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Anil K. SinghUnderstanding Physiological and Molecular Responses of Brassica juncea under Nitrate Limiting Conditions2017
92610BB11A33006Rishu ThakurCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Arvind GulatiDiversity Analysis and Selection of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria from Kangra Valley for Growth Promotion in Camellia sinensis(L.) O. Kuntze2017
92710BB11J33013Rahul Mohan SinghCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Vipin HallanExpression analysis and identification of host factor(s) associating with movement protein of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus2017
92810BB11J33016Saurabh SharmaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Rakesh KumarEffect of Mulching and Growth Regulating Factors on Growth, Yield and Quality of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in the Western Himalayas2017
92910BB12A33007Surender KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Vipin HallanVirome Study of Pigeonpea Sterility Mosaic Disease in Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) by Small RNA Sequencing and Sequence Independent Amplification Approaches2017
93010BB12J33001Kiran Mansingh RawatCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Yogendra PadwadElucidating the Role of Natural and Synthetic Molecules for their Potential Anticancer Activity2017
93110BB12J33002Monika BhuniaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sanjay KumarIdentification and Functional Characterization of Universal Stress Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana under Abiotic Stress Conditions2017
93210BB12J33006Preeti AryaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Vishal AcharyaElucidating the Evolution and Role of STAND P-loop NTPase involved in Plant Defense Response using Computational Approaches2017
93310BB13J33006Shalika RanaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Shashi BhushanValorization of Industrial Apple Pomace for Nutraceutical Development2017
93410CC11A33009Sandeep KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-11Dr PRALAY DASSynthesis of Transition Metals Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Hydration, Oxidation and C1 Insertion Reactions2017
93510CC11A33011Manoranjan KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Bikram SinghStudies on utilization of biobased reagents for the synthesis of amines and N-heterocycles2017
93610CC12J33009C. Bal ReddyCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Pralay DasMethodology development for palladium catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation reactions2017
93710CC13J33010MayankaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Vijai K. Agnihotri / Dr. Bikram Singh (co-supervisor)Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies of Malus domestica, Potentilla atrosanguinea and Synthesis of Furanic compounds from Saccharides2017
93810CC13J33011Richa BhartiCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Pralay DasMethodology development for the synthesis of bioactive benzocycloheptene analogues from himachalenes2017
93910BB13J17011Vinod Kumar GuptaCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Chitra Dutta / Dr. Sucheta Tripathy (co-supervisor)Divergences in Gene Repertoires of Microbiome Components Derived from Distinct Body-sites of Human2017
94010BB14J17005Ashok MandalaCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Sib Sankar RoyThe Molecular Mechanisms of Lipid-Induced Insulin Resistance and Its Amelioration by The Novel Anti-Diabetic Agents2017
94110CC13A17010Bijaya Kumar SinghCSIR-IICB, KolkataChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Ranjan Jana“Direct Syntheses of Drug or Drug-like Molecules
via Copper Mediated/ Catalyzed C-H Activation”
94210BB11A18020G. SriramyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. USN MurtyIsolation, chemical characterization & biological evaluation of novel mosquito larvicidal compounds from Eupatorium odoratum2017
94310BB11A18023Bhanu Chandra KCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. SUMANA CHAKRAVARTYSex difference in behavioral and molecular neural response to chronic stress in mouse models of depression and related disorders2017
94410BB11A18025Koteswara Rao GarikapatiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-11DR.MANIKA PAL BHADRA“Explicating the role of BORIS/CTCFL in cancer signaling, maintenance of stemness and cancer therapy.”2017
94610BB11J18109Lakshmi Bahrgavi PCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R.S. PrakashamStrategies for the improvement of serralysin production from Serratia marcescens RSPB11 and its application in thrombolytic therapy2017
94710BB11J18127R. Gajendra ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sumana Chakravarty / Dr. Manika Pal Bhadra (co-supervisor)Role of Novel and Potential Small Molecules on Central Nervous System Functions2017
94910BB12A18067G. RamasatyaveiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Amitava DasCellular mechanisms of inflammatory regulation on stem cell recruitment/engraftment-mediated tissue regeneration2017
95010BB12A18068D DivyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Ramesh UmmanniIdentification of prostate cancer specific biomarkers and protein targets associated with androgen independent cancer progression2017
95110BB12J18041Neha R. DhokeCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Amitava DasMolecular Mechansim of Epigenetic,Oxidative stress and Chemokine Regulation on Bone marrow -derived Mesenchymal and Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells During Tissue Regeneration. 2017
95210BB12J18044Tanmoy MondalCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Manika Pal BhadraRole of Drosophila Argonaute-1 in apoptosis2017
95310BB14A18012Sudheer Kumar BuddanaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. R. S. PRAKASHAMAn endolytic mutanase from novel strain Paracoccus mutanolyticus:
Its application potential in dentistry
95410BB14A18014Karnewar SantoshCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-14Dr. Srigiridhar KotamrajuTo study the role of AMPK-mediated pathways during atherosclerosis and preventive strategies2017
95510BC12J18039Ayan Kumar BaruiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Chitta Ranjan PatraInvestigation of bio-imaging and anti-cancer activities of different materials (luminescent nanoparticle, BODIPY probes and copper complexes) and pro-angiogenic properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles2017
95610BC12J18043Sudip MukherjeeCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Chitta Ranjan PatraDesign, Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoparticles/ Nanoconjugates (gold, silver, platinum, prussian blue analogue, graphene oxides) and their potential theranostiChemical Sciences applications in biomedical science2017
95710CC11A18001M Rajashekhar ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. J.S. YADAVCooperative multicatalytic Prins cyclization for the synthesis of octahydrospiro-?-carboline, tetrahydropyranoquinoline and spirotetrahydropyranomorpholine derivatives2017
95810CC11A18002T. Naveen ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Rohit Kumar RanaBio-inspired Strategy to Assemble Graphene Oxide Based Materials with Inorganic Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Applications2017
95910CC11A18004S Pani Babu VemulapalliCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. B. JAGADEESHDevelopment of Solid- and Solution State NMR Spectral Simplification Methods for Complex Organic Molecules2017
96010CC11J18002D. Vasudeva ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J.S. YadavTotal Synthesis of Bioactive Lactones: EBC-23, Desacetylumuravumbolide, Umuravumbolide, (+)-PhomoPhysical Sciencesolide B and Aspergillide A2017
96110CC11J18029Nagesh GugulothCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J.S. YadavTotal Synthesis of Unusual Fatty Acids: Mangiferaelactone, Xyolide,
3((1R,2R)- and 3((1S,2R)-2-(12-Methyltridecyl)cyclopropyl)propanoic Acid
96210CC11J18033Hyder IrfanCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr H M Sampath KumarSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Podophyllotoxin Analogues and Oryza Sativa Derived Peptides as Anticancer Compounds2017
96310CC11J18051Sankara Rao NeigapulaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AHMED KAMALCinnamide/Naphthalimide/Chalcone/Pyrazoline Hybrids as Potential Anticancer Agents and Quinoline Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents2017
96410CC11J18068Swetha AlladiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. H. M. MeshramDevelopment of Novel Methodologies for the Synthesis of Oxindole and Indole
96510CC11J18069P.S. SrikanthCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AHMED KAMALCombretastatin/Quinoline Hybrids and Spiroquinazolinones as Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors2017
96810CC11J18087Mahesh Kumar Rao YCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. S. RAGHAVANStereoselective synthesis of Brefeldin A and Fumagillol using ?-Chlorosulfide as an Intermediate for C-C bond formation2017
97010CC11J18092Siddiq Pasha ShaikCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AHMED KAMALSynthesis of Imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole and Benzo[d]imidazo[2,1,-b]thiazole Conjugates as Potential Microtubule Targeting Agents2017
97110CC11J18094Javed Sardar PatelCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. S. RAGHAVANTotal synthesis of (-) Cephalosporolide E, (+) Cephalosporolide F and Total Synthesis of Phoslactomycin-B utilising ?-Chloro sulfide as key intermediate2017
97210CC11J18096Nagaraj Goud IreniCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. RAMANUJ NARAYAN (Supervisor)/ Dr. PRATYAY BASAK (Co-Supervisor)Studies on the Development of Sulfur Rich Highly Branched Polyols for Functional Polyurethane-urea,
Poly(thiourethane-urethane)-urea and Its Hybrid
97310CC11J18097Marrapu BalakrushnaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. R. B. N. PrasadChemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Structured Phospholipids and their Biological Evaluation2017
97410CC11J18098Ch. GurumurthyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SabithaStudies Towards the Synthesis of Pectinolide-F, Iejimalides A-D and Pyrido[2,3-c]coumarin Derivatives2017
97510CC12A18009K. Ratnakar ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. B. NarsaiahStudies on synthesis of novel 2H/4H-chromene derivatives and their biological activity2017
97610CC12A18014Tejaswi JellaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. L. GiribabuExploration of Heteroleptic and Cyclometalated Ruthenium complexes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Application2017
97710CC12A18016Bhumireddy Sudarshana ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S. PRABHAKARDevelopment of Gas/Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry based methods for Separation, Identification & Characterization of N-methylated amino acids and other endogenous metabolites from biological samples2017
97810CC12A18021G. SoujanyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pratyay BasakDevelopment of Polymer / Polymer-Nanocomposite
Electrolytes for Next Generation Electrochemical
Energy Devices
97910CC12A18026Kesavarao SykamCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. SHAILAJADesign and development of 1,2,3-triazole rich polymers using azide-alkyne click chemistry for protective applications2017
98010CC12A18033Kamanatham NarayanaswamyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Surya Prakash SinghMolecular Design and Synthesis of Functional ?-Conjugated Small Molecules for Solution-Processed Organic Solar Cells2017
98110CC12J18006Chandra Shekhar MadasuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. U. V. MallavadhaniIsolation of Myrrhanones A, B & C from Commiphora mukul Gum Resin and their Chemical Transformations for Anticancer and Anti-inflammatory Agents2017
98210CC12J18007Chirke Sahdev SrihariCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. B. Venkateswara RaoDivergent and Stereoselective Approach for the Synthesis of Some Pyrrolidine, Piperidine and Pyrrolizidine Iminosugars2017
98310CC12J18012G DayakarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Sutapa GhoshSynthesis of Electroactive Nanocomposites for High-Performance Energy Storage and Beyond2017
98410CC12J18014Goutham KommuruCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Galla V. KarunakarGold Catalyzed Transformation of N-Propargylic ?-Enaminones: Synthesis of 1-Pyrrolines, Azabicyclo[4.1.0]Hepta-2,4-Dienes, 1,4-Oxazepines and 1,2-Dihydro Benzo[c][2,7]Naphthydridines2017
98510CC12J18020Nagarjuna PuvvalaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Surya Prakash SinghMolecular Engineering of Soluble Fullerene Derivatives for Organic Solar Cell Applications2017
98610CC12J18021Naganna NarraCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. K.V. PadmajaSynthesis of novel castor oil based oileochemicals2017
98710CC12J18026Rajaka LingaiahCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. K. NAGAIAHUtilizing Quinazolinones for the Ru-, Rh-, Pd-catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-O Bond Formation Reactions: Synthesis and Anticancer Activities of N-Heterocycles2017
98810CC12J18087Vudhgiri SrikanthCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. RAM CHANDRA REDDY JALADesign, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Glycolipid MimiChemical Sciences2017
98910CC14J18050Rangaswamy AgoluCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-14Dr. B. Mahipal ReddySynthesis and characterization of nano-scale ceria-based mixed oxides for catalytic applications2017
99120BE12A18063Nikhil Gauravarapu NavlurCSIR-IICT, HyderabadEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. Y.V. SWAMYStrategic Investigation of Bioelectro-Fermentation for Generation of Bioenergy And to Recover Biobased Products2017
99210BB11A37002Vikrant Singh RajputCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. I. A. KHANIdentification of inhibitors of Shikimate Kinase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis2017
99310BB11A37008Harvinder Kour KheraCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Subash SinghChorismate synthase as target for antimalarial drug discovery2017
99410BB11J37004Suresh KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Fayaz MalikInvestigating the role of PI3K/AKT inhibitor in the induction of autophagy and its implication on the fate of cancer cells2017
99510BB11J37010Chitra RaniCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Inshad Ali KhanIdentification of small molecule inhibitors of the N- acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate uridyltransferase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis2017
99610BB11J37013Rashmi SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Inshad Ali KhanIdentification of small molecule inhibitors of the acetyltransferase domain of N acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate-uridyltransferase/ glucosamine-1-phosphate acetyltransferase (GlmU) in Escherichia coli2017
99710BB12A37018Richa SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Asha ChaubeyIsolation and Characterization of microorganisms for production of Non-Ribosomal Peptides.2017
99810CC11A37010Anil Kumar KCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Debaraj MukherjeeDevelopment of novel methods for the synthesis C-glycosides2017
99910CC11A37011Umed SinghCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghMedicinal Chemistry of 3-Pyrimidinylazaindole to Develop New Anti-cancer /Anti-malarial Leads2017
100010CC11A37013Shaik Rasheed BashaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Parthasarathi DasTransition- metal catalyzed C-C and C-N bond formation: Synthesis of carbazoles and aza-fused heterocycles2017
100110CC11J37017Anil Kumar PagadalaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Qazi Naveed AhmedDevelopment of Different Exigent Carbon Hetero Bonds Employing Aldehydes & Acids and Medicinal Chemistry of T0901317 for the Generation of P-glycoprotein inducer2017
100210CC11J37019Narsaiah BattiniCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Qazi Naveed Ahmed2-Oxo Driven Novel Reactions and Medicinal Chemistry of ?-carbolines for the Generation of Anti-malarial Candidates2017
100310CC11J37023Desaboini NageswararaoCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parthasarathi DasStudies Directed Toward the Formation of C-N and C-C Bonds for the
Synthesis of Nitrogenated Heterocycles
100410CC11J37025Hariprasad AruriCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghMetal-free cross-dehydrogenative coupling methods via C-H activation approach2017
100510CC11J37034Rajni SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ram A. Vishwakarma (Guide)/Dr. Sandip B. Bharate(Co-Guide)Discovery of natural products based leads for cancer chemoprevention and anticancer therapy via semisynthetic modifications2017
100610CC11J37038Srinivas AmbalaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghDevelopment of New C(sp2)-H Functionalization Methods for the Carbon-Carbon/Heteroatom Bond Formation.2017
100710CC11J37041Sunil KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asif AliChemical Diversity & Structure Modification of Bioactive Metabolites
from Plants, Microbes and their Therapeutic Potential
100810CC11J37042Thanusha ThatikondaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghDesign and synthesis of 1,3,5-triazine based PI3K inhibitors and development of novel synthetic methodologies2017
100910CC11J37043Varma SaikamCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ram A. VishwakarmaDesign and Synthesis of Fluorescently Labeled Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchors and Phospholipids2017
101010CC12A37029Rohit SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Sandip B. BharateOxidative reactions for C-C and C-N bond formation involving aliphatic amines and amides2017
101110CC12A37032Jaideep Bibhishan BharateCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ram A. VishwakarmaMetal-Free and Metal-Mediated Domino One-Pot Synthesis of
Medicinally Important Scaffolds and Screening of Molecular Libraries as
Potential Modulators of P-glycoprotein Efflux Pump
101210CC12A37034Shekaraiah DevariCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Bhahwal Ali ShahNovel Approaches to Carbon- Carbon Bond Formation and Chemo- selective Oxidation Reactions.2017
101310CC12A37035Ramesh DeshidiCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Bhahwal Ali ShahDevelopment of New Cross Coupling Reactions for the Construction of
Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds
101410CC12A19001Ravindra PrajapatiCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S.K. MaityDevelopment of slurry phase catalysts for residue upgradation2017
101510CC12A19002Nikita SinghalCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Umesh KumarDevelopment of metal oxide catalysts for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to fuel2017
101610CC12A19004Reena GoyalCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ankur BordoloiSynthesis and characterisation of heteroatom doped carbon nanomaterials and their catalytic evaluation2017
101710CC12J19005Rajib Kumar SinghaCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Rajaram BalActivation of Methane over Nanostructured Catalysts2017
101810CC12J19007Subhash KumarCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Manoj SrivastavaInfluence of Molecular Composition of Petroleum Feed Stocks and Catalyst on Mesophase Development and Coke Morphology2017
101932EE12J19010Diptarka DasguptaCSIR-IIP, DehradunEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Dilip K Adhikari (supervisor)/ Dr. Debashish Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Xylose value addition using engineered biocatalyst2017
102032EE12J19012Anand MohitCSIR-IIP, DehradunEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. A. K. SinhaHydroprocessing Route to Renewable Transportation Fuels from Plant Lipids2017
102110BB11A22001Girish RaiCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Prof. Yogeshwer Shukla/Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-Supervisor)Combinatorial anticancer effects of Resveratrol and selected chemotherapeutic drugs in breast cancer2017
102210BB11J22005Prachi GuptaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Yogeshwer Shukla / Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (co-supervisor)Characterization of repertoire of humoral immune response and cancer stem cells associated microvesicles in breast cancer.2017
102310BB11J22011Anushruti AshokCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. S. BandyopadhyayCharacterization of Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis through chronic exposure to As, Cd and Pb-mixture2017
102410BB11J22012Nagendra Kumar RaiCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanghamitra BandyopadhyayA study on As, Cd and Pb mixture-mediated demyelination and axonal damage of the developing rat brain white matter, optic nerve and retina2017
102510BB11J22013Vandana SharmaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ravi Ram KristipatiDevelopment of Drosophila based model for the evaluation of endocrine disruption potential of xenobiotiChemical Sciences2017
102610BB11J22021Saroj Kumar AmarCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R. S. Ray (Supervisor) / Dr. A.B. Pant (Co-Supervisor)Photosensitizing mechanism of sunscreen ingredients at environmental UV- radiation2017
102710BB12A22006Akansha SharmaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr P.D. DwivediAllergenicity assessment of genetically modified/native mustard and role of Src
kinases in mast cell signalling
102810BB12A22008Yogesh Kumar DhuriyaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Vinay Kumar KhannaMolecular Mechanisms of Neurotoxicity of Lambda-cyhalothrin in Develoing Rats2017
102910BB12J22002SushmaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Iqbal AhmadCellular and biochemical studies on the safety evaluation of micro- and nano- scale quartz mineral particles2017
103010BB12J22003Shruti GoyalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Ratan Singh Ray (Supervisior)/ Dr. A. B. Pant (Co Supervisior)Study of phototoxicity mechanism and gene expression by dyes used in hair color and liPhysical Sciencestick2017
103110BB12J22007Pallavi SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. D. KAR CHOWDHURIStudies on the role of sestrin in environmental chemical induced cellular adversities in Drosophila melanogaster.2017
103210BB12J22016Deepali SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Chetna SinghA study on the role of inflammatory mediators in maneb and paraquat-induced toxicity in rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes2017
103310BB11A36001Eespita PriyadarshiniCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Nilotpala PradhanStudies on synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles: characterization, mechanisim and their application in toxic metal ion detection. 2017
103410BB11J36001Namrata MisraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Prasanna Kumar PandaBioinformatic studies on enzymes of algal lipid biosynthetic pathway involved in biofuel production2017
103510BB11J36002Arun Kumar PradhanCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Nilotpala PradhanIsolation, characterization of microbial biosurfactants and their biotechnological applications.2017
103610BB12A36004Jyotsnarani JenaCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Trupti DasBiological nutrient removal from high strength waste water in sequential batch reactor2017
103710CC11A36010Subrat Kumar PadhiCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Bankim Chandra TripathyRole of Additives on the Electrodeposition of Manganese from Aquaous Solutions2017
103810CC11J36008Kamal Kanta NandaCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Yatendra S. ChaudharyDesign and development of hetero-structured photocatalyst and
their application in solar hydrogen generation
103910CC12A36009Parth Sarathi MahapatraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Trupti Das (Supervisor)/ Prof. B.R. Gurjar (Co-Supervisor)Regional Air Quality Assessment: A case study of Bhubaneswar2017
104010CC12J36012Aneeya Kumar SamantaraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Bikash Kumar Jena (Supervisor)/ Dr. Bamaprasad Bag (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Quantum Dot/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites for Electrochemical Energy Storage Application2017
104110CC13A36025Deepak Kumar padhiCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. KULAMANI PARIDA (Supervisor)/ Dr. Saroj Kumar Singh (Co-Supervisor)An investigation on visible light active graphene based nanocomposite for energy and environmental applications2017
104210PP13A36026Swatirupa PaniCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Birendra Kumar Mohapatra (Supervisor)/Dr. Saroj Kumar Singh (Co-Supervisor)Manganese ores and associated rocks from Barbil-Joda-Bamebari region,Keonjhar District, Odisha: Mineralogical, geochemical studies and utilisation
prospects of sub-grade ores
104310PP13J36006Avinna MishraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sarama Bhattacharjee (Supervisor)/ Dr. Manju Unnikrishnan (Co-Supervisor)Transition Metal Oxide Based Thermoelectric materials2017
104410BB12A51002Arun SharmaCSIR-IMTECH, ChandigarhBiological SciencesAug-12DR. ANSHU BHARDWAJ / DR. G.P.S. RAGHAVA ( co - supervisor)Integrative in-silico Approach for Designing Therapeutic Peptides Against Pathogenic Bacteria2017
104510BB11J25009Paras PandeyCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. P. K. SinghDevelopment of insect resistant transgenic cotton expressing two proteins from distinct plant sources2017
104610BB11J25019Vikash Kumar YadavCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Samir V. SawantIdentification And Characterization Of Long-Range Chromatin Interactions Involved In Regulation Of Gene Expression In ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana2017
104710BB12A25008TaPhysical Sciencesi ShuklaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Prabodh Kumar TrivediUnderstanding arsenic stress responses using natural variation in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana2017
104810BB12A25009Parul AgarwalCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Prabodh Kumar TrivediPapaverine biosynthesis in Papaver somniferum L.: Analysis of regulatory and structural genes2017
104910BB12A25011Ameena SiddiquiCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sudhir ShuklaDiversity analysis, gene interactions and associations among different traits in linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) germplasm2017
105010BB12A25013PriyaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Aniruddha P. SaneFunctional Studies of cis Element in the Gene Promoter Involved in Petal ABiological Sciencescission in Rose (Rosa bourboniana)2017
105110BB12J25005Sunil Kumar yadavCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. P K SinghCharacterization of whitefly toxic protein (Tma12)
and aphid toxic protein (Dhi31)
105210BB12J25007Asmita GuptaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. A P SaneFunctional analysis of SlERF6 during Tomato Plant Growth and Ripening2017
105310BB12J25009Smriti SrivastavaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Vidhu A. SaneSpatial and Temporal Regulation of Ripening in Two Indian Varieties of Mango (Mangifera indica)2017
105410BB12J25012ChandrawatiCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Hemant Kumar YadavGenetic diversity analysis and QTL mapping in Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.).2017
105510BB12J25018Aarti KumariCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Puneet Singh Chauhan (Supervisor)/ Dr. S K Raj (Co-Supervisor)Molecular detection, characterization of viruses in Canna spp. and development of virus-free canna plants2017
105610BB13A25004Deepika LakhwaniCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Mehar Hasan AsifIntegrating bioinformatiChemical Sciences approaches to identify genes and networks regulating fruit ripening in Banana2017
105710BB13A25006Ridhi GoelCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Mehar Hasan AsifBioinformatiChemical Sciences of WRKY gene family: Evolution, Expression and Neofunctionalization in higher plants2017
105810BB13A25009Shashank MishraCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Puneet Singh ChauhanPhysiological and molecular characterization of stress tolerant biofilm forming plant growth promoting rhizobacteria2017
105910BB13A25011Sameer DixitCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr .P C. VermaEnhancement of Methanol Production in Tobacco for Broad Spectrum Insect Resistance2017
106010BB13A25012Archana BhardwajCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Sumit K BagDesign and Development of Plant Specific Model Based SNP Pipeline2017
106110BB13J25001Sweta BhambaniCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Prabodh Kumar TrivediIdentification and characterization of genes involved in tetranortriterpenoid biosynthesis pathway from Azadirachta indica A. Juss2017
106210BB13J25005Astha GuptaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Hemant Kumar YadavMapping quantitative trait loci for traits related to biomass in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana2017
106310BB13J25011Ankita SrivastavaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. A. K. AsthanaStudies on moss flora of Khasi hills, Meghalaya (North -East India)2017
106410BB11A26047Parul DubeyCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Narendra Kadoo/ Dr. Asmita Prabhune (Co-Supervisor)Biosynthesis of novel glycolipids (Sophorolipids): Exploring the mechanism of assembling and biological properties2017
106510BB11A26053Puneet KhandelwalCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Pankaj PoddarUnderstanding the Nucleation and Growth Mechanism of Metal Nanoparticles and Fluorescent Metal Quantum Clusters and their Applications2017
106610BB11A26054Priyanka Govind BuddhiwantCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Mahesh Dharne (Supervisor)/ Dr. Jayant Khire (Co-Supervisor)Phytase production under solid state fermentation and its application in feed and food2017
106710BB11J26109Amey J. BhideCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashok P. Giri (Supervisor)/ Dr. Mrs. Vidya S. Gupta (Co-Supervisor)Molecular Characterisation of Insect Amylases and Plant Amylase Inhibitors2017
106810BB11J26110Priyanka SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashok P. Giri/Dr. H. V. Thulasiram (Co-Supervisor)MetabolomiChemical Sciences and Camphor Biosynthetic Pathway Analysis of Ocimum kilimandscharicum2017
106910BB11J26111Dimpal Amol NyayanitCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Chetan GadgilBiogenesis of microRNA and its effect on target gene expression2017
107010BB11J26114Chandrashekhar SharanCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Pankaj PoddarMechanistic Insight of Biomilling for the Synthesis of Metal Oxide and Oxy-hydroxide Nanoparticles2017
107110BB11J26117Aseem PalandeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Mukund V. Deshpande (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ashok P. Giri (Co-Supervisor)Dimorphism and alkane degradation in Yarrowia lipolytica2017
107210BB11J26126Ashish DeshpandeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Vidya Gupta / Dr. Ashok Giri (co-supervisor)Mango (Mangifera indica L.) flavor biogenesis: Metabolic profiling and molecular analysis2017
107310BB11J26130Sheon Mary SamjiCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashok P. Giri / Dr. Mahesh J. Kulkarni (co-supervisor)Proteomic Pattern in Pre-eclampsia2017
107410BB12A26070Sana MoeezCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-12DR.ABiological SciencesAR AHMADEcofabrication of Aluminum oxide nanoparticles using biosynthesis,bioleaching and biomilling approaches and their applications.2017
107510BB13A26038Priya YadavCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Narendra Kadoo (Supervisor)/ Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (Co-Supervisor)Conformational and functional studies of selected N-acetyl-D-galactosamine binding plant lectins at molecular level2017
107610BB13A26040Uma KumariCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. U. J. Mehta/ Dr. B. M. Khan (Co-Supervisor)Molecular and Biochemical studies of mevalonate kinase from Bacopa monniera2017
107710BB13J26031Krithika RamakrishananCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. H. V. ThulasiramIsolation and Characterization of the Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Secologanin, an Intermediate in the Formation of Vincristine, a Potent Anti-Cancer Agent2017
107810BB13J26042Pooja SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. ABiological Sciencesar Ahmed/ Dr. Asmita Prabhune (Co-Supervisor)Hybrid nanomaterial tailored for therapeutiChemical Sciences, imaging and sensing applications2017
107910CC11A26005Bishnu Prasad BiswalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Rahul BanerjeePorous Crystalline Frameworks: Synthetic Approaches and their Applicability as Membrane Materials for Gas Separation2017
108010CC11A26007Vysakh A bCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. C. P. VinodReactivity of strained bimetallic systems: A case study of Au-Ni nanoparticles2017
108110CC11A26008Sharath kadambethCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Rahul BanerjeeDesign and Synthesis of Porous Crystalline Covalent Organic Frameworks with Exceptional Chemical Stability2017
108210CC11A26009Preeti PadhyeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Pankaj PoddarStudy of tunable optical properties of lanthanide-ion-doped rare earth phosphors and their applications2017
108310CC11A26021Remya RameshCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyDesign, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel organosilanes and Synthesis of Enatiopure Pheromones towards Crop Protection2017
108410CC11A26025Yogesh GawliCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Manjusha Shelke (Supervisor) / Dr. Satish Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Conducting Polymers, Functional Carbon and Silicon Based Nanoscale Mesoporous Materials for Superior Electrochemical Energy Storage2017
108510CC11A26027Anju SusanCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Kavita JoshiRole of ground state structural motif in the finite temperature behaviour of small atomic clusters: Born-Oppenheimer Molecular DynamiChemical Sciences Investigations2017
108610CC11A26028Lakshmiprasad GurralaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. C.V.V. SatyanarayanaGreen processes for selcetive oxidation of petroleum and biomass derived components using novel catalysts2017
108710CC11A26030Anjani DubeyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. C. S. GopinathTowards Bridging the Material Gap between Real-World Catalyst and Ideal Single Crystal Surface with Ceria-based Solid solutions2017
108810CC11A26032Satish Chandra PilkhanaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyTotal Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Marine Natural Products Palmyrolide A, Nitrosporeusines and their Analogues2017
108910CC11A26037Manoj KumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Guruswamy KumaraswamyPhase behaviour and applications of glycerol monooleate/water/polymer ternary systems2017
109010CC11A26038Nookaraju UmmidisettiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Pradeep KumarStudies directed towards the synthesis of polyketides, lactones, mono acetogenins and development of new methodologies involving C-S and C-N bond formations2017
109110CC11A26043Malik Abdul WahidCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Manjusha Vilas Shelke/Dr. Satishchandra B Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Targeted synthesis of functional soft and hard carbons from bio-waste and
natural products for supercapacitor and battery applications
109210CC11A26044Seetharamsing BalamkunduCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddySynthesis of Polyol Natural Products Mycalols, Sch-725674, Gliomasolides and their Analogues and Design, Synthesis and Identification of Silicon Incorporated Oxazolidinone AntibiotiChemical Sciences with Improved Brain Exposure2017
109310CC11A26045Xavier PrasannaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Pankaj Poddar/ Dr. Durba Sengupta (Co-Supervisor)A Molecular View of Membrane-related Phenomenon: Unravelling the secrets of G-Protein Coupled Receptors2017
109410CC11A26046Vasudevan NCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyOxidative Cleavage of Indole: Application to the Total Synthesis of Deoxy-solomonamide B, Ivacaftor and Quinolones2017
109510CC11A26050Ashok Kumar V.CSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. T. RajaOxidative Dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons over mixed metal oxides2017
109610CC11J26001Anjali KCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. T. G. Ajithkumar / Dr. P. A. Joy(co-supervisor)Solid-sate NMR Studies at the Structural Phase Transition Region of ferroelectric materials2017
109710CC11J26012Deepika DhawareCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Venkateswarlu Panchagnula (Supervisor)/ Dr. Dipankar Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Methods using bicontinuous microemulsions for peptide delivery and mesoporous silica for the analysis of small molecules2017
109810CC11J26015Amol KotmaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P R Rajamohanan / Dr. G J SANJAYAN (co-supervisor)Design, Synthesis & Biophysical Investigations of Ant-Pro Based PeptidomimetiChemical Sciences 2017
109910CC11J26023Ramsundar R.MCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. A. Joy / Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (co-supervisor)Nanostructured spinel type cobalt oxides for electrochemical water splitting2017
110010CC11J26030Prajitha K.PCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asha S.KPentadecyl Phenol Functionalized Perylenebisimide Building Blocks for Optoelectronic Applications2017
110110CC11J26035Saibal BhaumikCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asha S. K.Improving Charge Transport via Self Assembly in Semiconducting Donor/Acceptor Supramolecular Polymers2017
110210CC11J26040Saumya SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. KOTHANDAM KRISHNAMOORTHYBODIPY based small molecules and polymers for organic field effect transistors2017
110310CC11J26055Suresh RayavarapuCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G J SANJAYANNovel Class of Self-Complementary Hydrogen Bonding Motifs: Synthesis and Their Applications2017
110410CC11J26061Ravi JangirCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Narshinha P. ArgadeHomophthalic anhydride derivatives to bioactive natural products.2017
110510CC11J26062Anand BhaskarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr Ulhas K. KharulDesign and Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)-polymer composite membranes for gas separation2017
110610CC11J26066Rajeshwari GourCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. MANOHAR V. BADIGERStudies in Modified Epoxy Novolac Composites and Coatings2017
110710CC11J26074Sachin TharwarkarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Anil KumarIonicity, diffusion and kinetic investigations of simple organic reactions in ionic liquid systems2017
110810CC11J26075Jhumur SethCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B.L.V. PrasadPreparation of ultra-small transition metal nanoparticles and their catalytic applications2017
110910CC11J26079Kilingaru I. ShivakumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G J SANJAYANDe Novo Designed Organic Donor-Acceptor Systems Featuring Inter- and Intramolecular Charge Transfer Interactions2017
111010CC11J26082Swapnil SonawaneCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asha S. K.Fluorescent Polymeric Microbeads for Application as Solid State Multicolor Emitting Materials2017
111110CC11J26084Nagnath PatilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashootosh V. AmbadeSynthesis and self-assembly of stimuli-responsive biocompatible two-tailed dendritic polymers2017
111210CC11J26088Sandeep G. YenchawarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr Manjusha V. ShelkeSurface plasmon induced enhancement in the optical and photocurrent properties of Metal-Semiconductor hybrids2017
111310CC11J26096Chayanika DasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. KOTHANDAM KRISHNAMOORTHYSurface Modified SuBiological Sciencestrates for Molecular Separation and Energy Storage2017
111410CC11J26099Perumal DevarajiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. C. S. GopinathVisible light photocatalytic studies on porous TiO2 and ZnO based materials2017
111510CC12A26007Turbasu SenguptaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Nayana Vaval (Su[ervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor)Investigation of Stability and Catalytic Properties of Atomic Clusters within DFT Framework2017
111610CC12A26012Sudip SasmalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Nayana Vaval (Su[ervisor)/ Dr. Sourav Pal (Co-Supervisor)Molecular Spectroscopic Properties in the Relativistic Coupled Cluster Framework2017
111710CC12A26017Ashish ChinchansureCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. (Mrs.) Swati P. Joshi / Dr. S. P. Chavan (Co-Supervisor)Phytochemical investigation of Lamiaceae genera Leucas, Pogostemon, Colebrookea and Nepeta from Western Ghats2017
111810CC12A26022Preeti JainCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil KumarIonic Liquids: Hydrophobicity, Enthalpic Effects Accompanying Ionic Interactions and their Transport Properties2017
111910CC12A26027Suman ChandraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Rahul BanerjeeChemically Stable, Crystalline, Porous Covalent Organic Frameworks as Proton Transport and Energy Storage Materials2017
112010CC12A26033Leena GeorgeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. R. NANDINI DEVISurface Modified ZnO Nanostructures: Synthesis, Optical studies and Applications in Photocatalysis2017
112110CC12A26034Archana NalawadeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. M. S. QureshiDesign and Development of Porous Materials by High Internal Phase Emulsion polymerization route and their applications2017
112210CC12A26035Sonali BhosaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. N. N. ChavanSynthesis, Evaluation and Applications of
Hydrogen-Bond Acidic Polymers
112310CC12A26037Sandip Kumar SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Prakash L. DhepeDepolymerization of lignin using acidic ionic liquids2017
112410CC12A26044Vijay BeniwalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil KumarNon-linear Polarity Scales, Interfacial Diels-Alder and ESIPT Reactions in Ionic Liquid Media2017
112510CC12A26046Narendraprasad Reddy BCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. C.V. RamanaTowards the Total Synthesis of Physical Scienceseudoindoxyl Natural Products2017
112610CC12A26047C. P. JijilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. R. Nandini DeviCation and Anion Doping Effects in Brownmillerites Ba2In2O5 & A2Fe2O5 (A=Ca, Sr & Ba) through Structural and Electrochemical Characterizations2017
112710CC12A26056Shekhar ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Asha S. K.Hydrogen Bond Assisted Self Assembly of Perylenebisimide with Main Chain Donor Polymers for Optoelectronic Application.2017
112810CC12A26086Monalisa GangopadhyayCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Amitava DasDesign and Synthesis of Supramolecular Assemblies and their Photophysical studies2017
112910CC12J26001Kishore HandoreCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyTotal Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Hydrindane and Decalin based Natural Products: Peribysin E, Nardoaristolone B, Nootkatone, Botryosphaeridione and their Analogues2017
113010CC12J26003Sunil Sekhar A.CCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. C.P.VinodMetal Oxide Supported Noble Metal Catalyst: Powders, Thin Films and Nanostructures2017
113110CC12J26005Trinadh KaicharlaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. A. T. BijuNovel Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions Based on Arynes, Isocyanides or Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes2017
113210CC12J26007Sachin Shesherao PatilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Prakash P. WadgaonkarExploitation of Controlled/Living Polymerization Methods and Click Chemistry Approach for Synthesis of Designed Macromolecular Architectures2017
113310CC12J26008Harshitha B.ACSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. SREEKUMAR KURUNGOT (Superviosr)/ Dr. RAHUL BANERJEE (Co-Supervisor)Electrochemical Applications of Porous Polymeric Materials and their Derivatives2017
113410CC12J26034Hridesh AgarwallaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Prof. Amitava DasDesign and Synthesis of Molecular Probes for Biological and Environmental Significant Ions2017
113610CC13A26030Rounak Ashok NaphadeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. Suresh Bhat (Supervisor) / Dr. S.B. Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Solution processed low dimensional nanostructures for optoelectronic and photovoltaic
113710CC13J26005Santosh Kumar SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Sreekumar KurungotModified Cobalt Oxide/N-doped Graphene Composite Electrocatalysts for Energy Applications2017
113810CC13J26016Nivedita BhattacharyaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Venkateswarlu PanchagnulaDevelopment of quantitative mass spectrometry methods for targeted metabolite analysis from complex biological matrices2017
113910CC13J26025Sandip Govind AgalaveCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana S. PoreDesign and Synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole based antifungal agents, bile acid based dendrimers and their biological evaluation2017
114010CC13J26048Firoj AliCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Amitava DasDesign & Synthesis of photo-reactive Receptors for the recognition of analytes having biological Significance2017
114110CC14A26027Aniruddha BasuCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Chandrasekhar V Rode (Supervisor)/ Dr. Satishchandra B Ogale (Co-Supervisor)Development of materials and methods for the next generation electronic, electrochemical and opto-electronic device systems2017
114210CC14A26031Atreyee BanerjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-14Dr. Sarika Maitra BhattacharyyaStructure and dynamiChemical Sciences of supercooled liquids: Role of pair and higher order correlations2017
114310BB11J27002Jitendra K. SharmaCSIR-NEERI, NagpurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Asha A. Juwarkar/ Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Co-Supervisor)Study of Degradation of Poly chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBiological Sciences) using Chemo-Biological Approach2017
114410BB12J27002Pulavarty AnushaCSIR-NEERI, NagpurBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Pawan .K. LabhasetwarSustainable Utilization of Mineral waste in Indian Cement and Concrete Industry2017
114510PP11A27003Prabhakar PanditCSIR-NEERI, NagpurPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Hemant J. PurohitMetagenomiChemical Sciences of complex carbohydrate suBiological Sciencestrate degrading bacteria specific to methanogenesis2017
114710BB12A38004Reshita BaruahCSIR-NEIST, JorhatBiological SciencesAug-12Dr HP Deka BoruahCommunity profiling of indigenous hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria in crude oil contaminated sites of Assam and their decontamination prospect2017
114810PP12A28001Chinmay HaldarCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Prakash KumarCrustal Structure of the Indian continent and mid-oceanic ridges from Teleseismic Receiver Functions studies and its implications2017
114910PP12A28011Ravi ShankarCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. D.S. Sharma (Supervisor)/ Dr. Anil Sharma (Co-Supervisor)Geochronology & Paleomagnetic Study of the Newer Dolerite Dyke Swarms from the Singhbhum Craton: - Implications to Proterozoic continental reconstruction2017
115010PP12J28006Radheyshyam YadavCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-12Prof. V. M. Tiwari3-D density structure and dynamiChemical Sciences of Andaman subduction zone2017
115110PP13J28002Padma Rao BommojuCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. M. RAVI KUMARSeismic Structure of the Lowermost Mantle (D? Layer) Beneath the Indian Ocean Geoid Low2017
115210PP13J28005Rajeev Kumar YadavCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Vineet Kumar GahalautStrain Budget and SeismotectoniChemical Sciences of Northwest Himalaya using GPhysical Sciences measurements2017
115310PP14J28006Thai Ahn TuanCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-14Dr. N. Purnachandra Rao (Supervisor)/ Dr. Kalpna Gahalaut (Co-Supervisor)Reservoir Triggered Seismicity in the Tranh River Hydropower Reservoir No.2, Vietnam2017
115410BB11A39008Karthik NarayanCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Ashok Pandey (Supervisor)/ Dr. Binod Parameswaran (Co-Supervisor)Production, purification and characterization of chitin-degrading enzymes from microbial
cultures isolated from coastal environment samples
115510CC11A39001Usha GanganCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. M. L. P. ReddyVisible light excitable Eu3+-b-diketonate complexes: Synthesis, characterization, and photophysical properties2017
115610CC11A39003Harsha NCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Satyajit ShuklaMagnetic Nanocomposites for Organic Dye Removal from Aqueous Solutions2017
115710CC11A39004Baiju T.VCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. K.V. RadhakrishnanStudy on the Reactivity of Bis-?-allyl and Related Palladium Intermediates with Functionalized 1,3-Dienes and Carbonyl Compounds & Lewis Acid Catalyzed Povarov Reaction Using Pentafulvenes as Dienophiles2017
115810CC11A39005Maya R. J.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. R. Luxmi VermaBentonite Based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials: Application Towards Green Catalysis and as Mercury Sensor2017
115910CC11A39006George T. MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. M. L. P. ReddySynthesis, characterization and photoluminescence properties of lanthanide ?-diketonate complexes2017
116010CC11A39007Prakash S.PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. K. R. GopidasExploitation of Diazonium Chemistry: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Metal Nanoparticle-Linked Organic Frameworks and Nanographitic Materials2017
116110CC11J39002Sandeep CCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. A. AjayaghoshMeso-?-Extended Bodipy Derivatives: Self-Assembly, Optical Properties and Applications2017
116210CC11J39004Rahul Dev MukopadhyayCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Ayyappanpillai AjayaghoshChemistry and Applications of a Few Tailor-made Metal-Organic Materials2017
116310CC11J39008Vedhanarayanan BCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Ayyappanpillai AjayaghoshSelf-assembled Functional Hybrid Materials of Carbon Allotropes and Extended ?-Systems for Various Applications2017
116410CC11J39011Vishnu SCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. A. AjayaghoshA Study of Donor-Acceptor Interactions in ?-Gels and ?-Conjugated Polymers2017
116510CC11J39014Divya susan PhiliPhysical SciencesCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Ayyappanpillai AjayaghoshA Study on Single and Multiphoton Active Squaraine Derivatives2017
116610CC12A39005Shaiju PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. E. Bhoje GowdStructural Changes Probed in Polymer-Solvent Systems at Molecular, Crystalline and Lamellar Length-Scales during Crystallization and Phase Transitions2017
116710CC12A39007Baku NagendraCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. E. BHOJE GOWDHighly Dispersed Polypropylene/Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposites: Preparation, Structure and their Properties2017
116810CC12A39008Bejoy Mohan Das K.S.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. M. L. P. ReddyDesign and development of novel phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes for lighting and sensing applications2017
116910CC12J39002Viji MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. D. RamaiahDesign of Novel Transition Metal Complexes: Study of Catalytic, Ion Recognition and Biological Properties2017
117010CC12J39005Suyana PCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. U. S. HareeshInvestigations on Graphitic Carbon Nitride based Semiconductor Heterojunctions for Photocatalytic Applications2017
117110CC12J39007Gorantla Jaggaiah NaiduCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Ravi Shankar LankalapalliTotal synthesis of glycolipids of biological significance containing aza-sugars and structure elucidation of uttroside B2017
117210CC12J39008Manu JoseCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Satyajit ShuklaTitania, Titanate, and Flyash Based Nanostructures and Nanocomposites for Organic Dye Removal from Aqueous Solutions2017
117310CC12J39013Nagaraj NayakCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. K. R. GopidasDesign, Synthesis and Self-assembly of ?-Cyclodextrin Based Materials for Drug Delivery and Photoinduced Electron Transfer Applications2017
117410CC12J39015Shereema R.MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. T. Prasada Rao (Supervisor)/ Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Co-Supervisor)Metal Nanoparticles/Carbon Quantum Dots Based Electrochemical Sensors For Selected Biological Compounds2017
117510CC13J39008Shimi MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Suresh Das (Supervisor)/ Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Co-Supervisor)Fluorescently Labeled Carbohydrates as Targeted Tumor Imaging Probes and as pH Responsive Gelators2017
117620EE12A39018Sree Manu K.MCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr. T.P.D. RajanFabrication and Characterization of Aluminum Composites by Squeeze Infiltration and Compocasting Techniques2017
117710CP11A29011Praveen PJCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. P. S. PararneswaranIsolation, Synthesis and Bio-evaluation of Selected Marine Natural Products2017
117810PP12J29001Kamana YadavCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. M.D.Kumar (Supervisor)/ Dr. V.V.S.S.Sarma (Co-Supervisor)Variability in abundance and composition of aerosols in the coastal Arabian Sea (Goa) and Bay of Bengal (Visakhapatnam) and its impact to coastal biogeochemical processes2017
117910PP13J29003Soumya S MohanCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. P. VethamonyClimate modes on interannual sea level variability in the Eastern Indian Ocean and South China Sea2017
118020EE12A31001Randhir SinghCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr-Ing. JITENDRA KUMAR SAHU (Supervisor)/ Dr. SOUMITRA TARAFDERCyclic Deformation Behaviour of Advanced Ultra Super Critical (A-USC) Boiler Grade Nickel Base Superalloy IN 740H2017
118120EE12J31001B ShivakumarCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Lokesh Chandra Pathak (Supervisor)/ Dr. Raghuvir Singh (Co-Superbvisor)Surface Modification of Titanium Based Biomaterial to Improve the Tribocorrosion Behavior2017
118210CC13A32014Mohammed FarukhCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-13Dr. S. K. DhawanSynthesis of Poly (3, 4-ethylene dioxythiophene) Conducting Polymer Composites for EMI Shielding Applications2017
118310CC13J32008Chanchal GuptaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Priyanka H. Maheshwari/ Dr. R. B. Mathur (Co-supervisor)Development of Efficient and Economically viable Carbon based Catalyst for PEM Fuel Cell2017
118410CC14A32013Pradip SambyalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-14Dr. S. K. DhawanDesigning of Conducting Polymers & its Composites for Application in Corrosion Protection2017
118510PP11A32006Vishal BhartiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Vinay Gupta (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor)Efficient Ternary Blend Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells With Forster Resonance Energy Transfer2017
118610PP12A32004Hitesh Gautam BorkarCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Ashok KumarOptically Active Ferroelectric Materials2017
118710PP12A32007Kanika ThakuralCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. N. VijayanStudy of L-Proline based Single Crystals for Non-Linear Optical Applications2017
118810PP12J32002Vikash AgarwalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Asit Patra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor)Investigation in Organic Solar Cells For Better Efficiency and Stability by Using Electro-Polymerisation Process for Hole Transport Layer2017
118910PP12J32006Ramar MCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Chandra Kant SumanEffect of Phthalocyanine Compounds Doping on Opto-electricl Properties of Tris (8-Hydroxy Quinoline) Aluminum Thin Films2017
119010PP12J32007Ompal SinghCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Vidya Nand SinghEffect of sodium on optical, structural, morphological and electronic properties of Cu2ZnSn(S/Se)4 thin films for electronic device applications2017
119110PP13A32003Mansi SharmaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Sushil KumarStudy of Sub-nano Crystalline Silicon Thin Film for Solar Cells2017
119210PP13A32010Ranoo BhargavCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-13Dr. Asit Patra (Supervisor)/ Dr. Suresh Chand (Co-Supervisor)Studies of Anode Interface Layers for Organic Photovoltaic Applications2017
119310PP13J32001Jeevan JyotiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Bhanu Pratap SinghStudies on Graphene Oxide- Carbon Nanotube Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Hybrid Composites2017
119410PP13J32005Munu BorahCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. S. R. DhakateSynthesis of Single Layer Graphene by Chemical Vapour Deposition Using Low Purity SuBiological Sciencestrate2017
119510PP14J32004Sucheta JunejaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-14Dr. Sushil KumarMicrocrystalline silicon thin film growth at high rate using VHF – PECVD process2017
119620EE13A32023Anisha ChaudhuryCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEgineering SciencesAug-13Dr. Saroj KumariMesocarbon Microbeads Based Lightweight and Flexible Composite Paper for EMI Shielding Studies2017
119720EE14A32020Naina NarangCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEgineering SciencesAug-14Dr. S. K. DubeyComputational Modeling and Measurements of RF Specific ABiological Sciencesorption Rate2017
119820EE14A32028Kalpana AgrawalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiEgineering SciencesAug-14Prof. S.S. Rajput (Supervisor)/ Dr. Ritu Srivastava (Co-Dr. Ritu Srivastava)Vertical Organic Field Effect Transistors with Permeable Electrodes2017
119920EE12J41004K. LakshmiCSIR-SERC, ChennaiEgineering SciencesJan-12Prof. A.Rama Mohan RaoRobust structural health monitoring techniques for civil infrastructure using Time series and Time-Frequency models2017
120010MM11J45003Sushant ShekharCSIR-4PI, BengaluruMathematical & Information SciencesJan-11Dr. Imtiyaz A. ParvezA theoretical study of wave propagation in heterogeneous and isotropic/anisotropic media2016
120110BB11J04005Komal SharmaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. B.Surendar ReddySynthesis and biological evaluation of prostate specific membrane antigen (Physical SciencesMA) targeting cationic amphiphiles and anticancer evaluaton of CDRI compounds.2016
120210BB11J04006Pooja ShuklaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R. K. SinghDrug induced Hematotoxicity and It's amelioration by Plant Products2016
120310BB11J04007Saroj VermaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr.Y S PrabhakarA Search for Potential New Antimalarial Molecules from In Silico Rationales for In Situ Explorations2016
120410BB12A04016DhanvantriCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Shailja BhattacharyaMolecular Characterization of Transcription Elongation Factor (Wol GreA) of Bacterial Endosymbiont Wolbachiaof Filarial Parasite Brugia malayi2016
120510BB12A04022Akhilesh KumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr Neeraj SinhaA Study on Antiteratogenic Potential of Curcumin against Teratogenic Activity of Valproic Acid2016
120610BB12A04026Hemlata DwivediCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Renu TripathiStudy of Host-Pathogen interaction and chemotherapeutic intervention during cerebral malaria2016
120710BB12A04028Pooja AgarwalCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Kumkum Srivastava,In vitro selection of an Arteether tolerant phenotype and Chemosensitivity studies with Indian field isolates of Plasmodium falciparum .2016
120810BB12A04029Preeti VishwakarmaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Susanta KarModulation of immune system using STA T3 Inhibitors in Visceral leishmaniasis (Kala Azar)2016
120910BB12A04033Sarika GunjanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Renu TripathiExploration of mechanisms involved in parasite cell death and their exploitation to control malaria2016
121010BB12A04034Shivika RaiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr Rakesh ShuklaA study on neuroinflammation and its influence on NMDA receptor
and synaptic function in STZ (ICV) induced memory impaired rat
121110BB12A04035Sunita SaxenaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Neeloo SinghIdentification and characterization of Setaria cervi microfilariae antigen(s) recognized by surface specific antibody2016
121210BB12A04036Sweta MisraCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Shailja BhattacharyaCloning Characterization and Validation of Brugia Malayi UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase as an Antifilarial Drug Target2016
121310BB12J04009Nikunj SethiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Neeraj SinhaA Novel MetaboiomiChemical Sciences Based Approach for Studying Teratogenic potential of Drugs and Chemicals Employing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy2016
121410BB12J04010Poonam GoswamiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. SarikaA study to evaluate the involvement of endoplasmic reticulum stress and biochemical alterations in rotenone induced neurotoxicity.2016
121510BB12J04011Richa DwivediCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Vinita ChaturvediDevelopment of an in vitro model using M. tuberculosis grown in mouse bone marrow macrophages to select new molecules active against latent TB2016
121610BB12J04016Vivek Kumar PawarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Manish K. ChourasiaNanocarriers for Effective Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents against Breast
121710BB13A04001Abhilasha SaxenaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. R.K. SinghAn In-vitro Evaluation of Anti-leukemic Activity of Two Plant Extracts against Acute Myeloid Leukemia2016
121810BB13A04008Jyoti GuptaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Shailja BhattacharyaEvaluation of Immunoprophylactic Efficacy of DNA Vaccine Employing Brugia malayi Heavy Chain Myosin (Bm-Myo) and Trehalose-6 Phosphate phosphatase (Bm-TTP)2016
121910BB13A04009Kanumuri Siva Rama RajuCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. WahajudidinInvestigation of preclinical pharmacokinetiChemical Sciences of Isoformononetin, a potential anti-osteoporotic compound and isoflavones-drug interactions2016
122010BB13A04014Priyanka KushwahaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Ritu TrivediTo study the role of miRNA's in the regulation of bone mass2016
122110BB13A04016Rajasekar NagarajanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Rakesh ShuklaStudy on the Role of Astrocytic Insulin Receptor Signaling in Neuroinflammation
and Memory Impairment
122210BB13A04019Supinder KaurCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Aamir NazirRole of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and Endoplasmic Reticulum associated genetic interventions in Parkinson’s disease: Studies employing transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans Model2016
122310BB13J04005Isha TanejaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. WahajuddimPreclinical Pharmacokinetic Characterization of Medicarpin and Prediction of its Human PharmacokinetiChemical Sciences
Using Species Invariant Time Approach Based on Allometry Concept
122410BB13J04007Swati JaiswalCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Jawahar LaiPreclinical Pharmacokinetic Profiling of Novel Anti-Cancer Compounds & Population PK-PD Modeling of Miltefosine2016
122510CC12A04044Sonal GuptaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. V. L. SharmaDesign, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Agents for
Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
122610CC12J04018Awantika SinghCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Brijesh KumarApplication of Hyphenated Mass spectrometric Techniques in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of phytochemicals from selected Indian Medicinal Plants2016
122710CC12J04019Renu PandeyCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Brijesh KumarDevelopment and Validation of Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Methods for the Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of Bioactive Metabolites from Selected Indian Medicinal Plants2016
122810CC12A05006Sankararao MutyalaCSIR-CECRI, KaraikudiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. J. MathiyarasuNanostructured Carbon Maerials for Electrocatalysis and Sensor Applications2016
122920EE12J06012Jitendra SinghCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Jamil AkhtarDevelopment of Magnetic Nanocomposite Thin Films2016
123032EE12J06003Ankush JainCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Ram GopalDesign and Fabrication of UV-LIGA based
123132EE12J06007A. Mercy LathaCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. S. K. GhoshCollector for High Efficiency and High
Frequency Travelling Wave Tubes
123232EE12J06008Niraj KumarCSIR-CEERI, PilaniEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Ram Prakash/ Dr. Udit Narayan Pal (Co-Supervisor)Study of Electron Beam Profiles Generated by Physical Scienceseudospark Based Plasma Guns Suitable for Microwave Sources2016
123310BB11A08001Nidheesh TCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Suresh P VMicrobial production of Chitosan oligosaccharides and its potential applications2016
123410BB11A08003P.N. EzhilarasiCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. C. AnandharamakrishnanMicro and nanoencaPhysical Sciencesulation of biomolecule (hydroxycitric acid) and its effect on stability and bioavailability2016
123510BB12J08006Anitha VijayakumarCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreChemical SciencesJan-12Prof. Ram RajasekharanRole of Alpha Beta Hydrolase Domain Containing Proteins in Plant Growth and Development2016
123610BB12J08007Kanaga Vijayan D ECSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Malathi SrinivasanLipid profiling of yeast RADdeletions, identification of lipid gene responsible for lipid accumulation and its transcriptional regulation2016
123710BB14J08024Kamlesh Kumar YadavCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Prof. Ram RajasekharanImpact of Phosphate Limitation on Eukaryotic Lipid Metabolism and its Regulation2016
123810BB14J08025Neelima SinghCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Prof. Ram RajasekharanZinc-responsive Activator Protein1 Regulates Lipoic Acid Content and Triacylglycerol Metabolism in
Budding Yeast
123910BB14J08029Priya KumariCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreBiological SciencesJan-14Dr. Malathi SrinivasanTranscriptome analysis of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.): Identification and biochemical characterization of lipid genes2016
124020EE11A08006Chhanwal NarayansingCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. C. AnandhramakrishnanComputational Modeling of Bread Baking Process under Hybrid Heating Modes.2016
124120EE11A08007Chanukya B SCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. Navin Kumar RastogiIntegrated approach involving liquid membranes and forward osmosis for the processing of fruit juice and natural colorant.2016
124220EE11A08009Vasant Raghavan KCSIR-CFTRI, MysoreEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. Navin K RastogiSynthesis and characterization of
nanomaterials for detection and removal of Bisphenol-A
124310BB12A10002Sailender SinghCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. (Mrs.) Suchitra BanerjeeRe-routing the metabolic flux of phenyl propanoid pathway through heterologous gene expression in hairy root cultures for production of curcuminoid2016
124410BB12J10009SeemaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. D D PatraIdentification and characterization of bioactive compounds from Physical Scienceseudomonas spp. isolated from tannery sludge polluted soil vis-a-vis application in plant protection and Bioremediation2016
124510BB12J10010Shaifali PalCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. AK ShasanyCloning and Functional Characterization of Sterol Methyl Transferase1 (SMT1) Gene FromWithania somnifera2016
124610BB13J10002Vineeta PandeyCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. D.D PatraCrop productivity, aroma profile and soil fertility status of selected aromatic croPhysical Sciences under integrated supply of organic and chemical fertilizers2016
124710CC12J10013VS PragadheeshCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. C S ChanotiyaGas Chromatography Based Enantiomeric Analysis, Isolation and Characterization of Terpenoids in Essential Oils2016
124810CC12J11001K GopalaswamyCSIR-CLRI, ChennaiChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. V. SubramanianStudies on the Design and Development of Gas Storage Materials2016
124910CC13J12009Indranil MondalCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Ujjwal PalDevelopment of TiO2 based nanocomposites for photocatalytic hydrogen production from water2016
125020EE12A12003Abhiram HensCSIR-CMERI, DurgapurEgineering SciencesAug-12Prof. Gautam Biswas / Dr. Sudipta De (Co- Supervisor)A Study on Phase Change and Instabilities using Continuum and
Molecular DynamiChemical Sciences Simulations
125120EE11A15003Abhishek GuptaCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. H. K. Sardana/ Dr. O. P. Kharbanda (Co-Supervisor)AN APPROACH FOR AUTOMATIC CEPHALOMETRIC LANDMARK DETECTION USING CONE-BEAM COMPUTED
125220EE12A15002Satish KumarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesAug-12Dr Akash Deep / Dr C Raman Suri (co-supervisor)Studies of Bio-functionalized Graphene Nanostructures for the detection of Cardiac markers2016
125310BB11A16014Pushpika UdawatCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Prof. Bhavanath Jha / Dr. Avinash Mishra (co-supervisor)Cloning and characterization of novel salt responsive genes SBiological SciencesR1 and SBiological SciencesR2 from Salicornia brachiata2016
125410BB11J16004Ravi Singh BaghelCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. CRK ReddyExploration of the potentials of agarophytic seaweeds for
chemicals and fuel
125510CC11A16005Milan DindaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. P. K. Ghosh / Dr. S. Adimurthy (Co-supervisor)Improved methodologies for clean Bromination, their applications
and study of Some solar driven chemical processes
125610CC11A16007D. Chandra MohanCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Prof. Dr. S. AdimurthyTransition Metal Catalysed Synthesis and Functionalization of Bridged Head Nitrogen Heterocycles from Pyridine Derivatives2016
125710CC11A16008Ramachandra Reddy DonthiriCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Prof. Dr. S. AdimurthyDevelopment of Catalytic Methods for C-N Bond Forming Reactions and Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Nitrogen
125810CC11A16010Pratibha KumariCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Prof. (Dr.)Noorul H. KhanAsymmetric C-C bond forming reaction using chiral catalysts2016
125910CC11A16013Venkata Subba Rao GangaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Prof. (Dr.) S. H. R. Abdi (Supervisor) Prof. (Dr.) N. H. Khan (co-supervisor)Development of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous catalysts for
Carbon-Carbon bond forming reactions
126010CC12A16006Sarvanan KasipandiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. (Mrs.) Beena TyagiSynthesis of alkyl esters via esterification of fatty acids over
modified zirconia as solid acid catalysts
126110CC12J16001Mukesh SharmaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Kamalesh PrasadStudies on the role of neoteric solvents for the processing of biopolymers and preparation of new functional materials2016
126210CC12J16002Arnab Kanti GiriCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Hari Chand Bajaj/ Dr. Asit Baran Panda (Co-Supervisor)Zinc based nanostructured materials: Synthesis,Characterisations and their Applications2016
126310CC12J16004Bhanu chandar NelloreCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Bishwajit GangulyApplication of Computational Methodologies towards Understanding the Aging and Reactivation Processes of AChE-Toxic Organophosphorus Compounds2016
126410CC12J16007Ravi Prakash PandeyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Vinod K. ShahiHighly Conducting and Stable Ion-Exchange Membranes for Electro Membrane Processes2016
126510CC12J16011Kalithasan NCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Hari C. BajajSemiconductor Nanomaterials: synthesis, characterization and its photocatalytic application using Light Emitting Diode (LED) irradiation2016
126610CC13J16007Mosarrat PerweenCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Divesh Narayan SrivastavaInnovative tailored electrodes for the applications in electroanalysis2016
126710BB11A02005Gopal Gunathan JayrajCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Souvik MaitiExploring cellular outcomes of aminoglycoside-microRNA interactions2016
126810BB11A02007Radhika GuptaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Rajesh S. GokhaleMoxR1 protein supports protein folding machinery during unique stress conditions in Mycobacterium tuberculosis2016
126910BB11A02010Sonali SrivastavaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Rajesh S. GokhaleElucidation Of Mycobacterial ?-Oxidation Pathway Involved In The Degradation Of Unsaturated Fatty Acids2016
127010BB11J02004Puneet TalwarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ritushree KukretiROLE OF BETA AMYLOID PATHWAY IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE PATHOGENESIS AND THERAPEUTIChemical Sciences2016
127110BB11J02005Suchita SinghCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anurag AgrawalAsthma and Metabolic Syndrome - In Search of a Connective Link2016
127210BB12A02002Dhurjhoti SahaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Shantanu ChowdhuryUnderstanding the molecular mechanisms of NME2 mediated
transcription regulation in cancer cells
127310BB12A02005Ankita MishraCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Naveen AroraStudies on chitinase allergen and synthesis of hypoallergenic variants2016
127410BB12A02011Amitesh AnandCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Rajesh S. GokhaleIdentification of novel respiratory electron carrier polyketide quinone from mycobacteria2016
127510BB12A02017Rajesh AhirrwarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Pradip NaharIdentification of Novel Aptamers for
Breast Cancer Diagnosise
127610BB12A02018Satyaprakash PandeyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Souvik MaitiROLE OF G-QUADRUPLEXES IN NON-CODING TRANSCRIPTOME2016
127710BB12A02021Amrita RamkumarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Rajesh S. GokhaleDelineating the role of autophagic effectors on melanosome dynamiChemical Sciences and traffickings2016
127810BB12A02023Himanshi BhatiaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Malabika DattaElucidating the role of miR-107 in the development of fatty liver in
Type 2 Diabetes
127910BB12A02026Latika MataiCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Kausik ChakrabortyUnderstanding the regulation of ER stress response wwith age2016
128010BB12A02027Manika VijCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. MUNIA GANGULITopical delivery of nucleic acids to skin using peptide carriers2016
128110BB12J02001Annu MudgalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Santosh PashaAnalgesic and tolerance studies of Dualsteric ligand: Chimeric peptide of met-enkephalin and NPFF2016
128210BB12J02003Dhanapal GovindrajCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Naveen AroraStudies on Per a 10 allergen and its peptide derivatives2016
128310BB12J02004Meenakshi VermaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Ritushree Kukreti / Dr. Vibha Taneja (co-supervisor)Exploring transthyretin aggregation in Saccharomyces cerevisae2016
128410BB12J02005Meghna SinghCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Sridhar SivasubbuUnderstanding Genetic Determinants of Cardiac Development and Diseases Using Zebrafish Models2016
128510BB13A02020Gunjan PurohitCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-13Dr. Shantanu ChowdhuryTelomere Repeat-Binding Factor 2 (TRF2) engages promoter quadruplexes in the human genome2016
128610BB13J02008Saakshi JalaliCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Vinod ScariaUnderstanding the functional roles of
long non-coding RNAs using in-silico approaches
128810BB13J02030Shravani MukherjeeCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Anurag AgarwalPhysiological Determinants in Mesenchymal Stem Cell mediated Intercellular Mitochondrial Tranfer and Repair Ability2016
128910BB11A33004Prachi AwasthiCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Vipin HallanMolecular characterization and development of diagnostiChemical Sciences for Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus2016
129010BB11J33002Mrigaya MehraCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ravi ShankarComputational Analysis of Non-coding Elements2016
129110BB11J33012Sunny DhirCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Vipin HallanComplete Genome Characterization and effectivity analyses of Apple stem pitting and Apple stem grooving virus infecting apple2016
129210BB11J33014Hena DharCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Arvind GulatiExploring Endoglucanase Producing Bacteria from the Cold Environments of the Western Himalayas and Molecular Characterization of Extracellular
129310BB11J33015Pooja BhardwajCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Vipin HallanMolecular characterization and development of diagnostiChemical Sciences for Apple stem grooving virus2016
129410BB12A33001Ashwani JhaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Ravi ShankarComputational analysis of sRNAs and their regulatory system2016
129510BB12A33003Gulshan KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil Kumar Singh (supervisor) / Dr. R.K. sharma (Co-Supervisor)Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Dormancy Release Under Differential Availability of Chilling in Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.)2016
129610BB12A33006Vinay RandhawaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Anil Kumar SinghComputational systems biology and cheminformatiChemical Sciences approaches for analysis of complex diseases2016
129710CC11J33020Nitul Ranjan GuhaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pralay DasStudies on nano-impregnated transition metals as heterogeneous catalyst for coupling, reduction and oxidation reactions2016
129810CC11J33022Sushila SharmaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bikram SinghStudies on vasicine based organocatalyst for coupling and reduction reactions2016
129910CC11J33024Amit ShardCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arun Kumar SinhaDevelopment of green synthetic protocols for C-C, C-S and S-S bond forming reactions: Evaluation of hydroxylated styryl-cinnamate hybrids as potent anticancer agents2016
130010CC11J33027Manju BalaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bikram SinghPhytochemical Studies on Tinospora cordifoliaand Cissampelos pareiraand Synthetic Approaches for Heterocyclic Scaffolds2016
130110CC11J33028Piar ChandCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Yogesh B. PakadeSurface Modification of Apple Pomace as Biosorbent for Removal of
Toxic Metals from Industrial Wastewater
130210BB13A17009Riddhi DattaCSIR-IICB, KolkataBiological SciencesAug-13DR. SHARMILA CHATTOPADHYAYDissecting the role of glutathione in the plant defense signaling network in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana2016
130310BB11J18113Paradesinaidu GollavilliCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Srigiridhar KotamrajuUnderstanding the molecular regulation of metadherin in breast cancer cells2016
130410BB11J18119A. Deepa RameshCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Shasi Vardhan KalivendiElucidation of Mechanisms Involved in Embelin Induced Apoptosis in Cancer
Cells: Role of oxidative stress and MAP Kinase Signaling
130510BB12A18064M.Prathima DeviCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Dr S. Venkata MohanMicroalgae Catalysed Lipogenesis for Biodiesel Production from Waste Remediation2016
130610BB12J18045Y. Pooranchandra RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. C. GANESH KUMARStudies on Microbial Derived Metal Nanoparticles and Their Applications2016
130710CC11A18003M NareshCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. N. NarenderDevelopment of Zeolite Catalysed C-C, C-N and C-O Bond Formation Reactions and Oxidative Halogenations Using Ammonium Bromide and Oxone2016
130910CC11J18021Saurabh MaityCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YADAVHighly Diastereoselective Synthesis of trans-2,6-DisuBiological Sciencestituted Pyran Ring: Synthesis of Cladosporin, Isocladosporin, Pochonin J and Diplopyrone2016
131010CC11J18022B ShivalalCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J.S YadavSynthetic Study Towards Pyran Containing Bioactive Natural Products: Brevisamide, Sorangicin A, Decarestrictine L and Curvulone B2016
131110CC11J18030Gonemadatala RevathiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavStudies Directed towards the Total Synthesis of Stigmatellin A
and Palladium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization of Benzamides
131210CC11J18037Srinivas EedubilliCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavStudies Towards the Stereoselective Synthesis of Lactone Containing Natural Products: Vittatalactone, Cryptomoscatone F1 and Metacridamides A and B2016
131310CC11J18038Sujit Kumar DeyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavStudies Towards the Synthesis of Macrolides: Pamamycin-607, (S)-Zearalenone, (R)-De-O methyllasiodiplodin and Aigialomycins2016
131410CC11J18043Manisha SwainCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavNovel-rosin indane amine thiourea catalyzed enantioselective Michael addition and gold triggered tandem cyclization reactions2016
131510CC11J18044Jakka RaghaviahCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SUDHAKARTotal Synthesis of Varitriol, Varioxirane Varioxiranol A and Andytriol and Nazarov Cyclization of Divinyl Ketones bearing Ester group at ?-position2016
131610CC11J18045Birakishore PadhiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. DEBENDRA K. MOHAPATRA?-Allyl Nucleophile (AllylTMS) for the Synthesis of 2-Allyl-2HChromenes and 2,6-trans-DisuBiological Sciencestituted Pyrans: Application to Pyran Containing Natural Products2016
131710CC11J18047K. Janaradhan ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SUDHAKARNazarov cyclization of dienylaziridines, total synthesis of palmyrolide A and studies directed towards the
synthesis of hunanamycin A and rossinone B
131810CC11J18060Varre KanakaiahCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. Vatsala RaniFluorination of Natural Graphite and its Application as Cathode in Magnesium Metal Battery2016
131910CC11J18061P Sivaramakrishna ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavTotal synthesis of Phomolides G and H, Xyolide, Mangiferaelactone, (+)­8­ethylnorlobelol and Development of New Synthetic Methodologies2016
132110CC11J18066N. SwapnilCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J.S YadavStudies directed towards the Stereoselective synthesis
of Gomphostenin and Caylobolide A
132310CC11J18070N. Satish KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. H. M. MeshramStereoselective total synthesis of Trichoderic acid and development of catalyst-free green methodologies on or in aqueous medium2016
132410CC11J18071Sujan Kumar MondalCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajkumar BanerjeeDevelopment of Progesterone-Based, Glucocorticoid Receptor &
Neuropilin-1 Receptor-Targeted ChemotherapeutiChemical Sciences and
Liposomal Delivery Systems
132510CC11J18075Suresh BorraCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavExpedient method for intramolecular enamide formation & total
synthesis of sanctolide A, homologated sanctolide A, palmyrolide A
and desmethyl palmyrolide A
132610CC11J18077Soumen SahaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arabinda ChaudhuriCombating glioblastoma and colon cancer by tumor targeted new liposomal drug carriers in combination with in vivo dendritic cell targeted DNA vaccination2016
132810CC11J18085V. KrishnaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. VENUGOPALCrude Glycerol as a Source for the Synthesis of 2,6-Dimethylpyrazine Over Cu-Cr-O Catalyst Under Kinetic Regime: Rationalization of Surface CharacteristiChemical Sciences Using Adsorption and Spectroscopic Techniques2016
132910CC11J18086M Venkateswara ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. I. SURESHStudies on the synthesis and optoelectronic properties of polythiophene and its copolymer dispersions via emulsion polymerization2016
133110CC11J18090R. KavithaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. BHARATAM JAGADEESHMethodological Advances in High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy of Bio-Organic Molecules2016
133210CC11J18094Vittal SheravathCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. SUTAPA GHOSHSynthesis of Functionalized and Doped Graphene based Hybrid Materials for Green Catalysis and Energy Storage Applications2016
133310CC11J18095Pritha AgarwallaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajkumar BanerjeeDevelopment of Glucocorticoid receptor and N-end rule pathway targeted nanoassemblies as drug sensitizers for cancer therapy2016
133410CC11J18100Atla RajuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SABITHASTEREOSELECTIVE TOTAL SYNTHESIS OF
133510CC11J18106M. Durga PrasadCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. V. SUBBA REDDYDomino Prins Cyclizations For The Stereoselective Synthesis Of Fused
And Spirocyclic Tetrahydropyran Scaffolds
133610CC12A18001Wasim AhmedCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. S. ChandrasekharSynthesis of thromboxane receptor antagonist, (±)Terutroban and thiourea based organocatalysts for asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation2016
133810CC12A18015Sheik Rehana AnjumCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. B. V. SUBBA REDDYExploration of Domino Prins cyclization and Click chemistry to access tetrahydrofurans, tetrahydropyrans and triazoles2016
133910BB11A37003Nissar Ul AshrafCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Sheikh Tasduq AbdullahCellular and Molecular events of Lipotoxicity in hepatocytes: From fat accumulation to Lipoapoptosis2016
134010BB11J37005Vidushi MahajanCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Sumit G Gandhi/ Yashbir Singh Bedi (Co-Guide)Transcriptome sequencing and annotation in Dysoxylum binectariferum: a step towards understanding rohitukine biosynthetic pathway.2016
134110BB11J37007Anup Singh PathaniaCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Fayaz MalikExploring molecular mechanisms associated with the cancer cell death induced by plant based natural product2016
134210BB11J37009Bilal AhmedCSIR-IIIM, JammuBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anindya GoswamiMolecular Signaling Based Study of a Novel 3-azido-withaferin A for Anticancer Therapeutic Potential2016
134310BC13J37010Arvind KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Bhahwal Ali ShahSynthesis of Natural Products Inspired Bioactive Molecules and Development of New Synthetic Methods2016
134410CC11A37009Zilla Mahesh KumarCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Asif AliIsolation, Synthetic modification of natural products to develop lead
molecules and development of new synthetic methodologies for the
preparation of biologically active molecules
134510CC11J37016Altaf HussainCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Debaraj MukherjeeSynthesis of benzannulated medium-sized & macrocyclic rings using carbohydrates as chiral template and development of new methods for addition reactions in glycals2016
134610CC11J37018Baljinder SinghCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ram A. VishwakarmaExploring the Medicinal Potential of High Altitude Plants and Microbes: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Natural Products and Their Analogs2016
134710CC11J37020Satyanarayana BattulaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Qazi Naveed AhmedStudies on Reactions of Selective Nucleophiles at Key Aldehyde Electrophilic Centers and Development of ?-Carbolines as Antimalarial Agents2016
134810CC11J37022Deepak Kumar SharmaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Debaraj MukherjeeTarget based synthesis of medicinally important compounds inspired from microbial natural product scaffold.2016
134910CC11J37026Ramesh MudududdlaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sandip B. BharateDevelopment of New Metal-Free Protocols for Synthesis of
Medicinally Important Scaffolds and Screening of Molecular
Libraries for Potential Bioactivities
135010CC11J37027Madhubabu TatinaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Debaraj MukherjeeDevelopment of novel methods for C-glycosylation and Synthesis of sugar derived versatile building blocks.2016
135110CC11J37030Md. ShabberCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ram A. Vishwakarma / Dr. Sandip B. Bharate (Co-Supervisor)Design and Synthesis of Fused Pyrimidines as Isoform Selective PI3K-?Inhibitors and Development of New
Synthetic Methodologies for Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation
135210CC11J37032Gurunadham MunagalaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ram A. Vishwakarma/ Dr. Parvinder Pal Singh(Co-Guide)Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Scaffolds to Discover Novel Anti-TB Leads2016
135310CC11J37033Nagaraju MupparapuCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Qazi Naveed Ahmed2-Oxoiminium Promoted Oxidative Cross Coupling Reactions to Different Exigent C-X (X= C, N & S) Bonds and Medicinal Chemistry of 2,3-Dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones for Generation of Anti-Cancer Agents2016
135410CC11J37035Rammohanrao YadavCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sandip B. BharateMedicinal chemistry of indole and quinazoline class of marine natural
products to explore their biological potential
135510CC11J37036Lakshma Reddy G.CSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanghapal D. SawantSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Analogs of Pyrazolopyrimidine Scaffold2016
135610CC11J37037Sravanakumar AithaganiCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghDevelopment of New Synthetic Methods: Functionalization of Electron-Deficient Heteroarenes and Arynes2016
135710CC11J37039Srinivas MaheshuniCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanghapal D. SawantSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Quinazolinone and ET743 Anlogs for Discovery of Anticancer Agents and Development of New Synthetic Methods2016
135810CC11J37040Sudhakar MandaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sandip B. BharateMedicinal chemistry of indole alkaloids and alkylidine phosphonates
to explore their biological potential
135910CC11J37045Nali YedukondaluCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asif AliChemical Investigation of Medicinal plants, Microbes and Synthetic
modification of bioactive metabolites to achieve new biological knowledge
136010CC11J37046Kushalava Reddy YempallaCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parvinder Pal SinghDesign and Synthesis of Novel Anti-TB Leads2016
136110CC12A19003Pawan KumarCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Suman Lata JainDevelopment of novel catalytic systems for photoreduction of carbon dioxide to fuel and chemicals2016
136210CC12J19001Aamir HanifCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Anshu Nanoti (Supervisor )/ Dr. Soumen Dasgupta (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis, Characterisation and Evaluation of Adsorbents for High Temperature CO2 Capture2016
136310CC12J19002Arvind KumarCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Siddharth S. Ray (Supervisor)/ Dr. Babita Behera (Co-Supervisor)Graphene-polymer composites for high end uses: Preparation, Characterization & Tribological Evaluation2016
136410CC12J19003Harshal P. MungseCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Om P. KhatriDevelopment of Graphene Oxide Based Materials for Tribology Applications2016
136510CC12J19006Rashi GusainCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Om P. KhatriHalogen-Free Ionic Liquids: Synthesis, Characterization and
Their Potential for Lubrication Application
136610CC13J19005Malayil Gopalan SibiCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Anil Kumar SinhaSynthesis, Characterization and Application of Metal/Metal Oxide Catalysts for New Generation Fuels2016
136710CP12J19009Vipin AmoliCSIR-IIP, DehradunPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. Anil Kumar SinhaDevelopment of Novel Nanostructured Materials for Energy Devices2016
136810BB11J22006Shankar SumanCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Yogeshwer Shukla/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-supervisor)Integrated proteomic and metabolomic approaches for biomarker detection in Breast Cancer2016
136910BB11J22010Vinod KumarCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Chetna SinghA study on the zinc-induced nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurodegeneration: Biochemical and molecular approaches2016
137010BB11J22018Sanjay MishraCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Yogeshwer Shukla/ Dr. Satyakam Patnaik (Co-supervisor)Study to Decipher the Regulatory Role of miRNAs in Breast Cancer Pathogenesis2016
137110BB11J22019Amit Kumar ChauhanCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Chetna SinghA study on the inflammatory and apoptotic mechanisms involved in zinc
induced dopaminergic neurodegeneration in rats
137210BB11J22027Sandeep MittalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Alok K. PandeyCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Metals and Carbon based Nanomaterials (CNMs) induced Toxicity2016
137310BB12A22003Abhishek JauhariCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sanjay Yadav / Dr. A.B. Pant (Co-Supervisor)Studies on the Regulation and Role of microRNAs in Brain Development
and Neurotoxicity
137410BB12J22009Prakash TiwariCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Krishna Prabha GuptaStudy of epigenetic, apoptotic and cell survival pathways during the
development of 7, 12 dimethylbenz[a]anthracene induced mouse skin tumors and their response towards the antitumor agents alone or in combination as a function of time
137510BB12J22011Satya SahayCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Krishna Prabha GuptaEvaluation of Molecular Mechanisms of Transplacental Lung
Tumor Development in Mouse Model and its Prevention by
Inositol Hexaphosphate
137610BB12J22014Prachi TewariCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Mukul Das (Supervisor)/ Dr Anurag Tripathi (Co-Supervisor)Immunomodulatory potential of Benzanthrone, a textile dye intermediate: Prevention by N-acetyl cysteine2016
137710BB12J22015Swati AgarwalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Rajnish Kumar ChaturvediCellular and Molecular Mechanism(s) of Xenoestrogen Bisphenol-A Mediated Effects on Autophagy and Mitochondrial DynamiChemical Sciences in the Rat Brain2016
137810CC11A36003Pinak PatnaikCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. B.C. Tripathy / Dr. R.K. Paramguru (Co Supervisor )Corollary of organic additives on electrowinning ofcobalt from sulphate baths2016
137910CC11A36004Soumyashree PanyCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. K. M. Parinda/ Dr. P.M. Mishra (Co-Supervisor)Design and development of porous and modified nano titania for visible
light photocatalysis
138010CC11J36005Gopa MishraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. M. Parinda/ Dr. S.K. Singh (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity evaluation of metal oxide
modified Silicon Carbide nanocomposite
138110CC12A36007Hrushikesh SahooCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-12Dr Bisweswar DasInvestigation on the use of Quaternary Nitrogen Based Ionic Liquids in Flotation2016
138210CC12J36014Amtul NashimCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. K.M.Parida / Dr. P.M.Mishra (co-supervisor)Studies on composite photocatalyst Rare for earth titanate (Ln2Ti2C>7) hydrogen production and based pollution abatement under visible light irradiation2016
138310CC12J36015Eliza PadhanCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. (Mrs.) Kadambini SarangiProcessing of molybdenum spent catalyst and neodymium based waste magnet for the recovery of metal values: An in-depth study on solvent extraction2016
138420EE12A36001Swagat Satyagopal RathCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarEgineering SciencesAug-12PROF. BARADA KANTA MISHRA / DR. BISWESWAR DAS (co-supervisor)Flotation of Banded Iron Ores: An In-depth Study of the Mineral-Reagent
138510BB11J25001Saurabh Prakash PandeyCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. A.P. SaneIdentification and Characterization of Wound Inducible Promoters in CroPhysical Sciences2016
138610BB11J25003Garima DixitCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R.D. Tripathi/ Dr. V. Pandey (Co-supervisor)Sulfur Mediated Modulations in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) during Arsenic Stress2016
138710BB11J25004Rani SinghCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Indraneel SanyalCharacterization of Scaffold Attachment Regions (SARs) From Chickpea
(Cicer arietinum L.) Genome For Enhancement of Transgene Expression
138810BB11J25018Deepika SharmaCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. P. K. TrivediFunctional characterization of miR858 in
ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana
138910BB11J25020Nidhi ThakurCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. P.K SinghRNAi Mediated Suppression of Vital Genes in Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and Development of Transgenic Plants for Resistance to the Pest2016
139010BB11J25021Manisha MishraCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. P.K SinghEffective control of Bemisia tabaci via strategically identified biomolecules2016
139110BB11J25022Anukool SrivastavCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Satya Narayan Jena/ Dr. Samir. V. Sawant (Co. Guide)Development of Genetic markers (SSRs, SFPhysical Sciences & SNPhysical Sciences) in Indian Genotypes of Gossypium herbaceum and Gossypium hirsutum2016
139210BB11J25024Amit Pal SinghCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R.D. Tripathi/ Dr. S. Mallick (Co-supervisor)Modulation of Arsenite Induced Toxicity by Nitric Oxide and Salicylic Acid in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)2016
139310BB11J26112Ruby SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. C G SureshStructure-function studies and evaluating the medical applications
potential of two newly identified plant lectins
139410BB11J26115Sayali DalalCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Narcndra Kadoo/ Dr. Sushama Gaikwad (Co-Supervisor)Investigations of conformational and functional relationship ofselected serine proteases at molecular level2016
139510BB11J26121Ketan Dinkar SarodeCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. V. Ravi KumarOptimization Methodologies for Inverse Problems in Complex Dynamical Systems2016
139610BB11J26123Deepak ChandCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. C.G. SureshStructure-function study of Ntn hydrolase enzymes penicillin acylase and bile salt hydrolase2016
139710BB11J26124Anil Ranu MhashalCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sudip RoyATP Induced Conformational Flexibility in PcrA Helicase and Properties of Lipid Membrane in Presence of Nanoparticles and Surfaces: Molecular Simulations2016
139810CC11A26003Asis JanaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Neelanjana SenguptaModulation of the intrinsic properties of Alzheimers Amyloid beta peptide with nanosurfaces and chemical modifications: a computational approach2016
139910CC11A26012Swagata PahariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Sudip RoyExploring Membrane Materials for High Temperature Fuel cell Applications
from Quantum Chemical Calculations and Molecular Simulations
140010CC11A26026Sreedhala SCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyStudies in Antibacterial Natural Products and their Analogs2016
140110CC11A26029Anup BhuniaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. A. T. BijuTransition-Metal-Free Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Forming Reactions using N-Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysis and Aryne Chemistry2016
140210CC11A26033Santhi Vandan Reddy YetraCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Akkattu T BijuEnantioselective Construction of Six-Membered Heterocycles and Carbocycles Using N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)-Organocatalysis2016
140310CC11A26039Pragati Kishore PrasadCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. A. SudalaiAsymmetric Synthesis of Bioactivc Molecules and Development of Synthetic Methodologies Involving C-C. C-0 land C-N Bond formation via Cu(I) and Iodine Catalysis2016
140410CC11J26004GovindrajCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. A. JoyStudies on Magnetic and Electrical properties of Disordered
140510CC11J26005Soumen DeyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiEnantioselective Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Development
of Methodologies Involving Catalytic Oxidative Esterification of
Aldehydes and Cleavage of N-N Bonds
140610CC11J26006Anup Prakash TathodCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Paresh Laxmikant DhepeExploration of the effects of supports, metals and promoters on the catalytic conversion of biomass derived mono- and poly-saccharides in to sugar alcohols2016
140710CC11J26009R. LeninCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. A. JoyMagnetic and Thermal Conductivity Studies on Iron Oxide based
140810CC11J26010V. Ramireddy DevarapalliCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Manjusha V.ShelkeNanoengineering of heterojunction and composite semiconductor materials for multifunctional properties2016
140910CC11J26011Soumya B. NCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr.R. Nandini DeviTayered Solid State Compounds for Photocatalytic Water
141010CC11J26016Sachin BhojgudeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AKKATTU T. BIJUEmploying Arynes in Transition-Metal-Free Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions2016
141110CC11J26019Nagendra KalvaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashootosh V. AmbadeSynthesis and Self-assembly Studies of Amphiphilic StimuliResponsive Linear-Dendritic Block Copolymers2016
141210CC11J26020Arul KashmirCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kothandam KrishnamoorthySolution Processable Organic Semiconducting Materials as Active
and Blocking Layer for Electronic Devices
141310CC11J26021Munmun GhoshCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sayam Sen GuptaThe elusive Fe(V)0: Synthesis, Characterization and ability towards
hydroxylation of sp3 C-H bonds
141410CC11J26025Amit S. NagareCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Anil KumarPhysical-Organic Aspects of Diels-Alder Reactions in Eutectic and
other Environmental Benign Media
141510CC11J26029Manoj Vasisht ManeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kumar VankaComputational Studies, using Density Functional Theory, of Proton
Transfer through Polymer Electrolyte Membrane in Fuel Cells, as well
as of Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Reactions using Frustrated Lewis Pairs
141610CC11J26032Mrinmoy ChiniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kothandam KrishnamoorthySolution Processed Conjugated Small Molecules and Oligomers for
Organic Field Effect Transistors
141710CC11J26033Manik Eknath BhosleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kothandam KrishnamoorthyConjugatedsmall moleculesaind Microporous Polymers for Energy Storage2016
141810CC11J26034Satej DharmapurikarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kothandam KrishnamoorthySynthesis, characterization and device application of Isoindigo and
Diketopyrrolopyrrole containing organic semiconductors
141910CC11J26036Jaya C JoseCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Neelanjana SenguptaConformational dynamiChemical Sciences and solvent interactions of amyloidogenic peptides in biologically relevant environments:
Insights with molecular dynamiChemical Sciences simulations
142010CC11J26038Subhadip DasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajnish Kumar/ Dr. Sudip Roy (Co-Supervisor)Thermodynamic and Kinetic Stability of Pure and Mixed Gas Hydrate through
Molecular DynamiChemical Sciences Simulation
142110CC11J26042Chandan Kumar ChoudhuryCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sudip RoyStructure and DynamiChemical Sciences of Polymers in Melt, Solution,
and Biological Membrane: Multiscale Simulation
142210CC11J26043Prathit ChatterjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Neelanjana SenguptaProtein thermal stability, conformational dynamiChemical Sciences and solvent
properties: insights with atomistic molecular dynamiChemical Sciences
142310CC11J26045Omkar Singh KushwahaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. R. P. SinghDegradation and Stability of Polymers and Nanocomposites in Accelerated Environmental Conditions2016
142410CC11J26051Vidhya GhantaniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Shubhangi B. UmbarkarValorization of bio-derived lactic acid to acrylic acid and other
value added products
142510CC11J26053Mohan Raj ManiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashish K. Lele (Supervisor)/ Dr. Vijayamohanan K. Pillai (Co-Supervisor)Development of Nanoparticle based Nucleating Agents for Polyolefins2016
142610CC11J26056Sumit KambleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Chandrashekhar V. RodeSynthesis of supported and unsupported heteropoly acid
salts and their catalytic applications for C-C and C-N bond forming reactions
142710CC11J26057Sayali ShaligramCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ulhas K KharulPolymeric Ionic Liquids based on Asymmetrically A/-SuBiological Sciencestituted
Polybenzimidazoles for Gas Permeation Studies
142810CC11J26059Bhan Prakash JainCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kotlrandam KrishnarnoorthyConjugated Molecules for Transduction and Energy Storage2016
142910CC11J26063Vaishali ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. A. Kelkar/ Dr. Suresh Iyer (Co-Supervisor)Studies in Transition Metal Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation Reactions2016
143010CC11J26064Santosh ChavanCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Shafeek A. R. MullaDevelopment of New Synthetic Methodologies via Cu- and SnCatalyzed C-C, C-Heteroatom Bond Formation and sp3 C-H Functionalization of Azaarenes2016
143110CC11J26067Komal LalwaniCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiAsymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Synthetic Methodologies Involving Formation of C-N, C-0 Bonds via
143210CC11J26069Anita RewarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ulhas K. KharulInvestigations towards applicability of polybenzimidazole (PBI) based polymeric ionic liquids (PILs) for gas permeation and fuel cells2016
143310CC11J26071Atul NagpureCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Satyanarayana ChilukuriNovel Catalysts for Flydrogenolysis of Biomass-Derived Feedstocks and Hydrogenation of a,p-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds2016
143410CC11J26073Unnikrishnan PCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. D. SrinivasSolid, Oxide Catalysts for Making Dimethyl Carbonate2016
143510CC11J26076Ravindra AherCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiAsymmetric Synthesis of 5-Membered Aza-Heterocycles via Organocatalysis and Utilization of CO?, in Organic Synthesis2016
143610CC11J26077Prabhu DCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bhagavatula PrasadSelf-Assembled Structures of Bolaamphiphilic Lipid Molecules: Preparation, Characterization
and their Stimuli Responsive Behaviour
143710CC11J26078Manzoor Ahmad DarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sourav PalAb initio Molecular DynamiChemical Sciences and Density Functional based Studies on the Stability, Reactivity and Catalytic Properties of Silver and Gold Clusters2016
143810CC11J26080Babasaheb MatsagarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Paresh L. DhepeUtilization of Bronsted acidic ionic liquids in the hydrolysis and
dehydration reactions of saccharides
143910CC11J26081Sagar PatilCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kashinath R. PatilUse of interfaces for the formation of nanoparticulate thin films for various applications2016
144010CC11J26086Kashinath KCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. D Srinivasa ReddyTotal Synthesis of Proposed Structures of Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agents Solomonamides
and Analogs
144110CC11J26087Devadutta NepakCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. D. SrinivasSupported Gold Catalysts for Selective Oxidation and Hydrogenation Reactions2016
144210CC11J26090Jugal K KumawatCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kumar VankaThe Influence of Lewis Bases in MgCL supported Ziegler-Natta Catalysis: A DFT study2016
144310CC11J26091Sagar VaidyaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Narshinha P. ArgadeStudies on Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural and Unnatural Quinazolinones2016
144410CC11J26094Gajanan N RautCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. D. Srinivasa ReddyStudies in Antibacterial Natural Products and their Analogs2016
144510CC11J26095Sachin Tanaji ManeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. N. N. ChavanSynthesis and Characterization of Porous Polymers: Applications in Chiral Resolution, Metal Chelation and Drug Delivery2016
144610CC11J26100Rajashree Yashwant MahaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kothandam KrishnamoorthyConjugated Small Molecules and Polymers for Device Applications2016
144710CC11J26103Satish Shivaji BadadheCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. (Mrs) Manjusha V. Shelke (Guide)/Dr. Satishchandra Balkrishna Ogale (Co-guide)Engineered nanostructures of binary and ternary metal oxides for gas
and humidity sensing application
144810CC11J26134Gandra Upendar ReddyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Amitava DasRecognition and sensing of Biologically and Environmentally Significant Analytes2016
144910CC12A26036Souvik ChakrabortyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Sudip RoyStructural, dynamical properties of polymers and polymer composites from multiscale simulation2016
145010CC12A26054Kamalika GhatakCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Sourav Pal (Supervisor); Dr. Kumar Vanka (Co-supervisor)Activation of Small Molecules via Organometallic Pincer Catalysts and Small Rhodium Clusters (pure and doped): A Density Functional Theory Approach2016
145110CC12A26055Amrita PalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Kumar VankaComputational investigations of small molecule activation2016
145210CC12A26058Himadri PathakCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Sourav Pal / Dr. Nayana Vaval (Co-Supervisor )Calculation of Properties Using Relativistic Coupled Cluster Theory for Atoms and Molecules.2016
145310CC12A26084Vadde RamuCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Amitava DasDesign, Synthesis and DNA Interaction Studies with Novel Photosensitizer Molecules as Efficient Photodynamic
Therapeutic Agents
145410CC12J26004Debasish GhoshCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Meitram Niraj LuwangSynthesis, characterization and optosensing applications of lanthanide
doped nanomaterials
145510EC13J26043Asheesh KumarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Rajnish KumarGas Hydrate Studies for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Methane
145610PP11J26131Dhanya PCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. Satishchandra B OgaleSynthetic and natural polymer precursor derived hierarchically porous conducting carbon and its Co304-based
nanocomposite for electrochemical energy storage applications
145710PP11J26132Edakkal VenugopalCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesJan-11Asst. Prof. Suresh K. BhatOrganization of Colloids and Polymers with Nonionic Surfactant Assemblies2016
145810PP12A26081Dipti Ramesh DhakrasCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Satishchandra Balkrishna OgaleNovel flexible device platforms using electrospinning process for
sensor and nanogenerator applications.
145910PP12A26082Preeti GuptaCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pankaj PoddarStudy of negative magnetization, exchange bias and magnetization switching in rare earth chromites2016
146010PP13J26046Shantanu KadamCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Kumar VankaDevelopment of kinetic Monte Carlo Methods for the Stochastic Simulation of Chemical Systems2016
146110PP13J26047Sayali JoshiCSIR-NCL, PunePhysical SciencesJan-13Dr. Nayana VavalStudy of Molecular Response Properties within Extended Coupled Cluster Framework2016
146220EE11A27001Vidyadhar Vikram GedamCSIR-NEERI, NagpurEgineering SciencesAug-11Dr. Pawan .K. LabhasetwarSustainable Utilization of Mineral Waste in Indian Cement and Concrete Industry2016
146320EE12J27001Chandrashekhar BCSIR-NEERI, NagpurEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. R. A. PandeyDevelopment of Chemo-Biochemical Process for the Removal of NOx from industrial gaseous emissions using Iron Chelates2016
146410CC11A38001Nimmakuri RajeshCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-11Dr D PrajapatiStudies on addition reactions of alkynes for the construction of valuable building blocks2016
146510CC11A38002Surineni NareshCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-11Dr NC BaruaInvestigation towards partial and total synthesis of bioactive natural products with special emphasis on synthesis of Artemisinin derivatives2016
146610CC11J38001Yuvaraj DommarajuCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Dipak PrajapatiStudies on Multicomponent Green Methodologies for the Synthesis of Biologically Important Pyrrole and Pyrimidine Derivatives2016
146710CC11J38002Kommoori ShekarraoCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-11DR R.C BORUAHSome strategies for the synthesis of biologically potential aza heterocycles2016
146810CC12A38005Meenakshi SharmaCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Pulak Jyoti BhuyanSynthesis of Some Highly Functionalized Novel Annulated Pyrimidines, Indoles and Furans2016
147010PP12J28008Sunil RohilaCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesJan-12Prof. N. P. RaoShear wave velocity structure of the Koyna-Warna region, western India, using ambient noise correlation and receiver functions2016
147110CC11J39001Dhanya S. R.CSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Mangalam S NairIsolation, Characterization and Development of Novel Bioactive Compounds from Selected Medicinal Plants Used in Ayurveda2016
147210CC11J39003Sarath ChandCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. V. RadhakrishnanLewis acid/palladium catalyzed synthetic transformations
of pentafulvenes and its derivatives: Facile synthesis of
indole appended carbocycies and heterocycles
147310CC11J39007Sheethu JoseCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. M. L. P. ReddyDesign and development of rare earth based infrared reflecting inorganic pigments2016
147410CC11J39012Palapuravan AneesCSIR-NIIST, ThiruvananthapuramChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. AjayaghoshSquaraine based fluorescent probes for sensing and imaging of various bio-analytes2016
147510PP11A29001Anshika SinghCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. NARSINH L. THAKURStudies on the growth, reproduction and defense of the marine sponge Cinachyrella cf. cavernosa2016
147610PP11A29005Mohammed IsmaielCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. K.S. KrishnaRift Structure and Evolution of the Eastern Continental Margin of India (ECMI) - Crustal Accretion and Sediment Deposition pattern in the Bay of Bengal2016
147710PP11J29005Lalita BaragiCSIR-NIO, GoaPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. C. Anil"Response of Balanus amphitrite to changing environmental
147820EE12J31002Y.N. SinghbabuCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr. Ranjan Kumar SahuSynthesis and evaluation of graphene oxide from different carbon sources
towards electrical and corrosion properties
147910BB12A32008Shweta AgarwalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Ranjana MehrotraINVESTIGATIONS ON INTERACTION MECHANISM OF CHLOROETHYL
148010CC11A32013Bighnaraj SarangiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Shankar G. AggarwalPhysico-Chemical Characterization of Urban Aerosols2016
148110CC11A32014Sudhanshu KumarCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Shankar G. AggarwalUnderstanding Aerosol Sources and
Chemistry Using Selective Markers
and Stable Isotope Analyses
148210CC12A32010Aman BhardwajCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. D. K. Mirsa/ Dr. Ajay Dhar (Co-supervisor)Synthesis and Characterization of Earth-Abundant Zintl Phase based Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation2016
148310MM12A32014Neelesh Kumar LodhiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiMathematical & Information SciencesAug-12Dr. Sachchidanand SinghTrends and Periodicities in Aerosol Optical Depth and Assessment of Direct Aerosol Radiative Effect over Mega-city Delhi in the Western IGP Region2016
148410PP11A32003Venkataswamy GollapothuCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Rajib Kumar RakshitStructural, Magnetic, Spin DynamiChemical Sciences and Interface Studies of CoFeB Thin Films2016
148510PP11A32004Deepak ChhikaraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. K. M. K. Srivatsa (Supervisor)/ Dr. M. Senthil Kumar (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO based Nano and Micro-structures and Their Applications2016
148610PP11A32008Ravi Kant TripathiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. O. S. PanwarStudy on Amorphous Carbon Thin Films With Embedded Nanocrystallites Deposited by the Modified Cathodic Vacuum Arc Based Techniques2016
148710PP11A32011RajniCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. S. K. DhawanDesigning and Characterization of Novel Hydrophobic Inorganic and Organic Semiconducting Nanostructured
Materials for Polymer Solar Cell Application
148810PP11J32009Atul BishtCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. O. S. PanwarInvestigations of Carbon Based Nanostructures Thin Films Deposited by the Microwave Plasma Enhanced
Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique
148910PP11J32010Subhash ChandraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. Monika J KulshresthaChemical CharacteristiChemical Sciences of PM2.5 & PM10 Aerosols and their Regional Vs
Long-range Transport at a site in Central Delhi, India
149010PP11J32012Prabal Pratap BhadauriaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. Anurag GuptaLow temperature magnetic and electrical transport properties of superconductors and related systems2016
149110PP12J32005Savvi MishraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. D. HaranathNovel Nanophosphors for Cost-Effective White LEDs with Improved Color Rendering Index2016
149310PP14J32003Kriti TyagiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-14Dr. Bhasker Gahtori / Dr. Ajay Dhar (Co-Supervisor)Development of Chalcogenide Based Efficient Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation: An Experimental and Theoretical Study2016
149410BB13J03003Bhavana TiwariCSIR-CCMB, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Raghunand R. TirumalaiInvestigating the role of the multigenic
PE_PPE protein family in the pathogenesis of
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
149510BB11J04004Kanika KanchanCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Saman HabibAnalysis of genetic variation in selected human genes and their association
with susceptibility/resistance to Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Indian
149610BB11J04009Shubhra SrivastavaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashish AroraCharacterization of Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis Protein C
(MoaC) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
149810BB12A04024Awakash SoniCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Sunil Kumar PuriStudies on heme detoxification protein (HDP) and its role in resistance to arteether in Plasmodium vinckei2015
149910BB12A04025Hardik Jamnadas ChandasanaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Rabi S. BhattaEvaluation of Preclinical ADME Properties and Prediction of Human PharmacokinetiChemical Sciences of S007-867,
A Novel Potent Antiplatelet Agent
150110BB12A04031Pooja JadiyaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Aamir NazirFunctional GenomiChemical Sciences and Extrinsic Epigenetic Interventions in Parkinson's disease: Studies Employing Transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans2015
150210BB12J04001Abhishek SharmaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Jawahar LalInteraction studies of concurrently co-administered clinically
important drugs on the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic
profile of Centchroman and pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies
of novel anti-parasitic compounds
150310BB12J04002Akansha SrivastavaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. P.K. Shukla/Dr. C.K.M. Tripathi(Co-Guide)PRODUCTION, PURIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MICROBIAL CHOLESTEROL OXIDASE2015
150410BB12J04005Chakrapani TripathiCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Smrati BhadauriaInitiation and Progression of Angiogenesis: Deciphering the Role of Chemoattractant Networks between Tumor Cells and Macrophages2015
150510BB12J04006Meenakshi VermaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Shailja BhattacharyaThe antifilarial efficacy of endectocide moxidectin (milbemycin) in various drug combinations against experimental Brugia malayi infection2015
150610BB12J04007Mohd. ShahabCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Shailja BhattacharyaCloning, expression and molecular characterization of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase (MurA) of endosymbiont Wolbachia of human lymphatic filarial parasite Burgia malayi2015
150710BB12J04012Sameer TiwariCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr Kishore K. SrivastavaStudies on the roles of PknG phosphorylated suBiological Sciencestrates in
growth and in survival of Mycobacterium bovis BCG
150810BB12J04015Sonali GangwarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Neena GoyalCharacterization of dipeptidylcarboxypeptidase of Leishmania donovani and identification of potential inhibitors as antileishmanial agents2015
150910BB13J04004Mahendra Kumar HidauCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. Shio Kumar SinghPharmacokinetiChemical Sciences, Metabolite Profiling and Drug-Drug Interaction Studies of Novel Anti-Tubercular and Anti-Malarial molecules2015
151010CC12J04017Ajay KumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Atul KumarDesign And Synthesis Of 1, 3-Diaza Heterocyclic Based Privileged
Structure As Potential Anticancer Agents
151110BB11J10003Harveer Singh CheemaCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. A. Pal/ M.P.Darokar (Co-Supervisor)Studies on mechanism of action of selected antiplasmodial phytomolecule(s) and their interactions with clinically validated drugs2015
151210CC13J10010Komal KalaniCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. S K SrivastavaActivity guided isolation of major bioactive molecules from Indian Medicinal Plants and their
QSAR, docking guided/ semi-synthetic lead optimization
151310PP11J15005Vasudha BansalCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. C Ghanshyam, Dr. ML SinglaStudy on Effects of Pulsed Electric Field on Nutritional Quality and Antioxidant Activity of Emblica officinalisJuice2015
151420EE11J15003Mrinmoy MisraCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-11Dr Madan Lal SinglaCatalytic activity of core-shell nanostructure and its use as an anode material in dye-sensitized solar cell2015
151520EE11J15004Pawan KumarCSIR-CSIO, ChandigarhEgineering SciencesJan-11Dr Akash Deep; Dr Lalit M BhardwajStudy on Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides using Metal Organic Frameworks2015
151610BB11A16015Pushp Sheel ShuklaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. PK agarwalStudy of stress responsive MYB transcription factors from an important halophyte Salicornia brachiata2015
151710BB11A16017Payal SanadhyaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. P. K. Agrawal/ Dr. Sandhya MishraStudy of biochemical and molecular parameters in a halophyte Aeluropus lagopoides in response to salt stress2015
151810BB11A16019Sonika PandeyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Prof. Bhavanath JhaGenetic transformation of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L) with the gene SbNHX1 for enhanced salt tolerance2015
151910BB11A16020Shweta Kumari YadavCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Prof. Bhavanath JhaCloning and characterization of cytochrome b6& c6genes from marine macroalgal species2015
152010BB11J16006Nitin TrivediCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. CRK ReddyBioethanol production from marine macrophytic green alga Ulva fasciataDelile2015
152110BB12J16017Imran Yunusbhai PanchaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Sandhya MishraBiochemical strategies to enhance biomass, lipid and carbohydrate content in microalgae for biofuel production2015
152210CC11A16001Provas PalCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Asit Baran Panda/ Dr. Subhash C. Ghosh (Co-Supervisor)Synthesis of Ceria and Manganese Metal Oxide Nanostructure and
their Application
152310CC11A16004Dibyendu MondalCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. P. K. Ghosh/Dr Kamalesh Prasad(Co-Sup.)Study of bioresources for energy and advanced materials: A sustainable point of view2015
152410CC11J16014Ravi GunupuruCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Parimal PaulMolecular Sensors for Biologically and Environmentally Important Analytes: Design, Synthesis and Ion Sensing Study2015
152510CC11J16025A. Michael RajeshCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Dr. K.M.PopatDevelopment of Ion-Exchange Resins for the Taste Masking andSustained Release of bitter Antibiotic Drugs through Interpenetrating Polymer Networks2015
152610CC11J16027Munusamy KCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Dr. R. S. SomaniEquilibrium and Dynamic Gas Adsorption Studies on Activated Carbon and MIL-101 (Cr)2015
152710CC11J16031Manoj C RajCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Dr. H.C. BajajMicroporus and Mesoporous Materials for Gas Adsorption Application2015
152810CC11J16034Shivashunmugam SCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kannan SrinivasanHeterogenous catalytic transformation of vegetable oils and fatty esters to fuel and chemicals2015
152910CC12J16008Debashis GhoshCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. S. H. R. AbdiDevelopment of chiral catalysts for asymmetric allylation
153010CC12J16010PankajCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Arvind KumarStudies on the Interaction of Surface Active Ionic Liquids with Bio
macromolecules in Aqueous/Non Aqueous Medium
153110BB11A02002Anchal SharmaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Arijit MukhopadhyayGenomic studies to explore inter tissue somatic variations in human exome2015
153210BB11A02004Deeksha BhartiyaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Souvik MaitiComprehensive In-silico Analysis of Genomic Variations in Human Non-coding RNAs2015
153310BB11A02009Richa DubeyCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Neeru SainiStudy to investigate mechanism of action of STAT6 in human lung cancer cells.2015
153410BB11A02011Trayambak BasakCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Shantanu SenguptaIdentification of Potential Biomarkers in Coronary Artery Disease using a Plasma ProteomiChemical Sciences & MetabolomiChemical Sciences Approach2015
153510BB11A02013Yumnam Silla DeviCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Shantanu SenguptaIdentification of putative protein targets of homocysteine2015
153610BB11J02001Gaurav VermaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Malabika DattaStudy of the role of JNK in IL-1? induced pancreatic cell death2015
153710BB11J02003Pankaj KumarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. SHANTANU CHOWDHURYG-quadruplexes in transcription
regulation: Role in promoter-proximal
153810BB12A02006Ankita SinghCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Shantanu ChowdhuryUnderstanding the mechanism of G-quadruplex mediated transcription regulation2015
153910BB12A02008Ruby BansalCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Pradeep Kumar/Dr. Kailash Chand Gupta(Co-Sup.)Designing and Development of Polymeric Vectors for Biomedical Application2015
154010BB12A02009Shahila ParweenCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Pradip NaharDEVELOPMENT OF A NOVEL LOW COST IMAGE –BASED DIAGNOSTIC METHOD2015
154110BB12A02037Vinny NegiCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Balaram GhoshRole of miRNA(s) in CD4+T cell differentiation2015
154310BB12A02046Prachi AgarwalaCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. Souvik MaitiRole of G-quadruplex in the Untranslated Region of mRNA2015
154410BB12J02002CHHAVI GOELCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12DR. NAVEEN ARORAStudies on dendritic cell polarization by protease allergen from Periplaneta americana2015
154510BB12J02006SAURABH VIGCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. MALABIKA DATTAStudying the role of calreticulin in cellular dysfunction and its correlation to diabetes2015
154610BB11A33005Ajay RanaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Ashu Gulati; Dr. H.P. SinghExploration of Major Phytochemicals and Development of Value Added Products from Underutilized Parts of Camellia sinensis (L.)O. Kuntze2015
154710BB11A33007Akshay NagCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Ram Kumar SharmaDevelopment of Genomic Resources and Genetic Diversity
Characterization of Indian Himalayan Populations of
Podophyllum hexandrum Royle
154810BB11J33003RamdhanCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sudesh KumarDevelopment of Nanocomposites of Bioactive Molecules2015
154910BB11J33004Amrina ShafiCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Paramvir Singh AhujaStructural and Functional Changes in Response to Abiotic Stress in ArabidoPhysical Sciencesis thaliana (Ecotype Col-0) Overexpressing SOD and APX2015
155010BB11J33011Richa SalwanCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Arvind GulatiScreening, Production and Molecular Characterization of Low Temperature Active and Alkaline Stable Protease from Physical Sciencesychrotrophic Bacteria2015
155110CC11J33019Arun Kumar ShilCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pralay DasDevelopment of Solid Supported Palladium(0) and Platinum(0) Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Catalyst and Their Applications in
Reduction and Cross-coupling Reactions
155210CC11J33023Praveen Kumar VermaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bikram SinghSynthesis of Metal Phthalocyanine Complexes and their Catalytic Applications in Reduction Reactions2015
155310CC11J33025Rajesh KumarCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arun Kumar SinhaDevelopment of Green Synthetic Methodologies for S-S, C-S and C-C Bond Forming Reactions and their Mechanistic studies2015
155410CC11J33026Robin JoshiCSIR-IHBT, PalampurChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashu GulatiCharacterization of Secondary Metabolites of Tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] in Kangra and Development of Value Added Products2015
155610BB11J18111Tarun AryaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anthony AddlagattaUnderstanding the structure and function of new genetic variant of
methionine aminopeptidase with emphasis to drug discovery.
155710BB11J18112T. Lakshminarayan ReddyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Manika Pal BhadraNanocarriers for Efficient Delivery of Therapeutic siRNA and Codelivery
with Chemical Anticancer Drugs for Effective Cancer Therapy
155810BB11J18114Chandan KishorCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anthony AddlagattaIdentification, Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Specific Inhibitors Against Amino-Terminus Processing Enzymes2015
155910BB11J18115POMBALA SUJITHACSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. C. Ganesh KumarStudies on microbial biosurfactants and their application as novel
functional biomaterials
156010BB11J18116Ravikumar ReddiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anthony AddlagattaUnderstanding cotranslational protein modifications: Focus on N-terminal methionine cleavage and acetylation2015
156110BB11J18120Raju PadiyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanjay K BanerjeeElucidation of the molecular mechanism of garlic in diabetes and diabetic cardiomyopathy2015
156210BB11J18121Saidulu MattapallyCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanjay BanerjeeElucidation of Molecular and Genetic Basis of Congenital Heart Disease2015
156410BB11J18128Sathish Babu VasamsettiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Srigiridhar KotamrajuInvestigation of Mechanisms Involved in Monocyte-to-Macrophage Differentiation and Preventive Strategies: Relevance to Atherosclerosis2015
156510BB12A18066Pratyusha SambangiCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesAug-12Dr. PATHIPATI USHA RANIStudy of Arachis hypogaeaL. stress responses against its major pests and role of phenolic acids in its direct and indirect defenses2015
156710CC11J18004Palash DuttaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavSynthetic Studies Towards The Total Synthesis of Thuggacin-A, Synthesis
of A g-Lactone Containing Polyketide Natural Product and Solvent Free
Synthesis of Tetrazoles
156910CC11J18009CH KishoreCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. V. Subba ReddyChiron Approach for the Total Syntheses of Penaresidin A, (+)-Deoxocassine, (-) Deoxoprosophylline and L-783,290 Employing Carbohydrates as a Chiral Source2015
157110CC11J18015D PRABHAKAR REDDYCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavApplication of Ring-closing metathesis reaction towards the total synthesis
of Macrolactones: Formosalides, Dendrodolides, Xyolide and Phomolide B
157210CC11J18018Kadam Vilas DigambarraoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SudhakarTotal Synthesis of Acortatarins A and B, Motualevic acids A-F, (E) and (Z)-Antazirines and Studies Towards the Synthesis of Alstomicine2015
157310CC11J18020SANTU DHARACSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavDesymmetrization: Studies towards the syntheses of Tirandamycins2015
157410CC11J18026Shruthi BayyaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. SudhakarSynthesis, Cytotoxicity of the Proposed Structure of Piperazirum and its Analogs and Total Synthesis of Gonytolides C, G and Lachnone C2015
157510CC11J18027Md. Ataur RahmanCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. S. YadavThe Appilcation Of Prins Cyclization for the Synthesis of Spiroketal
Fragment of Ossamycin, Rhoiptelol-B, Galantinic Acid, DehydroxySphingosine and (-)-Ushikulide-A
157610CC11J18034KOTA RAMANJANEYULUCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pratyay Basakdevelopment of nanocomposite mediated Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks: Feasibility studies on a new class of quasi-solid electrolyte matrix.2015
157710CC11J18035MARELLA RAVI KUMARCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. David RajuSynthesis, Characterizaton of magnesia supported copper catalysts for vapour phase hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and coupling of hydrogenation-dehydrogenation reactions2015
157810CC11J18052Ayinampudi Venkata Subba RaoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AHMED KAMALSynthesis and Biological evaluation of Heterocyclic Conjugates as
Microtubule targeting Potential Anticancer Agents
157910CC11J18054Malla Reddy GannarapuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. NARSAIAHStudies on Synthesis of Novel 1,2-Benzothiazine 1,1-dioxide Derivatives of Biological Interest2015
158010CC11J18058Venkata Satyanarayana MallulaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. RADHA KRISHNASYNTHESIS OF 2-HYDROXYPESTALOTINS VIA TANDEM CONJUGATE
158110CC11J18059Punna NagenderCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. NARSAIAHStudies on synthesis of novel heteroring fused trifluoromethyl suBiological Sciencestituted pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives of potential biological activity2015
158210CC11J18062K RajuCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. Shanthan RaoSynthesis of triazole/isoxazole functionalized trifluoromethyl suBiological Sciencestituted quinolones,
pyridines, their bioevaluation and development of new synthetic methodologies
158310CC11J18067Thallada Vinod KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B.M. ReddySynthesis and Characterization of Nano-sized Ceria-based Oxide Solid Solutions for various Catalytic Applications2015
158410CC11J18102Swamy PerakaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. N. NARENDEROxidative Halogenations and Catalytic Oxidative Transformations Using Ammonium Halides and Oxone2015
158510CC12A18010Ramesh Saudagar GhogareCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. A. Venkat NarasaiahStereoselective Total Synthesis of Bioactive Lactones: (-)-Cleistenolide, Pectinolides A, C, H and (6S)-6-[(2R)-2-Hydroxy-6-Phenylhexyl]-5,6-dihydro-2H-pyran-2-one2015
158610CC12A18011Sachin Bibhishan WadavraoCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. A Venkat NarsaiahTOTAL SYNTHESIS OF XYOLIDE, (6R,9R,10R,E)6,9,10-TRIHYDROXY OCTADEC-7-ENOIC ACID, (+)-18-(6S,9R,10R) BOVIDIC ACID, (R)-LACOSAMIDE AND ALTISSIMACOUMARINS2015
158710CC12J18011G.KARTHIKCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. B. V. Subba ReddyCycloaddition and Cyclopropanation of ?-Diazocarbonyl Compounds for the Synthesis of Spirooxindole derivatives2015
158810CC11A37014Shreyans Kumar JainCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Ram A. VishwakarmaIsolation, Synthetic Modifications and Biological Evaluation of Compounds of Dysoxylum binectariferum, Bergenia ciliata and Mallotus philippensis2015
158910CC11J37028Mallikharjuna Rao LambuCSIR-IIIM, JammuChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Debaraj MukherjeeSynthesis of medicinally important compounds from carbohydrates by development of novel methodologies2015
159010CC11J19002Subodh KumarCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Suman Lata JainUtilization of carbon dioxide for the production
of value added chemicals
159110CC11J19003Rawel SinghCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Thallada BhaskarFunctional and valuable chemicals from second and
third generation biomass: Exploitation of
hydrothermal liquefaction
159210CC11J19004Ankushi BansalCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Alok K. ChatterjeeDevelopment of Novel Initiators and Catalysts for Living Free Radical Polymerization2015
159310CC11J19006Shankha Shubhra AcharyyaCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajaram BalPreparation of Copper-Chromium Oxide Nanoparticles
Catalysts and their Catalytic Activities in Oxidation
159410CC11J19007Shilpi GhoshCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajaram BalDevelopment of Silver-Tungsten based Nanostructures and
their Catalytic Applications in Oxidation reactions
159510CC11J19012Devaki NandanCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nagabhatla ViswanadhamSynthesis of porous carbon composites and metal oxides for catalytic applications2015
159632EE12J19013Bhavya B KrishnaCSIR-IIP, DehradunEgineering SciencesJan-12Dr Thallada BhaskarSlow and Hydropyrolysis approaches for the production of bio-oil and bio-char2015
159710BB11J22001Shashi Kant TiwariCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajnish Kumar ChaturvediCellular and Molecular Mechanism of Xenoestrogen Bisphenol-A Mediated Effects on Neurogenesis: Neuroprotection by Curcumin2015
159810BB11J22004Sadaf JahanCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. A.B. Pant/Dr. V.K. KhannaSignaling cascade molecules involved in trans - Resveratrol
induced neuronal differentiation in human umbilical cord blood
derived mesenchymal stem cells
159910BB11J22007Fatima RizviCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr Poonam KakkarRedox homeostasis and ROS induced
signaling during hepatocellular toxicity
160010BB11J22009Sonal AgrawalCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. M. P. SinghMitochondrial proteomiChemical Sciences to decipher the mechanism of
cypermethrin-induced nigrostriatai dopaminergic
160110BB11J22014Swati ChandraCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. D. Kar ChowdhuriStudies on role(s) of microRNA(s) against Chromium induced
stress in Drosophila
160210BB11J22015Nidhi ShrivastavaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ashwani KumarStudies on the evaluation of
Hexachlorocyclohexane-dehydrochlorinase LinA variants
in the metagenome of a contaminated soil
160310BB11J22017Snigdha MisraCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ravi Ram KristipatiDevelopment of Drosophila as an alternative to animal models for
assessment and understanding of male reproductive toxicity of
xenobiotiChemical Sciences
160410BB11J22020Lokesh Kumar BawejaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Prof. Alok DhawanStudies on the interactions of carbon-based nanomaterials with
160510CC11J22028Premanjali RaiCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kunwar P. SinghDevelopment, characterization and application of magnetic
carbon for removal of pharmaceuticals from water
160610CC11J22029Rupender KumariCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Devendra K. PatelDesigning and development of miniaturized extraction technique for organic contaminants2015
160710CC11J22030Ratnasekhar ChCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. M.K.R. MudiamMetabolic investigation of the effect of xenobiotiChemical Sciences on human and model organisms2015
160810CC11J22031Abhishek ChauhanCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. M.K.R. MudiamSynthesis and application of molecularly imprinted polymers for the selective determination of biotransformed and/or bioactive suBiological Sciencestances in complex samples2015
160910CC11J22032Arun Kumar SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kunwar P. SinghSynthesis, characterization and application of zero-valent metallic nanoparticles in water decontamination2015
161010CC11J22033Shikha GuptaCSIR-IITR, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-11Dr.Kunwar P. SinghModeling and Optimization of Synthetic Dyes Removal
from Aqueous Solution using Nano-composites
161210CC11A36006G. Bishwa Bidita VaradwajCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr.Kulamani ParidaFabrication of modified montmorillonite and their catalytic evaluation towards selective organic transformations2015
161310CC11A36009Sasmita NayakCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Sarama Bhattacharjee/ Dr. Yatendra S. ChaudharyDesign, Development and Characterization of Nano Carbon Polymer Composite2015
161410CC11J36004Biswonath BiswalCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bamaprasad BagRhodamine based luminescent probes for metal ion detection through FRET mediated signalling2015
161510CC11J36006Lagnamayee MohapatraCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kulamani ParidaDesign and development of visible light harvesting Layered double
hydroxide (LDH) photocatalysts for environmental pollution abatement
and energy production
161610CC11J36007Surabhi Dipali MuduliCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Barada Kanta Mishra (Guide)/ Dr. Bansidhar Nayak (Co-guide)Study on development of atmospheric setting fly ash geopolymer with reference to manufacture of building brick2015
161710CC11J36009Ajoy PalCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bamaprasad BagRhodamine B based chemosensors for detection of mercury ion and their applications2015
161810CC11J36011Sanak RayCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Gautam Roy ChaudhuryDevelopment of a Microbial Process for Removal of Excessive Nutrients from Polluted Water2015
161910CC11J36012Pradeep Chandra RoutCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. (Mrs.) Kadambini SarangiExtraction of Sc, V, Mo and Ce by supported liquid membrane using commercial extractants2015
162010CC11J36014SUBASH CHANDRA SAHUCSIR-IMMT, BhubaneswarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Bikash Kumar JenaShape Controlled Synthesis of Noble Metal Nanostructures and Graphene-Metal Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Applications2015
162110BB11J25002RajluxmiCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. A.P. SaneThe Role of SIN3, a global transcriptional repressor, in plant growth and development2015
162210BB11J2500710.10.2017CSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. C.S. Mohanty; Dr. Samir V. SawantGenetic Diversity Analysis of Jatropha curcasL.Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)2015
162310BB11J25025Sonali DubeyCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Debasis Chakrabarty; Dr. Prabodh Kumar TrivediGenome-wide modulation in rice root transcriptome during different heavy metal stresses2015
162410BB12J25006Madhuree KumariCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12DR. C.S. NAUTIYALCharacterization of nanoparticles biosynthesized by Trichodermaspp. and their utility in agriculture2015
162510BB11J26125Ruchira MukherjiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. (Mrs.) Asmita PrabhuneEnzymatic and Bio-molecular approaches towards Quorum Quenching2015
162610BB13J26041Mamata B. KhivasaraCSIR-NCL, PuneBiological SciencesJan-13Dr. D. V. Gokhale, Dr. Vidya GuptaBiomass to lactic acid: Microbial cellulases and their application in cellulosic lactic acid production2015
162710CC11J26002Rambabu ReddiCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiEnantioselective Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Development of Synthetic Methodologies Involving N-Heterocyclic Carbene and I2Catalysis of Alkenes and Aldehydes2015
162810CC11J26003SREEKUTTAN MARAVEEDU UNNICSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11DR. SREEKUMAR KURUNGOTPlatinum?free electrocatalysts based on graphene and carbon nanohorn
for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell cathode
163010CC11J26008Jayaprabha K.NCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. P. A. JoySynthesis and studies on surface functionalised magnetite
nanoparticles for biomedical applications
163110CC11J26014Bindhu BabyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. T. AjithkumarSolid-State NMR investigations of materials with magnetoplumbite and perovskite structures2015
163210CC11J26017Sunita K. GadakhCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiEnantioselective Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Development of Synthetic Methodologies Involving Formation of Quinoline and Coumarin Derivatives via Rh-catalyzed ortho
C-H Bond Activation of AromatiChemical Sciences
163310CC11J26018Brij Bhushan AhujaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiProline Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Synthetic Methodologies Involving Sequential
and CuCN-Mediated Reactions for C-N, C-0 and C-C Bonds
163410CC11J26022T. RajeshCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. R. Nandini DeviSynthesis and Characterization of Noble Metal Doped Structured Oxides for Water Gas Shift Reaction and CO Oxidation2015
163510CC11J26024Subhadeep SahaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rahul BanerjeeLow-molecular Weight Amino acid Based Supramolecular Metallo-Gels for Photo and Electrochemical Application2015
163610CC11J26028Tanay KunduCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rahul BanerjeeStructural CharacteristiChemical Sciences of Amino Acid Derived Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Water Adsorption and Proton Transport2015
163710CC11J26037Nishamol KuriakoseCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Kumar VankaDensity functional theory (DFT) studies of the homogeneous
activation of small molecules using transition metal and main
group based compounds.
163810CC11J26039Arijit MallickCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rahul BanerjeeChemical and Electrochemical Properties of Ca(II) and Mg(II) based Lightweight Metal Organic Framework (LWMOF) Materials2015
163910CC11J26046V. VenkataramasubramanianCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A SudalaiAsymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Development
of Synthetic Methodologies via Enamine Catalysis
164010CC11J26047Kanak RoyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Chinnakonda S. GopinathToward Bridging the Pressure Gap between Real World
Catalysis and Ideal Surface Science Conditions using
Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy and
Molecular Beam Instrument
164110CC11J26048Ajeet SinghCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Venkateswarlu PanchagnulaDevelopment of MALDI-TOF MS methods for quantitative small molecules analysis2015
164210CC11J26049Pareshkumar Mavjibhai VadhadiyaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. C. V. RamanaStudies Toward the Total Synthesis of (+)-Stagonolide D,
Mangiferaelactone, Cytospolide E and Sinenside A
164310CC11J26050Jeetendra Kumar RoutCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. C. V. RamanaTotal Synthesis of Natural Occurring Sacidumlignan A, B, D and Stereoselective Synthesis of C-Disaccharides2015
164410CC11J26052Joby SebastianCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. D. SrinivasCatalytic Activity Study of Double- Metal Cyanide Complexes for Biodegradable Polymers Synthesis2015
164510CC11J26060Pavan Manohar MoreCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Shubhangi B. UmbarkarSelective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by hydrocarbon using bimetallic Ag-Au supported on alumina catalyst2015
164610CC11J26085Bihag A. M.CSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. SreekumarSupported Nanostructured Materials with Enhanced Electrode-electrolyte Interface for High Performance Supercapacitors and Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Counter Electrodes2015
164710CC11J26102YogeshKumar M. GoriyaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. C. V. RamanaMetal Catalyzed Sequential Carbon-Carbon and/or Carbon-Nitrogen bond formation2015
164810CC11J26105Nagesh Balasaheb KolheCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asha S.K.Design and Synthesis of Novel ?-conjugated Molecules and Polymers based on Naphthalene and Perylene Diimides and their Application in Organic ElectroniChemical Sciences2015
164910CC11J26107Munshi Mohd Mudassir Khursheed AhmedCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. A. KelkarCatalytic Conversion Of Glycerol To Value Added Chemicals2015
165010CC11J26135(IICT:10CC11J18041)Valmik Shankar ShindeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nitin PatilGold Catalysis: Development of Relay Catalytic Branching Cascades and Chemosensors for Detection of Gold Ions2015
165110CC12A26006Vishal M DhavaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. K SreekumarLow-Platinum and Platinum-free Electrocatalysts for Energy Applications2015
165210CC12A26057Sushma KumariCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr. Sayam Sen GuptaSynthesis, Functionalization and Catalytic Application of Porous
Hybrid Materials
165310CC13J26011Reshma Kanta BhosaleCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13Dr. Satishchandra Balkrishna OgaleEngineered Metal Oxide and Chalcogenide Nanomaterials for
Sensitized Solar Cells and Solar Photoelectrochemical Water splitting
165410BB11J27001Ajam Yakub ShekhCSIR-NEERI, NagpurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. K.Krishnamurthi, Dr. S.N. MudliarStudies on biodiesel production from microalgae2015
165510CC11J38003Seetham Naidu PailaCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pulak Jyoti BhuyanSYNTHESIS OF SOME ANALOGUES OF BIOLOGICALLY
165610CC11J38004PRANJAL BEZBORUAHCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-11DR RC BORUAHStudies On The Synthesis Of Novel Heterosteroids And Some Synthetic Methodologies2015
165710CC11J38005Pori BuragohainCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesJan-11Dr Nabin Ch. BaruaINVESTIGATION TOWARDS SYNTHESIS OF NOVEL
165810CC12A38006Edja Florentin AssanvoCSIR-NEIST, JorhatChemical SciencesAug-12Dr S.D Baruah/Dr D Konwar(Co-Supervisor)Modification of Ricinodendron heudelotii oil for bio-based coating2015
165910PP11A28001Rajesh RekapalliCSIR-NGRI, HyderabadPhysical SciencesAug-11Prof.R.K.TiwariDevelopment and application of modern spatio-temporal singular spectrum based de-noising
and filtering techniques for 2D and 3D reflection seismic data
166020EE12J31003Ganesh ChalavadiCSIR-NML, JamshedpurEgineering SciencesJan-12Prof. Avimanyu DasStudy of particle stratification in vibration and air fluidization
assisted beneficiation of coal
166110CC11A32012Renchu ScariaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. Suresh ChandSynthetic And Charcterization Of Flow Bandgap Random Copolymers For Phovolctaic Applications2015
166210CC11J32026Rajeev KumarCSIR-NPL, New DelhiChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. S. R. DhakateStudies on Light Weight Carbon Foams with Improved Properties2015
166310PB11J32020SonikaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Ranjana MehrotraSpectroscopic andin silicostudies on interaction mechanism of anticancer drugs with nucleic acid2015
166410PP11A32009Aarti MehtaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. Shailesh Narain Sharma/ Dr. Suresh Chand(Co-Supervisor)Investigation of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanostructured
Materials for Optoelectronic Device Applications
166510PP11A32010Neha BatraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. P.K. SinghSTUDY OF SURFACE RECOMBINATION AND
166610PP11J32015Pramod KumarCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Prof. R.C. Budhani/ Dr. Anjana Dogra (Co- Supervisor)Tailoring of quasi-2DEG at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 and LaTiO3/SrTiO3
interface with 3d transition metal doping
166710PP12J32001Mahesh ChandCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. R.P. PantINVESTIGATIONS ON FERROFLUID BASED
166810PP12J32003Rajveer JhaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-12Dr. V. P. S. AwanaEffect of Magnetic Field and Hydrostatic Pressure on The BiS2-Based Layered Superconductors2015
166920PP12A32002Vasudha AgarwalCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-12Dr. H. K. SinghDestabilization of the Antiferromagnetic/ Charge Ordered State in Manganite Thin Films: Magnetic and Electrical Transport Studies2015
167010BB11J51001Rohit VashishtCSIR-OSDDBiological SciencesJan-11Prof. Samir K BrahmachariData-Intensive Systems-Level Modeling of Mycobacterium tuberculosisGenome for Drug Discovery2015
167110BB11A04002Kamini SrivastavaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Divya SinghIdentification and evaluation of osteogenic effect of methoxyisoflavones
in estrogen deficient condition
167210BB11A04004Yashpal Singh ChhonkerCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Rabi S BhattaPharmacokinetic and Metabolism Studies of Guggulsterone and Rohitukine and Clinical Drug Interaction Studies of Arteether2014
167310BB11J04002Amit Kumar GuptaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anil K. SaxenaMolecular Modeling Based Design, Synthesis and Biological Studies of Novel Antimalarial and Antiulcer Agents2014
167510BB11J04010Veenu BalaCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. V L SharmaDesign, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Dual Function Spermicidal agents2014
167610BB12J04003Avinash KumarCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-12Dr. Ritu TrivediTo study the osteogenic potential of polymeric nanomatrix
associated kaempferol in rat model of osteoporosis
167710BB11J10007Anil KumarCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. R.S. SangwanBiochemical and Molecular Studies on Essential Oil Monoterpene Metabolism in Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus) Leaf2014
167810CC12J10014Rashmi GaurCSIR-CIMAP, LucknowChemical SciencesJan-12Dr R. S. BhakuniSynthesis, antimalarial and anticancer studies of artemisinin, liquiritigenin and isoliquiritigenin derivatives2014
167910BB11A16016Basit YousufCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Avinash MishraAbundance and community structure of autotrophic soil bacteria from different soil types using gene(s) targeted metagenomiChemical Sciences2014
168010BB11A16018Mudassar Anisoddin KaziCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. C.R.K. ReddyMolecular characterization of Caulerpa (BryoPhysical Sciencesidales) from Indian waters2014
168110BB11J16001Kumari KavitaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Bhavnath JhaExtracellular Polymeric SuBiological Sciencestances from Biofilm forming Marine Bacteria2014
168210BB11J16002Shaikh Gore MastanCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Arup GhoshStudies on Genetic, Epigenetic Polymorphism in Jatropha curcas L. and Isolation of Novel Molecular Markers2014
168310BB11J16007Deepti JainCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sandhya MishraProduction and characterization of industrially important extracellular enzymes from the bacteria of marine origin2014
168410BB11J16008Harshvardhan KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarBiological SciencesJan-11Prof. Bhavanath JhaIsolation, Characterization and Diversity of Marine Bacteria from Sea Water and Sediment along the Gujarat Coast2014
168510CC11A16012Amarnadh JastiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesAug-11Dr. V.K. ShahiHighly Stable Ion Conducting Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications2014
168610CC11J16011Anjan DasCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. RI KureshyAsymmetric Henry and aza-Henry reaction by chiral catalysis for the synthesis of bioactive compounds2014
168710CC11J16012Manish KumarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. R.I.KureshySynthesis and Characterization of chiral catalysts for Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral ?-Amino alcohols via asymmetric epoxide ring opening reactions with amines2014
168810CC11J16015Sandip Kumar PahariCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asit Baran Panda/ Dr. Subhash Chandra GhoshDevelopment of efficient and greener synthetic methods for colloidal monodispersed nanostructured materials2014
168910CC11J16016Kamal Kumar BishtCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. E. SureshDesign, synthesis and crystal structure of novel coordination polymers and their functional aspects2014
169010CC11J16017Narottam SutradharCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asit Baran PandaSynthesis of Nanostructured Metal Oxides and their application for Adsorption and Catalysis2014
169110CC11J16018Ganga Prasad DangiCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Rajesh S. SomaniComputational Studies on Gas Adsorption in Zeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks2014
169210CC11J16019Koilraj PCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Dr. S. KannanSynthesis and modification of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) for the removal of toxic anions and valorization of sorbed materials for diverse applications2014
169310CC11J16021Tushar Jaydev TrivediCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arvind KumarStudies on Utilization of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for the Processing of Biopolymer "Agarose"2014
169410CC11J16022Srinivasarao KancharlaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Arvind KumarStudies on self-assembling behavior of surface active ionic liquids (SAILs) in aqueous and ionic liquid medium2014
169510CC11J16023Radheshyam Rama PawarCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. H. C BajajModification, synthesis and characterizations of smectite based
layered porous materials and their applications for adsorbent
and catalyst
169610CC11J16024Dinesh Vinayak PatilCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. R. S. SomaniPorous Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Materials For Gas Adsorption And Wastewater Treatment Application2014
169710CC11J16026Tina ChakrabartyCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Vinod K SahiHydrophilic modified charged membrane for pH responsive separation of biomolecules2014
169810CC11J16028Apurba SinhamahapatraCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Asit Baran PandaZirconia Based Mesoporous Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Heterogeneous Catalysis2014
169910CC11J16029Arpan Kiritbhai ShahCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. S.H.R. AbdiSynthesis and characterization of different solid acid materials as heterogenous catalysts for valuable C-C and C-N bond forming reactions2014
170010CC11J16030Thilai Sivakumar NCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Dr. H.C. BajajSyntheis, Characterization and Utilization of Photocatalytic Nanomaterials and Surfaces2014
170110CC11J16032Dharmesh R ChejaraCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. AK SiddhantaChemical studies on the polysaccharides of Indian seaweed species and aliinic acid based new materials2014
170210CC11J16033Saravanan S.CSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. N.H. KhanAsymmetric synthesis of pharmaceutically important ?-amino nitriles and ?-amino acids through chiral catalytic route2014
170310BB11A02003Atul KumarCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Bhupesh TanejaIdentification, Structural and Biochemical Characterisation of Nucleotide methyltransferase from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis2014
170410BB11J33001Praveen GuleriaCSIR-IHBT, PalampurBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Sudesh KumarFunctional Evaluation of Steviol Glycoside Biosynthesis Genes from Stevia rebaudianaby Combined Approach of Gene Silencing and Overexpression2014
170610BB11J18123Goriparthi Venkata SubhashCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. S. Venkata MohanHarnessing Bioenergy from Waste: Potential of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Microorganisms2014
170710BB11J18124Kuppam ChandrasekharCSIR-IICT, HyderabadBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. S. Venkata MohanDevelopment of Novel Bio-electrocatalyzed Process to Enhance Waste Remediation with Simultaneous Energy Generation2014
170810CC11J18016Harish KumarCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. B. V. Subba ReddyTotal synthesis of cyclodePhysical Sciencesipeptides and development of novel synthetic methodologies employing Prins bicyclization strategy2014
170910CC11J18019Rahul D. KavtheCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nitin T. PatilGold and Platinum-Catalyzed Hydroamination/Hydroarylation and Double Hydroamination of Alkynes Assisted by Tethered Hydroxyl GrouPhysical Sciences2014
171010CC11J18023Vipender SinghCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nitin T. PatilAlkyne hydroamination triggered cyclization approaches for the synthesis of indoles, pyrazolines and 1,2-dihydroquinolines2014
171110CC11J18024Vivek Shantaram RautCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nitin T. PatilCatalytic approaches to quinolines and tetrahydroquinolines from 2-aminobenzaldehydes2014
171210CC11J18032BHAVANA RUSHI SANGEPUCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. J. Vatsala RaniStudies on Synthesis of Novel Pyrazole Derivatives and Evaluation of their Biological Activity2014
171310CC11J18036Kantheti SasidharCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K.V.S.N. RajuDevelopment of Functional Hyperbranched Polyurethane and Hybrid Coatings Using Azidealkyne Click Chemistry2014
171410CC11J18039Uppula PurushothamCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. Narahari SastryA Comprehensive Computational Study of Aromatic Amino Acids, Their Ionic Counter Parts and Dimers2014
171610CC11J18049NIMAI BARCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pratyay BasakDevelopment of Quasi-Solid Semi-nterpenetrating Polymer Networks as Electrolytes for Next Generation Electrochemical Devices2014
171910CC11J18081Ashok Vardhana Reddy KonalaCSIR-IICT, HyderabadChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Nitin T. PatilGold(I)/Iodine Mediated Synthesis of 1-Napthyl Ketones and Fused Isoquinolines2014
172010CC11J19001Peta SreenivasuluCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. N ViswanadhamFacile and green methods for the synthesis of nanoporous nano materials for catalytic application2014
172110CC11J19005Sanny VermaCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Suman Lata JainDevelopment of new synthetic methodologies for chemical transformations2014
172210CC11J19008BIPUL SARKARCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr.RAJARAM BALSynthesis, Characterization and Activity Studies of Different Supported Nanostructured Catalysts2014
172310CC11J19011Bhawan SinghCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A K SinhaDevelopment of mesoporous oxides as supports and catalysts for organic transformations2014
172410CC11J19013Deepak VermaCSIR-IIP, DehradunChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Anil Kumar SinhaDevelopment of Nanostructured Catalysts for New Generation Fuels and Chemicals2014
172510BB11A22002Abhay BajajCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesAug-11Dr. Natesan ManickamCustom oligonucleotide array based profiling of catabolic genes and microbial communities involved in biodegradation of organic pollutants2014
172610BB11J22016Ruchi RoyCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Premendra D. Dwivedi/Dr.Anurag TripathiImmunomodulatory potential of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles2014
172710BB11J22022Neetika RaniCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Kailash Chand Gupta; Dr. Rishi Shanker (Upto December 03, 2013)Molecular Tools for the Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Aquatic Environment2014
172810BB11J22025Alok Kumar VermaCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. P.D. DwivediAllergenicity assessment of GM and non-GM croPhysical Sciences2014
172910BB11J25006Vandana SinghCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Nandita SinghBioremediation of endosulfan contaminated soils by using selected plant species and rhizospheric microbial strains2014
173010BB11J25014MANJU SHRICSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11DR. DEBASIS CHAKRABARTY/DR. R.D. TRIPATHIDevelopment of transgenic rice for low grain arsenic2014
173110BB11J25016Arti RaiCSIR-NBRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Debasis ChakrabartyGenomiChemical Sciences of arsenic stress in arsenic accumulating contrasting rice genotypes2014
173210CC11J26013T. PalaniselvamCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. K. SREEKUMARDevelopment of Cost-Effective Nitrogen-Doped Carbonaceous Materials for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells2014
173310CC11J26016Subha SadhuCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Pankaj PoddarStudy of the fundamentals of nucleation and growth mechanism behind the formation of titania nanostructures for photovoltaic application2014
173610CC11J26041Prithvi Raj PandeyCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sudip RoyElucidation of Mechanism and EnergetiChemical Sciences of Wetting of Model Surfaces and Characterization of Structural and Dynamical Properties of Biologically Inspired Systems by Molecular Simulations2014
173710CC11J26065Priyanka R. SharmaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. J. VarmaFunctionalized celluloses and their nanoparticles: Synthesis, properties and applications2014
173810CC11J26098Vijayadas K. N.CSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. G. J. SanjayanSTRUCTURAL INVESTIGATIONS ON SEQUENCE-SPECIFIC ANT-PRO Physical SciencesEUDO ?-TURN2014
173910CC11J26101Pratibha Uttam KarabalCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. A. SudalaiAsymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Formation of C-N, C-Br and C-I Bonds via Olefin Functionalization2014
174010CC11J26106Rupesh Sudhakar BhavsarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. U. K. KharulPolymeric Ionic Liquids (PILs): Synthetic Approaches and Gas Permeation Studies with an Emphasis on CO2Separation2014
174110CC11J26133Tanmay BanerjeeCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Amitava DasOptimizing the Interfacial Electron Transfer Rates in Ru(II)-, Os(II)-, Re(I)-polypyridyl Based Sensitizer-TiO2Ensembles2014
174210CC12A26019Shruti Anil AgarkarCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesAug-12Dr Satishchandra B OgaleDye Sensitized Solar Cell: Optimizing materials, methods and optoelectonic effects2014
174410CC12J26025Raja DasCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-12Dr. Pankaj PoddarParticle size and morphology dependent magnetic properties of rare-earth manganites with potential
multiferroic property
174510CC13J26026DEEPTI MISHRACSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-13DR. SOURAV PALStructural, Conformational and Reactivity studies on DNA base pairs and Phospholipids using Density Functional Theory (DFT)2014
174610PP11A32002Monika MishraCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesAug-11Dr. S. K. DhawanSTUDY ON EMI SHIELDING
174710PP11J32014Nadarajah MuhunthanCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. Vidya Nand SinghDeposition and Characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films for Solar Cell Application2014
174810PP11J32017Tejendra Kumar GuptaCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. R.B. Mathur/ Dr. S.R. DhakateSTUDIES ON CARBON NANOSTRUCTURES REINFORCED
174910PP11J32021Sugandha DograCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. A.K. Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Nita Dilawar Sharma
High Pressure and Temperature dependent Raman investigations of Rare Earth Oxides2014
175010PP11J32023Deepa JoshiCSIR-NPL, New DelhiPhysical SciencesJan-11Dr. Sanjay YadavDevelopment of Ultrasonic Techniques for Industrial Metrology and Material Characterization2014
175110BB11J04001Abdul MalikCSIR-CDRI, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Divya SinghTo Study the Immunoprotective Role of Estrogen and Isoflavonoids invitro and in Estrogen Deficient Mouse Model of Osteoporosis2013
175210CC11J16009Sukhdeb SahaCSIR-CSMCRI, BhavnagarChemical SciencesJan-11Prof. Amitava DasSynthesis of Photoactive Molecular Probes for the Recognition of Cations and Anions of Biological Significance2013
175310BB11J02002Tanveer AhmadCSIR-IGIB, New DelhiBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Anurag AgrawalMechanistic Understanding of the Role of Asymmetric Dimethyl Arginine and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Asthma Pathogenesis2013
175410BB11J22024Gulshan SinghCSIR-IITR, LucknowBiological SciencesJan-11Dr. Rishi ShankerDevelopment of Molecular Techniques for the Rapid Culture-Free Detection of Bacteria in Environment2013
175510CC11J26104K.S. TusharaCSIR-NCL, PuneChemical SciencesJan-11Dr. Chinnakonda S. GopinathMgCl2.nROH: New Molecular Adducts For The Preparation of TiClx/MgCl2Catalyst For Olefin Polymerization (R= Isopropyl, Isobutyl, 2-Butyl, Tertiary Butyl)2013
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